Best 9 Delay Sprays – Desensitizing Sprays, Lidocaine Sprays for Men’s Orgasm


If you get to sleep with a woman on date night, consider yourself lucky. However, if you find yourself struggling to control your ejaculation, then you’re done. Throw any chance you’ll think of having for future sex encounters.

As discussed in our main article on premature ejaculation, causes can be psychological and physical. It can be a combination of different factors from conditioning, habits, genes, etc. Long lasting solutions need an overhaul of behavior, attitude, and lifestyle.

At any rate, quick solutions can be an external application and medication. These can be topical medicines like premature ejaculation sprays, delay sprays, or desensitizing sprays. In this article, you’ll learn more about these sprays to give you a deeper understanding if they’re effective for you.

Common Questions On Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Most men welcome solutions on new medical breakthroughs, but some guys still have concerns. Read some of the frequent questions raised on PE sprays:

How Effective Are Delay Sprays?

Most sex therapy doctors recommend inhibitors for serotonin such as SSRI. These can be medicine tablets that commonly treat depression or anxiety. However, these medicines were not made for ejaculation control. Some doctors then recommended delay climax treatments since it boosts the serotonin in the brain. Quite recently, topical medicines such as lidocaine sprays became popular to help numb a man’s shaft sensitivity.

The results of studies into topical sprays suggest that in a controlled environment, subjects with abnormal ejaculation gave fairly balanced feedback. They say delay sprays can be effective against PE.

Every individual’s history, psychological conditioning, anxiety level, and overall body health is taken into consideration. As such, you need to know your body and yourself beforehand, then apply small portions to see if your penis reacts well.

Penis SpraysRatingPrice CheckIngredientsApplication / Time to Feel EffectsFeatures
Polyclover Climax Delay Spray

5/5Buy HerePure herbal extracts, Jinzhuoye, Sichuan Pepper, Asarum, Morinda, Cnidium, Chive Seed, Cloves.Spray bottle. Feel the effect in 15 minutes.Safe. Solves premature ejaculation. Slows orgasm. Increases your sexual drive. Boost sex performance.
Peineili Penis Erection Spray Men

4.8/5Buy HereSyzygium aromaticum, Cnidium monnieri, cinnamomum zeylanicum, water, spongilla fragilis leidy, fruit, and plant extracts.Spray bottle. Feel the effect in 10 minutes.Delays ejaculation. Prolongs hard erection. Safe. No burning feeling. Enhances your libido and sex drive.
Stud 100

4.2/5Lidocaine 9.60 %Metered pump spray. Feel effects after 15 min.Not as costly. Numbs your penis up to the shaft. Prevents oversensitivity resulting to PE.
Super Dragon 6000

4.2/5Vitamin E & Lidocaine 10.0 %Spray bottle. Feel the effects after 5 minutes.Potent active ingredients. Faster in terms of numbing effect.
Viga 50000

4.1/5Lidocaine 10.0 % with Vitamin ESpray bottle. Effect after 5 to 8 minutes after the spray.Single spray is enough to numb your shaft. Spray twice for extreme PE problems. Desensitized for longer thrust.
Shibari Triton

4.1/5 Lidocaine 10%Spray bottle. Feel numbness after 30 minutes.Strong ingredients. Longer sex duration. Apply one spray, feel the effect.
Adam And Eve Marathon Delay Spray

4.4/5 BenzocaineSpray can. Numb feeling in penis after around 12 minutes.Control your sperm release. Quick active ingredient. Strong compound.
Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men

4.3/5Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ginseng Extract, Hedera Helix ExtractSpray can. Feel the effect after 40 minutes.For men with abnormal early ejection of semen. Natural organic herbs.
K-Y Duration Spray for Men

4.1/5Chinese herbs such as Clove, cinnamon, aloe vera, Korean ginsengSmall brush to apply. Effect felt after 40 to 60 minutes.All natural herbal used by ancient Chinese Emperors. Effective to cure premature orgasm.

Can You Use Orgasm Control Sprays As First-Line Therapy?

