Is 5 Inches Small? What Is The Average Penis Size

Are you well-endowed or are you wondering if your package is enough to please your woman? What is the average penis size anyway?

For men with a five-inch dick who are looking for answers, if their cock is huge enough to pleasure their lady, then you are just on the right page.

In this article, I will discuss the average penis size and girth and I’ll help you understand the things that really matter in the bedroom for mind-blowing sex, no matter what your penis size is.

What’s The Average Penis Size? Is 5 Inches Small?

Pretty sure men measure their penis size at one point in their life. You are reading this because you probably did the same. So, how do you measure up?

If you have a five inches penis and you are wondering if it’s enough, I’m pleased to tell you that it’s perfectly average.

An average erect penis measures 5.16 inches, according to a scientific review published in BJUI International. The study looked at the flaccid length of erect penises of over 15,500 men.

According to the results, 68% of men with erect penis measure between 4.5 and 5.8 inches The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, and the average girth is 3.66 inches for the flaccid penis and 4.59 for an erect penis.

Norman Rowe supported this claim. He said, “15 percent of men have a 5-inch penis.” One in seven men and about double that fall between 5 and 6 inches making it the most common or average size of a penis, Ask Men reported.

Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex therapist, also supported the claims. She told WomensHealthMag the same thing about the average length of their partner’s penis

“I think if you ask your average person what they think the average penis size is, they’d probably tell you something like six, six-and-a-half, or even seven [inches],” Marin told the magazine.

“This is something that there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about. The average penis size is around five to five and a half inches [erect].”

According to Boston Medical Group, the vast majority of men, about 90%, have penises between 4 and 6 inches when erect, so those with really small or large penises are only 10%.

For men with a penis smaller than four inches, then you have relatively small manhood. But men with micropenis or tiny penis usually measure 2.05 inches when flaccid and 3.35 inches when erect.

Other researchers consider a penis less than 3 inches when erect as the threshold for micropenis. If you have a micropenis, you can consider using an all day penile extender device to stretch and add a few inches to your length.

Again, the average size of an erect penis is 5 inches, so an erect length beyond that is considered that is already a large penis. And men with seven inches manhood are already “too big.”

Many men get insecure when they learn that their pal measures 7 inches or 8 inches down there. However, you should also consider the fact that sex has to be pleasurable and anything too big is not pleasurable at all.

When your penis size is too huge, the extra length or circumference won’t add any pleasure to your woman at all.

Advantages Of Average Size

For men with a five-inch penis size, you should celebrate it and here are some advantages of being average size.

1. No painful sex

Men with a 5-inch penis size are unlikely to hit the cervix during thrusting, so the woman is unlikely to experience painful sex but with a lot of insecurities in this area, it seems that only a few men realized this.

Huge penises tend to cause uncomfortable and painful sexual encounters, making some women afraid of men with a huge build. A five-inch cock will hardly cause any fright or harm to your girlfriend or wife.

Yes, five inches is preferred because the vaginal canal only measures between three to six inches long. A woman’s vagina is elastic and the muscular canal is soft and flexible, but it can’t accommodate all sizes. When a man is too big, his partner won’t feel pleasure. Instead, it will be painful and uncomfortable.

2. Normal life

A five-inch penis size is an average size, and it’s normal. When your penis measures at least five inches when it is fully erect then be proud because you do not belong to the group of men with a smaller penis.

But, you are also not among those who have larger penises. It fits most condoms safely that might break if you have a longer penis say — size eight or nine inches long.

Also, if you are well-endowed, you might need special pants to package your manhood well. You might also endure unwanted attention because your cock is visible. Plus, when you have a normal size penis, you are sure that your woman sticks around not just because of your package but more than that. Having an average-sized penis keeps you away from various annoyances.

3. Oral sex is easier

Most men enjoy oral sex. However, no matter how gifted a woman is at giving blowjobs, a longer penis can make her gag, and it will be uncomfortable for both of you.

