Top 5 Effective Erection Pills – Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Have you started to feel like you can’t really satisfy your woman?

Most men think that if they have stronger erections, then they would be able to please their partner.

Such is not the case for the majority of guys these days, which have trouble getting their dick stand up for an extended period.

It seems men that can have a full erection (until sexual penetration) is now a lost tribe!
Of course, no guy wants to admit, but this happens to most of the men right now.

You have this wonderful evening in bed with your lovely girl, she’s in her red silky underwear.

You can already see the luscious goodies under her mini garments.

Then just after you get some blood rush into manhood, just a couple of minutes after, your penis just bows down.

The marvelous night gets ruined because you peak earlier than expected and somehow you can’t maintain your penis to stay upright through the rest of your lovemaking.

This is an early end to your lovely evening and has brought a lot of chronic sufferers to lose hope.

Well, will there be some solution to help you get that erection and have that great sex you want?

Fortunately, there are already answers to this sexual problem of men.
We’ve gathered the best erection pills right now in the market to help you decide which one to get for your erectile issues.

Best Erection PillsRatingPrice CheckBenefitsBottle Contents
Niagra4.9Shop Here - Check PriceWorks against erectile dysfunction. Brings stiff, solid, long erection. Popular erection pill in the market60 pills
Stallion XL4.8Shop Here - Check PriceSolve erectile dysfunction troubles. Achieve hard, solid, penis erections.60 capsules
Wild Dragon4.8Shop Here - Check PriceStiff hard boner until intercourse. Long lasting endurance, energy, stamina. Boost your sexual desire.18 pills
Sildenafil4.5Shop Here - Check PriceOriginal medicine for ED treatment. Available generic brands for lower price. Often prescribed by doctorsnone stated
G Max Power Capsules4.5Shop Here - Check PriceTreat erectile dysfunction. Active ingredient up to 12 hours. Similar effectiveness with Sildenafilnone stated

5 Best Erection Pills

* I recommend the Niagra Erection Pills as the No.1 best erection pills with its maximum effectiveness for more solid, harder, and longer lasting erection. Check out my other erection pills reviews and helpful recommendation below to see what can work for you.

According to some studies, about half of men ages 40 to 70 suffer from erectile maladies to some extent.

Notably, only a very few actually report that they have the inability to have erections.

Taking erection pills helps people up to a certain degree, so at least they can start having intercourse.

If you can experience your penis to become solid for an extended period until you and your partner reach orgasm, definitely make a lot of difference to your relationship.

Right now, there are several options for you to try.

The two main types available are the pharmaceutical pills which you need a prescription and the generic over-the-counter supplements you can readily buy.

In this article, we’ll look into both erectile sex pills.
These have various potency but all the same, works effectively to give you full erections.

Some even work for longer window periods, and with a higher percentage of success rate in actual users.

These erection pills all improve blood supply to the penis for stiff hard erections. Check them out below.

1. Niagra Erection Pills – Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

How much do you want for an erection that lasts until you cum?

Frankly, I’ll tell you my situation:

Right now, my hard erections (we’re talking here really solid dick!) lasts up to 15 minutes.

I never have an erecton that lasts that long, only after I discovered erection pills. One of the leading sex supplements today is Niagra sex pills.

Niagra Erection Pills/ is an ED supplement that help relax the muscles found in your penile blood vessel walls, so it increases the blood flow to those areas and give you some hard on.

So, if you need erectile dysfunction treatment and you’re about to have sex, start taking Niagra erection tablet every day within a week.

This ED pill can be taken in daily doses, take it regularly so you survive your sex encounters without the peaks and throughs.

Niagra sex pills is specifically made for those with erectile dysfunction problem, where it contains all-natural herb extract formula shown to give men a boner.

A quick look on Niagra Erection Pills main ingredient and it has L-Arginine, Piper nigrum extract, Cnidium Monnier extract.

You stack this with other minerals like the potent erection boosting organic roots such as Tongkat Ali and you get powerhouse treatment for your erectile problem.

And I believe it also helps in improving the quality and volume of your semen.

Taking Niagra Erection Pills can help increase your ability to workout more, while of course boosting your performance in your sexual activities.

Remember, male enhancement pills may sometimes cause unwanted interactions or even cause side effects. So, tell your doctor about your other medication needs before you take sex capsules.


L-Arginine, Piper nigrum extract, Cnidium Monnier extract

  • Works effectively against ed problems
  • Potent ingredient for stiff, solid, and long erection
  • Popular erection pill in the market
  • Results appear longer for some consumers


I feel harder in my erections throughout sex using Niagra. My rock solid cock lasts 12-15 minutes each time. I discovered this erection pill, which is now one of the leading sex supplements. Get it and try the erection pills.

2. Stallion XL Erection Pills – Impotence Supplement

How do you know if your erection will last long in an intercourse?

I actually never knew I was short in endurance and stamina, only after I went out with a girl I courted.

As I penetrate her, I was able to have an erection for 3-4 minutes. Then erection just went soft. It was embarrassing really.

