Waifu Pillows – 5 Best Waifu Anime Body Pillow Case

You’ve read some news about it. You’ve seen some of it in photos and videos. Perhaps you’re asking, what’s with these people holding body pillows with large color prints of anime characters. In case you don’t know. These are waifu pillows!

I know you’re already saying… what the heck is waifu pillows?

If you’re as curious as me, we’re gonna find out in this article. So read on!

What Are Waifu?

Waifu pillow springs from Japan’s hip and diverse Otaku culture which features body hugging pillows with large prints of female Japanese anime, manga, and video game characters.

In direct English translation, waifu means wife; so the whole term suggests that it means “wife pillow”.

This is some sort of fetish for Japanese men. It’s quite close to the popularity of sex dolls which are commonly used as a substitute for wife or girlfriend.

The pillow is not necessarily a sex toy, though it has since evolved in its sexually graphic prints of female characters from Japanese video games, anime, and manga comics.

Best Waifu PillowsRatingPrice CheckFeaturesProduct Details
GB Arts Megumin (No Hat) Peach Skin4.9Click Here To Buy100% Real Peach skin Texture. Covered Zipper. Double-Sided High quality image printed with the finest ink. Fully Uncensored Image Upon Purchase.Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
Net Weight: 9.6 ounces
GB Arts Konosuba Darkness Torn2 Uncensored4.9Click Here To BuyWith sexy frontal and back of Super Mario Bros Bowsette. Double-sided print in fine ink. Smooth silk 100% Peach Skin fabric.Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
Weight: 9.6 ounces
GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord4.8Click Here To BuyFrontal nude image of Re:Zero Rem. 100% Real Peach skin Texture, with Covered Zipper. Double-Sided High quality image printed in finest inkPillowcase Size: 150cm x 50cm ( or 59 inch x 19.6 inch)
Weight: 9.9 ounces
GB Arts Darling in The Franxx Zero Two4.8Click Here To BuyFrontal and back nude image of Zero Two. 100% Peach skin silky textile fabric. High quality printed in ultra fine ink.Pillowcase Size: 150cm x 50cm ( or 59 inch x 19.6 inch)
Weight: 10.9 ounces
GB Arts Nier Automata 2B4.7Click Here To BuyTwo frontal nude images of Yuel, both sides. 100% Peach skin silky smooth fabric. High quality print in super fine ink.Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
Weight 9.6 ounces

Waifu History – How Did Waifu Start?

The history of waifu goes back around the 80’s and 90’s, with the advent of life-size merchandises of animal stuffed toys and characters.

Long pillows started to become a favorite by Japanese youth at this time. Eventually, the body pillows developed as a security object for many young Japanese men.

Throughout the years, the hug pillows started to intertwine with the popularity of Japanese anime and manga comics, with demands for large size printed images of its characters.

Who Uses Waifu Pillows?

Most users of waifu pillows are men. Although, there are few lesbians or even women who also like waifu pillows. Some women may also like female anime characters, though the prints are not nude. Women also opt for male anime body pillow or also called ‘husbando pillow‘.

Users and waifu owners often share their waifu pillow online. It’s quite common to see ‘Otaku Dates‘ for guys with their waifu.

The Internet increased its popularity and this can be seen on photo sharing sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. You can also see some waifu owners sharing their experiences in forums, blogs, memes, and videos. Waifu pillows are extremely popular in Japan, but also now quite as popular in the U.S., South Korea, China, Philippines, India, as well as some parts of Asia and Europe.

Importantly, waifu pillows are for adults only. So it’s only for individuals 18 years old and above.

Why Get Waifu Anime Love Pillows?

Get a waifu pillow if you want that comfy, soft, and relaxing long body cushion you can cuddle in your home. It can provide great relief in stress, and tension while helping you get through the night especially if you don’t have a partner. Waifu is just like a standard body pillow. It can help alleviate some pain in the neck, spine, back, buttocks, and hip. While also, it may help you align your neck correctly in sleeping to alleviate your breathing so you snore less!

📌 Of course, as the name suggests, waifu pillows are like a wife companion, since you can have your favorite anime female characters, printed in life size images. Since the most popular waifu pillows right now have sexually explicit and nude photos of anime girl characters, you can even go beyond the usual use of the body pillow.

Also, you can buy waifu pillows and give it as a gift. Give it to a boss, friend, or co-worker. Obviously, by its nature, this is not for minors or children.

What are the Sizes of Waifu Body Pillows?

