X4 Labs Review: Why Do You Need To Try This Male Extender?


X4 Labs
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X4 Labs has been on the industry for 11 years already. The item has been proven effective in helping men enlarge their member. This male enhancement device has its own unique design that makes it a perfect for every man in any shape or any size.

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X4 Labs is one of the most popular brands when it comes to traction therapy for penis growth. The brand offers a variety of penis stretcher to cater the different budget requirements of their customers. If you want to know if X4 Labs is for you, get to know more about this product here.

What is X4 Labs

Male Effective Penis Extender
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X4 Labs increases the penis length and girth and improves sexual performance and stamina through the process of cell division or cell mitosis, which improves the blood flow to the penis.  According to this principle, whenever the human cell split through Mitosis, the DNA-molecules wrap themselves around every new cell.

This process results in a continuous development of each cell independent of others. This process is safe as each cell gets its portion of nourishment. Thus, the health of individual cells is guaranteed.

Aside from being reliable when it comes to enlarging your member, X4 Labs also offers confidence and peace of mind to their customer. More so, this penis stretcher offers a double your money back and growth guarantee. Experience a significant increase in your penis size in length and girth by using X4 Labs or double your money back.

X4 Labs also comes with a unique patent pending 8-slot Infinite Quad Support System. Essentially, this 4 slot Hybrid Support increases stability while maintaining a high level of comfort and endless customization. It also supports dual comfort straps, supports dual silicone tube and supports UltraFit Velcro. X4 Labs supports three types of fasteners with high-grade memory foam for a perfectly comfortable fit.

Does X4 Labs Work? How?

X4 labs penis enlargement process
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X4 Labs works. Unlike most brands who claim that they are the best but falls short in delivering results, this male enlargement is true to its words. Yes, X4 Labs work.

Just like most penis stretchers, X4 Labs increase the length and girth of your penis through traction or by exerting progressive and prolonged tension to your member. The tension is delivered through the tension screws, tension springs and extending rods. The traction principle is also used in traditional tribes of Burma to extend the length of their necks.

When your penis is subjected to constant pulling and stretching, over time it will get longer. This works just like muscle building. A micro-damage occurs from the prolonged tension, which will trigger the body to send blood cells and other healing agents to the penis to repair it and to build new collagen. The constant stretching, tearing, and repairing is what leads to long-term grown of your penis.

How to Use X4 Labs

How to use x4 Labs penis extender
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While X4 Labs extender appears complex, it is very simple and effective. To put on the device, just put your penis through the large hole in the base of the device. Then place the glans against the top part, where you could strap it in either one of two ways.

You can use the silicone harness that forms a noose around the part of the penis just below the head. Your other option is the silicone comfort strap that secures your penis like an armband or belt wound. Choose the one that you are most comfortable.

The only trick here is that you set the rods to be longer than your dick. You can add or remove rods to fit the extender according to your size. The male stretcher comes with different sizes of rods (1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches or 3 inches) to cater your growing manhood. When you already set the correct rod according to your size, the spring inside will exert a constant outward force pulling the top of the penis outward or forward.

Also, you can use the tension screws to adjust the tension. There are three slots in the rods that indicate the different levels of tension (in grams) that you are at. The higher the tension the better the results. However, be cautious when adjusting the tension, as too much tension may also cause injury. Apply penis increase oil lotions when you put in the penile extender since topical solutions have natural ingredients to increase penis size.

Why Buy X4 Labs Extenders

x4 labs penis enlargement extender
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There are several male extender products in the market but you should consider X4 Labs because it is one of the best brands. In addition, they offer one of the cheapest and most effective item. Aside from these, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Extensive line of extenders that fit all shape, size, and budget
  • Expert customer service
  • Double money-back guarantee
  • 6-month results guarantee

Different Types of X4 Labs Penis Extender

X4 Labs offer five different editions to cater the varying needs of their customers. X4 Labs is currently celebrating their 11th anniversary, and most of their products are available at a huge discount. So, it is the best time to buy the details. You can check the details below.

Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender ($959.95 $239.99)

X4 Labs Penis Extender Gold Edition
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This is a complete package in the X4 Labs edition and offers the highest tension springs (3600 grams). The package includes a full set of gold elongation bars, 8 long and short memory foam pads, 2 ultra-fit Velcro straps, leather bound storage case, 5-year warranty and more.

Premium Edition Penis Extender ($509.95 $127.49)

x4 labs premium edition
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This X4 Labs edition offers comfort and customization. It has 3300-gram tension springs and a full set of elongation bars. The kit also includes 6 short and long memory foam pads, 5-year warranty and more. This also comes with multiple fastening methods to allow you to wear the device your way.

Deluxe Edition Penis Extender ($319.95 $79.99)

X4 Labs Deluxe Edition
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For those who want to experience quick gains, this X4 Labs edition is for you. This penis extender comes with a specially calibrated 3000-gram tension springs. It includes two short and long memory foams pads, 1-year warranty and more. This is one of the cheapest penis stretchers that you can find on the market.

Anniversary Ultra Edition Penis Extender ($999.95 $249.99)

x4 Labs anniversary ultra edition
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This X4 Labs package is an exclusive package that is only available while the supply last. X4 Labs offer this to celebrate their 11th anniversary. This edition includes all the innovations and customization that the company developed in the past 11 years. This special edition has the same features as the Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender but offers more. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Extreme Premium Edition Penis Extender ($919.95 $229.99)

x4 Labs Extreme premium edition
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This X4 Labs edition includes the basic items that you need to fully adjust and customize your X4 Labs penis extender. It also comes with a full 3 months supply of Sinrex Male Enhancement Supplements and PenisAccess exercises. This package has 3600-gram tension springs, 8 short memory foam pads, 6 long memory foam pads, full set of elongation bars, 5-year warranty and more.

Please take note  that prices are subject to change depending on X4 Labs discretion. You may visit  their site to verify the prices.

Labs Results

X4 Labs guarantees results and customers who purchased this male extender attested that it delivers the increase in length and girth that it promises. In fact, X4 Labs is as efficient as its competitor, SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is one of the leading brands when it comes to penis stretchers and this brand can compare to SizeGenetics when it comes to performance. Some male penis extender users even find X4 Labs straps more comfortable.

As for the X4 Labs results a group of users with penis erectile and size problems was elected for a clinical study for X4 Labs. The purpose was to examine the X4 Labs before and after results. After 30 days, the researchers learned that the patients developed 10% increase. When the analysis was extended to over six months, the majority (over 99%) of the X4 Lab users enjoyed 30% gains.

You can check out some X4 Labs before and after pictures here. Two gained 1.1 inches and another gained 1.5 inches. All three used X4 Labs for six months. This only shows that X4 Labs results vary from man to man.

X4 Labs Review

x4 labs penis extender review
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X4 Labs extenders are among the most versatile, effective, reliable and trusted male enhancement devices on the market. It delivers results and is very flexible to offer different types of packages to address the different requirements and budget restrictions of their customers.

X4 Labs extenders are also customizable and are complete with the necessary accessories. This brand is so impressive. It has all the things you need to grow your member. In addition, it is very comfortable and convenient to use.

What makes this brand even more amazing is the money back and growth guarantee that it offers to its customers. X4 Labs assures every customer that their extenders can deliver a significant increase in your penis length and girth. Otherwise, you can return the product and enjoy their double money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose in this device.


X4 Labs extenders are very efficient and flexible male enhancement devices. It offers a variety of package and delivers real results. We are very confident with this brand. We highly recommend X4 Labs for every male who wants to improve their sexual performance and grow their penis. While using penile extender, take also penis long medicine to further add penis growth nutrients in your body.

For those on a budget, you can get Deluxe Edition Penis Extender . X4 Labs is a practical solution to penile size issues.