Why We Trust SizeGenetics? Honest Review 2024


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  • Build Quality
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SizeGenetics doesn’t just give you the most tension and the best results; it’s also the most comfortable device you’ll ever use.

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SizeGenetics is one of the most popular male traction device on the market. In fact, it is the most powerful penis enlargement device on the market that offers extreme results and money back guarantee. Aside from the extreme results, it is comfortable and safe to use.

What is SizeGenetics Extender

Size Genetics Review
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SizeGenetics is the most extreme but safe penis enlargement device on the market today. It has a massive 2,800 grams of tension that guarantees effective results. Penis extenders with higher tension give better results.

This penis extender aim to give you bigger and better results but didn’t increase the tension further for their customer’s safety. The company also carries out a strict production standard to ensure that SizeGenetics extender is safe. With this male penis extender, you can enjoy peace of mind and huge gains.

SizeGenetics Parts

SizeGenetics Parts and Accessories
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SizeGenetics extenders have these two major parts that offer comfort and deliver results.

Comfort Straps

A SizeGenetics extender includes a comfort straps to provide additional cushion. This ensures safety by covering the most sensitive parts of your penis. Thus, preventing tissue damage, injury or discomfort.

Elongation Bars

The bars are available in different lengths. Each bar is designed to stretch your penis in a certain length. The multiple lengths of SizeGenetics’ bars allow you to choose the appropriate length for your needs. These bars are lightweight and rust proof.

Does SizeGenetics Work? How?

SizeGenetics Penis Extender
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We understand that there are tons of male enlargement devices on the market today claiming to be the best but fall short in delivering results. So if you wonder, ”Does SizeGenetics works?” we get it.

To answer your concern, yes! SizeGenetics extender works! There are several men who claimed that they enjoyed huge gains after using SizeGenetics. According to them, the longer and the more frequent they use the penis stretcher, the faster they see results. So, how does SizeGenetics work?

Four Principles of SizeGenetics

Here are the four core principles of SizeGenetics Penis Extenders.


Plays the main role in SizeGenetics because it gives the tissue cells an opportunity to expand and grow, creating a series of gaps and tears.

2.Cell division

When the gaps are created, the cell will be divided and will multiply to a level in which your shaft will grow along with the chambers within your penis.

3.Higher capacity

Your penis will now be able to hold more blood than it used to, so it will grow in size and will stay that way permanently.

4.Extension of ligaments

There are a number of studies supporting SizeGenetics’ efficiency in extending the ligaments connecting the shaft to the pubic bone making the flaccid member hang lower.

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SizeGenetics Results Before And After

Sizegenetics results
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We already answer your question, whether SizeGenetics work or not. Now that you already know that this penis stretcher really works, it is high time to check some results. ??

Gregory Lancaster is a proud SizeGenetics user. According to him, this male enhancement device helps in correcting penile curvature, increasing his girth and growing 1 to 3 inches in length. He used it along with enlarge tablets for penis and seen great results. Overall, SizeGenetics improve his self-confidence.

According to Lancaster, after using SizeGenetics extender for three months he experienced 2.2cm gain in length. After seven months, the growth was over 4cm and he felt that he was 1.1 inches bigger.

Bler Kali has the same words for SizeGenetics. Kali ordered the basic SizeGenetics extender and for him, it did so much than what he expected.

After just five months of usage, he gained an inch and a half. He was so delighted with this item and for him, using SizeGenetics extender was life changing.

Why Buy SizeGenetics?

Sizegenetics Penis Enlargement
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If you want to grow your penis and girth, you have to invest in something that will help you achieve that desire. Penis stretchers or penis extenders like SizeGenetics are designed for that purpose.

So, if you are still not convinced with the result that you read above, here are additional reasons why you should buy SizeGenetics extender.

Extreme But Safe

SizeGenetics uses traction technology to new limits to provide their customers the most effective results. It has a massive 2,800 grams of tension to help users achieve big dicks.

In this technology, the higher the tension, the better the results. That’s why SizeGenetics developed a penis extender with a massive 2,800 grams of tension that offers users more impressive results.

It boosts men’s confidence by giving them a bigger and better penis. SizeGenetics has years of experience and has undergone years of evolution with ongoing research and development to give customers the most extreme but safe device.

The company has strict production standards to give their users the safest product possible. In this way, customers can enjoy penis enlargement with confidence and peace of mind.

Very Comfortable

SizeGenetics recognize that the more comfortable the penis enlargement pump is, the more often you will use it, so it devices a penis extender that you can use often to enjoy faster and bigger gains.