She may cause abrasion on your dick with her teeth when your package is too much for her to handle. If you love blowjobs and have a huge dick, you might find it hard to find a woman who will enjoy doing you without any complaints.

How to Measure Penis Length and Girth

Many men feel insecure with their size, but most women do not actually care about the penis length.

Yes, you read that right! Only men mind their penis size because women don’t think about it.

So, do not be conscious of your own size especially if you have a 5-inch penis.

But, if you want to know how you measure up or aren’t sure about the size of your package and you need help with how to measure your manhood, no problem, I am here to assist. So, let’s get started!

Measuring Penis Length

1. Take a ruler or tape measure.
2. Begin at the base of the penis, where the shaft meets the lower stomach.
3. Measure to the tip. Stretch the tape measure to where the penis meets the pubic mound up to the tip of the glans or penis head. You have to follow this because if you measure along the bottom, you will get a different number.

Tip. It’s best if you take two measurements.

Measuring Penis Girth

Measuring the penis circumference is a little trickier if you do not have a flexible measuring tape. Rulers can’t measure it because they are not flexible — you can’t bend them.

If you do not have other options but a ruler, do not worry. Take a small string like a shoelace and use that instead to measure your girth from midway up your shaft.

Once you know how much string is required to encircle your penis, transpose the string onto your ruler, and you’ll get a more appropriate measurement.

Does Penis Shrink As You Get Older Or Fatter?

Is penis shrinkage true? Some men are concerned about their penis size because they feel losing some of it as they age.

Some said they used to have a 5-inch penis, but it appears shorter as they get older which really bothered them.

According to Healthline, yes, the length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for several reasons, including aging, obesity, prostate surgery, and curving of the penis or Peyronie’s disease.


As you get older, your penis and testicles will slightly get small because the build-up of fatty deposits in your arteries will reduce the blood flow that engorges your penis to erect. Also, repeated injuries and scarring from sex or sports activities can cause scar tissue to build up, reducing the size of erections.


Men who gain weight notice that their dick starts to look shorter. That’s normal because the thick pad of fat starts to envelop the shaft. However, if measured from the bone to the tip, you will realize that your penis measures the same.

The extra skin after gaining weight only hides part of your cock, making it look shorter. If you are having this problem because it makes your five inches penis shorter and it affects your confidence in the bedroom, then I recommend that you lose weight.

Prostate Surgery

About 70 percent of men experience mild to moderate shortening of their shaft after having their cancerous prostate gland removed through radical prostatectomy.

The reason could be due to abnormal muscle contractions. Those who experienced this notice that they lost about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch when the penis was stretched while flaccid.

Peyronie’s Disease

The condition involves an extreme curvature making sex painful or impossible. Peyronie’s can reduce the length and girth of the penis. And removing the scarred tissue that causes the condition can also reduce the size of the penis. You can use a vacuum device for peyronies to reduce this bend curve.

Now that you are aware, you could lose some of the lengths down there; are you worried if size matters? Check out the next section to answer your question and if it’s worth bothering your peace.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Many men feel insecure with their size, but most women do not actually care about the penis length.

Yes, you read that right; many women don’t mind their lover’s size. So, do not be conscious of your 5-inch penis!

One study suggested that penis length is not really important for female partners. In the NCBI study, 77% of females who joined the survey said their partner’s penis length was unimportant or totally unimportant.

Only 21% of the respondents said it was essential or very important. Those who said that length mattered also stated that girth or with was as important.

In another survey, 45 out of 50 sexually active undergraduate females said penis girth was more important for sexual pleasure than penis length.

But what’s really the size that women want? A 2015 study asked 75 females to share their penis size preferences using 3D printed models of 33 different dimensions from 10–21.6 cm (4–8.5 in) in length and 5–17.8 cm (2.5–7 in) in girth.