I knew I need to take something for my erection, so it stays hard long until both of use reach orgasm.

I started reading about male enhancement and learned about erection pills.

A good sex pill for erectile issues is Stallion XL.

Stallion XL Erection Pills is strong ED pill to help your dick stand on attention until it finishes the job inside the vagina.

This ED tablet soothes the blood vessel walls, so it opens the blood flow to certain areas of your penis.

So, for those with erectile dysfunctions, start taking Stallion XL as soon as possible.

Use it regularly in the next two weeks. This gives your body the nutrient load needed to normalize your erection.

Make it part of your everyday supplement intake so your erections will continuously stay hard, longer in sex.

Stallion XL Erection Pills gives you the advanced power-packed formula of raw botanical extracts, known for its amazing 96% success rate to enhance erectile dysfunction.

Taking Stallion XL Erection Pills definitely provides you the stamina to boost your sex ability.

The benefits of this erection treatment is far reaching, especially if you use it as daily supplement.

  • Solve erectile dysfunction troubles
  • Achieve hard, solid, penis erections
  • Sex her up with no worries
  • Results appear longer for some consumers


Stallion XL gives me harder and longer erections in sex. You can feel that large, solid cock lasting 10-12 each time. I found out about this erection pill, and give it a try. Get it and improve your erection quality.

3. Wild Dragon Erection Pills – Erectile Dysfunction Supplement

Some guys I know just have no confidence in terms of asking a woman out. A common reason is their belief in their sexual abilities

There was a time I felt that way. I feel weak in the body, inside and out.

The first thing I did was get fit. I regularly exercised as this helps good blood circulation. I just did walking, jogging, and basic exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and dips.

As any expert would say, you should never forget taking supplements, as it supports your body systems.

Though I take regular multivitamins, I added a sex supplement to stack and load up nutrients.
One of the sex pills I tried was Wild Dragon.

Wild Dragon Erection Pills taps your body’s dormant sexual energy. This makes you more confident as soon as you kiss your partner.

I actually felt that libido boost. When I started again in dating, I knew I’m sexually charged and would get a good long erection on intercourse.

If you’re having erectile problems, take in Wild Dragon.

You’ll not be afraid to drop your shorts because you know, your dick will be solid and ready for even the wildest sex you can imagine.

Regularly take a capsule of Wild Dragon to muscle up your sex life. It’s one of the sex pills right now.

Wild Dragon has been in the male enhancement industry for quite a while, so they have established a good rep among effective sex pills.

Wild Dragon Erection Pills is a 100% natural herbal sex pill. It brings you positive effects, so having boner would’nt be embarassing.

This is quite a strong erection pill as it can remain in your body, 36 – 48 hours.

So, you can get hard and stiff erections for two days, even if you take just 1 dose.

Wild Dragon Erection Pills is your helper, as it makes sure you’ll not be shameful for your impotence problems.

You’ll get your erections and you’ll definitely be ready for your sexual encounters.

  • Stiff hard boner until your finish your intercourse
  • Long lasting endurance, energy, stamina even in rough sex
  • Boost your sexual desire and libido to the max
  • Results appear longer for some consumers


Wild Dragon is one of the new and cost-effective erection pills for better sex. I feel that change, hard rock cock after using it in two months. Try it, if yOu intend to get harder erection.

4. Sildenafil – Best Drugs For Erectile Dysfunction

Sildenafil is often the first medicine your doctor prescribed if you have a problem with your erection.

This medication has been on the market longest and is the first known drug for treatment of erectile problems.

The side effects, medications, and foods that it interacts are already known and documented.

Initially, Sildenafil is used to treat men with high blood pressure in their lungs, known in medical terms as pulmonary arterial hypertension [PAH].

This ingredient works as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor that primarily dilates and relaxes the blood vessels of the lungs, which then helps men to improve their ability to work out or sweat in exercise.

Eventually, it has been discovered that it promotes erection which paves the way for its patent to treat erectile dysfunction or ED.

Sildenafil is the medical term for the active formula in the popular pill “Viagra”. It is a global brand patent held by the well-established drug company Pfizer. Most men with problems in erection, actually know more of the brand Viagra.

However, the patent for Viagra brand name expired in June 2013, which led to the development of new UK licensed brands of the ingredient Sildenafil.

They are made by various pharmaceutical companies. Some of the popular brands of Sildenafil right now are branded under company names, followed by the name Sildenafil:

  • Pfizer
  • Mylan
  • Sandoz
  • Actavis
  • Torrent
  • Zentiva
  • Accord
  • Bristol Labs
  • Ajanta
  • Teva
  • Dr Reddys

If you consult your doctor, they would mostly prescribe the medical term Sildenafil, then a brand name.

Doctors generally write prescriptions using the active ingredient of a medicine.

When you buy your pills in the pharmacies, the pharmacists can supply you with one of the available sildenafil brands in their stock.

The prescription practice, using the medical term, not the brand, is called generic prescription.

