Treating Premature Ejaculation with Acupuncture Needles (Would it Help You?)

Most guys would do everything to perform better in bed. Who wouldn’t?

It would be a shame to be in bed with the girl you want, ready for sex, but suddenly you got embarrassed because you unexpectedly squirt your cum.

If you’re looking for other methods, other than kangaroo pill male medications and exercises, you may want to consider acupuncture for your premature ejaculation treatment issues.

Just be sure to read through the article to help you decide if this therapy is for you.

What Is Acupuncture For Premature Ejaculation?

What Is Acupuncture For Premature EjaculationAcupuncture has long been used for the treatment of sexual health issues. A traditional Chinese medicine, it’s a medically proven remedy for a variety of health concerns, including sexual problems.

It has been combined with the need of Chinese herbals to handle sex functioning worries in the past five centuries.

By using fine tiny needles inserted to the tips on the skin, your whole sexual wellness may be significantly improved.

This also includes the enhancement of overall sexual performance and sex desire. Moreover, acupuncture also works on causes which could contribute to sexual troubles like medicine interactions, menopause, psychological challenges, bodyweight loss, and physical hormone abnormality.

Acupuncture is a fantastic tool for the treatment of any particular ailment of a person through actual mental, physical, and emotional means.

It has reduced risks, and few adverse reactions, with outcomes typically observed within a limited time. However, treatment method times depends upon how severe is the instability within your body.

How Does Acupuncture Treat PE

How Does Acupuncture Treat PEHow does acupuncture treat PE? Acupuncturists mostly use precise pattern design diagnosis to clarify the different health complaints of a person.

The patterns tend to be named based on the internal organs we know from biology school. However, they do not usually immediately relate to the actual internal organs in our systems.

By asking some questions during your clinic visit, the acupuncturist will decide what pattern best fits your problems and symptoms.

This pattern would then guide the acupuncture therapy through the selection of acupuncture points and use of herbal medicines.

📌In addition to traditional Chinese medicine and holistic treatments, you’ll be advised of dietary changes, Qigong workout routines, and personal-therapeutic massage.
Well, of course, you can decide to do these massage therapy techniques together with your sexual lover, for you to have a blissful sex experience.

Are There Side Effects Of Acupuncture?

Are There Side Effects Of AcupunctureWhat are the possible undesired effects of acupuncture? One of the most common severe injuries noted from needles of this Chinese medicine has been the unintended puncture of the lungs, which leads to pneumothorax.

Another common infection noted from homeopathy treatments is viral liver disease, quite possibly a severe illness of the liver organ.

Other side consequences include microbial infections in your body, at the spot of needle placement in the epidermis and other places in your body.

Usually, side effects often relate to very poor hygiene and inadequate training of your acupuncturist.

📌Comparatively few difficulties from using traditional Chinese acupuncture have been claimed. Still, challenges have lead from the usage of nonsterile fine needles and poor delivery of therapy.
If not delivered correctly, acupuncture might cause severe adverse reactions. This may include microbe infections, collapsed respiratory system, punctured body organs, and even nervous system problems.

Some reports discussed adverse effects such as intestinal discomfort, mild discomfort, lightheadedness, and reduced sex desire. Once they were documented, the side effects were typically mild.

Chinese medicine acupuncture is a natural method that can be used in eliminating PE. It can be used instead of SSRI’s, which may carry adverse reactions, such as personality changes, sluggishness, weight gain, or even loss of libido.

Does Acupuncture Work To Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Acupuncture is used as a beneficial intervention widely applied in the US. There was much research of its probable usefulness.

Nonetheless, many of these scientific studies give you equivocal results as a result of trial size, design, along with other considerations.

The problem is further tricky by built-in challenges in the use of proper controls, like placebo and even sham homeopathy groups.

Many scientific studies in animal creatures and humans have shown that Chinese acupuncture can cause several biological changes.

📌These responses often occur close to the form, interfered principally by your sensory neurons within your nervous system. This can lead to activation of paths affecting a variety of physiological factors as well as your periphery.
Stimulation by acupuncture usually activates your hypothalamus and even your pituitary gland, often resulting in vast systemic results.

The changes in the neurotransmitters secretion, neurohormones, and modifications in your blood circulation, both peripherally and centrally, have been seen.