The study learned that the choices depend on the participants’ nature of the relationship with their partners. For a long-term partner, women prefer a length of 16 cm (6.3 in) and a girth of 12.2 cm (4.8 in). However, for one-time sex partners, they chose a length of 16.3 cm (6.4 in) and a girth of 12.7 cm (5 in).

Best Sex Positions For Perfectly Average Penis Size

Now that you are already aware that you have an average penis size let us maximize your potential in the bedroom.

I know that men with five inches penis are still insecure with their penis size, especially when compared to eight and nine inches dicks.

Even experts know that men with 5 inches penis still feel frustrated with their size. Of course, many believe most women prefer thick meat or bigger penises. However, penis size doesn’t really matter.

If you are feeling the same, cheer up because there are many things you can do to compensate for your average penis size!

Your size will not matter if your partner has a shallow vagina because going deep won’t be that challenging. What’s important is giving your woman the orgasm she desires.

In this section, we will recommend some sex positions that allow for deeper penetration. Even men with a small penis can make their woman achieve her orgasm if they know the best sex positions perfect for their size.

Here are the highly recommended sex positions to ensure a fantastic sex life with your partner.

1. Knees to chest

Let the women lie on her back and position yourself between her legs. Let the woman pull her thighs to her chest or you can drape her legs over your shoulder for entry. You can also position them on either side of his neck or on one of your shoulders.

“If she crosses her legs at the ankles and rests those on his chest, that can work well because, again, it just creates a tighter fit,” Marin said.

2. Doggy Style

Let your partner kneel on all fours and get behind her. You can kneel or stand and penetrate her. This position will help your woman achieve her big-O because the position will give you easy access to her clitoris for clitoral stimulation.

It also allows for a good penetration. But if the penetration doesn’t feel deep enough, then get closer, lean your partner all the way down or let her spread her legs further apart. You can also allow your partner to take control from the front.

3. Face-off Sex Position

Any position that will make you and your partner in a chest-to-chest and crotch-to-crotch position works really well in satisfying your partner.

To achieve this, sit on the edge of the bed or any stable surface and let your partner straddle you. Have her grind against you while she is seated in your lap. It is an excellent position for clitoral stimulation.

4. Cowgirl

For deep penetration, you can try the cowgirl position. Lie on your back and have your partner get on top of you. Let her grind to keep your penis inside instead of pumping up and down. But she can also do the latter if she wants to. Aside from penetration, this position allows you to hit her G spot.

5. Seashell

It is similar to the knees-to-chest position. The seashell works well because it allows close contact between the penis and the vagina. Also, you and your partner can grand or move in a circular motion for enhanced pleasure instead of focusing on deeper penetration.

Have your partner lie on her back with curled pelvis up and her legs back toward her shoulders. Spread her legs in a V-shape and enter her straight down if you can. Narrow the space between her legs for a tighter fit depending on her flexibility.

6. Upstanding citizen

If you have a high bed, a table, or a safe countertop where you and your partner can get intimate, you can use it. Marin suggested having sex with your partner in a standing position. You can have her sit at a table or lie on the surface of her choice.

Just ensure to align your pelvis and be in more control. You can also have her ankle cross over one of your shoulders for a more snug and pleasurable sexual encounter.

Additional tip: If you want to pleasure your long-term partner in the bedroom with your five inches cock, explore her body using your mouth and hands. You can likewise take stamina pills for men so you last longer.

Wrap Up

So, men with five inches penis have the average penis size. Yes, you read that right. Most men measure the same down there, so do not feel insecure.

Instead, do the most of what you got because an average penis also comes with many benefits, including pleasurable sex without pain, safe from condom breakage, convenient oral sex for your partner, and more.

Also, men are wrong to think that all women consider the size of their penis. For many, size doesn’t matter, but our performance does. So, make the most of your five-inch penis and try the sex positions we recommend above.

For those considering penis enlargement, looking for a potential solution for erectile dysfunction, or finding ways to improve their performance in the bedroom, check our homepage.