Bathmate Reviews – Does It Really WORK?

Are you confident with the size of your penis? Me, I was not and it ruined my sex life. However, good news because my insecurities are a thing of the past! Introducing Bathmate! The answer to our penis length and girth concerns is through vacuum penile elongation pumps.

I have been using this device and its different series for years and gained almost 4 inches! I am definitely happy with the results. This device also gives me stronger and harder erections for a better bedroom performance. Read more and let’s find out what variant fits you best.

Do You Want To Increase Penis Size?

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If you are one of those men who feel the need to grow his member, just like me before, then you are just on the right page. This article aims to help you find a solution to your insecurities. Bathmate wants every man to be confident and well-endowed. Take it from me, I’ve been there!

I understand how precious the size of our manhood is. The size of the dick can either boost or crash our confidence. Initially, it is easy to think that penis size is inborn but unknown to many, we can do something about our size. I searched for it, tried it, and have proven it to myself.

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Bathmate is one of the most popular penis pumps on the market today. In fact, it is the highest-selling male enhancement pump. It is available in three different models and I will help you find out the best Bathmate for you in the next sections. Let’s check it out together.

Hydromax Xtreme Series: Unleash The Beast In You!

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Bathmate wants to show the world that despite their success they are still in the game. So, they continue their innovation in penis pumps. Meet its latest model, the Xtreme Series.

Hydromax Xtreme hydropump are created for men who know what they want and this aims to unleash the beast in you. This is the ultimate hydropump for our ultimate enhancement.

So, if like me you also want to explore how big you can get, this is the device that you should purchase when you are done with the Hydromax X-series.

Bathmate aims to assist men in their pursuit for a bigger dick. There is no stopping because Xtreme can still help us gain more length and girth even if we are already well-endowed.

The company takes this device to a new level by adding a new valve and a detachable handball. You can still use this like a standard hydropump but for ease of use, you can use its handball.

This package is complete with accessories. It includes a carry case security lock, measuring gauge, cleaning kit, Bathmate towel and sponge, handball pump and power hose, water based lubricant, shower strap and comfort insert pad.

After using the Bathmate pump, I then apply penis size increase cream to further increasemy gains.

So expect to get the most of it. By using this device you will the biggest penis that you can possibly achieve. Here’s what I had after using this.

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Bathmate Hydro Pump Xtreme Review

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Xtreme is a huge leap from the first Bathmate pumps. If you feel that you have reached a plateau on your current pump this is the one to purchase.

I initially find this male enlargement device extraordinary. It is actually similar to the non-xtreme models but it has the ability to add more vacuum pressure that you can’t achieve in regular pumps.

This additional pressure is behind the success of your growth. So, if your penis is used to the pressure of your current pump, then you have to level up with Xtreme.

Actually, before Hydromax Xtreme, there is a trick to maximize the pressure in your regular Bathmate. In a forum in Matters of Size, one discovered the use of a wine vacuvin.

While the trick works, the pressure is uneven. It can grow the glans but not as much in the shaft. Xtreme, on the other hand, is safer, more convenient and effective.
It is very easy to use. You just have to fill it with water, insert your dick and start pumping. The results are amazing. It gives an instant gain in girth and length.

After a year of using Bathmate Xtreme X40, I gained 1.5-inch in length and another 1- inch in girth.

However, I just feel that it is too expensive. Although you can speed up your gain by using Xtreme you can achieve the same results in regular pumps but if you have the budget and if you are determined to use your pump regularly, Xtreme is the best choice.

I recommend Bathmate Xtreme for men who have been using penile extension devices and have plateaued, for those who have outgrown their Hercules or Hydro max X30 and X40, and for those who want to grow their girth.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers more pressure
  • Includes advanced handball pump
  • Effective in increasing length and girth
  • Gives you harder and stronger erections
  • Guaranteed results or full refund
  • Package includes a lot of extras
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Available worldwide
  • Discreet labeling and packaging


  • Expensive
  • Not necessary as you can enjoy the same result in cheaper models

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Hydromax X-Series: The Best-Selling Hydro Pump


This is the second stage of the hydro pump evolution and is 35% more powerful than the Original Bathmate. This is the best-selling hydro pumps on the market today.

This is equipped with new features like a unique bellow system, removable comfort pad and superflow latch valve that makes the whole process more comfortable and convenient. These additions make me love Hydromax X-Series more.

For instance, the new bellow system is much stronger, durable and flexible to allow more gains. This also creates greater suction with lesser effort.

The new super soft comfort pads provide a tighter and better seal. Thus, less pumping is needed and there is less loss of suction. For your convenience and easy cleaning, these comfort pads are removable.

Meanwhile, the huge change that we love about this is the addition of the new superflow latch valve. The new latch allows you to close the valve to prevent water leaks when filling the pump. Thus, you can only use one hand when filling the device.