Also, there’s proof of changes in immunity defense mechanism by using acupuncture. Along with other physiological alterations eventually, mediate medical effects that reach present needs of men.

Acupuncture To Last Longer In Bed

Acupuncture could treat males to prevent erectile issues and even last longer in sex, professionals from Sheffield University have presented.

The latest report statements that homeopathy could help guys with rapid ejaculation along with Chinese herbal treatments.

Specialists say the discovery of acupuncture for PE could deliver welcome help for guys that have not gotten relief from Viagra and mens erection supplements or just have plain embarrassment of not able to see a medical professional.

It’s vital that you see the proof for other therapies, said guide author Katy Cooper from the University of Sheffield.

This is the initial systematic evaluation to assess the contrasting and even the alternative treatment for early ejaculation.

There are a variety of treatments readily available for premature climax, including medical therapies, PE sprays, PE creams, PE tablets, behavior change, and sexual counseling.

However, some males may not wish to visit the physician or take PE medicines long-term. Even so, not all wants to be on a very long waitlist for therapy.

In the current review, published from the Journal of Sex Medicine, experts evaluated ten random trials that included studies of another type of treatment method and a placebo.

Two studies were actually of traditional Chinese acupuncture. Five had been using Chinese holistic medicine, one with Ayurvedic holistic medicine as well as two of Korean topical ‘secret’ PE cream.

Both acupuncture research found that the Chinese therapy slightly elevated intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) by about 45 seconds.

Chinese herbal medication boosts the IELT by about three minutes while Premature Ejaculation Ayurvedic medicine elevated IELT by nearly 1.5 minutes, and topical PE cream raises the IELT by 5 minutes.

Acupuncture Points For Premature Ejaculation

While some of the acupuncture points mentioned here are good for ‘seminal issues,’ but not just specific to men or women.

The majority of the points should assist anyone of any sex and whatever form of relationship you have.

If it feels like some of anxious situations would keep you from having a hot sex, working on acupressure can help modify your need.

And talking about all of them with your lover can help inspire good conversation, which is not a wrong thing in couples.

How to use these acupressure points?

How to use these acupressure points?Use these points by utilizing your fingers or even using sex toys like dildos or vibrator. If appropriate, work on it for a minute at a time every day.

Have a partner assist you in exploring the points, maybe by using your favorite massage therapy oil.

Use available diagrams to get acquainted with the location of the acupressure points.

During sex, it’s ok to massage the general areas. Work on the abdomen along the midline below the belly button. Go to the lower legs from behind the ankle bone, then start working your way up the leg. Work on the points in the genital area that feel good to you.

1. Ren 1

It’s not just for conception. This acupuncture route runs over your body midline commencing at Ren 1 and ends at Ren 24 on your chin.

Ren 1 is midway between your rear end and scrotum, along with the anus, while at the labia in females.

This is a point said to calm the spirit, ease the genital ache, help with erectile dysfunction, treat PE, and seminal emission.

2. Ren 2

Ren 2 is on the midline of your low abdomen, just on top of the pubic bone, right underneath your pubic hairline.

This point helps aid genital dry skin, genitals pain, erection problems, PE and seminal emission. It may also help improve sex performance.

3. Ren 6

Ren 6 “Sea of Qi” is in your midline, just two fingers beneath your belly button.

Dr. Michael Gach from Acupressure Institute states that pressing the area and the acupressure points close to that, can eventually relieve your abdominal stress. It can also strengthen your urinary and even reproductive issues while raising sexual bond and satisfaction.

When you do not have better climaxes, this point may help move the Qi in your body.

It even strengthens the Kidneys, one of your body organ systems responsible for your sexual health. By moving the Qi, this can also aid in irritability and anxiousness.

4. The Liver Channel

The Liver works on the smooth circulation of Qi and boosts continuous blood flow in our entire body. Liver 3 is in the webbing just between your first and second toes.

It is an excellent position for treatment of sexual frustration, depressive disorders, and sexual pain. This point is significant for treatment of genital swelling and pain.

5. The Spleen Channel

The Spleen allows you to deal with fatigue, muscle tissue weakness, and even ab distention. It’s in control of transforming the food into energy.

If your Spleen is fragile, it may lead to irregular sex function. This may also cause dampness and phlegm in your body which create some conditions.