These topical agents came about after the anesthetic effects of ingredients to numb the sensitivity of the skin. Throughout the years, several companies started developing specific topical medicines primarily marketed as premature ejaculation sprays. Other products include delay sprays, desensitizing cream, delay gels, desensitizing sprays.

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Using anesthetic treatments was presented as a good option by Schapiro in 1943, saying that topical agents can numb the male genitals, where it can be used on a per needed basis. It can easily be applied a few minutes before you start grinding on your girl.

What Are The Side Effects Of PE Sprays?

The topical anesthetics such as desensitizing sprays became an in demand medicine for irregular ejaculation after it was given to sufferers. The side effects are very minimal or nonexistent since the treatments are made from herbs and other organic botanical.

Small changes in the body may occur in persons with some form of allergies or if you take contradicting compounds from other medicines. The reason for this is basic chemistry which states that compounds mixed with another compound will give you chemical reactions in the body.

However, if you’re in generally good health, with no allergies and does not take other medicines, you can use orgasm delay sprays readily out of the box.

How Do Desensitizing Sprays Work in The Body?

Most of the topical anesthetics available come with absorption effect technology. This will essentially enable you to keep pleasurable sexual action while delaying your semen from coming out.

A good thing about sprays is that it is quick to be absorbed into the penis skin, which removes possibilities that it will transfer to your partner. The application of the sprays into your shaft is as easy as if you apply cologne to your body.

However, with anti-climax sprays, you direct the spray nozzle into your shaft. You should apply for the topical medicine at least 5 minutes before you step in for sex. Try to apply small amounts on first use, then increase accordingly to get the desired effect. You should get the proper amount to help numb your sensitivity after a couple of use.

Getting To Know If Delay Sprays Are For You

premature ejaculation sprays

You need to determine if topical ejaculation sprays can be effective in your body. Work on these factors beforehand:

Discuss With Your Partner

Premature climax sprays do not only affect your body but if not applied correctly, also affects your sexual partner. As much as possible, inform your mate that you will use a desensitizing spray to control your orgasm.

Also, try to get as much background information on topical medicines so you know if it works for both of you.

You should tell them about the delay sprays, on how it will help you delay your ejaculation, that it will numb your shaft, and that some applications can affect their body as well.

Get Trial Bottles First

If you still don’t know if the sprays will work for you, try getting small trial bottles at first. Don’t jump into a purchase just yet. This will help you decide if topical medicines like delay sprays will be right for both you. Most of the major products send out trial bottles with 4 to 8 sprays. If you feel that it works great for you and your love, then go ahead and purchase the standard size bottle.

Consult A Doctor

If at some point, you experience some negative effects such as redness, itchiness, or other side effects, stop using for a while and consult a physician. Seek a sex professional. The ingredients in the sprays may have triggered some allergic reaction in your body. This also applies to your partner.

The trial should help you decide if your bodies don’t have adverse reactions. You don’t need a complete medical examination, but you should take into account any allergies you have or other types of supplements you take that can trigger body reactions.

premature ejaculation sprays
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Check Your Body

Check for allergies, sickness, nausea, illness, and other types of injury. Look into the ingredients of the specific brand. If you or your lover are allergic to a certain substance, then do not use. Check for some abrasions, scrapes, or small cuts.

Do not apply PE sprays to irritated skin or broken skin. If you or your partner shaved down there, see if there are some cuts. Check yourself, as well as your sex partner regularly. Avoid spraying near the eyes as well. For precaution, do not use sprays if your woman is pregnant.

Step by Step Guide to Apply Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Follow these steps to get the best effectiveness of topical medicines.

Prepare The Spray

If you’re using a standard bottle, you will need to prime the product. Just remove the plastic piece on the nozzle, then unlock the resistant cap. You should be able to turn the bottle sideways, then shake for 5 to 8 seconds. Place the bottle upright, and then slowly put the spray pump. Work on this a couple of times, with 2 seconds between the pump. When you see the formula at the release, stop.

