Increasing Penis Length Without Male Enhancement Pills


Why do men prefer penis enlargement pills? Well, because it is easy to acquire, cheap and easy to apply. Think of it: growth, stamina and great erection in one pill!

Isn’t it a great solution for rushing men and would love to have the good results in the easiest way? Who doesn’t want things easy?

How To Make Penis Bigger Without Pills

The downside of pills is that they could prove to be dangerous for your health since they are not highly regulated by medical professionals.

Most of these pills are recalled by the FDA due to a suspicious listing of ingredients.

For a complete list of what are the ingredients of an all natural penis enlargement pill , head back to Main Page.

Now you ask yourself, do penis enlargement pills really work? Of course, they do! But according to how you use it as per needed by your body.

Thinking about going pill-less? Is it possible to achieve penis enlargement without pills ? It’s a big yes again!

Penis Enlargement Methods

Don’t worry there are several other penis enlargement methods you can use. All of which are subjected to their own responsible usage and has it’s own side effects and benefits. Here’s how to increase penis size without pills.Let’s get started:


Make sure your penis halfway erect then hold it tight at the base using only your thumb and forefinger. Then push it towards the tip, allowing ample amount of blood to enter your penis as much as possible. While you’re at the tip, use the other hand to repeat the steps and do this about 10 minutes.

Penis pumps

Penis enlargement pumps, vacuum pumps or Vacuum Constriction Device are cylinders in shape with a hand-pump or battery powered pump used to push blood into the penis. Many have used the pump and have seen great results. We do have a complete page and information about the penis pump in our Penis Enlargement Pump Page. You can also accompany your penis enlargement pump with jelqing for better results and bigger girth.

Penis Extenders

Forerunning the penis enlargement pumps, penis extenders literally extends the penis length by stretching the penis as much as possible.

Oils or Creams

They natural oils used to increase blood flow and aid penis stretches. Look up the whole article at Penis Enlargement Oils


This is by far the riskiest among the fore-mentioned and the most costly. But compared to penis enlarging pills  and several other methods, surgery can assure penis length increase.


Penis Enlargement Tips

You don’t want to try the risk? Again there is still no worries. There are several factors affecting penile growth and there are also several natural ways to get yourself more girth size.

Lose some weight

Especially if your overweight. some of those flabs can cover the penis’ shaft. Also, too much sugar and saturated fat can contribute to a loss of libido.

Do some exercise

Get your body moving! Do some routines for at least 30 minutes daily. It is not only beneficial to the whole body itself but can also maintain good blood flow essential if you want to have a hard erection. It is also proven that men with regular exercises last longer in bed.


Mind your diet!

It’s not good to have too much sugar and saturated fat intake as it increases risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases not suitable for great stamina. Better to have a high protein diet with moderate carbohydrates.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

It shouldn’t be further explained it’s not good for overall health anyway but for sex reasons, alcohol will yes increase the urge to have sex but will affect body condition for future sex. Smoking is also a terrible catalyst.

Natural Oils

If you want to use natural oil for an increase in girth, use olive oil or lavender oil and massage it for about 15 minutes before washing it off. It’s proven to increase blood flow in the penis when applied.

Don’t forget that better sex is not always attributed to penis size increase. Show some love through foreplay and conversation.