Premature Ejaculation – Treatments, Therapies, and Cures

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How does your woman react after you release your cum in less than a minute? Did you ejaculate at the point of contact with her vagina? She would obviously feel disappointed for your apparent lack of control, and sexual stamina.

More so, she would think you’re too selfish for not helping her to reach her own sexual pleasure. Your early climax may cause problems in your relationship sooner or later. If you can’t meet her needs, then you may have to suffer the consequences of a break-up, ruined marriage, or divorce.

How Serious Is Premature Ejaculation?

How serious of a problem is Premature Ejaculation? If you’re suffering from this condition (PE for short), you know for a fact that it brings distress to your partner. Sex was supposed to be enjoyed together by partners. It’s like dancing. If you don’t last long enough to meet the ecstatic feeling of sexual pleasure of your mate, then it’s a big problem. As a guy, if you come at the initial second of contact with her vagina – you get that feeling of shame.

premature ejaculationHowever, as much as you try to control the situation, it gets worse. Then the next thing you knew, your partner left you for another guy. If you’re in the initial stages of this unhealthy sex condition, you may want to consider finding a solution as quick as possible. The apparent effect of PE would be difficult to control, much worse to even reverse the damage.

How Long Do You Ejaculate To Consider It A Problem?

There’s no exact time limit that measures premature ejaculation – though the International Classification of Diseases and International Society for Sexual Medicine sets it at 15 seconds to 60 seconds upon contact. This short time span is considered to be a serious issue of premature ejaculation.

However, a man can be subjective on his ejaculation time one way or the other. A common premise is that if a guy comes first and he can’t send the woman into her climax during penetration, then the man suffers from PE.

What Are The Causes of Early Ejaculation?

It would be safer to say that the ejaculation of every man is different. Most medical professionals describe it as complex since not every guy has the same body, physiology, and mental conditions.

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Still, a lot can be said, about the causes. In recent years, medical studies and scientific evidence have been released to know the deep root of the problem. So, it would be interesting to know the probable causes of PE for each individual. There are two categorical causes: psychological and physical.

Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

High excitement – Men who tend to be over excited to make love, experiences an uncontrollable rush of blood into their penis, which may also affect the sudden secretion of semen.

Behavioral causes – These could be based on some behavioral conditioning which the subject experienced in his life, from his home, school, or with friends.

Performance anxiety – Depending on a person’s experience, the anxiety to achieve a good performance and satisfy a partner, can be linked to fast ejaculation.

Oedipus complex – A condition some experts have also raised that can cause PE are some unresolved problems of sexual awareness, maturity, and growth of the individual.

The absence of sex – Lack of regular sex or a normal sex life can also be attributed to PE.

Stress and depression – Premature ejaculation may be a manifestation of social conflicts, relationship issues, and work anxiety.

Alcoholism – Men who drink too much alcohol can also experience rapid climax.

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Physical Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Penis Sensitivity – The penis can be normally sensitive to arousal, but a higher than normal sensitivity can cause you to come… faster than you ought to be.

Serotonin levels – Recent studies have said that serotonin receptors in the brain affect ejaculation, the reason you’ll read about treatments such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Nerve injury – Damages to the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, or trauma can also cause abnormal ejaculation.

Genetic predisposition – Some suggest that premature ejaculation may have been hereditary.

Drug side effect – There were also studies which noted that early ejaculation may have been a side effect from a drug which the subject is taking.

Neurological response – Some scientists suggested that those who experienced PE display a fast neurological response through their pelvic muscles.

Physical Illnesses – Conditions such as high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, diabetes, thyroid problems, inflammation, and prostate disease can also cause climax problems.

premature ejaculationFour Types Of Premature Ejaculation Sufferers

Experts describe sufferers in four general categories such as the following:

1) Acquired PE – Which the subject developed the condition through various factors, developing PE recently, but not in past encounters.

2) Lifelong PE – Where the person carries the problem from his younger years.

