Are Penis Pumps Safe?


What is the use of a penis enlarging pump? Most men resort to penis vacuum pump for penis enlargement.

There are several treatments and methods one can choose from when it comes to penis enlargement. There are pills, stretching, surgery and for this one, pumps. The main question now is: are penis pumps safe?

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

The answer to that is by knowing what is the safest way to use the pump. A penis pump consists of a suction function. This suction causes the blood to enter the blood vessels in your penis’ tissue like chambers.

This will make the penis more erect and longer creating satisfaction in bed. This will also cause the tissues to expand forcing it to produce new cells making the penis fatter and bigger.

As soon as the suction is gone, blood flow will return to normal as well as the size of your penis. Once done regularly, some users may see permanent results.

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It is very important then that you do not over pump it as doing so may cause future Erectile Dysfunction (ED) because too much blood will enter the penis and damage the blood vessels. It is completely safe as long as you keep in mind its certain limits.

When using the pump, allow 2-3 days a week regularly before shifting to daily pumping. Also, make sure to only pump it for about 15 minutes. That is the safest way to use your penis pump. More of the precautions on our Precautions, side effects, and Risk page.

Aside from being a trusted method for penis enlargement, penis pumps are proven to be medically effective when treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s disease. It also has lesser risks because it is only a physical and manual method in penis enlargement.

Despite its effectivity of medical penis pump for ED, you as the customer have to be very sure of your purchase as well.

Not every penis pumps out in the market especially online are safe for you. Most magazine advertisements are not medically recognized pumps. Even in sex stores, some pumps are below standard quality which can prove to be a dangerous choice.

Tips Buying Penis Pumps

For safer purchase consider the following tips:


Before purchasing, always do a research on the product, the benefits, side effects and uses (good for you to have read this article!).

Customer Service

Only purchase the products that are known for their great customer service and are medically proven.

Don’t Buy Cheap

Do not go for the cheap ones! A great deal will not come cheaply. It is better to have bought a pump for more dime than to settle for the products which are of lesser quality.

penis pumpsRealistic

Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true! A penis pump can only do as much as 1-3 inches in girth increase. If you seem to read something more than that, close the tab right away.


Check if there are legit reviews about the product, unbiased opinions and watch out for exaggerated claims! Do not visit sites that obviously just want to advertise their product by supporting it with fake reviews and user testimonies.

Doctor’s Recommendations

For ED patients, always consider the recommendations of your doctor. Your doctor may be able to suggest leading brands for your security and may add a few medications to aid your erection.

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Other Penis Enlargement Methods

Aside from purchasing warnings, you have to also remember that you cannot do all the penis enlargement methods all at once or switching to every other product for a very short period of time.

Sometimes, having too much of all these products may cause your penis to be numb to stimulation and lesser penile sensitivity resulting to less intense orgasms and ejaculations.

The main goal of penis enlargement and treating ED is to have better sex through better erection and bigger size. You don’t have to go too far and too much when using your penis pump. Sometimes less is more.

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