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Decide On Amount

If it is your first time to use an ejaculation spray, begin with only a single or even two sprays. The given direction for most products suggests on having 3 sprays on the first try. However, some guys feel the numbing sensation as too much for their penis. It’s not safe to have 10 sprays per single sex session as it can irritate your genitals. The amount of liquid that comes out on one spray is around 8 to 10 mg formula. Two sprays would be enough for one sex encounter.

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Feel Your Penis Frenulum

This part in your penis is known to be the most sensitive part of your manhood. It is the spot that would most likely feel the most stimulation. You can locate this as a tiny tissue ridge, just below the head. You should feel the frenulum on the underside of your penis.

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Also, try to get a hard on (well watch some sex scenes), then feel your whole penis and investigate other sensitive areas. Apply the delays sprays into sensitive sections of your shaft. You should rub your private part after every spray application. Then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the danger of contact in your eyes or in your partner’s eyes.

Wait For Spray To Absorb

After you applied the spray into your manhood, wait for a couple of minutes, around 8 to 10 minutes, so it will be absorbed into your penis. You should feel a slight sensation by then which means it starts to desensitize the hypersensitivity of your penis. Wait for a several minutes before actual penetration. This prevents any transmission of the numbing spray into the female genitals.

Some users suggest that you can also wash off your tool to completely remove trace amounts. However, don’t take a bath, or even soak your penis. You can also wipe clean your private body part with a washcloth. If you sense it is already completely dry, you can then use lubricants or condoms.

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Observe The Results

You may want to glance at a clock or watch to time your penetration. This will determine if delay sprays will work for you. Remember, premature ejaculation has many factors that cause you to shoot your semen in 2 minutes or so. Most users experience 3 times longer duration before they reach orgasm on the first use of delay sprays. While there are those who say there was no change in the first try, there are others who report a longer ejaculation after the third or fourth use of desensitizing sprays. Other men also say they reinforce their erection so they can get back after a round by having stay hard pills over the counter medicine. The results will be different for users.

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10 Best Delay Sprays – Premature Ejaculation Sprays, Desensitizing Sprays for Men’s Orgasm

We’ve gathered a list of the best topical ejaculation medications available in the market.

#1 Polyclover Climax Delay Spray

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Application: Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Pure herbal extracts, Jinzhuoye, Sichuan Pepper, Asarum, Morinda, Cnidium, Chive Seed, Cloves.

Boost your self-esteem in the bedroom with the best seller Polyclover Climax Delay Spray. If your feeling you sex life dwindling because of sex issues like premature ejaculation, or penile sensitivity – you can get back your libido with this powerful delay spray. Improve your performance in bed, delay your orgasm, and ramp up your confidence.

The delay spray works wonderfully with your other PE therapies such as good diet, PE pills, and lifestyle changes. Remember, premature ejaculation is caused by long years of bad sexual habits. So, it PE formed both psychologically and externally. Use it regularly to see the results, as other men can attest. Most men who recovered from PE suggest making the delay spray part of your sexual routine.

The Polyclover spray is made with 100% natural herbs, so there are no harmful side effects in your genitals. Your girl need not worry as it’s also vagina friendly. Importantly, it is carefully formulated to solve the most common sex troubles of men such as quick ejaculation and fast orgasm. It extends pleasure from the quickie 3 minutes to as much as 40 to 60 minutes of sexual pleasure. Order here.

#2 Peineili Penis Erection Spray For Men

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Application: Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Syzygium aromaticum, Cnidium monnieri, cinnamomum zeylanicum, water, spongilla fragilis leidy, fruit, and plant extracts.

Did you know all is not lost in a premature ejaculation? Most men panic after repeated quick ejaculations, which further worsens the PE. However, using desensitizing sprays help delay orgasm from the embarrassing two-minute ejaculation. You can do something with that sex problem. One of the highly rated delay sprays today is the Peineili Penis Spray.

