Phallosan Forte Review: Why You Should Get This Penis Extender

phallosan forte penis enlargement
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Phallosan Forte
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Phallosan Forte penis extender is very comfortable to wear and unlike most penis extenders that only guarantee a gain in length, this male penis extender promises an increase in girth, improves the form of a curved penis and helps treat erectile dysfunction problems.

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Looking for a unique and patented penis lengthener?

This male enhancement device is one of the top penis enlargement products on the market today. Get to know Phallosan Forte here.

What is Phallosan Forte?

Phallossan Forte Penis Extender
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The product features a unique design with the soft orthopedic belt. Get Phallosan if you desire to increase the quality of your erection, as it helps you achieve a rock hard penis.

How do you achieve that? The extender enhances the blood flow to your pelvis, as well as improves your orgasm. Sold in pharmacies in Germany, Australia, and Switzerland, this product is FDA approved for safe use of the public.

Phallosan Forte System

A market leader in its industry, Phallosan provides orthopedic elongation system with the patented vacuum technique. By any means, the features make it more effective compared to other brands.

Three-Way Valve

Phallosan Forte includes the three-way valve that allows you to increase the pressure while using the device. Likewise, all the parts are integrated, while it does not require extra pumping ball or tube.

Three Bell Sizes

This penis extender offers three bell sizes: small (S), medium (M) and large (L) – based on the general size of average glans. Thus, it assures you that you will find the right item. Also, it guarantees enough room for your glans to expand and grow. Made of allergen free material, the bells are unbreakable, so rest assured that it is safe.

Medical Grade Silicone

Equally important, this penis extender’s sleeve is also made of non-allergenic medical grade silicone. The material allows the skin to respond with severe allergies after exposure to latex. The sleeve has a different thickness depending on your girth.

Protector Cap

Further, Phallosan Forte’s cap protects the glans from a stronger vacuum. The protector helps you quickly adjust the recommended setting. Also, the cap is elastic, as well as non-allergenic material.

Tension Clip

Additionally, the tension clip transfers the power of the orthopedic stretching belt to the suction bell. This calibrated pull system equips with the traffic light system. The colors green, yellow and red indicates the recommended setting for the belt. Thus, it helps you achieve the results that you’ve wanted to see.

Orthopedic Stretching Belt

More so, the orthopedic stretching belt and silicone foam are made of non-allergenic material. The belt is extremely elastic that it can also fit plus sizes men. In addition, it follows the body’s movements without loosening. For those who need extra sizes, Phallosan can manufacture it for you upon your demand.

How to Use Phallosan Forte Extender?

Although, there are other men who complained against Phallosan Forte where the guys state that they did not enjoy the gains. The main reason for that, however, is that they failed to use the device properly.

Adjust Bell Size

Know the right bell size using the measuring template by adjusting the bell accordingly with the drawbar. After that, take the belt to fit and adapt it to the suction device. You should slip the sleeve condom over the head of the bell and drawbar.

Remove Protector Cap

Now, remove the protector cap that protects the glans from excess suction pressure. Pull the protector cap apart with the thumbs and index fingers. Then, snugly place it over the glans.

Insert Your Penis

Next, take hold of the condom roll it up to the edge of the bell and draw it behind the head of the bell. Then, insert your penis together with the protector cap into the suction bell. After that, roll the condom down as far as possible. You need to turn the green valve to the pump symbol to activate the suction pump.

Lock The Vacuum

The glans will now be drawn further into the bell. The sleeve condom then molds itself comfortably to the penis shaft. Now, set the green valve to the locking symbol to maintain the micro-vacuum.

Lay Belt On Hips

Take hold of the belt, push the foam ring over the suction bell to the end of the penis shaft. Next, lay the belt around your hips.

Go With The Day Normally

You can now go about your everyday business normally. You can wear the Phallosan Forte Extender day and night. You can likewise apply hyaluronic acid gel for penile enlargement to get best results in gains. The natural ingredients in penile gels can also provide soothing effect in case there’s chafing in skin.

You can wear Phallosan Forte during sleep because it does not restrict your blood circulation.

Does Phallosan Forte Work? How?


Several male enhancement devices on the market claim to work, but only a few do. So, we understand if you are concerned about Phallosan Forte’s efficiency.

Just like you, many customers started with this question, “Does Phallosan Forte work?” To answer your concern, yes this penis enlargement device works.

In fact, a number of Phallosan Forte users attested that they enjoy the gains using this male penis stretcher.

Phallosan Forte has a 3-way valve using the integrated suction pump. It works as a traffic light system that allows you perfect control over the tension.

How it effectively works? This male penis enlargement tool pulls the penis away from the pelvic bone via the glans. The continuous tension on the body’s tissue forms painless micro-fissures, like in bodybuilding. Thus, new cell material embeds into these fibers. While, increasing the length and girth of your penis.

Essentially, the entire penis tissue works out like a muscle, as it gets a stronger blood circulation and receives more nutrients. This results in stronger erections and improved virility.

Phallosan Forte Results Before And After

However, just like any other penis extenders, Phallosan Forte delivers different results to men. It often depends on how often and how long it is being used on a daily basis. Still, the company did a clinical study, where it examines Phallosan Forte’s competence and efficacy.

The study revealed details whenever the Phallosan Forte extender is worn. For instance, men who wear it for 5 days, within 6 hours – they averaged several gains.

For the non-erect stage, it increases 3.6 cm increase in length. On erect stage, the penis gains 2.9 cm.

However, when worn longer, like for 9 hours for 6 days a week, men gain more. The measurements detailed 4.9 cm on non-erect stage and 4.0 cm on erect stage.

Overall, Phallosan Forte can increase your penis length by 1.9 inches in just 6 months.

Why Buy Phallosan Forte

phallossan forte
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So, if you want to enjoy a bigger and thicker member, you have all the reason to buy Phallosan Forte. This penis extender works and delivers as it promises.

For instance, if you’re afraid of using penis stretcher due to pain and inconvenience this device is very comfortable to use. Here are some additional benefits that you will enjoy when you purchase Phallosan Forte.

  • Gentle and effective
  • Wear it without being noticed
  • Flexibility to wear to the groin’s left or right side
  • Ability to wear for long periods using the soft protector cap silicone
  • You can wear it overnight
  • For best results, you can also take penile enlargement capsule.
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Integral suction pumps and tension gauge
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Made of allergen-free materials
  • No side effects

Phallosan Forte Review

Importantly, Phallosan Forte comes with a unique design, which makes it very convenient and comfortable to use all day. Also, it is very safe because it does not restrict the blood flow, as you can even wear it when you sleep or go about your work. In addition, the device is made up from non-allergenic materials.

However, there are also risks of injury, in the case of wrong movements. The reason could be that your penis is fixed with a belt on the hips. Thus, we recommend that you refrain from doing exercises while wearing this device.

Overall, Phallosan Forte is an efficient and practical male enlargement device that is easy and comfortable to wear. In addition, it delivers results. So, we highly recommend Phallosan Forte to any men who want grow their penis in length and girth.