Best Penis Enlargement Devices 2024 – Pumps, Extenders, Jelq Device

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So, she thinks you have a small dick! What to do now?

Every man desire to enlarge their penis. It’s a fact! The truth is I’ve always been asked about the best penis enlargement device to use.

I’ve been flooded with messages about this for so long; so, in this article, I’ll show you an overview of the best penis enlargement devices in the market. Make sure to go over and read all the sections of this post.

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Evo Automatic Penis Enlargement Pump

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Size Doctor Penis Enlargement Device

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Canwin Penis Enlargement Exercise Massager

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Why A Lot Men Today Use Penis Enlargement Device?

Now listen:

Did you know that even those with above than average 6-8 inch cock size — we’re talking here about Rocco Siffredi cock size! — above-average size men still wanting to have an additional inch or two of their manhood?

The reason is simple:

For all women, size matters! If a woman says to you that they don’t like a bigger dick, they’re lying.

📌 The truth is they like their vagina to be overwhelmed. They prefer a big dick to press into their clit. So, understandably, it would be pretty hard to satisfy her, if you just have a junior member.

This is where penis enlargement devices come in.

What Is A Penis Enlargement Device?

Penile enlargement devices are specifically designed to increase the overall size of your dick.

A boost in penis size means to have significant gains in the length, girth, and the erection rigidity of your penis.

Most men start off with manual penile exercises and then moved to penis enlarger devices for further intensity and support.

What Are Types Of Penis Enlargement Device?

There are many types of penis enlargement devices right now. From the most popular and most effective (pumps, extenders/stretchers, jelq device), to the ineffective (hangers, weights).

I’ll just show you the penis enlarger devices used by many users, as this generally give you the idea on what works for a lot of individuals and which ones gives the best results. If you already know which ones work for other men, you save time and resources.

Penis Pump

The penis vacuum device is specifically designed to help you gain size in your penis. This has been initially been used to treat erectile dysfunction and somehow became more in demand to help increase the size of men’s genitals.

This is a non-invasive, drug-free, as well as injection-free treatment. But, before you get one, you should understand first an overview of a penis pump.

There are notably three types of penis pumps: manual, battery powered (or electrical), and hydro powered. The principles are basically the same as you insert your penis inside and build pressure. This causes your dick to be enborged with blood, thus tearing new tissues and boosting gains for bigger size.

Penis Extenders

FDA approved penile traction devices are penis enlargement devices specifically designed to hold your penis in a stretched and extended state. Sometimes, penis extenders are also called penis stretchers. This device was first used for treatment of Peyronies Disease or curved bend penis.

The penis extenders is basically made of two expandable rods that is attached to a base. This may come with some type of glans attachment. In several modern designs, the metal rods can be replaced with a more superior and advanced design. This leads to maximum comfort and even discreet of use.

The extender base is usually positioned around the penile base. You should then place the glans attachment to the penile head or glans. The steel rods are then extended, so it stretches your penis. This hold your in a more extended state. The stretch then creates microtears in your tissue cells in the penis, which facilitates a new growth in the tissues.

The penis extenders usually provide a faster increase in length, typically because of the extending directionality of the device.

JelQ Device

This is a penis enlargement device that can help you in your jelqing technique. This male sex device allow you to work on jelqing exercises, with more ease, without over-tiring your fingers and hands. Hence, you’ll get your well-deserved benefits that you expect from a thicker and longer penis.

If you still haven’t done Jelqing, to perform the exercise, you need to wrap your fingers into your semi-erect penis (your hands form a letter O firm grip) to perform series of motion. You need to repeat this several minutes, several times daily. This will help elongate and thicken your penis if you do it regularly, for longer periods.

However, doing this repeatedly with your hands and fingers can be tiring. Pretty soon, you’ll feel fatigue in your hands and fingers. To assist you in this technique, you can also use a jelq device.

How Do Penis Enlargement Device Work?


Using the penis enlargement device works on two principles to stimulate growth: traction and pressure.

PE devices work on the traction to tear tissues and apply pressure to build up the blood circulation so new tissues form.