Also, the new valve can hold pressure longer and includes a slow pressure release mechanism for our safety. This ensures that we won’t over pump.

X-Series come in different sizes dubbed as Bathmate Hydromax x30, x40 and x20. Among the three, Bathmate x30 appears to be the most popular, maybe because it fits most.

These three pumps only differ in sizes, so our comment about the product applies to all three. Just make sure to choose the right size for you to reap the maximum benefits.

For men with a penis less than 5.75 inches it is recommended that you get Bathmate x20. For those with 5.75 inches to 7 inches member, Bathmate Hydro max 30 is for you. Meanwhile, if your manhood is 7 inches or longer, Bathmate x40 is for you.

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Bathmate X30 Review

The Original Bathmate is very good already, so I expected better results and more comfort in Hydromax. Well, it did not disappoint.

It’s comfort pads work well in the bath making the process more convenient and enjoyable. On my first uses, I struggle to keep pumping because of the sensation that made me feel like cumming. I have to stop pumping and wait for a while to continue.

When I get used to the sensation, I get hard rock erections and I’m impressed with my size. Since then, I am loving this pump.

However, you should also be careful because there are tendencies when the comfort pad squeezed the skin of the balls and it can be painful and uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I heard from some users that they prefer the old Bathmate. For them, the Original has a better suction and vacuum. Personally, I prefer Hydromax.

The pressure is good. Actually, Bathmate is better than Penomet. The process is painless but I find little red marks. It’s not a major concern, though. Most importantly, the results are very evident.

In just four weeks of using this, my penis is bigger and fuller both when erect and flaccid. My girth also increased. No other words but impressive!

However, the only downside I remembered when using this was the penis sensation. On my first used, I was bothered because I felt like I was cumming. So I have to stop pumping and wait for a couple of minutes. I feared that I might not enjoy its maximum benefits because of the sensation.

I eventually get used to it. I don’t feel like cumming when using the device anymore. I can last longer session with maximum pressure.

I have been using this device for the past 2 years. The progress is slow but permanent. I started with 5.8 inches. I gained 0.5 inches in the first 4 months and gained another 0.8 inches in the next 10 months. After 24 months I gained 2.2 inches in length and 0.5 inches in girth. Now, I am already 8 inches. In fact, I have switched to Xtreme X40 already. I am very glad to have used this pump. Highly recommended!


  • 35% more power
  • New Gaiter System
  • Removable Comfort Pad
  • Superflow Latch Valve
  • Effective in increasing length and girth
  • Gives you harder and stronger erections
  • Guaranteed results or full refund
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Available worldwide
  • Discreet labeling and packaging


  • More expensive than Hercules
  • Some users find that the old Bathmate has a better suction
  • Early uses give a different sensation that bothers you to proceed in pumping because it makes you feel like cumming
  • Results vary

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Bathmate Series: The First and Original

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Bathmate is the world’s first and original hydro pump. This item comes in two sizes and colors: Hercules and Goliath.

From the names alone, you can’t help but expect too much from it, right? Well, these devices are here to help and not disappoint us. Thus, I understand if just like me, you find these pumps very much interesting.

First, I’ll give you an overview of the Bathmate series dubbed as Bathmate Originals. Bathmate Hercules is the first patented Hydropump. It remains the best-selling penis enlargement device today where thousands of men in over 70 countries are using it.

Goliath, on the other hand, is dubbed as the world’s largest Hydropump. The device is 30% bigger than Hercules. This is for well-endowed men who still wish to grow their member.

HydroMax’s customers demanded a bigger capacity pump that can accommodate larger gentleman and Goliath was manufactured. Hercules was launched in 2006, and Goliath, two years after.

These pumps are designed to be used in bath or shower. As its name suggests, it uses the amazing power of water to create a vacuum.

These devices do not only keep our penis bigger but regular use can also give us a healthier member that will help us achieve harder and longer lasting erection, the very thing that we need to improve our sexual performance.

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Bathmate Hercules Review

Source: Bathmate Hercules, Fitnomy

Bathmate Hercules and Bathmate Goliath are similar in all aspects except for the size. The latter is for men of bigger size. So, this review applies to both.

The popularity of Bathmate has gotten into me. Hercules really tickles my interest because it is a water-based pump.

On my very first use, I instantly find the device very comfortable to use and it is very easy to put on. Since this is a hydro pump, it is recommended to use it in the shower.

To use, you just have to press it against your body and expel water from the top. This process will create a vacuum. You fill it with warm water if you prefer. When done, you just need to press down on the cap on the top of the device to release the vacuum.

However, after weeks of using it, I find that it can be straining at the back as I try to increase the vacuum. To do so, you have to pull it towards the body motion and the process can be strenuous.