3) Subjective PE – Some individuals have a normal ejaculation, but they think they suffer from premature ejaculation if they think they can’t satisfy their sex partners. An estimated time for normal ejaculation is from 5 to 10 minutes.

4) Variable PE – Men normally have good ejaculation time, but occasionally experience abnormal climax. Changes of a partner, environment, lifestyle may cause sudden changes in ejaculation.

How About Relationship, Home And Family Issues?

A guy’s habitual early climax may also take its toll on relationships with the partner. It can even be a vicious circle where PE becomes an involuntary manifestation.

Most of the time, it can be from different sexual needs, anxiety, fear, high expectations, sexual satisfactions, and a partner’s high sexual demand. It goes back and forth and destroys a healthy sex life.

The environment or home may further exacerbate the abnormal condition. If you live with other household members such as your parents, relatives, or with a relatively big family – the lack of privacy ruins the proper mood for making love.

premature ejaculationSymptoms Of Premature Ejaculation

The symptoms of premature climax could be one or several symptoms such as the following:

  • Sudden ejaculation with little stimulation
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Loss of control
  • Over excitement
  • Loss of sexual appetite
  • Embarrassment
  • Guilt
  • Mood swings
  • Frustration

If you experience debilitating problems which make you unable to have a healthy sex life, relationship, and general well-being, then it would be time to seek professional help.

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How Do You Prevent Rapid Ejaculation?

Problems in ejaculation is not known to be preventable in the medical field, though there are certain recommendations to help you avoid such a condition:


Remember that anyone can suffer from the sexual malady. Blaming your partner, other people, your circumstances or yourself would not help, but may worsen the problem.


Openly discuss with your partner any troubles, conflicts, or issues you may both have. Sometimes helpful behavior may calm anxiety and fears.

Relax atmosphere

A good environment for making love can help relax the mind, and set the mood for sex.

Holistic living

This is a conscious approach to living a holistic life through meditation, relaxation, exercises, proper breathing, supplements, and healthy foods.


Seeking professional help from sex therapists can also help, as they can go deep in the cause and can suggest what treatments you should take.

What Are The Best Treatments of Premature Ejaculation?

Learning to stop rapid climax may require several combinations of methods, therapy, and treatment to successfully treat the abnormal sex malady. It would take some time. You can’t be impatient and seek results after three days of treatment.

More so, you can’t take more doses of supplements than what was suggested, in hope to hasten the results. Attitude towards a healthy life and sexual awareness also count if you want to put a stop towards your premature ejaculation.

Seek Help

Most individuals would try self-treatment in some way or the other, perhaps because of fear and shame to ask for help. However, it is never wrong to seek professional help from someone more knowledgeable than you.

More so, experts can give you a more detailed diagnosis and assign you better treatments in your sex problems. They can identify the causes and then give you suggestions on how you can better deal with PE and overcome uncontrollable climax.

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Lifestyle modifications

There are many ways to help you solve ejaculation problems, which we will describe in this section. Combinations of therapy, treatment, and lifestyle change can help curb PE.

Sometimes, changes in the environment, and your lifestyle help. These factors have been compiled as they have helped others suffering from PE, experience relief.

Home remedies

You may start changing your attitude right inside the bedroom. Set the mood by having a private room, away from the kids. You can change your bed. Additionally, change the interiors in your room, in a way to make it comfortable for you and your partner for sex.

At any rate, several suggestions include changing the lighting, using candles, scents, perfume, wine, chocolates, essential oils, and music. This can set the mood for a more relaxed environment.

Relaxation and Breathing

In addition, relaxation and breathing exercises can help you ground yourself and your partner towards a more relaxed attitude towards sex. Keep a tab on your breathing as anxiety is often tied up with fast breathing.

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Don’t Rush

There’s no need to rush in taking off your clothes and her clothes. Forget about those rushed sex scenes from Titanic. You can turn on some romantic music and slowly dance with your partner to both get yourself in the same rhythm. You want to achieve a longer duration in sex. Be as close as possible to your partner’s climax, that’s your goal.