However, there are still some people who identify Sildenafil as the generic Viagra, when in actuality Viagra is a brand.

Pharmaceutical companies that supply sildenafil right now, compete on medicine price.

Retailers don’t have much to choose in terms of price from one to another, but analysis has shown prices have become more competitive.

Pharmacies pay for the wholesale price, which the patients pay with a significant markup. So, you will notice the price of Sildenafil varies from one pharmacy to the other.

You may, however, look at some online suppliers which seem to have a lower cost than others.

The original sildenafil brand from Pfizer, Viagra, is actually still available. However, this is now being sold at high price, even if the market share went down.

Viagra still remains popular with men who can afford the original brand price and do not want to switch to other products. Notably, Pfizer launched a generic Sildenafil product.

The Sildenafil ingredient may sometimes cause longer than usual erection up to 4 hours which can be painful for men. This could even happen after or when you’re not having sex anymore.

If this happens, consult your doctor right away, to prevent other sex problems. Keep in mind that Sildenafil should only be used by the patient who got the prescription.

The prescription and doses should not be shared with other individuals. Also, observe if your symptoms improve, nothing happened, or became worse – you should check with your doctor.

  • Original medicine for ED treatment
  • Available generic brands for lower price
  • Works effectively as an erection pill
  • Often the first prescribed by doctors
  • Active period is only at 4 hours

5. G Max Power Capsules – Pills To Get Hard Fast

G Max Power Capsules is an alternative for the first medicines and works quite similar. It’s also used for problems in erection. This also works like a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor that helps increase the blood flow into your penis after having sexual stimulation.

One of the most popular brand name on erection pills, G Max Power Capsules is made with ingredients that has a slight molecular difference with sildenafil, which allows it to provide the longer effect.

Keep in mind, that you need sexual arousal for you to get an erection. So, get it as much as you can like visual, touch, smell, taste, and hearing sexual stimulation.

This erection pill is also used for the treatment of ejaculation problems since it significantly increases the duration of sexual intercourse by giving you longer periods of hard erection.

G Max Power Capsules lasts longer than Sildenafil, as it is effective for up to 12 hours. For other users, there were reports that it even lasts longer.

However, this doesn’t mean your erections would be continuous during that period. Instead, your erections would greatly improve after every stimulation and arousal during that 12 hours window.

G Max Power Capsules is sold under the various online stores and also similar to other generic medicines, which are basically medically similar to branded originals, but they usually sell at a lower price.

  • Works to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Active ingredient up to 12 hours
  • Similar effectiveness with Sildenafil
  • Costly for others

What Are The Best Erection Pills?

As we’ve discussed, there are various medical treatments to erectile dysfunction.

There are doctor prescribed erection pills such as Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil. There are other ed drugs under patent, that still considerably makes it more expensive.

There are also all-natural supplements like Hardman, Wild Dragon, and Stallion XL which are just as effective.

Is There Low-cost Treatment For Erection Problems?

Around 20 years ago, the treatment for erectile dysfunction was more costly since the medicines were new and there were still no generic products and other medicines.

Right now, it is now more affordable to more men suffering from ED.

Some would argue that low-cost ED treatment is not as effective. But the truth is, erectile dysfunction medications have gained solid grounds.

As it is, the majority of men taking erection tablets do so for real medical needs. The ed pills usually work to relieve potentially save distressing conditions in sexual relationships.

Are All ED Brands Have The Same Composition?

Most individuals who got the prescription for their erectile issues always wonder if these ED pills are the same. Take Sildenafil for instance. It has a molecular structure that remains the same from one brand to the other.

On the other hand, natural supplements would have Horny Goat Weed as a common ingredient.

It is manufactured to be absorbed into the bloodstream, then work into the tissues, and is metabolized the same way.

The erection pills have the same active ingredient such as Sildenafil will produce their product in the same strengths as well as quantities.

However, you’ll see some differences in marketing, branding, packaging, shape, color, texture, and consistency of the pills.

These are mostly differences in the outside, not the differences in the pill’s active ingredients.

How Well Do Erection Pills Work?

According to studies, most of the prescription ED drugs produces erection quite sufficient for intercourse in about 70% to 80% of men.

However, the results may vary from one person to another since not all individuals have the same physical, biological, psychological, and emotional condition.

If you’re generally healthy, the erection drugs will work ranging from 20 to 60 minutes after taking it.

Experts always recommend you take ED pills on an empty stomach for easier absorption.

Also, remember that pills don’t work as an on/off switch after taking it. It means you need stimulation on all your senses for you to get an erection.

So, think about a conducive environment for sex, while working on all your five senses to get really sexually aroused and stimulated.


Keep in mind to always consult your doctor to get a proper diagnosis, prescriptions, and doses of erection medicines.

Always tell your medical conditions as well as other therapies you undergo to avoid any side effects.

Getting the right medical treatment from a doctor help you maximize the effectiveness.

Do you have other insights, reactions, or question in our article on erection pills? Just share your reactions in our comment section below.

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