The most common size of a waifu pillow is 150 by 50 cm. This is 59 by 19.6 in inches. Waifu pillows are around 5 feet tall.

Do All Waifu Love Pillows Include Stuffing?

Although the term implies it’s a pillow, the majority of the waifu pillow products sold are anime pillow cases. Also, the manufacturer often mentions if it’s just a pillow case, if the pillow stuffing is sold separately, or if images are printed directly into the stuffed pillow.

How to Use Waifu Body Pillows?

Using waifu pillows is not as complicated as you think. Use it like any long body pillow. Put your head on the pillow when you sleep or even hug it tightly, wrapping your arms and legs in it.

As you snuggle it often, the soft cushion, silky smooth fabric, and sexy naked images of female anime characters might raise your libido.

If you’ve been using erection supplement in the past just to have a hard on, waifu pillow can also help as the silky pillow and sexy graphics can give you a boner

This is natural for men and even me… I have experienced having a hard erection in the middle of the night while hugging a body pillow tightly.

Of course, you might want to relieve yourself from this sexual tension through masturbation. Some guys rub their dick or even go on top to dry hump the pillow. Though there are no rules that prevent you from doing these, just keep in mind, that rubbing yourself on the images and ejaculating your sperm directly into the pillow sheets may affect its color.

Regarding this dilemma, then buy yourself a Fleshlight or an artificial pussy for use. It can catch your semen load like a condom and wouldn’t mess up your anime pillow case.

How to Take Care Of Waifu Pillows?

Would it be safe to say, you should take care of a waifu pillow, in the same way, you’ll take care of a wife? Not necessarily. But at least there are some pointers you should follow to prolong the beauty (and your relationship) with the waifu pillow.

Clean and Wash Your Whole Body – Do this regularly. This is a must, not only for your personal hygiene but for your precious waifu. Take a bath, or at least wash clean from head to toe – since you’ll likely embrace your anime pillow often.

If the pillow can talk, she wouldn’t like someone who is dirty, oily or even smell bad. You’ll most likely embrace the waifu and rub yourself in it. So, it’s only logical that if you’re dirty, this will transfer to the sheets and linen.

Trim nails – Make sure to keep all your nails from your hands and feet trimmed short. The long or even jagged nails can cut or snag into the delicate fabric. This can damage the pillow case, causing it to tear.

Brush Your Teeth – It’s quite normal for guys to sometimes drool in their pillow. If you didn’t brush your teeth and you ate something messy, it can drool over the pillow sheet, so brush your teeth before you snuggle the waifu.

Protect From Your Pets – Whether you have cats or dogs, you shouldn’t let your waifu pillow near your pets. They can claw or bite into the pillow. They may be tempted as this is quite soft and chewy, so either doesn’t let them in the bedroom or just store the waifu pillow in a closet.

Don’t Place in Direct Sunlight – Placing the pillow case in direct sunlight may cause the colors to fade. So, just play it safe and don’t put it directly under the sun. If the sunlight, enters the bedroom, put some curtains on the windows or just store the pillow.

Wash Waifu Pillow Regularly – As much as you’ve taken steps to clean yourself and make sure the pillow is well kept, don’t forget to wash the anime pillow case. Manufacturers include washing instructions depending on the material and the print. As on when to wash, some linen experts suggest washing it once a week. Don’t forget to wash the inner pillow stuffing as well (every 2-3 months).

How to Wash Waifu Body Pillows?

Most manufacturers include washing instructions on anime pillow cases. It is somehow recommended to have the pillow sheets hand washed.

  • Remove the pillow case from the pillow stuffing.
  • Don’t use bleach or chlorine when you wash.
  • In a laundry tub, wash anime pillow case separately from other items.
  • Don’t leave the pillow cases soaked for a long period.
  • Don’t leave the pillow cases in a very wet state, after wash.
  • Wring the pillow case dry from excess water. Be careful not to stretch out excessively.
  • Don’t spin-dry or tumble dry. Just hang dry the pillow case.
  • Don’t dry in direct sunlight.

Where to Buy Waifu Anime Pillows?

So, where to buy your Anime Waifu Body Pillows? The best way to buy a waifu pillow is online. You have various options with prices ranging from $30-$200+. We prepared a list of some of the best waifu pillows in this article, so you might want to look at that.

📌 Just keep in mind that some of the popular waifu female anime characters are often sold out in minutes after they’re placed on the market. So, if you happen to see a waifu that you like, buy it if you can and don’t wait any longer. Some designs may take months before they become available again, while other designs are on limited edition (or you don’t see designs again).

