Cure Peyronie’s Disease With Penis Pumps


With the development of medical science, we now learned about several complications that men deal with in their sex lives. Back in the old days, a lack of sexual energy or sexual prowess almost always attributed to male impotence.

Today, we know that serious medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation disrupt the fluidity and intensity of sexual intercourse. However, another dreaded sex trouble that afflicts men is Peyronies Disease.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Most of the sexual disorders related to the penis don’t appear at the outset. For instance, a person suffering from premature ejaculation will not be able to detect his problem simply by observing the penis.

The problem can only be identified during the course of a sexual intercourse at the time of an orgasm. The same can be said about erectile dysfunction.

However, a disorder that also afflicts men, which alters the appearance of their penis significantly comes in a malady called Peyronie’s disease.

penis-extender-and-peyronies-diseaseHow Peyronie’s Disease affects penis?

When a person suffers from Peyronie’s disease, harmful fibrous scar tissues develop inside the penis. The formation of these tissues causes curvature in the penis during erections. Curved penile erections such as these can be very painful.

Worth mentioning to a certain degree, curvature during erection is common among men. This curvature comes from the differences in penis size.

In the case of Peyronie’s disease, the curvature or bent that results to an extreme angle. This leads to pain around and in the penile tissues.

Peyronie’s Disease Disrupts Sex Life

Besides experience pain, Peyronie’s disease adversely affects a man’s sex life. Maintaining an erection becomes excruciatingly painful during sexual intercourse.

This usually prevents men with the disease from engaging in a healthy sexual relationship with a sexual partner. The absence of an active sex life often leads to anxiety and depression in the man.

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The disease often lingers on some individuals, that they don’t talk about it. In some cases, it goes away on its own. However, with most men that have the disease, the curved erections persist and the pain continues.

In many cases, the condition worsens over time. As a result, resorting to male stamina pills becomes essential.

Without proper treatment, men with the disease may end up experiencing severe pain on a regular basis. Then, they see their sex lives becoming absolutely redundant and obsolete.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease can be treated in a number of different ways. The common methods include the consumption of drugs, surgical procedures and the use of mechanical devices.

Among the mentioned three methods, the use of mechanical devices proves more convenient and effective. More so, it comes risk-free and takes effect faster than the other two options.


As a matter of fact, men with Peyronie’s disease started using the mechanical device more. Among all the mechanical devices available, the peyronie’s disease stretching devices and the penis pump proves to be the most useful ones.

In other words, many men prefer using male vacuum pumps as the choice of treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

How Penis Pumps Work

Penis pumps get worn around the penis. They consist of a cylinder latched around the length of your manhood. The cylinder attaches to the pump.

This pump may be powered by a motor or work manually. Once the pump gets up and running, a vacuum gets around the penis. When the vacuum reaches a certain level of intensity, the blood flows in the body directs to the penile tissues. As the blood flow into the erectile chambers increase, a robust erection takes place.

How Penis Pumps Help With Peyronie’s Disease

Research show that peyronie’s disease vacuum pump therapy become highly useful when it comes to achieving an erection, specifically erectile dysfunction. As far as Peyronie’s disease is concerned, penis pumps prove to be equally helpful.

The penis curvature in men with Peyronie’s disease often gets stabilized. It improves with the help of penis pumps. With regular use of the penis pump, men no longer need to resort to surgical procedures to correct the penile curvature.

Penis pumps works efficiently to treat Peyronie’s disease as the tension causes scar tissues in the penis. This tissues then rearranged or reconstructed. The restructuring of the tissue in the penis results in a reduction of the curvature of the penis.

When to Use Penis Pumps to Treat Peyronie’s Disease

Experts recommend men with early stages of Peyronies disease to use penis pumps. Take note of the two phases of Peyronie’s disease: 1) Acute 2) Chronic.

Apply the penis pump to your manhood to cure Peyronie’s disease during both of these stages to prevent extreme penile curvature.

Benefits of Using Penis Pumps

As mentioned before, penis pumps work as a much better alternative to prescription drugs and surgical procedures. For one, the price factor as they are inexpensive

Second, easy to use. More so, the use of penis pumps directly affects the sex life of the individual using it. Since penis pumps stimulate stronger erections, you restore your libido, while at the same time cure penile curvature.


Recommended Pressure for Penis Pumps

When using a penis pump to treat Peyronie’s disease, one must be careful to not exceed the recommended pressure required for pumping. The pressure should not be higher than 200-250 mmHg as explained by the Department of Urology at Weil Cornell Medical College below.

“There are a number of medical equipment companies that have specially-designed devices which are carefully constructed so that a limited amount of pressure is allowed to develop. This is to reduce the likelihood of pressure-induced penile injury. This pressure is approximately 200-250 mmHg”

Final Remarks

In conclusion, penis pump works as a great tool if you want to deal with the challenges of curved penile.

With proper, well-regulated use, a penis pumps completely eliminate the ill effects of this medical condition, while also enhancing your sexual drive.

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