Train and Practice

You  can train yourself so you will be able to last longer. If you’re also having hard time getting an erection at the start, you can using an ejaculation pump. This can help you control erection and help you last longer.

Vary your stimulation and use your senses!

Variety of stimulation

As you both move towards sexual union, there’s always the danger of moving fast. Several suggestions include lengthened kissing, caressing, light massage, touching, and foreplay.

Extended foreplay may include letting your hands touch, and rub her vagina. Also start kissing her lips, ears, neck, and then down towards her breast area.  An important attitude you should always think is perhaps to satisfy your woman… first. Think of your own personal sexual conquest later in the intercourse. These can prevent you from fast ejaculation.

premature ejaculationUse all your senses

Sex therapists suggest the full use of the senses namely touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Knowing the G-Spot of women also help, since this can set the motion for them to reach heir peak. Experts also suggest to timely remove your thoughts from the situation.

How do you that? You can think of something distant, but interesting to guys, such as sports, food, drinks, movies, music, etc. Though, there’s a danger for you to lose the drive, so you should only do this for 10 seconds at the most. Then, you should go back to your task at hand, which is to satisfy your partner.

Going In, At Last!

At the height of the foreplay, there’s no set time on where you should proceed with the penetration. You should be able to sense if she will be a minute or seconds away from orgasm.

These signs could be when she embraces you tightly, or her legs clamped on your hips. In addition, she may start moaning, and then you feel some of her vaginal liquid.

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While Inside Her Vagina, What Strategies to Stay Longer?

While you slowly insert your penis into the female genital, resist the temptation for some quick movements. Several methods suggested by experts to help you stop premature ejaculation.

Squeeze Method

Proceed with the intercourse on a normal way, but being aware on the levels of your arousal. As soon as you feel your release are 10-15 seconds away, you should slow down and then gently squeeze the part on the penis, where the shaft meets the glands. You can use your thumb and forefinger, or have your mate do it, for a couple of seconds. While doing this, you should have paused other sexual stimulation. Work on the squeeze method several times, alternating to resume the penetration until you significantly extend your ejaculation time.

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Stop & Start Method

This technique states that as you normally go through penetration, up to a point where you’re around 10-15 seconds away from ejaculation, you stop and then start in a few minutes. How do you work in this? Go through with a rhythmic and relaxed movements to help you keep control and be aware of how near you are from coming.

When you’re seconds away, you should abruptly stop all the stimulation for 30 seconds. Work on the stop & start method several times until you decide to ejaculate.

Go Slow As Well As Change The Patterns!

Change Sex Position

Try moving away from active positions toward passive sex positions. Some of the active sex positions that said to bring more friction and stimulation to the glans are the rear entry and missionary positions.

You also can proceed with the penetration, with decrease friction, by working on passive positions such as the cowgirl position, girl on top, or spoon position.

Go Slow And Gentle

Men are naturally brusque in their behaviors, so consciously and deliberately slow down your movements when you penetrate your partner. As mentioned, learning to penetrate in a slow, rhythmic motion can help you gain control and awareness on when you’re about to ejaculate.

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Vary Your Patterns

You can prevent premature climax by having awareness, then varying patterns of intimacy and stimulation. Provide other means to satisfy your partner, by touching, kissing, rubbing, oral, position changes, use of toys; before resuming back towards penetration.

Applying such methods along with the changes in the environment affects in the duration of ejaculation through natural means. It may take several sessions, time, practice, and trials before you find see significant results.

Premature Ejaculation Cures And Rapid Climax Therapies

Finding a cure for PE may need a combination of therapy, treatment, and medical solutions to get the best results. Physicians may initially diagnose the sexual malady of an individual by classifying whether it is a syndrome or a complaint.

Most of the time, men who experience climax below 2 minutes, receive a combination of therapy, lifestyle change suggestions, natural treatments, or specific medications.

Curing premature ejaculation may sometimes need a holistic treatment to best deal with the underlying causes in every aspect of a person’s body system. As detailed with the supposed complex nature on how PE developed in the individual, sex therapist suggests an overhaul of a person’s lifestyle, diet, habits, and sexual attitude.

