Peyronie Disease Stretching Exercises

Source: Elephant Journal
Source: Elephant Journal

The theory of penis exercises is similar to using penile traction device for peyronie’s disease. Stretching triggers the body’s natural response to growing more tissues to ease the tension and reduce penis curvature. Here are three penis exercises according to Birgir that might help men with Peyronie’s disease.

Penis Stretching Exercises

Stretch the penis in the flaccid state. To do this, just grip your penis head and gently pull away from the body. Stretch it until you feel the pull at the base of your penis.

Do this regularly for a few minutes. Meanwhile, there are different types of penile stretching, for Peyronie’s Disease per Keith Strange you can check it out below:

Penis Stretch 1

Grasp your penis behind the glans of head and pull it straight out from your body. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and return to the relaxed position.

Source: Okaydick
Source: Okaydick

Repeat the stretch in different directions, up, down, right and left while holding each stretch for about 15 seconds.

After completing the stretch, massage your penis to erection and grab the base with your thumb and forefinger similar to the “OK” sign when jelqing.

Apply steady pressure and milk the penis with your hand from the base to the glans. Repeat this 10 times.

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Penis Stretch 2

Apply a lubricant on your penis and massage it until semi-erect. Form your hand with an OK sign and grasp your penis.

Source: Mughal Secrets
Source: Mughal Secrets

Apply moderate pressure on your penis and slide your fingers down to your shaft while maintaining the pressure.

You will see the head of your penis swell with blood. As you near the head of your penis, grasp the base with your other hand and continue the motion with your both hands.

Repeat this for 100 times at the beginning and work your way up to 200 repetitions. Please take note that you should stop when you feel the need to ejaculate.

Penis Stretch 3

For this version, you have to grasp your flaccid penis with your hand at the head of the penis with enough pressure so you can hold your member while still allowing blood to flow.

Source: Okaydick
Source: Okaydick

Pull outward firmly and stretched as far as possible while maintaining the stretch for five minutes.

Relax the stretch for a minute and repeat the process but this time in a different direction up, down, left and right. Repeat the entire process four times.


Penis Stretch Using Penile Device

Another method to treat a curved penis is by using peyronie’s disease treatment vacuum pump. Using your hand can be tiring and there are at times your not into stretching your member. You can use a vacuum device which can also straighten back a bent cock.

Penis Massage Video

This should be performed when the penis is in a flaccid state. To make penis massage more comfortable, you can use a lubricant for a smoother operation.

Massage the plaque firmly for 15 minutes after each exercise session. You can also add stretching for additional benefits.

This will help smoothen the area that is affected by the plaque, softens the tissue and removes curvature. Check out the following video for a penis massage tutorial.

Curved Jelq Video

Jelqing is a popular penis stretching exercise. Curved Jelq is dedicated to addressing penile curvature instead of growing one’s member. Do this in a semi-erect penis.

Apply a lubricant to your member and make an “OK” sign with your hand using your thumb and index finger. Grip your penis tightly and milk from the base of the penis.

During milking pull the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature. Once you reach the penis head, start again from the base with your other hand.

Please be careful when doing a curve jelq. Make sure that you know the proper technique to avoid injuries. There are video tutorials online similar to the one below.

Try these exercises and see for yourself how it can improve your condition. Peyronie’s disease is manageable in its early stage. So before things get worse, help yourself relive the joy that is meant for you in the bedroom.