Can You Really Enlarge Your Penis?

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Having a larger penis is a trait desired by most men. Since ancient times, men with larger penises considered it as greater sexual prowess.

Although little research confirm the validity of this claim, one cannot deny the fact that a bigger sized penis makes a man more sexually appealing in most cultures.

Besides sexual energy and appeal, men with bigger penises believed to enjoy greater pleasure and gratification in sexual intercourse.

Defining Small Penis Size

According to Michael O’Leary, MD, professor of urologic surgery at Harvard Medical School: “There isn’t a single man on earth who didn’t wish his penis was an inch or two longer.”

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When talking about penis sizes, it is important to define a small penis. The average size of an erect male penis ranges between 5 to 6 inches. The circumference of such a penis is supposed to be 4 to 5 inches thick.

Majority of men notice why they have small flaccid size. When it comes to flaccid size of penis, there is a greater degree of variation. These numbers mentioned above may not be consistent for people of all races.

Men of certain races tend to have larger penises than others. However, race is not the only factor that determines the size of the penis. Genetic and hormonal complications similarly impose an effect on the penis length and width.

Need for Penis Enlargement

Having to enlarge your penis is more than just a desire for certain men. Some males do find the need to seek penis enlargement.

These men, usually the ones with average sized penises, think that a larger penis results in a drastic improvement in their sex lives.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to human psychology. A man may find it difficult to attain sexual gratification, without a large, above average penis.


Methods for Penis Enlargement

The need for penis enlargement eventually led to several innovations in the field of medicine. Today, a number of different methods that men adhere into, desire to add an inch or two to their penis.

The three most common methods of penis enlargement treatment includes the following:

A fourth, less commonly used alternative is penile exercise. This basically involves stretching actions done to pull the length of the penis a few inches longer than usual. In certain extreme cases, men resort to a fifth method: surgery for penis enlargement.

Introducing Penis Pumps

The simplest, least troublesome and most effective method of penis treatment requires the use of mechanical devices. Among the few available in the market include the vacuum constriction device, more commonly referred to as the penis pump. Some sex experts say it produce the best results in men with average or below average sized penises.

How Penis Pump Works

Penis pumps intended for penis enlargement brings in a very simple working mechanism. The penis pump or the vacuum constriction device creates a vacuum around the penis once attached to the body part.

As the intensity of the vacuum rise, the cylinder pumps out the air that circles the penis. The formation of this negative pressure causes a greater blood flow into the erectile chambers of the male genitals. This caused the penile shaft to attain greater size.

How Safe are penis pumps?
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The elasticity of the penile tissues accommodates expansion of the penis. In fact, the penis compares to a tyre for a more vivid illustration. When the tyre gets pumped beyond its maximum PSI, it becomes incredibly bulged and acquires great firmness. Similar to the tyre, pumping the penis with the help of vacuum constriction devices allows it to become bigger and in a sense more inflated.

Besides the penis appearing large, the man using the penis pump likely feel considerable firmness in the targeted region of his body.

Comparison Penis Enlargement Exercise

In a certain degree of similarity between penis pumps and penile exercises, their effect produces similar dynamics on the penis.

Both causes stretching and expansion of the penile tissues. When the penile tissues get stretched to a certain level, the capacity to hold blood in the penis increases significantly.

However, penis enlargement exercises can be a strenuous activity, Most users find it a tiresome routine. In comparison to that, the task to latch a penis pump to the penis proves to be an easier alternative.

Do Penis Pumps Help With Penis Enlargement?

Given the working mechanism, the science behind the penis pumps appears improbable at first. It may not provide a considerable effect on a man’s penis size if used on an irregular basis.

However, studies tell us that almost every active user of the penis pump saw results within a short period of time. Therefore, as far as efficiency or proficiency of the vacuum constriction device or penis pump, the device definitely brings as a valuable asset for those in need of penis enlargement.

Routine for a Penis Pump User

Experts advise penis pump users to adhere to a certain monthly routine when using the device. This ensures maximum effectiveness of the device. At any rate, routine use prevents injuries that stem from inappropriate or overuse of the vacuum constriction device.

For the first week, makers advise users to stick to a single 10-minute session per day. For the second week, users increase their sessions to 15 minutes per day. In the third week, increase into two 10 minute sessions.

Worth noting, provide a gap of few hours between the sessions. For the fourth and final week of the month, resort to two 15 minute sessions with the penis pump.

Final Remarks

It goes without saying, penis pumps used before sexual intercourse works fine. As a matter of fact, sexual intercourse streamlines the work of penis pumps to a certain extent. Controlled use of the penis pump over a period of 2 months eventually leads to considerable penis enlargement.

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