Reasons To Get Your Own Penis Pump – Learn What Penis Pumps Do


Not being able to maintain an erection can be very annoying in bed. It also decreases a man’s confidence which is by far a very priced possession. Many treatments online have exaggerated claims leaving the user more than disappointed.

What Does A Penis Pump Do?

Penis enlargement methods have been rampant online, but most men prefer the penis enlarger pumps. These medically proven devices aid erectile problems. Also, users claimed of increase in penis girth and length. However,does a penis pump really work?

The penis pump works in a way to enhance your manhood. It increases the size, as well as length and girth of your penis. The device went popular recently, with no signs of slowing down. Reviews and testimonials show that pumps help enlarge the tool of many guys with small packages.

electric penis pumpSex Problems – Penis Pumps as Treatment

A penis pump can be a great solution for the following problems:

  • Erectile dysfunction(ED) which is caused by Diabetes, surgery for Prostate and colon Cancer, poor blood flow to the penis, anxiety and depression
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Stressed body condition
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Penis size

Parts of Your Penis

The penis has three chambers. These are the base, the shaft and the glan, the very tip of your penis. These chambers works a sponge, as they get filled with small capillaries.

An erection happens when the blood fills the chambers when aroused. A man experiences a reduction in libido, causing an erection dysfunction or ED.

Medical Consultation

Seek consultations and a short physical examination. This allows a doctor to examine your condition, in case you have ED.

Nevertheless, when a patient seems to display underlying problems, the doctor will perform the following:

Blood testing

This is very important for a doctor to determine if you have bleeding conditions. Yhey will also know if you have heart disease or low testosterone levels. That way he can find the proper treatment for your ED. Also, he will determine if you can use the pump without future complications.


Urine tests will be necessary to determine if you have diabetes and other conditions which are causing your ED


A wand-like device called the transducer is held over the blood vessels around the penis. You’ll then see a video image created. This allows your doctor to see possible blood flow problems. Sometimes to force blood flow to the penis, you will be given medications to artificially cause an erection.

Overnight Erection Test

Mainly used to determine whether ED comes from psychological factors or physical conditions. Before going to sleep a device wrap around your penis. This will then measure the strength and number of erections you make while asleep.

Psychological Exam

Since anxiety and depression causes a reduction in libido. This results to ED, which a psychological exam becomes necessary.

penis pump tips

How Does Penis Pump Work?

Now the question is how does a penis pump work?

ED gets treated via maintained erection. The main function of a penis pump is to create a suction mechanism. This will help the blood enter the blood vessels in the penis.

Also, this keeps it flowing backwards and away from the shaft. This is the reason why the penis reaches full erection and length suitable for sexual desires.

The growth of penis happens when the blood enters the blood vessels. This causes the tissues to expand, working like a real sponge.

Penis Tissues Expand

For men who wants to use the pump for penis enlargement, the penis pump works by expanding the tissues. It then starts showing an increase in girth and length. Use a penis pump, notably for men with Peyronie’s disease, an abnormal curvature of the penis.

Over time, when the tissues over expand, new cells gets born thus creating growth. Although, you cannot expect the growth to be radical. It can be very slow for some men, thus it may prove to be ineffective for others.

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Penis Pump Benefits

One of the benefits in using a penis pump, it is widely used by men with ED cases. With over one out of five men with ED, penis pumps prove to be very functional. Often, medical professionals recommend the device.

penis pumpsNot only that, Penis pumps also have lesser risks than other treatments. It doesn’t have to require surgery or penile injections. Compared to oral treatments for ED, vacuum pumps have little to no side effects.

In precaution, it is very important that you only acquire your penis pumps in trusted sites. Do not just get them from any magazine and sex store. For some of our recommended products, check our Product Reviews.

If you are an ED patient or a user in general, please check our other resources on erectile dysfunction and penis pumps With that, you would know what conditions might prove dangerous for you to use penis pumps.