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penis extenders safety

Most men consider buying male enlargement devices like andropenis extender since it is a popular penile enlarger device. This tool is very easy to use and is proven effective in adding more inches in your penis’ length and girth. However, many are concerned about the safety of this penis enhancement device. Are penis extenders safe?

For those new to penis extenders, hearing the inconvenience and pain that penis extenders often come along might sound frightening.

Can you imagine placing a brace on your penis to stretch it and then you have to sit with it for 2 to 6 hours?

Well, the thought might appear painful but actually, the pain and inconvenience are bearable to one who is determined to grow his member.

Are Penis Extenders Safe

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For your concern, whether penis extenders is safe or not, the answer is yes.

Yes, penis extenders are safe. However, although it is safe you should also exercise caution when using it. This article will explain why penis extenders are safe. At the same time, we will give you a few tips to use the device safely.

We understand your safety concerns about penis extenders especially that this device is not comfortable to use. Here’s a number of reasons why you should trust penis extenders.

Backed by Research

The Worldwide Journal of Impotence Research (IJIR) did a research in 2002 examining the efficiency and safety of penis extenders as penis enlargement method. The researchers learned that penis extenders deliver growth but the results have a correlation with the frequency that the device is worn. There was no report of any accident or injury with penis extenders.

Microscopic Effects

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A number of men are scared when they learned that penis extenders involve “tearing.” However, this fear is baseless because penis extenders do not really tear your penis. It uses the traction process that tears the cells in your penis to allow for new tissues to develop and stimulate growth.

Nonetheless, this process occurs at the cellular level and can only be observed with the use of a microscope. In addition, the process is not painful. So, if you just used the penis extender properly it could be inconvenient but not painful.

Delivers Gradual Results

One of the things that make penis extenders safe and effective is its gradual process. The process mimics the organic system of mitosis or cellular division, where the penis cells undergo a speedy and gradual division to fill the gap due to tearing. This results in penis enlargement.

A 2009 study published in the British Journal of Urology confirmed this method. According to the researchers, wearing an extender for a set period of time triggers penis growth. The subjects who participated in the study gained 30 to 40% penile growth in only a few months of using penis extenders.

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Doctors Recommended

Penis extenders are considered healthcare grade devices. In fact, physicians recommend this to their patients. If penis stretchers are not safe, professional will not recommend these devices in the first place.

Penis Extender Precautions

If you wish to use a penis extender, you should acknowledge that your habit of using the device is another factor concerning its safety. Your method of choosing the device is another factor. So, to avoid injuries, you should consider the following:

Avoid cheap penis extenders

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While purchasing something at a much lower is fulfilling, you should not gamble the health of your penis to very cheap penis stretchers. In most cases, cheap items are ineffective and unsafe. You should know that extenders are not cheap.

Reliable and effective extenders may cause you $250 or more but this guarantee safety. So, if you want to use extenders that work and will keep you away from injuries, go for a reliable brand.

Use the product manual

Just like most equipment, devices or appliances your purchase, penis extenders are accompanied with its own user manual. It is recommended that you read through the manual before using the penis extender. By reading the manual, you will be guided how to use the device properly, what to expect and be informed on the do’s and don’t.

Do not overuse the device

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Yes, it is given that the more frequent you use the penis stretcher, the more results you will see. However, you should know that using it for over seven hours continuously may result in injuries. So, use the penis extender frequently but not in overly long hours.

Apply penis growth cream

A precaution you can take when you use penile traction extenders is by applying penish enlargement creams after every use. These topical solutions are made of natural ingredients that has cooling effects as well as nutrients to enlarge the member.

Check customer reviews or testimonials

If you are considering what extender to buy, it is best to do research about the brand that you are eyeing to purchase, in particular about its customer reviews. By reading customer reviews, you will learn about the other users’ experience on the same product.

Was it effective? Did it cause an injury? Was it easy and comfortable to use? Did it come with a comprehensive and easy to understand manual? You will learn these things when you check the customer reviews.

Verify the company’s reputation

Most established penis extender brands are accessible via their website. You can take advantage of the information presented on their website. Are their products backed up with research? Do they offer money-back guarantee or warranty? Do they have a customer support? These factors are very useful when choosing a brand for your penis extender.

Penis stretchers are effective and safe. In fact, according to For Males Only, most men considered this as the safest method of growing their member compared to getting a penis surgery.

There is also a growing number of men resorting to vacuum enlargement pump for a bigger dick, another good male enhancement device that is effective and safe.

Thus, put your fears aside and don’t hesitate to use penile devices as they are known to work wonders in your manhood’s size and you will surely love them. So, get one now!

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