Traction can be done in different ways and you can work on it by using penis enlargement devices like pumps, extenders, and jelqing device.

You can likewise apply pressure to boosts new tissue growth, and improve circulation by regular use of the mentioned penis enlargement device. Regular use then further help you achieve, not just a big dick, but a healthier penis.

How To Use Penis Enlargement Device?

Penis Pumps

Generally, you insert your penis inside the cylindrical tube. You should use a water-based lube to prevent any irritation.

Depending on the type of a penis pump, you can turn it on or manually create a vacuum onside the cylindrical tube. For the hydro pump, you will generally need to have water inside the cylinder.

Always follow the recommendation and instructions to control the air pressure inside the tube. Too much pressure can cause damage and injury to your genitals. The penis pump can be used for 10 to 15 minutes. After you pump, you release the pressure so it allows more blood flow into your dick. After finishing a session of pumping, remove the cylinder and then massage your cock.

📌 You should never over pump as this often results in tissue damage than growth. Give the tissues time to rest and recover, in the same principle in giving your muscles a rest after a rigorous workout. You can use penis pumps three times a week and then gradually increase it to four to five times a week.

Penis Extender

You usually place the base of the device att he lower part of your genitals, while you place the glans attachment to the penile head. These device metal rods work to extend and stretch your penis.

This holds the length of your dick on a longer extended state. Overtime, the stretching creates the microtears in your penile tissue cells, which leads new growth.

📌 Penis extenders can create increases in penis length as well as girth. However, it is most prominent and faster in length because of the direction and stretch of the device. Basically, the penis device works to increase length, while the girth increases is just secondary.

The extender device is usually made of a glans holder, ring, and two metal rods.

Jelq Device

There are many ways if you want to use the jelqing device. At first, use it either standing or sitting. From one type of jelq device product, it lists down 3 basic movements to use: outward stroke, upward stroke, and downward stroke.

As you will notice, these are also the basic movements in jelq exercise using the hands. But in using the jelq device, you get to work on some details.

Use the jelq device, by rotating the angle. By varying the angle, you get to apply pressure on different tissue parts of the penis.

📌Another way to use a jelq device is by applying ‘rapid fire’ strokes. This is fast jelqing movements, which in a way accelerates the efficiency of your session. Again, it would be tiring to do this with your hands and fingers.

These are the ways that you can do with the jelq device, which are advanced routines in jelq exercises.

How Effective Are Penis Enlargement Device?


Penis enlargement devices like pumps, jelq device, and extenders are effective. These have been around for years, which allows you to know that its effective in most men. PE devices usually underwent clinical studies and beta tests, before they’re launched in the market.

Also, the penile devices are non-intrisive than surgery. You’re just using an external application to stimulate the natural growth process of the human body.

Having personal experience in using different penis enlargement devices, it makes me more comfortable to recommend these for your male enhancement goals.

Does Penis Enlargement Device Work?

Yes, they do. We’re speaking here from personal experience, positive reviews, feedback from users in online shops (like Amazon), and the continuous interests by men (by virtue of popularity) in Google searches for the best methods to enlarge the penis.

As mentioned, these penile device’s effectiveness is through the application of gentle but continuous traction and pressure on the penile tissues. This then triggers the natural body response to growing more tissue to ease and relax the tension.

The principles on penis enlargement are nothing new. It has been documented in old tribes to enlarge their lips, earlobes, or neck. In modern medicine, such principles are used in cases like limb lengthening surgeries.

Also, keep in mind that the effectiveness in use of penis enlargement devices also depends on your dedication, consistency, and correct use.

What Are The Benefits In Using Penis Enlargement Device?

There are many benefits in using penis enlargement devices and it outnumbers any possible drawbacks for a majority of men interested in male enhancement.

Aside from the size and lengthening gains, you can also see further improvements in other aspects of your sexual health.

For instance, you’ll notice an improvement in your quality of erections. You’ll feel a more rigid, solid, and harder erection. You’ll also be able to maintain erections and ejaculations longer. Your overall penile health will vastly improve.

How To Choose Penis Enlargement Device?