Importantly, this penis spray will help you control your semen from coming out on short notice. We know how embarrassing it is to ejaculate under 5 minutes. This desensitizing spray lessens the sensitivity threshold of your penile glans. For you to last longer in bed, use Peineili Penis Spray to delay your orgasm.

This Penis Spray’s notable feature is the all natural plant extracts, which makes it safe to use. Just spray it on the penis head, shaft, and base just before you engage in sexual activity. Gently massage your manhood so the liquid would be fully absorbed into the skin. You should increase the spray if you have an extremely sensitive glans.

Use the Peineili spray regularly to achieve the best result, as what other users suggest. More so, using the delay spray along with other methods such as relaxation, diet, and using fda approved penal pumps can maximize the effect. So, go ahead and order the Peineili spray to fully eradicate your premature ejaculation – which translates to a boost in your sex performance. Remember, a happy wife brings a happy life! Buy it here.

#3 Stud 100

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Buy Here

Application: Metered pump spray

Ingredients: Lidocaine 9.60 %

If you like something not as costly, then you can use the Stud 100. It is just as effective as Promescent and can help you extend more minutes in your sex time. That means you get to kiss, cuddle, caress, and fondle her even more. You can penetrate her a couple more times, without your penis getting soft after a quick semen release.

Have you been ashamed to your girlfriend that you cum in the first minute? Well, just get your act together and do something about it with the Stud 100 delay spray. Most people find it hard to get a dose in the first use of the product. This has somewhat become unpredictable when you get a topical medicine. You certainly don’t want to feel numbness to the point that you break the pleasure barrier.

#4 Super Dragon 6000

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Check Price

Application: Spray bottle

Ingredients: Vitamin E & Lidocaine 10.0 %

If you like something stronger, with a relatively cool branding, the Super Dragon 6000 provides more potent active ingredients. The stronger 10% amount is relatively higher than well-known delay spray brands in the market. The Super Dragon is also quite faster in terms of the how the numbing effect takes place in that part of your body. If you think 10 minutes is quite long to wait, this product can be absorbed by your tool in as short as 5 minutes.

However, if you would like to spray again, reviews say that you need to wait for around twenty minutes to re-apply in case you intend to go for second round of intercourse. The stronger percentage may have been taken into consideration. The duration of extension for sex time using the Super Dragon 6000 averages 10 to 15 minutes, which is the ideal average of normal ejaculation. The downside for some men are the strong active ingredients, which you can adjust per dosage. A single spray should be more than enough to get you started.

#5 Viga 50000

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Purchase At Amazon

Application: Spray bottle

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10.0 % with Vitamin E

Quite similar to the previous product, the Viga 50000 also contains ten percent Lidocaine along with Vitamin E. The active ingredients in the single spray is more than enough for you to feel numb in your shaft. The lidocaine ingredient actually does the trick as one spray should be enough for you to feel the over stimulation, which allows you to be desensitized for a longer thrust into the vagina. If you’re quite sensitive even at the touch of the penis into your partner’s legs, then use a delay spray like Viga 50000 to calm you down.

If your premature ejaculation is a bit extreme, then you can opt to spray twice. However, since it is quite strong, refrain spraying too much since it can affect your erection and sex drive. A drawback raised by other users is the smell, though it should not trouble you if your aim is to prolong your sex time. The product takes effect 5 to 8 minutes after the spray.

#6 Shibari Triton

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Check Price

Application: Spray bottle

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10%

The Shibari Triton has the familiar 10% Lidocaine, so that speaks to the strength of the ingredients. However, it doesn’t have the Vitamin E bonus which other brands have. In terms of effectiveness, it works just the same like Super Dragon and Viga.

One or two sprays would be just as fine to provide that needed numbness. The product name derives from the Japanese term Shibari which means rope bondage. So, if you literally want to be in full control, then this product should get your roped for longer duration in sex.

Whether you do it at night, or you would like to insert some afternoon delight of sex, just spray a couple of doses into your manhood. Most people think Triton is a clone of the other brands, but companies these days work on their products to meet up the demand as well as challenge the competition. The effectiveness of Shibari Triton works just as well, as you can apply one spray and can feel the numbness for the next 30 minutes of sexual activity.

