How to Combat Shrinking Penile Tissue?

News just in, you might not always be the young swinging man you were in your twenties, and with time comes the horrible realization that you will shrink, you will lose muscle, and as you get older your sexual health will begin to decrease.

Many men begin to appear smaller by the age 45, and look frail and older if they do not live a healthy lifestyle. Apart from just the exterior, penis shrinkage is also something that troubles many elderly men.

As men age, over the age of 30 (differs for most men) testosterone begins to drop. Lower testosterone has been linked with weight gain, loss of erections, loss of libido, plaque build up in blood vessels, and a lower life standard.

With older age also comes the fact that the average male also produces more Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which binds to normal testosterone, decreasing the available testosterone even more.

What Causes Penis Shrinkage As You Get Older?

As men age, penis shrinkage is something we all face – amongst other things.

As this happens, sex can become more anxious and this can lead to depression and other mental problems.

Penises don’t actually shrink, however other health related issues may make it appear much smaller.

Fat increases with age, which makes the penis appear smaller. Having a lot of fat in the pubic area may especially decrease the visual appearance of your penis.

Most men gain weight as a result of decreasing testosterone, which can also lead to a decrease in penile length. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual function and libido. In fact low testosterone has been linked to prostate cancer in some studies.

Another cause of penis shrinkage is the fact that with time comes worsening health indicators. Blood pressure rises, Cholesterol rises and physical activity lowers.

This can all lead to plaque build up in blood vessels, lowering the available blood flow to the penis. This is not only the leading cause of Erectile dysfunction but also can make the penis smaller than it is.

Research also shows that penis shrinkage can also happen due to something called scar tissue buildup. This is not always normal, as trauma to the penis causes this.

This trauma can cause you to lose length and girth, but can also cause your erections to be curved. This shrinking via curve can be treated with medical treatment. This is referred to as Peyronie’s disease.

Having prostate troubles can also contribute to penis shrinkage. The prostate is a small gland sitting at the base of the penis that produces fluids that end up in semen.

Many men experience prostate problems as they grow older, and may need to have this small gland removed.

This procedure is called radical prostatectomy – the removal of the prostate with little notice. This prostate surgery has been medically reviewed, and can decrease the size of the penis by up to 15%.

The prostatectomy induced penis size loss is only apparent in one in five men. While this shortening is not great, the benefits of perhaps removing cancer from your body do outweigh losing an inch or two.

How Do I Stop Penis Shrinkage?

The fact of the matter is that your health can severely influence your penis length, penis size as well as it’s function.

Making sure the penis has ample blood flow will give it the best chance of maintaining size and stop shortening.

For a penis to be and stay erect, this blood flow is crucial, and there are some actions you can take as well as medical advice to help you.

Decreasing body fat and body weight will significantly improve penile function. Not only will this make the flaccid or erect penis seem larger, but it will also make erections easier to get and maintain.

Lowering fat in the body is also good for prostate health. Sleeping more can also help, as a lack of sleep has been linked to an increase in body fat, as well as an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol.

In general, living a healthy lifestyle is essential. If you are currently smoking, it might be a good idea to stop – smoking has been linked to high blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer.

To stop testosterone from lowering too far down, you can have a discussion with your doctor about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

This is a treatment for males that will enable stable levels of hormones, and call help with sexual activities and battling depression. Some men even claim that TRT can help you gain an inch or two down there.

Just make sure your doctor monitors your prostate, as an enlarged prostate can lead to cancer – too high or low testosterone has been linked to prostate health troubles.

How To Cure Peyronie’s Disease?

Male Effective Penis Extender

Peyronie’s disease affects 1% of men over the age of 18, and can influence the erectile tissue, size, and even the ability to stay erect – making sex a lot more painful and stressful.

Medical advice for curing Peyronie’s disease are slim, with some options available that could alleviate this.

Using a penis stretching method with a flaccid penis could help with this disease, as this can help the breakdown of some scar tissue and enable the penis to be straighter.

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease also claim that a penis straightening device may substantially help lengthening the penis, undoing the shortening.

There are medically reviewed surgeries that could help. Inserting stitches on the longer side of the penis could pull it more straight.

The second surgery option would be Grafting – where a vein or pig intestine is inserted into the shortening side of the penis, to help it elongate.

The last surgery is inserting a prosthesis, that could help straighten the penis.

How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is mainly caused by health complications such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and higher fat content but can also be caused by mental issues such as porn addiction.

Penises can be very finicky, and ensuring it receives the proper treatment will ensure that it and the testicles work when you need it to.

While erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with penis size or length, having a flaccid penis when it should be erect can be infuriating.

Make sure you live as healthy as you can, ensuring you follow a good diet and exercise regularly.

Decreasing saturated and trans fat intake, decreasing your weight or even your average fasting glucose levels may all benefit your penile tissue.

Giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking may also help, and medical advice reads that even eating a more plant based diet.

Using erectile dysfunction vacuum constriction devices have also been known to help prevent and treat ED as well as other men sexual issues like treatment of shrinking penile.

This is something that troubles men in all stages of life, and of course there are medical actions to help you out.

Supplements To Increase Blood Flow

To increase the access to blood, you need to increase the ability for it to flow.

The simplest way for this is dilating the blood vessels – allowing more blood to flow to the desired area.

Viagra was designed as hypertension drug, before it was used for erectile tissue.

Arginine and Citrulline Malate are both nitric oxide boosters, meaning they can dilate the veins of the muscles and can create a better erection.

Supplementing with longer erection pills daily can not only help increase muscle endurance (meaning longer sex) but can also help with a stronger erection, as well as battling penile shrinkage.

A penis that can achieve circulation easier, may seem larger even when it’s flaccid. Beetroot might have similar effects, but not as strong as medical ingredients such as these.

Many men also report positive effects from using Aswaganda Root. This drug has been linked to decrease in blood sugar which can improve overall health.

Research also shows that this drug can also improve triglycerides levels as well as muscle mass which can combat shrinkage.

Some speculate this can cure an enlarged prostate, and research has actually found that this could limit prostate cancer growth.

Perhaps You Should Try Therapy

Aging is completely normal, your penis length will change, as well as your overall size and cognitive alertness. Scar tissue from years of sex has also build up and the old guy is tired.

This is the natural way of life, and while you may not have the length or the girth – you can still have a great sex life.

Many women claim that a too big penis is uncomfortable in bed. Perhaps you should seek mental therapy if you are insecure about your erectile tissue.

You can even try using toys in bed as well – having a penis size that isn’t what it once was is no reason to be ashamed.



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