25 Standing Sex Positions That Will Make You Sweat In Delight

If you can’t find a bed or couch for some lovemaking, the best sex position you can use is standing sex.

Standing sex position isn’t limited to the acts where your girl lean back on a wall or where you penetrate her on standing doggy.

There are adventurous versions of standing sex you haven’t seen. Some of the techniques are just for fun, while some of them are for the flexible and fit.

Ready to try new standing sex variations, then make sure to go over our article for your enjoyment.

Should You Use Standing Position When You Have Sex?

The common question guys ask, especially those without an active sex life is if they should try making love, standing.

Well, you don’t need to, if you don’t have a regular sex life. Often, you’ll most like go for some favorite sex positions like missionary and doggy style.

However, if you have a regular sex life, it helps you get through boredom. If you just feel that sex is monotonous (with a typical man on top), then, by all means, you should spice it up with variety.

Standing sex is something you want in your playbook!

Trying new positions is an excellent way to boost your passion and her excitement.

I always think that lovers should try more complicated positions than the typical positions like missionary, side by side and rear entry.

Play with new sex positions regularly and note your favorites – but above all, find the ones which bring most pleasure to both of you.

Would Standing Sex Be Pleasurable?

Well, of course… yes! You’re having sex for heaven’s sake!

Standing sex is just as pleasurable as other sex maneuvers!

Also, if you like foreplay and know variations of sex positions (don’t be limited with just one), there’s no reason standing sex won’t be pleasurable

However, if you’re going to do the standing sex position, you have to be fit as well as strong. You need to maintain long erections. Some men use boner pills as it help them have stamina and energy to do this type of sex activity.

📌 Apparently, most of the time, you’re going to have to carry your girl, while you penetrate her. If you aren’t as confident of your stamina and physical ability, you should stick with some of the easy ones where there’s not a lot of carrying.

There were some arguments on the need for standing sex. But perhaps a compelling reason is that standing sex is best for a quickie. This is especially true if you want to make out, and there’s no couch or bed for your comfortable coitus!

How To Do Standing Sex Position?

The basic postures of standing sex are face-to-face and standing rear entry.

However, standing sex would best work, based on these instances, is when you’re both the same height.

So, if you’re taller, then the best way to penetrate your girl is to have her on the stairs. Also, you can lean her on a wall (or do the carrying variations).

If you’re roughly in the same height, you can get your girl, while slightly bending your knees, then you embrace her loosely.

Thrust her somewhat sharply, and if your girl tries to lean back, then have your pelvic bone press against her clit each time you push. This should give you deeper penetration and press her G-spot. You can have your girl stand on one leg while you hook or hold her other leg.

Hold her thigh to support, while keeping her butt so you can rock her on your erect penis.

When you lean her back against a wall, spread her legs apart to give you the point of entry. You should support her rear with one hand, while you insert your penis into her pussy.

If you’re a shorter guy, you would have to lift her until your dick, and her vagina is aligned. If you’re taller than her, you should bend your legs, so your penis suitably enters her cunt.

📌 Don’t forget that when you thrust, you pin her to the wall. So, cushion her back with your free hand. This should be exciting if your woman is shorter.

Because of any height difference, you would be thrusting upwards, so do it with care as you would press your dick to rub and push on her clitoris.

The standing sex position’s strongest benefit is it breathes a lot of urgency, excitement, and lust. This sex maneuver can be a huge turn-on every time you have sex.

The position should be comfortable enough, but for those who haven’t tried, it may need some strength and stamina, since your make love standing. Some uses men sex tablets like rhino pills and other male enhancement pills which help them have more endurance and energy.

Best Places For Standing Sex

Perhaps standing sex was discovered so lovers can do it quickly, notably if there are no beds, couches, or mattresses. The positioning can be done out of necessity, fun, or the sheer thrill of the ride!

  • Bedroom
  • Shower
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Club
  • Pool
  • Elevator
  • Dressing rooms
  • Public restrooms
  • Airline toilets at 60,000 feet

When To Do Standing Sex?

Apart from the apparent satisfaction of urgent sex, standing intercourse has an intense eroticism of its own.

Though, it’s not a recommended position for first-time sex. It may not be intimate enough for some. You may want to use Standing Sex when you have deeper relationship and long term relationship with your girl.