Remember this: It’s not rocket science to choose a penis enlargement device. However, be honest with yourself on what you want to achieve and be realistic with your expectations. This gives you a right position to choose and get the best penis enlargement product for your need.

Type of gains – Determine first what gains do you want. For length gains, your best choice is penis extender. For bigger girth, you would want to have a penis pump. For overall size using the jelqing technique, you would want the jelq device.

Quality – Know more about the quality of a penis enlargement product. You can know this by the reviews and recommendations.

Cost – How much can you spend for a penile device. The price of the product is mostly determined by the type of brand, features, design, demand, and stock availability.

Users Feedback – Choose a device based on user feedback and rating of the product.

How Safe Is A Penis Enlargement Device?

Penis enlargement device is generally safe to use. Of course, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Like any other sex product, start slowly and gradually build the time and effort in using the device. This will help your body get used and adapt to the new tool you’re using in your body. You should pay attention to how your body reacts and the physiological indications.

There are research and studies done regarding the efficacy and safety of penis devices. But as with any product, there are risks as well since we all have different bodies.

There are instances others experience tearing and scarring of skin because of abrasive use. There are also cases of diminished sexual function or sensitivity because of overuse.

By any means, ask your doctor if you have a special condition like allergy, blood pressure, or urinary issues to be sure if its safe for you to use a penile device.

What’s The Best Penis Enlargement-Device For Girth?

If you want to specifically gain size in the girth or circumference of the penis, you can use a penis pump and jelq device.

What’s The Best Penis Enlargement-Device For Length?

For length gains of your penis, you can use penis extender

If you want to specifically gain size in the girth or circumference of the penis, the best product you can use is a penis pump or jelq device.

How Long Until I See Results From Penis Enlargement Device?

Remember, to have realistic expectations. That is, don’t expect an overnight increase of several inches or so. Just keep on using the penis enlargement device and over time, you’ll see the results.

How Big Will My Penis Be After Using Penis Enlargement Device?

The typical gains in length of a penis are 2-3 inches in length and 0.5-1.5 inches in girth. This is the average growth as reported by most users after 8 to 12 months of regular use.

How Often Do I Use Penis Enlargement Device?

You should start slow when using a penis enlargement device as your body is not yet used to it the first time. By experience, I use it every other day or 2-3 times a week for the first
10-15 days. After that, I gradually increase the use until by body get used to the device. Don’t shock your body and use it overzealously.

Top Penis Enlargement Device – What Are The Best Penis Enlargement Devices?

It’s easy to get lost with the number of brands and products in the market, so I’ve gathered the best penis enlargement devices today.

1. Penis Pumps – Evo Automatic Penis Enlargement Pump

One of the popular Electric Penis Pump today, use the Evo Automatic Penis Enlargement Pump to boost your penis size, improve your erection, and increase your sex drive.

An updated and latest edition of EVO 3.0 penis pump, enlarge your cock size and stretch the full potential of your erection.

Did you know, that you can actually experience a quick boost in penis size in the first week of use of a penis pump?

This means:

You’ll have a larger dick when you have sex… that would surprise your girl!

She’ll actually notice the change in your erection size and rigidity…feeling it inside her vagina!

That’s why penis pumps are one my top choice for an enlarger device. Use it with best vitamins for penile growth and you maximize your results for more gains.

📌 Penis pump stimulates penile tissues and you’ll feel a sudden rush of blood to engorge your cock for that temporary gains. Through constant use of the penis pump, you’ll eventually achieve significant gains in size.

The EVO 3.0 Automatic Penis Pump expands your penis without the pain of surgery or uncertainty of medication. As it is non-intrusive, it uses the natural process of your cock in generating an erection.

Penile pumps were originally developed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It was subsequently discovered that regular pressure to engorge the penis with lots of blood, could actually tear down penile tissues and replace it with new larger ones.

Now going back to Evo 3.0 Penis Enlargement Pump.

As you will notice, this is the third edition of the enlarger device. It underwent several improvements in the design and functionality to further help guys with small dick problems.