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Using The Ayurveda Medicine

A popular method is the Ayurveda Treatment. It simply states that you should be treated as a whole person, and not the maladies. Ayurveda originally comes from India as an ancient medicine.

The Sanskrit word means knowledge of life, a highly practiced not only in Hindu countries but also in other Western countries. Using the therapy doesn’t just focus on the medicine treatment, but with with a full holistic plan that includes specific yoga practice, lifestyle changes, breathing techniques, yoga techniques, herbal remedies, massage using essential oils, and dietary recommendations.

Herbs For Premature Ejaculation

Some of the well-known Ayurvedic herbs are garlic, Asparagus, Spelman tablet, Jatiphala, and Ashwagandha Churna.

Foods To Treat Premature Ejaculation

You’ve heard about statements such as eating good food helps you achieve good health. Well, you can follow several recipes provided in Ayurvedic practices.

Saffron-Almond Milk Recipe

Get a glass of water and soak 10 almonds for 8-10 hours. You can do this overnight. In the morning, remove the almond skin, and then blend the almonds with a fresh cow’s milk. Blend the milk and almonds in a blender. You can also teaspoons of ginger, saffron, and cardamom. You can drink this every morning.

Green Onion Seeds

In a glass of water, add a teaspoon of green onion seeds, then stir completely. You can drink this before every meal.

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Get a glass of fresh goat milk. You can buy goat’s milk from organic markets or farmers, or from the organic section of a supermarket. Get your mix of ayurvedic herbs, take a teaspoon and mixed into the milk.

Diet Recommendations

Ayurvedic dietary recommendations suggest that persons suffering from premature ejaculation eat a lot of banana, lettuce, fish, nuts, cereals, ginger, avocados, brown rice, shellfish, honey, onions, oats, green celery, fennel, carrots, walnuts, beans, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Make sure to eat food in moderation and in a balanced diet.

Avoid These Foods And Habits To Treat Your Ejaculation Problems!

Food To Avoid To Treat PE

Denatured foods, coffee, tea, white sugar, alcohol, white flour, wheat, and processed foods. Gluten is something you should watch out for since it can cause digestive disorders.  If you have a sluggish digestion, you will have a sluggish brain, which affects sexual dexterity.

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Specific foods: Muffins, sandwiches, cakes, processed meats, biscuits, white bread, bagels, meat patties, and other foods with a thickening agent.

Stop Smoking And Alcohol

If you truly want to end premature ejaculation, you need to stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake.

Yoga Positions To Treat Ejaculatory Dysfunction

Holistic remedies based on the Ayurveda principles comes from the ancient Indian science of healing. As it is completely natural, the therapy also includes yoga practices to treat ejaculation problems.

The Yoga positions that are said to be able to help you for PE includes The Fish (Matsya Asana), Shoulder stand (Sarvang Asana), and The Plough (Hala Asana).

The Fish (Matsya Asana)

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Shoulder stand (Sarvang Asana)

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The Plough (Hala Asana)

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Ask Your Doctors

Holistic remedies are based on the Ayurveda principles, which comes from the ancient Indian science of healing.

As it is completely natural, the therapy is non-invasive, as well as it can easily be prepared at home. However, consult your doctor for any persistence of symptoms.

Vitamins, Medicines, Pills – Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

As earlier mentioned, causes of PE is a combination of everything from early conditioning, developed habits, and body problems. We’ve so far handled the external aspects, natural treatments, and lifestyle changes.

On this final section, we’ll show you treatments you can take on your body. You’ll learn about the best vitamins, medicines, and pills to treat premature ejaculation.


The role of zinc in your body is to boost your immune system, so you can have a good production of testosterone. Zinc is known for its natural properties and a good remedy for abnormal ejaculation.

Foods rich in zinc: Meat, oyster, roasted beef, chicken, lobster, crab, pork chop, almonds, seafood, nuts, cashews, beans, oatmeal, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D also helps to men get a good level of testosterone, which is just what you need if you like to healthy sex drive and prevent uncontrollable ejaculation.