Suggestions To Vary Standing Sex?

There are many ways to vary standing sex, though as mentioned there are some limitations if there are differences in height and if you’re not fit or if you have no good stamina. You can vary in many ways, like have her bend over, lifting her up, or leaning on a wall.

Following are some of the common variations on standing sex.

1. Candle

Having your desire to be with your girl is not obligatory for you to find an appropriate room, though space should be enough to have your wish fulfilled and get creative in your imagination.

The Candle position is quite simple. You just stand still, while your woman stands next to you with her back.

If needed, your girl stand on her toes so that you can make your penetrations deeper. She can then place her head on your shoulders while you caress her neck.

You should touch your sweetheart, caress her soft breast and firm buttocks, as this is the most appropriate sex position to get maximum pleasure.

2. Disco

If you like to dance, you can also make love by learning some movements, and positions where you get the chance to penetrate her.

Your girl is standing; feet are at shoulder width and knees are slightly bent. You placed in front of her so that you’re close together and slightly bent at the knees between hers.
The partners then put their hands on one another’s thighs. Your girl’s breast touches into your torso, and your eyes were looking into her eyes. Also, one of you can lean at a structure for support.

3. Wall

If you love sex in exciting or unusual places, then put this sex position on your fave list, but you have to find something to lean on.

For even more variety, your girl can stand and face away from you, and enter her from behind as she bends forward. You can get into her deeply, with your hands-free to play with her tits, pussy, or whatever you fancy!

You should stand with your back to some wall, putting your legs slightly forward and opening them a little. Your girl falls in beside, with her back to her chosen one, leaning slightly forward. Her heels should be positioned near your heels, and her hands are on your thighs.

You hold her by her waist and moves your legs more often and faster. This position may be good in any room of your house, even for sex in bars and clubs. If you have never tried sex in an elevator, this can be a unique maneuver for that!

4. Seesaw

There is also a See-Saw standing version where your girl hitches one leg over the thigh, thus offering a wider comfortable sexual stimulation.

With this technique, you can prove to your woman that you’re ready to carry her, not just in your arms, but also on your penis.

You take your girl in your cock to throw her legs with your arms bent at the elbows, and her pussy in close contact with your penis.

📌Your girl embraces your neck with one hand, and with another hand, she can caress your face, torso or her chest.

You should be meeting at the same level, so kiss each other and suck up the neck for stronger passion. However, it can be stronger when you’re already inside her body.

5. Caliper

For this position, not only you but a woman must be trimmed as the partner will have to hold your sweetheart in your arms. She, in her turn, will have to make the pelvis movement in the weightless condition.

You’re standing with your feet at shoulder width; arms are straight along the body. The girl is hugging your neck with her arms and lock her fingers.

Your girl spreads her legs apart and lifts them up, having pulled herself on you, you grab her with your hands on the feet, straightens your back and thus holds the girl. The motions can be made both by you and your woman.

6. Workout

This position is relevant to men with good physical ability and women with long legs. Of course, there are no restrictions. However, be careful and watch out for balance.

You’re standing; feet slightly wider the shoulder width and knees slightly bent.

Your girl gets on your hands, embraces your buttocks with her legs and crosses them. Then with her arms, she hugs your neck, so that your face would be close to her neck and breast. Also, her head should be slightly tilted back.

You also embrace her around the waist or using one hand, you can support the woman’s butt.

7. Olympus

You need to pick up your girl in Olympus as if you skewer her on your penis.

The girl’s legs entwine your thighs on both sides. Then you hug her waist with one arm while holding her butt with your other arm.

Your girl should throw her head back, thereby opening her breast in front of your lips. Her hands are now free; so she can hug your neck, touch your back and torso.

Alternatively, this position can be practiced near the wall, in this case, it will be easier for you to hold your girl.

8. Indian Style

Movements during sexual intercourse in this sex position are also similar to dance. You’re standing; feet wider than shoulder width. Your girl with one hand embraces you behind your back. Her other hand puts on your shoulder, leans back, where she exposes her breast for your kisses.

The lady throws one leg on your thigh, while the second one between your legs. You also embrace with one hand the woman’s waist, while the other one fondles her breast and neck, with your hand or mouth.

