Lanthome Enlargement Oil Review – Is It Worth Trying?

Unhappy with your penis size? The truth is most men are a bit frustrated at times.

They tend to compare themselves with what they see in adult movies, not realizing that their penises are in a normal sizing range.

Fortunately, there are a few options for penis enlargement, and penis elongation surgery is not the only one.

You can opt for natural penis enlargement, which might be slower, but at least it is not invasive or dangerous.

The Lanthome enlargement oil is just one of the best oils for penis growth, but what effects does it have on your sexual health? Can it cause sexual dysfunction? Are there any issues with erectile dysfunction? Is it related to premature ejaculation?

There are lots of rumors and myths about all these solutions, but this article will clear it all out.

Does Oil Work For Penis Enlargement?

Sex life often depends on sexual performance. A big penis is a plus, but many men compensate with skill, oral sex, and even sex toys.

According to wellness professionals, more research is needed to determine how certain oils can add to penis enlargement.

Some oils boost erections – they can delay ejaculation, increase the blood flow to the penis and provide firmer erections.

The firmer the erection is, the larger the penis will appear to be. From this point of view, the results are clearly positive, even though these oils do not add to the actual size.

Other than that, some oils based on natural ingredients can also increase the size, not just the stretch.

According to peer reviewed studies, results are small and take a long time. Again, it is hard to tell how effective some oils are, but there are a few encouraging results and reviews.

Lanthome Enlargement Oil Review

The Lanthome enlargement oil works on simple principles – it will not provide permanent results but temporary results lasting up to a couple of hours.

It promotes natural cell expansion and boosts the blood flow towards the penis, offering a solid, firm, and durable erection.

Lanthome Enlargement Oil Ingredients

You need to become familiar with this penis enlargement oil’s ingredients to understand how it can increase penis size. It is based on 100% natural ingredients, so there are no serious risks regarding side effects.


Maca is often referred to as natural Viagra. It is natural and has no side effects. Taking it on a regular basis will improve sexual performance. Each erection will be better than the previous one but also firmer.

Maca goes further than that. According to Healthline media, it will also increase sex drive. When you feel horny, your erections will clearly show it too. It also increases fertility in case you are interested in starting a family.


Jasmine is not just a treatment for erectile dysfunction used for hundreds of years but also increases libido. It smells good and adds to your erections – basically, the penis will gain in size only because it will stretch more.


Sandalwood is also used for sexual purposes, usually in the form of essential oils. You have to massage a small amount of it, and it will increase the blood circulation in the area. Forget about medications – this is a natural approach with no side effects.

Used in the Lanthome enlargement oil, this is one of the supplements that helps against erectile dysfunction and provides more sustainable erections throughout the sexual act. It is also available in a decent dose for its effects to kick in fast.


Leek is often overlooked when it comes to male enhancement, yet its effects are actually proven. It is also known as an aphrodisiac that will improve the libido and overall sexual performance. Taken by itself, leek will not show impressive results. Mixed with other ingredients, things change.

Other ingredients with similar properties include camellia seeds and jojoba oil.

How Lanthome Enlargement Oil Works

You do not have to be a doctor to understand how the Lanthome enlargement oil works.

Take a look at the natural ingredients and figure out how each of them works. Once combined, their effects will be more intense and spectacular.

This enlargement oil will not stimulate the production of more cells in the penile area.

It will not increase your penis in a regular state. What it will do is boost your erections, and that means going from more directions.

First of all, some of the ingredients work to improve the blood flow around the penis. More blood means firmer and more successful erections – no embarrassing episodes. After all, poor blood flow is the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

Second of all, some of the ingredients also work as aphrodisiacs. They will add to your sex drive. You will feel like a horny animal. When horny, more blood will be drawn to the penis, not to mention your performance in bed.

The penis increase is not biological, but temporary. Sure, using the oil for a long period may give you better and longer-lasting results. But normally, it is recommended as a temporary solution before sexual activity.

How To Use Lanthome Enlargement Oil

The Lanthome enlargement oil should never be taken orally. While some of the ingredients in it can be taken, the truth is this oil is designed for topical applications. It must go directly on the skin. It will be absorbed straight away, and its effects will not hesitate to show up.

Make sure the penis is clean and dry before the application. Apply oil to your fingertips and put it on the penis with regular rubbing movements. Go in straight movements from the base to the bottom and back.

Massage the oil for around five minutes – or less if you notice it is fully absorbed into the skin. Short term effects are temporary – about a couple of hours. However, daily applications can boost everything about your sex life – with time, penis enlargement becomes a reality only because your erections are better.

Side Effects

The Lanthome enlargement oil is based on 100% natural ingredients. If you are interested in sexual health and know about certain nutrients or substances, you will find many natural products among the ingredients.

There are no side effects associated with it – in theory, natural supplements should be free of adverse reactions. To prevent any potential issues, stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. There is no clinical evidence that more of this oil will give you better or faster results.

The penis skin is normally quite sensitive, but it should be able to take such topical supplements, especially if natural. To make sure everything is alright, apply a tiny amount to a sensitive area of your skin and let it absorb.

If there are no irritations or skin reactions within the next 24 hours, it means the supplement is safe.

Precautions When Using This Penis Enlargement Oil

There are no serious precautions when taking this penis enlargement oil, mostly because it does not affect your cells and biology, but mostly your erections.

It does add to the size, but because the penis stretches more and erections are stronger.

Those with underlying health conditions should still discuss this option with their doctors.

According to some of the most popular articles out there, naturist ingredients will not normally cause adverse reactions.

However, some of the ingredients can still interact with certain medications, so discuss with your doctor. To make sure there are no allergies, check effects over a small surface.

Using more than a couple of drops will not help you reach results faster. Two drops are enough, and make sure you massage the penis with a couple of fingers only. You want it absorbed rather than spread all over the penis.

Alternatives To Lanthome Enlargement Oil

More topical products like Maxoderm cream claim to increase the penis size, but those that work will most likely bring in the same results. They work on your erections, not the physical size. If erections are strong, the penis will also expand more and gain in size.

Permanent results could be achieved with stretching techniques, such as jelqing – you can find machines to help you. These machines stretch the penis and break tissue. New tissue will grow with larger cells, so the penis will also gain physically in size.

Vacuum pump for men will also work by swelling the penis, but only temporarily – they simply draw more blood to the penile area. Their effectiveness is not rated for long-term results.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Massage your penis about an hour before engaging into sexual activity. The supplement must be absorbed into the body for its effects to kick in. It will give you good results for a couple of hours, whether you want to get rid of premature ejaculation, increase your sex drive or get a firmer erection.

The supplement manufacturer recommends daily applications for about three months to see long term results. Again, the penis increase is not biological. Instead, everything about your sex life will improve. And when your erections are firm like wood, your penis will naturally grow bigger too.

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Bottom Line

In the end, the Lanthome enlargement oil is clearly worth some attention. It brings in some of the most popular plants, and herbs used to treat erectile dysfunction, and it does it in pretty high doses.

More research is needed, but it is a natural approach that will most likely show some improvement.

Keep in mind that nothing will change overnight – instead, the oil should become part of a healthy lifestyle.