Penis Enlargement Surgery Patient Results


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Since men naturally desire to have some growth in girth and penis length, they may easily fall prey for some claims. Be careful of companies lurking to find a victim through their unrealistic penis growth promises.

Still, the truth to be spoken, the most growth you may get from penis enlargement surgery ranges from 2-3 cm for lengthening surgery, while 30-40% increase in widening surgery.

Want to See Actual Results?

Most clinics try to be very discreet when putting before and after photos of their patients online. Nearly every clinic does not do so.

However, since it is very important for you to be able to see actual results, we have managed to find generous clinics who posted some of the patient’s results from before they had the penis enlargement surgery to after the operation. We must warn you that these photos might not be suitable while you’re in the office.

First up, we have from Dr. James Elist. You can remember him from our How Much Does it Cost and Penis Surgeries Around the World page. With 36 years of experience, Dr. Elist provided an actual penis lengthening result.  See the result below.

Penis Lengthening Surgery Before-After

The following pictures come from SoCal Phalloplasty. You won’t be seeing these photos from their current site which we linked from the ‘How Much Does it Cost and Penis Surgeries Around the World’ page, but you will be able to see the several surgical results on this link:


Above photo shows a before and after picture of a patient who underwent lengthening surgery.


The picture comes from the same patient after surgery. The penis was stretched enough to measure how long would it be if erect.


Above patient sample underwent penis lengthening and widening surgery.

Penis Enlargement Clinics

The next photos come from medical clinics we have not included in our suggested clinic on our ‘How Much Does it Cost Penis Surgeries Around the World’ article.

The following clinics are neither based from the United States or from the United kingdom. But don’t worry, we included a subtle introduction of their credibility and a link to their website.

German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery have done 30,000 operations including 7,000 penis enlargement surgeries both lengthening and widening surgery and applied the standard surgical techniques used worldwide. Check their online site at

Penis Enlargement Operations

Below, see their penis enlargements operations:


The penis lengthening operation before and after


Before and after photo of a widening and lengthening operation of an uncircumcised penis.


Lengthening and widening before and after photo.

Next clinic, at the Fairview Plastic Surgery Skin Centre located in Vancouver, Canada. They perform cosmetic surgery, laser skin treatments, and penis enlargement.

View their gallery of before and after photos of not just penis enlargement but for men surgeries through this link :

Penile Lengthening


For this photo, you notice the visible scars as the side effects of the penile surgery. But that shouldn’t scare you since you can eradicate the scars through ointments or scar medications which your doctor will definitely recommend for you.


Another before and after photo of a lengthening enlargement surgery.


Clinics also reminded that these results definitely vary from the penis to penis. It may look the same for you, but it can also look different. Nevertheless, the mentioned clinics assure you of their commitment to producing results, better from the condition of your penis, prior to the operation.


Though penis surgery can provide faster way to have an enlarge cock, it can be costly with high risk of injury. You can opt for a method like a vacuum pump penile elongation device. Even if seeing the gains can be slow, its safer and cheaper way of penis enlargement.