9. Hook

Position yourself on the best side to your partner. You may also want to perform this sex act in front of mirrors. In this sex position, you can highlight your advantages and hide the weaknesses behind your veil of passion.

You’re standing, with feet at shoulder length and slightly bent at your knees. Your girl then stands back to you, then bends one leg. She throws her feet on your thigh, while you’re holding her hands and your buttocks close, while her head pulled back.

You put your hands on your woman’s shoulders. You can look at her, smell her hair, see how would you be able to kiss her with passion.

10. Flame

Passion in lover’s bodies, flames more and more. You can’t cope with your desire for longer periods, so just surrender to each other. The best way for you to do that is with the Flame sex position.

You stand with your feet at a distance. Your girl then stands with her face to you. She then throws one of her foot on your thigh’s. She hugs your neck with one hand and with her second hand, she directs your face to her tits.

You’re ready for any turns and pump action. You hold her leg on your thigh, while you hug her waist with your free arm and then lean forward. Go on and bend down to her breast, which is apparently calling to be caressed.

You penetrate your girl when standing, then showing how strong your desire. Of course, she trusts her body to you, and you do what a man does.

11. Sagittarius

Ingenuity does great wonders and helps bring a lot of sweetness to sex life. With the Sagittarius sex method, passion in sex shouldn’t be missing to both partners.

You have to stand, and your girl stands next to you, but only sideways. She should be getting up on her toes.

You would have to hug your girl with one arm around her waist. Your other arm takes her foot and then lift her up while bending her knee.

If necessary, you should also put one foot on the toe. Lean on it, while you penetrate in your girl, as if from below. She then hugs your neck with one hand for balance. She can also caress her body and her pussy, with her second hand.

12. Barbell

You should be standing, with legs slightly spread apart, and your knees slightly bent. Your girl needs to stand with her face to you, her legs straight.

You put one hand, in which her leg is on the girl’s shoulder, with the other one you embracing her waist. With your girl’s one hand, bent in elbow under her knee, she takes your shoulder, with the other one hugging your neck.

13. Butterfly

You’re very close to her and enjoy watching yourself from the side. The Butterfly then is a great sex position that has been a favorite in porn and would easily be a favorite for both for you.

You have to stand straight. The feet are shoulder width apart, while your girl turns back to you. You then pick her up by the hips, so she’s completely “open.”

Your girl takes your shoulder over your head on the elbow. Maybe the position is not as comfortable as it looks. However, standing in front of the mirror, you’ll appreciate the beauty and sweetness of your girl.

14. Mermaid

Show yourself as if you were a sex machine, capable of holding a beautiful creature. Show your sex knowledge and enchant your girl while you sex her bottom.

You’re standing, with feet together, slightly bent knees. Your girl then stands back to you; you then take her stomach and lift her.

Your girl pulls her hands back, bends them in elbows and lock your arms. She also turns the legs in knees and presses them to your hips. In such a way, her feet should be under your buttocks. This position is complicated and very unusual.

15. Venus

If you think you’re of different in your sexual beliefs, making love in new positions will allow you to become closer.

Your girl stands, but lean slightly forward, then kneels and uses them for some support.

You then stand behind her, leaning a little to the side, with bend one leg and then uses it for support, while pulling the other one.

You put tour arms on your woman’s butt and during movements pushes her to your side. If you’re not that tall, you may stay still or the way she likes the thrust action.

16. Narcissus

Have sex in front of a mirror is a great way to enhance the excitement. Do just that with Narcissus, as you’ll be able to see yourself and your sweetheart. It will be wonderful with no doubt while you stand and bend your knees.

Your girl stands next to you, while her back at you. She then leans forward, while her left hand, and then bend leg, you hug her waist with one hand.

You have to lift her right leg and put it behind her back, holding it there. Your girl puts her right hand on your left shoulder.

This position is perhaps done to see how you make sex more exciting, a hundred times more.

17. Dolphin

You must have felt sex like a bored fish in a water tank. But you can throw away the constraints and get the secrets of passionate love. In any case, you’re in a great ride with the Dolphin position.

You’re standing with one leg straight, with the second one slightly bent in the knee while standing on tiptoes. Your girl stands back to you, puts her foot next to your bent leg. The second one throws on your waist so that her foot is on your back.

With one hand, you’re pressing on your knee, while you also put your hand on the woman’s thigh and then hold her.