Remember that there are a lot of collectors around the world. Some collecting everything they can of a certain anime character or anime, while there are also waifu collectors.

Top 5 Waifu Japanese Anime Pillow Cases

Here are some of the best available waifu pillows in the market today.

1. GB Arts Megumin (No Hat) Peach Skin 150cm x 50cm Body Pillowcase

This is a digital art sexy rendition of Sword Art Online Megumin. The print on the pillow case is fully uncensored, so you’ll see that exact image without the obstructing circle on Megumin’s private parts.

This pillow case is made with superior quality mid-weight weaved polyester fabric, known as Peach Skin. The Brand new zipper of the pillow case is blended and hidden, so it doesn’t distract your pillow hugging moments.

Take note, the stuffing is not yet included, so make sure to add to cart the suggested pillow close to the size of 59-inch x 19.6 inches. The print shows Megumin on one side, with leggings and some corset-like costume. The other side shows her fully naked.

Based on some initial feedback from other users, the pictures are well printed in super soft silky linen fabric. Even verified buyer Daniel Besselievre find the image of Megumin “super cute” and asked other guys to get other waifu girls since Megumin is already ‘his wife and their happy together’. Now that’s what waifu is all about!

Well, of course, don’t take that guy seriously, you can still get Megumin as a waifu pillow (unless it gets sold out or is out of stock!)

If you’re a first-time buyer of waifu pillow, you should find this GB Arts Online Megumin Bare UNC Uncensored Peach Skin pillow as a great start. The silky smooth fabric and the colorful image of Megumin should help you get some really relaxing sleep. Of course, you’ll also like having her by your side when you wake up.

Product Details:

  • Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
  • Net Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB arts
  • 100% Real Peach skin Texture
  • Covered Zipper
  • Double-Sided High quality image printed with the finest ink
  • Fully Uncensored Image Upon Purchase
  • Pillow case only

2. GB Arts Konosuba Darkness Torn2 Uncensored Peach Skin 150cm x 50cm Body Pillowcase

This pillow case features GB Arts render of Konosuba Darkness Torn2, with Uncensored sexy image printed on smooth silk 100% Peach Skin fabric.

It’s a 150cm x 50cm Pillow Case that has a double-sided print of Bowsette’s high quality image using fine ink. You could see her life-size image in all glory.

This digital art pillow case edition of Konosuba Darkness Torn2 comes from the widely popula Japanese series. It has adaptations in manga comics and anime TV series.

In case you’re not yet familiar with Konosuba Darkness Torn2, she is young girl that sports a medium length blond hair and wears a full sexy attire. She has fair skin, light complexion, and a well-developed figure for a young girl. Surely, you will be cast under her bewitching spell.

The high quality printed pillow case that you will get is an uncensored image of Konosuba Darkness Torn2. It is printed on two sides.

📌 The first shows the sultry frontal of her, with skirt slightly raised to show off her inner thighs and undies. The second side shows all her butt, with the skirt fully raised. She’ll definitely raise your sex fantasy of her, up to a notch.

Keep in mind that Konosuba Darkness Torn2 Japanese anime sex pillow is pillow case only. Just get the needed stuffing based on the pillow case dimensions.

Product Details

  • Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB Arts
  • With sexy frontal and back of Konosuba Darkness Torn2
  • Double-sided print in fine ink
  • Smooth silk 100% Peach Skin fabric
  • Stuffing not included

3. GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord

If you like to hug a body pillow of a voluptuous, luscious, and sexy beautiful woman, then this GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord Japanese anime love pillow is for you.

It’s likewise made by GB Arts and features high quality fabric made from mid-weight woven polyester. This is known as the silky smooth Peach Skin textile.

The pillow case also has the standard dimensions from GB Arts, at 59 inches by 19.6 inch. The zipper is discrete or hidden for your uninterrupted sleep and relaxation.

This is quite a popular waifu pillow, with a significant number of satisfied pillow owners. Amazon buyer Mr.Nik attests that it is indeed very soft, and durable.

Another buyer also approves of its high quality material and the uncensored image of GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord. While one user posted a photo saying snuggling a waifu is at least the best he can get if he can’t get the real .

If you’re unfamiliar with GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord, she’s a cute adventurer and that has to go to battle fierce evil gods. She is the younger one, somewhat your cute and nerdy huntress that you definitely want to wake up by your side in the morning. Hug her, cuddle her, and embrace her all you want.

📌 One print on the side shows her with dress, while curled up on her hips and legs, but showing all her breast. The other side of the pillow case shows GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord in all her naked glory, as it shows her full frontal, including her two tits and vagina.