Spleen 6 is found when you form three fingers, just near the ankle.

The genitals are gathering for your sinews according to Su Wen, an ancient Chinese text. Spleen 6 is an essential part of sex, for sexual, and genital disorders.

📌Spleen 6 help ease any distressing periods and even unpleasant intercourse in ladies. It reduces any pain in the external genital area in both men and women.
It also helps in seminal emission, treats sexual hyperactivity, ejaculation issues, and erection problems.

The points talked about here are for your self-care. Some of the circumstances described may take not just acupressure to alleviate.

Talk to your acupuncturist about how Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs and also other Traditional Chinese Treatment techniques will help you.

Your acupuncturist may also be able to supply referrals for some other healers like sex practitioners, psychotherapists, and even personal coaches who are experts in sexual rehabilitation.

Other early ejaculation treatments: Tongkat Ali, Kava Kava, 5-HTP

Acupuncture For Premature Ejaculation Reviews

A 2012 report on 80 reviews of acupuncture released in China journals showed that less than half of the studies claimed to test for publication.

Scientist Steven Salzberg identifies some Chinese medicine and Asian medicine generally as a focus study for “alternative medicine journals” such as the Journal of Traditional Chinese medicine and Meridian Studies and Acupuncture.

📌A systematic review of organized reviews discovered decreasing pain, from actual acupuncture, was superior to sham
homeopathy. That numerous determined critiques have shown minimal convincing facts that Chinese medicine, indeed, is an adequate remedy for reducing PE discomfort.

According to the 2014 Miller’s book, when compared with another placebo, acupuncture remedy has established some form of efficacy for relieving soreness.

Edzard Ernst later reported that any anxiety that a sufferer has, when managed to remove the prejudice, we may find that the results of acupuncture homeopathy, exclusively, can also be a placebo reaction.

However, a 2010 regular review advised that traditional Chinese acupuncture medicine is simply greater than a placebo as it is taking place at the chronic ache conditions.

The same overview found that any constrained evidence from real traditional Chinese medicine and even acupuncture seem to produce the needed biological differences in results.

What To Consider In Acupuncture for PE

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is an alternative treatment, so most experts will surely look on how its able to treat health issues.

However, before you allow needles in your body, you need to consider several factors to know if its right for you.

Most of the clients of acupuncture seek the Chinese treatment as an additional medication from sex medicines, exercises, and behavioral counseling they have.

📌It’s mostly efficiently if you use combinations of other premature ejaculation treatments. It’s shown to be extremely useful. You have to understand that there’s no single healing answer for how to delay ejaculation and you would have to combine several types of therapies like penile rehabilitation vacuum pump and PE medicines.

Also, if you do decide to go for premature ejaculation acupuncture, seek professional acupuncturists. Ask for certificates and their school of training.

Another concern you should take note if you proceed with acupuncture treatment is that you’ll mostly be given diet recommendations that include herbal supplements and changes in food consumption.

You’ll mostly have to steer clear of foods that contain a lot of glucose, additives, fats, sodium, alcohol, and other harmful ingredients.

Also, you’ll need to take in a lot of vegetables, fish, and those containing lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

If you use conventional Chinese treatments like acupuncture, consumption of too many sweets can disproportion your pancreas, spleen, and liver organ, which are essential to your renal system.

So, consider very carefully if you can stay away from sugars, and instead consume a healthy diet of good foods, before you go for treatments.

What Happens in Acupuncture Treatment For PE

Initially, you would be concerned on your first visit with the acupuncturist about the fine needles and the entire process of being “punctured.”

That’s okay. Some feel anxious or fearful about the needles to be used. Honestly, you’ll not feel anything – as soon as you started with acupuncture therapy.

Try to remember when you were young and a nurse would puncture a needle, either for some tests or to give flu shots.

Interesting to know that there have been types of healthcare professionals that would show you how to ‘not’ feel the needle.

Some nurses are very good that you would feel nothing at all, as what people would describe as having a “light-feathered hand.”

📌Same with experienced acupuncturists. Apart from every information they learned about intricate biological problems, they have to master in training to have an ‘incredibly light hand’ when they administer the traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments.

Depending on your situation on your PE problem, if it’s quite moderate, right after your first check out, all ejaculation signs could be treated or switched off so to speak.