18. Superwoman

Give a gift to your girl, but no need to wait for a holiday. Start removing your clothes and then tie up a red bow on your naked body. We suggest you try the Superwoman position as she will appreciate it.

Your girl lies on a bed with the feet on the edge, bends them in knees and spreads them widely apart. You get between her legs, slightly bend your knees, taking a comfortable position, takes your darling by the waist and lifts her upper body on you, while your girl remains in a horizontal position.

She bends her legs and leans them on your back, straight arms she puts on your knees and makes support on them.

19. Dancer

The Dancer is a unique version of the Standing Missionary position.

It is quite fun, especially if you’re looking for a face-to-face contact.

Both of you directly stand and face each other. She raises one of her legs to give better entry, while you help support it.

If she’s very flexible, you may want to try putting the raised leg onto your shoulder for an even more exciting and erotic experience.

20. Piston

The piston will fire both of you up, without necessarily tiring both of you. Well, not like other variations and moves anyway!

The Piston has the added benefits of easier lift on your back. This allows more support for the lover dangling in the air.

However, you shouldn’t take all this for granted; as the Piston position is quite challenging. It requires you to be fit, while your girl needs to be flexible and focused.

The best sex positions to transition towards the Piston would be the Dancer. Regardless of how you start, or how you prefer, you should use proper lifting method by always bending at your knees.

Keep your back straight and then come out of the stance as carefully as you go into your suspended girl. Hold on tight and then aim to maintain the center of gravity close to your woman.

21. Stand And Carry

Stand and Carry is not for the weak and even the faint of heart. So, if you have thin arms, frail legs, or weak back – don’t consider this sex maneuver.

Also, if you’re not that in great shape, you may want to skip the sex position.

There are some ways to get into the Stand & Carry method. The safer way is to stand into it from a position like Delight, and the more difficult being to get into it from a standing position like the Dancer.

Whichever type or method you choose, remember to always stay within your limits and safety, as the joy-ride isn’t worthwhile if you’ll have back problems.

22. Plow

In the Plow sex position, it is not possible to have sex all the night but do it for a burst of fun. You should try something new always and experience what is suitable in any moment.

You stand, with feet together, knees slightly bent. Next, to your feet, use a pillow, which your girl can press with her legs bent at knees, and elbows. She gives into your hands, while you take your girl by the ankles.

This sex position is not as safe because she’s upside down, where your girl has a rush of blood into her head. This may cause dizziness, or even she may faint. You should be doing this not more than three minutes.

23. Eiffel Tower

Interesting to note that the sex positions came from experimentation. So, the more you experiment, the more exercises and discovery you do during intercourse.

Your girl needs to stand straight, with her legs wider than shoulder width. She fully bends upside down, while holding the elbows in front of her. You girl can then rest them if it gets tired.

You’re behind her back, slightly bend your knees, while putting your arms on her lower back. You’ll then penetrate your girl in this stance. Depending on your height, you can go on your toes or even just stand still. More so, both of you can hold this position as long as you like.

24. Bicycle

Your girl drops to fours, with palms completely straight for support. Your girl’s buttocks should be lifted up, legs slightly apart to the sides.

You then stand behind your darling so that her legs are between your legs wide apart, but straight. You take your sweetheart over the waist and penetrates into her. Obviously, this is another option for position for behind sex, so you will also like this standing variation.

25. Stand and Deliver

She stands with her legs slightly spread, while facing you. You then grab onto the backs of her legs and holds them against the hips. Proceed in lifting her up slightly and then pushing her back for more leverage while you thrust away.

Like the traditional missionary sex, this standing position satisfies you, face-to-face and up-close-and-personal for more intimacy.

Ask her to squeeze her thighs together, so she’ll narrow her vaginal canal, which in turn enhances the friction you’ll find both feels.


Overall, standing sex is a great position that you might want to explore. It’s also a great position to train your endurance. For instance, most men are used to having sex lying down.

You can train yourself having a boner with a vacuum erection device standing up and then see how long your hard on will hold as you penetrate her standing.

You should be ready for those moments when you want some quickie; you just can’t wait for any longer, or you just want your girl the soonest possible!

Have you enjoyed reading our article on Standing Sex, then share them with your friends.

Also, let us know of your comments and suggestions below.


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