Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment


In general, curved penises due to Peyronie’s Disease are not that popular but they are not uncommon either. Curved penises due to Peyronie’s disease are painful when erect or during a sexual intercourse, making the act impossible or unbearable.

For men with Peyronie’s disease who can hardly perform under the sheets, here is a list of Peyronie’s disease alternative treatment that you can try at home. Check it out and see if it works for you.

Use Castor Oil

One of the most popular treatments for Peyronie’s disease is castor oil. A number of men with the said condition tried it and they are impressed with its result.


The use of castor oil doesn’t promise an overnight treatment. You have to endure weeks or months of applying the oil on your member to see results.

How To Use This

1. Purchase a high-quality castor oil.
2. Put a small amount of oil in your palm.
3. Rub and massage onto the affected area.
4. Apply a cotton bandage to keep the heat and pressure overnight.
5. Do this for 12 weeks before bedtime to see results.

Is it Effective

According to Twinsauntymom, her husband has Peyronie’s disease too and this method has helped him straighten his indented and curved penis. In addition, the pain that comes with Peyronie’s disease is almost gone.

Apply Heat Treatment

Peyronie’s heat treatment includes the application of an excessive heat in the affected area. This is also known as hyperthermia Peyronie’s treatment.

Hyperthermia is a condition when one’s body temperature is higher than the normal levels. This method has been used to treat plaque in orthopedics and oncology.

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How To Use This

Apply heat about 34-40 degrees Celsius in the area on regular interval for short periods. For a more detailed preparation, you can check on the process below from Peyronie’s Disease Institute.

1. Prepare three towels – The first one is to cover the surface that you will be sitting. The second towel should be large, you will soak this in the hot water and apply on your genital for 5-15 minutes.

Source: The Art of Manliness
Source: The Art of Manliness

Wrap it around your penis and be careful not to burn yourself. Use the third towel to cover the second towel. It will serve as an insulation to keep the second towel as hot as possible.

2. Check yourself from time to time to assure that you’re not burning your genital tissues. If in case you get to burn you can do either of the followings:

  • Apply ice pack to the area for not more than 20 minutes. You can do this twice the first day until you no longer feel the pain.
  • Apply Neosporin topical ointment to the injured area. Just follow the package instructions and make sure that the area is clean. Cover it with sterile gauze after.
  • Use aloe vera gel to speed up the healing process.
  • Use peyronie’s disease vacuum pump to reinforce the straightening of your cock.

Is Peyronie’s Heat Treatment Effective?

One study aimed to examine the efficiency of heat treatment in Peyronie’s disease and the results are positive. The study includes 60 patients between 36 and 76 years old with advanced Peyronie’s disease.


The team was divided into two groups with 30 patients each. Group A received local hyperthermia treatment for 30 minutes twice a week for 5 weeks. The sample received a total of 10 applications with a temperature between 39-40 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, Group B was treated with intra-plague infiltrations with 10 mg verapamil. The received one shot per week for 3 months.

The results of the study show that there’s a reduced in plaque size and penile curvature for sample who received Hyperthermia treatment. The researchers conclude that yes, hyperthermia is effective in treating advanced Peyronie’s disease.

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Home Remedy for PD

Another effective way to treat curved penis is peyronie’s disease penile traction device. Just attach it to your penile for couple of hours daily and it can straighten back your cock after weeks of regular use.

Try these Peyronie’s disease treatments and let us know if it works for you. Remember, to consult your physician before applying home treatments, if you feel you have an extreme case of the problem.

If you know any other effective home remedy for PD share it with is in the comment section below.

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