Aside from this, the device is great. I started with 5.6 inches length and 4.8 inches girth and noticed that after 6 months I gained 0.2-inch in length and 0.25-inch in girth. As a beginner, I’m already very impressed with the results.

However, if there is to be improved, I wish it includes an indicator. It feels safer if you can monitor the device and see figures, numbers or how it is doing other than just staring at the pump itself.

On the other hand, purchasing this material is very convenient. There is nothing to fear because there is nothing to lose.

Bathmate Originals includes 60-day money back guarantee. You have enough time to try it and see results. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund without any questions asked. However, to enjoy this, make sure to purchase a legit item.

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  • Very easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be kept warm/hot
  • Available in different size options
  • Effective in increasing length and girth
  • Gives you harder and stronger erections
  • Guaranteed results or full refund
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Available worldwide
  • Discreet labeling and packaging


  • Increasing vacuum can be a strain on the back
  • Lacks indicator

Overall, I already gained over 3.9 inches in length and around 1.75 inches in girth after years of using different Bathmate pumps. From 5.6 inches, I already measure 9.5 inches and my penis is already 6.55 inches in circumference from only 4.8 inches. This is far better than my initial size.

The experience is worth it. I am now very confident with what I have between my legs. I also have more stamina, energy, and harder erections. My partner has never been this happy with my performance and size.

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Hercules, Goliath, HydroMax, Hydromax Xtreme – Which One is Right For You?

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Bathmate is dedicated to giving their users real gains. In general, you can rely on any of their products as it guarantees to deliver results. However, I understand that at this point you are wondering if there is an appropriate product for you.

Perhaps you are already asking yourself these questions “which Bathmate should I get?” or “which Bathmate should I buy?” To help you find answers to these questions, we give you the results of our detailed research. (Check our article on Bathmate Frequently Asked Questions and Tips)

In general, Bathmate products are the same in quality but the newer models are equipped with more powerful features. Aside from these differences, most items only vary in sizes. In fact, the brand recommends that you know your size before you buy.

So, to help you decide which fits you best, here’s an overview of the Bathmate pumps.

For a more detailed comparison of all the Bathmate products, check out the table below for your quick reference.

Basically, Hydromax X20 is the smallest device while Goliath and X50 are the biggest. If you are torn between Hercules, Hydromax X30 or Xtreme 30 since all three cater the same size just remember that Hercules is the first device since it belongs to Bathmate Originals, Hydromax X-Series comes next and then the Xtreme-Series.

It is important that you consider their order of manufacturing since the first one offers the most basic features, the second offers more element and the third offers so much more but not necessarily what is required. A number of users who have used Hydromax X-Series and Xtreme are satisfied with the former and does not feel the need to upgrade to Xtreme.

As for the price, Hercules is the cheapest while the Xtreme series is the most expensive. The newer models are more convenient to use as it offers extra support and better system. However, if you only want gain you can go for the basic unit and save more but the process might take longer. For instance, Xtreme offers more tension that you can’t find in Hercules and Hydromax X-30. The additional tension is behind your penis growth.

So, when you are already sure of your size, decide based on your budget and the convenience you want to experience while using the penis pump. The price and convenience of the device do not guarantee its efficiency. After all, results vary on every user.

Bathmate Pump Routine- How to Use the Bathmate Pump

Now that you are already aware of the wonders of the Bathmate pumps, it is high time that you know how to use this miracle device to grow your member and achieve the size you’ve already dreamt of.

In general, the process is fast and easy. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to use Bathmate in bath and shower.

Step 1: Slide latch into central position

The latch valve on top of the pump has three positions: top, center, and bottom. The top and bottom close the valve, while the central position opens the valve. Push down the latch slightly and move it to the central position

Step 2: Select the correct comfort pad and insert into the vessel

Choose the appropriate comfort pad and insert it into the vessel. Align the markings. When in the shower use the short insert. When in the bath choose the size that you find most comfortable with.

Step 3: Rotate to show or hide measuring guide

The gator and vessel can be rotated independently. Depending on your preference, you can show the measuring guide and track your progress.

Step 4: Spend 5 minutes warming up

Whether you are taking a bath or shower take 5 minutes to warm up under the water. This will heat your body and help blood circulation.

Step 5: Fill pump with water and insert penis

Fill the pump with water and insert your penis into the pump while being careful not to spill too much water, otherwise, the pump will be empty. Pull the Hydromax towards you and create a tight seal. This process will take time and some practice, so if you don’t achieve it on your first uses don’t be too hard on yourself.

Step 6: Pump to create suction and expel water

Pull the pump towards your body. Water will expel from the top of the vessel. While doing this, you will feel that the suction increases and your penis are sucked further up into the pump.