#7 Adam And Eve Marathon Delay Spray

IMG Source:

Buy At Amazon

Application: Spray can

Ingredients: Benzocaine

For this product, the main ingredient used is Benzocaine. So if you have allergic reactions to Lidocaine, you can use Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray to control your sperm release. One of the best features of this spray product is the quick active ingredient as well as the similarly strong compound.

Some people encounter problems using premature ejaculation creams. In this case, the Benzocaine spray would be a better application for you. The spray will take effect after around five minutes, though others say they feel the numb feeling after around 8-12 minutes.

#8 Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men

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Application: Spray bottle

Ingredients: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Dimethicone, Farnesol, Fragrance, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Purified Water (Aqua), SD Alcohol 40-B, Sodium Hydroxide, Soy Lecithin, Stearoxytrimethylsilane, Stearyl Alcohol, Thymol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Known to be one of the popular delay sprays in the past few years, the Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men is specially formulated for men experiencing abnormal early ejection of semen. The ingredients do not include the usual Lidocaine and Benzocaine.

This is topical lidocaine formula is highly recommended 2000 urologists, and well formulated so you can manage male ejaculation issues successfully. With this metered spray dose, you’ll be able to control your cock sensitivity. You can reinforce your stamina even more by regularly taking max performer pills so you can perform better sexually.

Apply the spray around 10-15 minutes before sex intercourse, and enjoy the long lasting endurance you’ve always wanted. Promescent spray can be purchased easily in Amazon, with no need for prescription. You can adjust the application depending on your manhood’s sensitivity. The standard size of the bottle comes with around 60 sprays.

Developed along with the help from U.S. University’s School of Pharmacy, the Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray is one of the best delay sprays available that can absorb under the skin, where it affects the nerve endings, so last longer and have more enjoyable sex. The spray product has been endorsed by known magazines like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Esquire.

100% FDA compliant, Promescent spray does not transfer to your lover, which allows you to enjoy sex more.

#9 K-Y Duration Spray for Men

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Application: Spray

Ingredients: Lidocaine USP (9.6%) (Approximately 10 mg per Spray) Purpose: Male Genital Desensitizer. Inactive Ingredients: Ethoxydiglycol, Fragrance, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearic Acid.

K-Y Duration Spray for Men works as an endurance enhancer that allow you to last longer in bed. It includes ingredients like Lidocaine, which is considered safe by the FDA. The spray can temporarily prolong your sex time until you release your cum.

This is an easy to use delay spray that can help you control how long you can last in penetration. Use it right for your enjoyment and of your partner. Any chance of transfer to your sex partner is non-existent, as long as you use it as directed and then allow it to dry.

The K-Y Duration Spray is for external use only. If you spray it on your penile area, be sure to avoid contact to the eyes.

Also, just a reminder, do not use if you or your sex partner have some allergy or sensitivity on the listed ingredients. If your sex partner is already pregnant, do not use the spray.

Likewise, don’t apply the spray if there’s inflamed, broken, or wounded skin. You can consult a doctor before regular use if you’re not in general health, such as if you have liver or kidney problems or if you take prescription drugs.

When using K-Y spray, avoid getting it into the eyes, mouth or nostrils. Be sure you do not inhale when you spray. Limit the spray into a maximum of 20 sprays in a day and just use the minimum amount that’s most effective for you. Be sure to allow around 15 minutes for the spray to to dry, before you proceed to
sex intercourse.

Conclusion – Buying Premature Ejaculation sprays

By now, you already have a good idea on what delay sprays are, how it works, how you apply them, as well as the best types of delay sprays in the market.
Always remember that delay sprays shouldn’t be your only treatment since it only works for shorter periods. Use it along with other therapies such as premature ejaculation pills and other PE therapies.
Are you considering to purchase a delay spray? Let us know about your apprehensions or questions regarding this topical medicine. Feel free to browse our other pages and resources. If you have suggestions on what topics to discuss, just let us know.

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