Foods rich with Vitamin D: egg yolks, soy milk, liver, beef, orange juice, and cheese.

Omega 3-fatty acids

As you all know, Omega 3 oils are good for the heart. You certainly want your heart to be fit since sexual intercourse is just like a full workout. You will be huffing and puffing in the bedroom, so you don’t want some blocked heart arteries in there.

Foods rich in Omega 3: Salmon, mackerel, tuna, and other sea foods.


Fiber helps you have a good digestion since it helps you get a good bowel movement. It helps flush out waste so they don’t stay in your body for longer periods. These also helps you avoid bloated feeling, as well as balance your hormone levels.

Foods rich in fiber: Brown rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain foods.

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A good combination of different vitamins can help you achieve your goal to control your orgasm. Some of the vitamins which you should regularly have are Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K. Other types of vitamins are Folate, Vitamin E, Vitamin B8, and Potassium. A good balance of fruits and vegetables can give you a healthy shaft for regular sex.

Foods rich in multiple vitamins: Bananas, Asparagus, Green Celery, Carrots, Walnuts, Blue Berries, Avocado, Garlic, Ginger, Honey, and Onions.

Pills to Cure Ejaculation Problems – Medications for Premature Ejaculation

Aside from lifestyle adjustments and balanced diet, you can also take pills, tablets, or medicines. Viril tablets for PE add another boost to help you handle climax abnormality. There are several products that you can check to complement your therapies and treatments for PE.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Commonly known as SSRI, these prescription medications can help solve fast ejaculation. Several known SSRI medicines are sertraline (Zoloft), clomipramine (Anafranil), paroxetine (Paxil), and fluoxetine (Prozac).

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Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors

This medication can also be used to delay your rapid ejaculation if you like to extend for a several minutes or so. Some of the common phosphodiesterase inhibitors are tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and sildenafil (Viagra).

Anti-Depressant Medicines

As a background, delayed orgasm is a side effect of several drugs that treat depression. Some of the popular medications include Tramadol (Ultram), dapoxetine (Priligy), clomipramine (Anafranil).

Side Effects of Rapid Ejaculation Medicines

Not all prescription medicines are FDA approved. Most importantly, you need to consult your doctor before taking prescription medications, since most of these drugs, can not be bought over the counter.

There are also adverse side effects for taking medicines if they are used in combination with others, so you need to proceed with caution.

Using Topical Medications Against Premature Climax

As you go through the treatments for your rapid ejaculation problems, you’ll start learning that curing premature ejaculation does not lie solely on one factor. Know the underlying elements to get the best solution for your PE.

Some of the other popular methods you can use to solve your ejaculation abnormality are premature ejaculation creams, desensitizing sprays, delay gels, and delay sprays. These are sometimes called topical medications as you can apply them to your penis on per need basis, around 15 minutes before you engage into an intense sexual encounter.

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Most people prefer topical medication’s minimal side effects compared to pills, tablets, drugs and prescription medicines. Topical solutions are sometimes disliked because of the lowered sensation in your penis, as well as your partner’s vagina.

However, most guys may feel less stimulation which means less likelihood of fast orgasm. But your woman may not like it since the topical also rubbed into their vagina.

Still, topical products have active ingredients that can penetrate your penis surface, up to the sensory nerves, which helps lessen over stimulation and excitement.

If you like to get a deeper understanding of such treatments, you may like to see our pages on premature ejaculation creams and delay sprays.

Conclusion – Choosing Your Therapy, Treatment, and Cure for Your Premature Ejaculation

We always try to gather as much information to help you get a deeper understanding of the problems of rapid ejaculation. As you can see, it can be genetic, as well as acquired or developed through a man’s lifetime.

Teenagers, middle-aged men, older men, or even seniors can have a sexual malady such as PE. No man wants to cum early, right?

If you have questions, reactions, or comments, just let us know. Share your experiences or problems, so we can all find a great way to enjoy a healthy sex life!