The best description of the silicone gel insert is its ‘skin like’ feel. With this material alone, you’ll regularly enjoy using the device. It has the quick-release valve, user control button, and USB charge, so there’s no need for you to buy batteries.

It’s the perfect device for penis enlargement at home, even when you travel.

  • No.1 rated electric penis enlargement pump
  • Advanced penis pump design
  • Silicone gel ‘skin like’ material
  • USB charged device, no need for batteries
  • Get thicker girth and erections
  • None

2. Penis Extender – Size Doctor Penis Enlargement Device

While it may be difficult at first to believe that you can see your cock gain additional length, you can do so while using the Size Doctor Extender. Penis extenders are cost effective treatments used by most men today. It is simple and safe to use, that you can even wear under your shorts.

The penis extender was initially developed as a medical device for penile curvatures but has since been used to stretch the penis length and girth size by a majority of men around the world. This shows you that Size Doctor Extender is a tried and tested traction device, that can effectively give your desired male enhancement.

📌 Penis growth has always been a pipe dream. Most men just shrivel when it comes to walking down the beach in their speedo, thinking for themselves if other people will notice their small dick. The truth is, no one will give a damn. Others will hardly notice your small member.

Compare that to someone with a lengthy cock. It will surely bulge upfront. Make no mistake about it, gays, women, and even straight men will feast their eyes on guys with ‘extra large’ size.

I understand this having been in the ‘small pack’. It took a while and personal quest to find a way to enlarge my small pecker. Having used several products before, I start to figure out which would give me the most effective penile enlarger. I’ve used penis extenders and found Size Doctor Extender as a great penile enlargement device for beginners and intermediate users.

At first look, I immediately notice the quality of the material and the construction. With this, you know it’s has been made with professional grade development. The materials used on the device is listed as safe and hypo-allergenic, so you can be sure it doesn’t irritate the skins in your genitals.

Size Doctor Extender is manufactured by Converter Lab LLC, an established company committed to the production of male category products. With this, you know that this penile stretcher is not a cheap traction product. You already know that you only get the tiered product for penis enlargement.

Product Specifications:
  • Name of Product: Size Doctor Extender®
  • Material: Steel and Silicone
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Recommended Usage Period: 6 Months
  • High quality material and construction
  • Safe and hypo-allergenic to use
  • Best penis extender for length gains
  • None stated

3. Canwin Penis Enlargement Exercise Massager

The Canwin Penis Enlargement Device is currently, only patented device on the market. This gives you the ability to perform difficult exercises repeatedly, without putting too much stress on your hands and fingers.

It was specifically designed for support on natural penile massage, exercise, or penis milking — which are all manual exercises for penis enlargement and male enhancement. These exercises can easily make your hands and fingers fatigued, through repeated daily exercise.

📌 The first thing I notice about the Canwin Penis Enlargement Device is its unique ergonomic design. This can quickly help you with the penile massage, without getting tiring out your fingers.

I’ve seen many other devices, some of which didn’t meet my expectations, but not this one. The Canwin is unique penis enlargement exercise tool that you can quickly learn to use.

It even provides you the best strokes to perform, so you get the best enlargement results.

You will be able to perform squeezing, stroking, and stretching exercises on a semi-erect penis You can apply panis massage oil on your penile. This provides the best stimulation on all the parts of the penis.

You would need to place your penis between the Canwin’s silicone units to apply the pressure. You should perform the massage on your entire dick, from the base to the glans head.

Performing full motion and different angular movements allow you to stimulate the blood in all the penile chamber tissues. This is called penis traction, which is the primary mechanism similar to penis extenders. You can perform the movements sitting or standing.

Product Specifications:
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 1 inches ; 9 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Only patented ergonomically designed
  • Allow you to perform exercises
  • Increase overall size of your penis
  • Removable silicone units
  • Best device for even pressure
  • None


I hope in this guide for penis enlargement devices, I’ve helped make your decision much simpler. It’s understandable how difficult it is to find the best penis enlargement product that you can use.

📌 Have you learn something from this article, then share it with others whom you think would also be interested in penis enlargement.

Also, share your comments and reactions below.

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