What’s the Best Bathmate For Me? Tips And Tricks To Choose The Right Bathmate Pump

Bathmate pumps are among the most efficient and powerful penile growth vacuum device today. However, this brand has a number of evolutions and choosing the best one for us can be challenging. If you are looking for the best Bathmate to grow your member, this article is for you.

Personally, I also struggle to decide what penis pump to choose. When I come across Bathmate, I decided to choose this brand. Unfortunately, the confusion was not over yet as I had to choose among Bathmate Originals, Hydropump X-Series, and Hydropump Xtreme-Series.

How I Started Using Bathmate?

I’ve started in penis enlargement methods by applying penis size cream. Then I discovered about penile devices. Since I am willing to spend much for my penis growth, I opted to try the different evolutions of Bathmate. I started with Hercules, advances to Hydropump X30 and eventually purchased Hydropump Xtreme X40.

However, I also understand that not all are willing to spend that much for a penis pump. Most men want to buy the best one on their first purchase. These pumps may come in different shapes and sizes but all of them works in helping us gain more inches for a bigger package. To help you decide which Bathmate is best for you, we provide you a checklist in the next section.

Consider Your Size

The first factor that we should consider when choosing the best pump for our member is our size. Bathmate pumps are designed to cater different sizes.

For example, for below-average size, Hydropump X20 and Xtreme X20 are more appropriate. For average size cocks, Hercules, Hydromax X30, and Xtreme X30 are great. Meanwhile, for already well-endowed men Hydromax X40, Xtreme X40, Xtreme X50 and Goliath are the best.

Source: Bathmate

How To Decide Which Bathmate Hydromax X-Series To Choose?

For newbies, you can “skip the Bathmate Originals (Hercules/ Goliath)” and start with the Bathmate Hydromax X-series.

So, which one to choose?

  • If your erect length is just around 5″ and below, X20 will do.
  • If it is less than 7 inches, X30 will do.
  • For men with 7-9 inches erect length then X40 is the best choice.
  • For well-endowed men with 9 inches erect length, X50 is for you.

Check out the table below to easily find the best pump for your size.

Consider Your Budget – Bathmate Price

After learning what Bathmate fits your size, you should consider your budget. These pumps are priced from $110 to $349. To help you decide what fits your budget well, here’s a price table of the different Bathmate pumps.

So, now you are already aware of the appropriate size for your package and budget. The cheapest Bathmate for average size men is Hercules. If you are undersized, you can probably get Hydropump X20. Meanwhile, for men who still want to grow their penis, Goliath is the cheapest. However, the Xtreme models come with complete accessories and better suction, so if you can afford it, it will be a better choice.

But before you make your decision which among Bathmate Original, Hydropump X-Series and Xtreme is best for you, there is still one factor that you need to consider and it is somehow relative to your safety. Check it out below.

Do You Have Experience Using Pumps Before?

Bathmate pumps are available at different designs and capacity. For instance, there are particular models for beginners and advanced users. In general, the Bathmate Originals and Hydropump X-Series are great for beginners. These models are more lenient. So, if you are new to penis pumps, Xtreme appears more attractive to you and you can afford it, it’s better to get an X-Series instead.

Meanwhile, Xtreme is recommended for advanced users or those who have been pumping for at least 6 months. This particular Bathmate model is perfect for men who have outgrown their old pumps or have experienced a plateau in their growth. This model, as it name suggests offers more suction that will surely continue your progress even if you are already enjoying an impressive package.

Additional Tips

After considering the factors above, here are a few more tips to help you decide which Bathmate is best for you. The list below includes practical tips

The pump should be spacious enough for growth – Please take note that when you purchase a pump it should not be too little or too tight for your member. Instead, it should be spacious enough to give your dick enough room to grow.

Go after what is safe for you – Identify yourself if you are a beginner or advanced user. For beginners opt for a more lenient pump like Hercules and Hydropump X-Series. However, if you’ve been pumping for quite a while or is seeking for more growth, Xtreme will work for you. If you’re looking primarily for length gains, you can also consider medical penile traction device.

Only purchase at the accredited stores – There are already fake Bathmates in the market, so it is important that when you decide to buy, you get it straight from the company. This is to secure your purchase. Getting a counterfeit item does not cover your pump from the warranty and money-back guarantee that the company offers. Aside from this, it risks your safety.

Take penis enlargement supplements – Consider taking male enhancement products like ling enlargement medicine tablets as these can provide nutritional boost to grow your member.


Bathmate is a very effective penis pump and I understand that choosing among its variants can sometimes be confusing. However, the process should not be a struggle as each model is designed to answer a particular need. The list above should guide you on what Bathmate evolution fits you best.

Have you purchased your Bathmate already? How did you choose it? Do you have additional tips for other readers to choose the best pump? Feel free to share it with us below.