Step 7: Re-pump to maintain pressure

This pump is designed to slowly release pressure to avoid injury and suction damage. However, you can re-pump to re-generate the suction as the pressure decreases. It is recommended that you use this for 15 minutes per day. Don’t overdo it as it may lead to side effects and other injuries.

Step 8: Release pressure and remove

When you are done with your 15-minute session, you should find your penis fully pumped and engorged with blood. To remove the pump, release the suction created by pressing the valve towards the pump. Be sure to press the whole valve not just the latch.

Here’s another video that will surely be helpful to you. Check it out and see how simple the process is.

Please take note that you can achieve the best results by repeating the inflation and deflation for 15 minutes. Thus, it would be helpful if you do this regularly.

Bathmate Before and After Results

Pretty sure, Bathmate has already won your attention but I understand if you are still doubtful about the device. Perhaps, you are still are asking yourself, “Bathmate does it work?”

I also asked myself once, “do bathmate work?” so I understand why you are having second thoughts. There are tons of penis pumps on the markets today promising to deliver the results that we wish to experience but only leave us disappointed.

After years of use, I can personally attest that this device actually works! I experienced it and I am super glad about the result. If you used Bathmate regularly, you can gain up to 3 inches in length and 30% increase in girth. You can further maximize the results by taking penis growth pills regularly.

Just a 15-minute session when done regularly can make a huge difference in your manhood.

Apart from me, a number of users have attested its efficiency. So, if you are still unsure in this male enhancement device there is no other way to convince you but to see Bathmate before and after images as actual proofs. Check out the next section that will surely blow you away.

Photos – Using Bathmate, Before and After 

The following photos are from other Bathmate users that I found on the web. I understand that there are a lot of talks about this powerful pump but few actual images. Our statements and testimonials will not be reliable without this evidence.

So, check the photos below:


Chris another Bathmate user has been documenting his progress using this male enhancement device and he has made impressive gains that you will surely envy. You can check out his page here but be prepared to be stupefied.

How do you find Chris gains? Are you impressed? I personally find it mind-blowing. I understand that anyone reading this wish to experience the same penis growth. For those who are still doubtful, I know what you are thinking, “are the results permanent?” I will answer this is in the next section.

Does Bathmate Give Permanent Results?

We know that pumps work but their results are temporary. After a few hours or say days, it’s gone and you are back with your normal size. Yes, it is disappointing because if you can enjoy a permanent gain, you won’t be pumping all your life.

Well, you will be happy because I can guarantee that Bathmate delivers permanent results. Check out some Bathmate testimonials below.

In this forum, one member named Rocheole shared the permanent gains he enjoyed by using this pump. According to him, he gained .25 inches. He was initially 7 nbp and is already a little over 7.25 nbp. His girth also grew from 5 to 5.5 inches. He doesn’t put too much pressure while using it and has even stopped using his Bathmate but his gains remain.

According to Chris, in another post, Bathmate can deliver temporary and permanent gains. When you use this device with a full erection and full pressure for 15-20 minutes you will enjoy a fully pumped up penis but this will be temporary. It can last for several hours or an entire day.

However, if you continue with your pump it will get your penis larger and thicker. In the long run, you will enjoy permanent gains!

When you use Bathmate, you expose your penile tissues to stress and tension. It expands and creates gaps. Your penis tissue divides and multiplies to fill the gap. So if you do your regular Bathmate workout and recovery, it will result to a bigger and thicker penis.

Yes, you can preserve 90% of your gain. In fact, by just using Bathmate for 2 to 3 times a week at a 10-minute session or by doing manual jelqing twice a week at 10-15 minutes per session, you can keep 90 to 100% of your gains.

In my personal experience, I can also say the same. I’ve been using different Bathmate pumps in the past four years. I’ve been using it regularly for the first 3.5 years but lately, I’m not that consistent anymore though I still aim to have a 10-minute session at least twice a week. I am proud to say that I am still on top of my progress.

Pumps work well for dedicated users. If you want to see visible and permanent results you just need to invest time and effort. The principle behind the efficiency of pumps is proven. It needs continuous rest and recovery, so be consistent and eventually, you will be happy with the results.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up

Bathmate is a trusted name when it comes to penis pumps. All of its products are proven efficient in giving you permanent penis size increase.

The great thing about this company is that they keep on innovating new devices to give us new ways in growing our members that boost our confidence in the bedroom.

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I really find their line of products very effective. Hercules is a good start for newbies. Hydromax X-Series is better and Xtreme is the best. The good thing about Bathmate is that you can purchase their cheapest item without worries because it is guaranteed to deliver results. The company also offers a money-back guarantee! You don’t have any reason not to try it.

Have you tried any of the Bathmate pumps? Which do you prefer? How was the experience? How was your gain in length and girth? Feel free to share it with us to let the other readers know how effective these pumps are.