Extreme cases of premature ejaculation would need several treatments and visits, along with a combination of PE therapies like sexual counseling, behavior modification, and sex medicines.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

How Many Treatments Will You NeedAs mentioned, depending on the type of PE condition you have, you may need several visits to your acupuncturist. It could range from 2-12 treatments depending on your situation.

The most common program in acupuncture clinics is within an eight-visit acupuncture treatment program. This should already help you in your sexual issues to help you sexually perform better, remove anxiety and pressure while raising your overall health.

The program could be a weekly visit that would often be scheduled by the practitioner. After you finished the eight treatments, progress would soon be assessed.

The acupuncturist determines if there’s a need for additional treatment as well as recommendations for other therapies, diet, and lifestyle changes.

How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?

The cost of acupuncture treatments would usually be determined by a variety of factors such as your sexual problem, years of experience of the practitioner, number of needles, business brand, and number of your visits.

Most national Chinese medicine organizations may provide
referrals to professional acupuncturists.

📌When asking about the practitioners, inquire about their training, certificates, and practical experience. Ask the practitioner regarding the estimated treatment visits required and how each remedy will cost.

You may ask your insurance companies if they could cover the expense of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Others have it, while others do not.

There are also acupuncture schools that may provide discounted or lower cost for acupuncture treatments, so seek the ones nearest to your area.

Acupuncture Benefits on Sex

Acupuncture is Multiple-Goal Alternative Therapy that can be used for a variety of medical problems. This includes sexual health issues. It has been part of Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) for centuries. The practice of placing thin needles into a person’s skin, usually at strategic areas on your body, has long been studied.

As outlined by TCM, applying needles to specific area points restores the Qi flow, which is the life force in your body to make you healthy, not just your sexual well-being but overall health. So, it’s interesting to note on the many benefits of acupuncture in sex.

How Acupuncture Improve Your Sex Life

How does acupuncture deal with sexual issues? Chinese medicine provides stability to your body by fixing any interruption of vitality flow within, known as Qi.

When addressing a decrease in sex performance and libido, the organs typically handled are the renal and heart, as these are contributors that produce an imbalance in your body.

An acupuncturist uses analytical tools to discuss signs and determine imbalances. Acupuncture surpasses the traditional heartbeat checks that Western medication uses by examining 20-7 pulse through 9 positions.

These pulse rates provide information regarding how well the organs in your body are working as well as the all-around health of the affected person. The mouth also determines one’s overall health as it’s inspected for shade, humidity, shape, coating, cracks, or crevices.

Chinese medicine and acupressure are the most common treatments, but other strategies, such as electroacupuncture and cupping, could also be used along with Chinese natural herbs.

Treatments are aimed at relaxing your mind to decrease anxiety, balance hormonal levels and raise circulation for proper blood flow to the sex organs.

This kind of treatments boosts sexual performance on men, improving their overall performance through enhancing erections, climax, and long ejaculations, while also supporting women to raise their sex drive, lubrication, and more fulfilling orgasms.

Acupuncture Boost Orgasm

We all want amazing orgasms? Well, not every person experiences this. Failure to orgasm in TCM relates to the dysfunction on your liver.

This disorder is explicitly a stagnation. The liver is in charge on shifting the Qi energy efficiently throughout your body. The liver organ channel passes through your genital area.

A lack of climax is related to an interruption of Qi (energy) flow. Chinese medicine can help by breaking up stagnation and making it possible for a smooth stream of Qi to the sexual area.

How do you feel about your orgasm? How you will relate to your body, plays a crucial role in your sex life.

📌So many people ruin their sex pleasure with fear and self-criticism. They may be so centered on their observed shortcomings as they hold back and unable to just be themselves in sex.
From a homeopathy perspective, when emotions become caught in this way, the vitality of your body became restricted and blocked as well. This can make it tough to achieve sexual climax.

Acupuncturists use needles to get rid of stagnation and allow for smoother circulation to your sexual organs. This assists men to experience orgasms easier and often.

Acupuncture will help improve libido as well. The needles transfer blood to the genital area, as well as enhancing arousal.

In acupuncture conditions, sexual desire is improved because they build Yang vitality. Yang is the heat, your metabolism, the momentum in your body.

This is the spark that ignites your sex drive. Chinese medicine helps the flame gently.