The penis extender is equipped with an advanced comfort system that enables users to quickly and easily customize it in ways that are more comfortable to them. SizeGenetics fits all penis sizes and shapes and will adjust to fit perfectly to any wearer for a more comfortable experience.

In fact, SizeGenetics works with trusted health care leaders 3M to develop their unique 3M advanced comfort plasters. The plasters will make your SizeGenetics experience so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice that you are wearing it. You can likewise apply oil for penile growth to get best results.

100% Risk-Free

You can purchase SizeGenetics with confidence because it comes with 180-day (6-month) money back guarantee. Thus, you can count on it for quality, safety and efficiency.

Here’s a list of additional benefits that you will enjoy when you purchase SizeGenetics.

  • Easy to use
  • Effective in size gain (provides a gradual penis enlargement)
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Stronger orgasm
  • Boosts confidence
  • Clinical study supports it
  • Helpful support system

Disadvantages of Using SizeGenetics

  • Takes time to experience permanent growth from the traction and cell division process
  • It does not guarantee same size increase to all users
  • Users have to wear it for several hours a day (4 hours minimum)
  • Inconvenient to urinate because the user needs to take it off first
  • You need to remove it every two hours for 10 – 15 minutes to restore normal blood flow

Summary of SizeGenetics Feature

  • Clinically proven
  • Can extend penis by inches
  • Massive 2,800 grams of tension
  • Advanced comfort system
  • Recommended by doctors
  • 100% six-month money back guarantee

3 SizeGenetics Packages To Choose From

Package #1 – Value Edition

Size Genetics Value Edition

This package features the basic version of the product. It offers standard gain and is suitable for those looking for a more affordable penis enlargement device. It includes the following:

  • Medical type 1 SG device.
  • 1″ and 2″ elongation bars.
  • Comfort pad and strap.
  • Instructional DVD.

This is the basic solution for men who wanted to grow their penis without any additional bonuses or incentives.

Package #2 – Comfort Package

SizeGenetics Comfort PackageThis is an improved version of the basic product that aimed to give quicker results. It includes all the accessories you need to make the penis extension experience more comfortable and easy.

The package includes the following:

  • Medical type 1 SG device.
  • 58 Way ultimate comfort system.
  • 3 Different sizes of elongation bars and various spare parts
  • SG luxury leather case.
  • Instructional DVD.

This package is more expensive compared to the Value Edition but it offers more. It comes with additional elongation bars and spare parts and more convenient options for comfort.

Package #3 – Ultimate System

SizeGenetics Ultimate SystemThis is the most expensive package, but the most popular among customers. This includes everything you need for easy, comfortable and efficient penis enlargement.

The Ultimate system includes the following features and bonuses:

  • Medical type 1 SG device.
  • 58 Way ultimate comfort system with multi head-piece and 3-way head-piece.
  • 2300g Smooth tension and an MDA technology.
  • After-care moisturizer cream with traction plus powder.
  • Instructional DVD, seduction & fitness e-books, and online better sex videos.
  • Cleaning wipes and various spare parts.
  • PenisHealth online instant access and exercise DVD.
  • A lockable luxury leather case with a key and a travel case.

This package comes with a free delivery service and a Velcro-X strap for additional comfort.

Where to Buy Size Genetics Extender?

If you want to purchase and enjoy the results that SizeGenetics offer, only buy this male stretcher from legitimate sellers. You can visit their site to ensure a genuine product and guarantee results.

There are fake SizeGenetics extenders on the market and if you end up with those, you will not enjoy the gains you expected. Also, purchasing SizeGenetics from the right manufacturers will entitle you to a 6-month money back guarantee and free delivery. You will also enjoy more bonuses worth $140. Isn’t that awesome?

SizeGenetics Review

Sizegenetics Review Before and After
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SizeGenetics extenders are efficient and reliable. It delivers long-term benefits, helps you correct penile curvature, increases girth and grows the penis up to 3 inches in length. Overall, using this male stretcher is life changing.

For men who want to grow their member, getting a SizeGenetics extender could be the best investment that you can get yourself. You will definitely enjoy this because it is very comfortable to wear and you will see visible results in just a few weeks or months of using it.

When you invest in a male extender, you should look for one that is very comfortable to wear because you will be wearing it for hours. If the device is uncomfortable and painful to use, you will likely not use it.

So, you can’t expect results. SizeGenetics is very easy and comfortable to use that you will not feel it even after wearing it for several hours. So, if you want to invest in a male extender, choose SizeGenetics. You will never go wrong with this.

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