Upon purchase of this waifu pillow, you should be able to see GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord, uncensored, without the blocking red circles on her private parts. Keep in mind that this is a pillow case only with the beautiful prints of naked GB Arts How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord. Just get the appropriate stuffed pillow with the stated dimensions.

Product Details

  • Pillowcase Size: 150cm x 50cm ( or 59 inch x 19.6 inch)
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB arts
  • Frontal nude image of Re:Zero Rem
  • 100% Real Peach skin Texture, with Covered Zipper
  • Double-Sided High quality image printed in finest ink
  • Pillow stuffing sold separately

4. GB Arts Darling in The Franxx Zero Two with Dress Peach Skin 150cm x 50cm Pillowcase

For this waifu pillow, the print is rendered from Darling in The Franxx Zero Two. It features the hot and sexy Zero Two, printed on 100% smooth silk fabric Peach Skin.

Manufactured by well-known company GB Arts, it has the standard size 150cm x 50cm for the pillow case. With zipper covered, you will not feel it while you sleep and embrace your love pillow.

Its double-sided image printed on both sides allows you to cuddle Darling in The Franxx Zero in two sexy poses. You can sleep and rest your head on her one side, while you can embrace her tight and even wrap your legs on her other side.

For a background on Darling in The Franxx Zero Two, she’s also known as Nine Iota and comes form Human Klaxo sapien hybrid. You may want to think about her mystique nature while you snug her at night. Who knows, you might even dream about her.

📌 Would you get Zero Two as your waifu pillow? Based on her images print on this Japanese anime pillow, you should! The image printed on the first side shows Zero Two up front in a sultry pose, with her skirt showing her vagina and her cleavage popping out. The second image on the other side shows her on her back, showing her fleshy round butt.

If you purchase the pillow, you should receive the sex pillow with the full uncensored images of Zero Two. There are no circles that block her private parts. Feedback from users of the waifu pillow is positive. One buyer, Minotia, liked the extremely high quality of the print on his waifu pillow. I extremely love this waifu pillow myself! The hot and sexy striking pose of Zero Two is just what you need in cold chilly nights.

Product Details

  • Pillowcase Size: 150cm x 50cm ( or 59 inch x 19.6 inch)
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB arts
  • Frontal and back nude image of Zero Two
  • 100% Peach skin silky textile fabric
  • High quality printed in ultra fine ink
  • Pillow case only, stuffing not included

5. GB Arts Nier Automata 2B (No Visor) Two-Way Tricot 150cm Pillowcase x 50cm Pillowcase

For this anime body pillow, it features a digital art creation by GB Arts of Nier Automata 2B. It’s likewise printed on smooth silk Peach Skin fabric on 150cm x 50cm pillowcase. Some users complain of exposed zippers in a pillow case, they’re saying it obstruct them in their sleep as it sometimes causes scratches in the face, arms, legs, and other parts of their body. For this waifu pillow, the zipper is concealed and blended so it will not obstruct in your sleep.

As you can see the image of Nier Automata 2B is printed on two sides. They show 2B hot images showing her legs and her sexy booty. You definitely can’t ask for more from 2B! She already showed everything!

In case you’re not familiar with the character of 2B in the game Nier Automata, she’s the protagonist and known in full as YoRHa No.2 Model B or just 2B in short. She’s a battle android who is composed and calm.

Dream away on her quest. As you cuddle your 2B waifu pillow, you can nudge your imagination to be with 2B in her travels.

Just like other GB Arts anime pillow cases, the image print is colorfully printed using superior quality fabric ink. This prevents any smudges, discoloration, or fading of the image. The fabric used is the high quality, mid-weight woven polyester Peach Skin, a silky smooth fabric specially made for pillow cases and other beddings.

If you’re wondering, you will have the pillow cases with the uncensored 2B. She’s naked and you can enjoy your waifu 2B all you want. Another thing, the pillow stuffing is not included, at least according to the manufacturer’s description. So, just add the pillow stuffing if you still don’t have one.

Product Details

  • Size: 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch)
  • Weight 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB arts
  • Two frontal nude images of Yuel, both sides
  • 100% Peach skin silky smooth fabric
  • High quality print in super fine ink
  • Only pillow case, stuffing sold separately


As you can see, waifu pillows can be an enjoyable way to sleep and cuddle at night, whether you’re single (or even married). It can also be a popular body pillow for men and women alike.

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Also, share us your comments and insights in our comment section in the field below. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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