Like homeopathy, it makes you a lot more physically alluring to your girl, by enhancing your skin.

Acupuncture Helps You Relax

Relaxation is key to better sex. It’s a fact. If you’re excited, you’ll cum fast.

I hear from several men that they have unsatisfying or non-existent sexual lives.

It’s easier to meet somebody with great sex while you are relaxed, calm, at ease, and satisfied. That’s how you feel as soon as you leave an acupuncture program.

By relaxing your central nervous system, with traditional Chinese medicine treatments, it helps relieve the stress and tension.

Whether you are on a very first date or in a marriage that has been overwhelmed for years of unsatisfying sex, you’re possibly stressed and therefore, not showing up as the best sexual dynamo.

Acupuncture reduces stress. It can help bring you from fight-or-flight function to induce physical and emotional relaxation.

Over time, traditional Chinese medicine has a cumulative effect, helping keep you within a stress-free region long after the treatments have finished.

There is nothing more attractive compared to a self-assured, calm person.

Whenever we are calm, we are liberated to be our most genuine selves, unimpeded by concerns or disguises.

Acupuncture allows you to feel at peace with who you are.

This is the suitable state of mind for experiencing satisfying sexual intercourse.

Acupuncture Helps You Get Better Sleep

Acupuncture helps you get some good rest as well. Lack of sleep can be a significant aspect of a reduction in one’s sex life.

Low energy and insufficient sleep are one of the most common grievances for a decrease in sexual activity.

Lack of sleep has a significant influence in reducing androgenic hormone, testosterone levels, and low libido.

Take note of the significant complaints of new mums. Having an insufficient sleep and low energy substantially affects their sexual interest.

Acupuncture is outstanding at improving sleep at night quality. Chinese medicine helps raise melatonin generation and full sleep time.

Acupuncture can assist you to fall asleep faster and can help you stay in bed throughout the entire night.

With those additional hours of sleep plus some acupuncture remedies, you’ll improve your sexual desire and also increase your vigor!

Acupuncture Against Low Libido

Even though more scientific studies are needed for this topic, one research, in particular, shines regarding far more direct proof for Chinese medicine for lower libido.

The analysis involved those who were struggling with low libido caused by antidepressants.

Antidepressants trigger sexual problems at extremely high rates, with a few figures becoming placed up to 90 percent.

Volunteers in the research underwent traditional Chinese medicine procedures for 12 days. They also clarified questionnaires each week assessing depressive disorders, anxiety and sexual operate.

At the end of 12 months, volunteers had a substantial improvement in their sex drive with males getting significant advancement in sexual function, depression symptoms, stress, and anxiety.

How Acupuncture Enhances Sexual Performance

Women enjoy acupuncture. Most acupuncturists will tell you that they see more girls than guys in their procedures.

More females also want to be acupuncturists. And women’s overall health is a popular area of expertise among medical professionals.

Interesting to note how acupuncture works as an active therapy for majority of women. It’s time more men discovered its benefits.

As a man, guys tend to not seek out medical care in the same way girls do. This can be precisely why acupuncture is not so dominant in males.

Men usually wait until the situation is seriously bad before going to doctor sessions.

Sometimes this can be a pride issue, but usually, it’s because we’re out of touch with our health. We don’t even realize our health is not stable until it’s too late.

When deciding on sexual health issues, I found myself drawn to just how acupuncture help reverse any dysfunction.

Acupuncture heightens awareness, triggering us to see things that typically get disregarded. This makes us more linked to our all-around states of health.

Every single acupuncture needle is saying, “Hello! Please place some care and consideration right here.”

The sooner you can identify areas that need consideration, the sooner you’ll be able to provide your body a route towards balance.

Using Vibrators On Acupressure Points

Another tip you can use is making use of vibrators on acupressure points. By using a bullet design vibrator or prostate massager, you can improve the stimulation that you receive in acupressure.

The extra edge in utilizing a smaller vibrator is that they enable you to determine the accuracy in stimulating the particular point that you wish to handle.


The best way to use acupuncture for premature ejaculation is combine it with sex medicines and behavioral changes. As mentioned, there’s no single cure for PE.

Have you learned from our discussion on using acupuncture for premature ejaculation? Then share them with your friends who need the said information.

Also, let us know of your reactions in our comment section.