Why Use Penis Pump – Facts and Important Information You Need To Know About This Male Enhancement Device

Why-Use-Penis-PumpAre you looking for an effective solution to enhance your penis? Pretty sure you have heard about penis pumps and how it helps men grow their rods. That’s probably the reason why you are on this page.

If you want to know more about penis pumps then you are just in the right place. This page aims to helps you decide whether you should try this male enhancement device or not. We will guide you in understanding penis pumps more so you can determine for yourself if this is worth it or not.

Why Use Penis Pump

Why Use Penis PumpPenis pump was reportedly invented back in 1874 by a doctor named John King and it is designed for one purpose: to secure an erection. Traditionally, penis pumps are marketed to treat erectile dysfunction. But this has changed over time, especially that a number of men have admitted to using this for penis enlargement purposes.

When one gets an erection, his penis grows. According to men who have been using this to enhance their size, this is effective in growing their dick permanently.

The Penis Enlargement Gym (PEGym) page is an active online male improvement community with over 70,000 members. The group claims that penis pumps are effective in giving permanent results.

📌Just like penis stretchers, penis pump expands the penile tissues. Your rod stretches when you pump and the “micro-tears” cause the penis to grow because the body has the tendency to repair itself by growing new cells, this is their theory why pumps can grow one’s penis.

However, despite its popularity and the large community claiming its efficiency as a male enlargement device, experts do not support these claims.

“The idea that causing micro fractures in the body of the penis can lead to lengthening is completely unfounded,” Robert Valenzuela, a urologist at NY-Presbyterian Hospital, told AlterNet. Valenzuela added that the process is “worrisome” as penile stretching devices could cause micro fractures that could lead to Peyronie’s disease, a condition marked by the development of scar tissue inside causing the penis to have “curved and painful erections.”

Perhaps, you are now confused whether you should get a penis pump or not. Check out the next section to see who gets penis pumps.

Who is Penis Pump For?

Who is Penis Pump ForIf you are wondering whether you need a penis pump or not, then you should stop and examine yourself. This male enhancement device is designed to address a particular need. If you experience any of the condition listed below, then you should get a penis pump. Penis pumps are for men who:

  • Have poor blood flow to their penis
  • Have poorly controlled diabetes
  • Have psychological problems such as depression and anxiety
  • Have undergone prostate surgeries and colon cancer surgeries
  • Have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and have a difficult time maintaining an erection
  • Have small penis and wants to grow it without getting a surgery

Why Use A Penis Pump?

Now that you are already aware who needs a penis pump, pretty sure you are wondering if other treatments can address the same concern. Do you have to try the other methods or purchase and use a penis pump?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why penis pumps are a better choice and I will explain this to you in details.

Penis pumps are effective

Whether you want to grow your penis or treat an erectile dysfunction, this device male enhancement works. But you have to consider that it needs practice and correct use to make it effective.

📌 A number of men confessed that they got hard rock erection from using penis pumps. Aside from this, they also last longer in bed.

For instance, a user shared his experience with penis pumps and according to him, he gained 0.7 inches in length and 1.1 inches in girth.

Penis pumps pose lesser risks

Most of the treatments come with its own set of disadvantages. However, using pumps has the lesser risks. Among the side effects that you might likely encounter with this device are bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis (petechiae), numbness, pain and bruising.

This device is not advisable for men who are taking blood-thinning medications like warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven) and clopidogrel (Plavix). This is also not safe for those with sickle cell anemia or other blood disorder as it may make one susceptible to blood clots or bleedings.

Cheaper than your other options

If you get a quality penis pump, you might find it expensive. However, after your initial purchase, you will see that you actually save more compared to other erectile dysfunction treatment. For men with ED, this is a one-time purchase.

Penis pumps are noninvasive

This does not require surgery, penile injections or insertion of any medication into the tip of your penis. You simply need to place your penis in a tube and pump. You will see immediate results in minutes.

Penis pumps can be used with other treatments

If you wish to take penile implant or use other medications while using the pump that is fine. In fact, for some men using a combination of ED treatment and penis pump works best for them.

Penis pump might help you regain erectile function

For men who underwent prostate surgery or radiation therapy for cancer, penis pumps can help you restore your ability to get a natural erection. This also works for those with other underlying medical condition that causes erectile dysfunction.

Fundamental Facts About Penis Pump

Fundamental Facts About Penis PumpPretty sure, you have already heard both good and bad stories about penis pumps. Some claim that it works, others say it doesn’t. Here are some details that you should know about this device that will probably help you decide if you should try this or not.

Penis pumps results may vary. Some may enjoy huge gains in such a short time, while it may take more time for other users to see visible results.

You have to be patient and dedicated to your pumping routine. When you pump, you can see immediate results. However, if you want long-lasting gains you have to stick to your routine.

Gains may not be permanent. A number of men said that their results are permanent but there is no concrete proof to verify this. In my part, I have never stopped using the pump to maintain my gains, I just lowered down my sessions.

There are potential side effects. Pumps are non-invasive, yes. But there are still side-effects like black and blue marks and bruising.

Penis pumps are originally designed for erectile dysfunction. In case you do not know, this device was initially created to address ED problems. After some time, a number of men noticed that this can also help them grow their dicks. So, they use this and market this as male enlargement device too.

Some insurance policies cover it. Since penis pumps also known as vacuum constriction device is considered as a treatment for ED, some insurance policies cover at least part of its cost. However, this may depend on the circumstance and may only apply in certain states.

Is Penis Pump Worth It?

Is Penis Pump Worth ItI understand that it is difficult to decide if a penis pump is worth it after learning that experts have a different opinion about the device. Personally, I have been using a penis pump and after outgrowing the first one I used I can definitely say that this works.

Just like you, I am also skeptical in trying penis pumps. Of course, I don’t want to waste my money and time. Not to mention, there are risks that come with it. However, due to the positive stories I read online and the testimonials I heard from a few people I know, I gave it a try.

I started with an average size of 6 inches. Of course, I wanted to increase my size. While a number of reports say this size is already good to please a woman, men would probably agree with me that the thing between our legs sometimes determines our confidence. So, I want my dick to be as big as it can be.

Since I was desperate to grow my cock, I combined penis pumps with other methods. I do penis workout like jelqing and take male enhancement supplement too.

After a month, I gained 0.8 inches in length and 0.5 inches in girth. However, I must also warn you that I don’t believe that this offers permanent results.

I already gained 2.75 inches in length and 2.25 inches in girth after using this for three years, but I still use this from time to time. You need minimal maintenance to maintain the progress you have worked on.

I am already satisfied with my gains, so I only pump 3 to 4 times a month. For me, this is permanent enough.

So, if you ask me whether this device works in improving our penis length and girth, yes I would definitely say that this is worth it.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up!

I understand that the use of penis pumps for penile enlargement is frowned by some medical expert due to the lack of studies supporting it as this device is marketed for erectile dysfunction. However, I can personally say that this is worth trying.

It’s understandable if you have doubts when it comes to penis pumps. I experienced that too. I’ll just leave you with these words “keep your mind open to the possibility.” It worked for us, why can’t it work for you? The results may vary, but you will probably see results.


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