Penis Enlargement Pills: Do They Work? Are the Results Permanent?

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Taking supplements for larger penis is also another popular method of growing one’s member. In fact, a number of men are using this to grow their cock and achieve harder and bigger erections. But do they really work? If they do, are the results permanent?

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work

When it comes to the efficiency of penis enlargement pills, you will hear different opinions. Most professionals would disagree that enhancement pills work. However, you would learn from someone else taking sex pills that it works for them. So, what is really the case?

Some believe that male enhancement products don’t work. For instance, Men’s Health reported that male enhancement products like enlarging cream for men and pumps takes some time to work. There are no creams, pill or any enhancement product that has been proven to increase the phallus size.

AskMen added that a number of supplements claim to deliver 30% growth or more. Unfortunately, the only one’s enjoying gains are the companies selling these enhancement pills. That is why, for this reason, some advised that you better keep your money.

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Yes, a number of sources claim that penis pills don’t work but a number of men who uses it testify that it delivers results. For instance, Vimax is among the leading supplements for men. It is 100% natural and safe with the highest quality of herbal ingredients. A number of Vimax users attested that this supplement works.

Vimax has a number of testimonials from customers and doctors who are all impressed with its wonders. For instance, Jeremy R from New York received this male enhancement pills from his wife. He didn’t expect much from it but attested that it gave him stronger and more powerful erections. Jeremy also lasts longer in bed after taking the tablets. He was very happy that his wife gave this pill to him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mario Dumitrascu also supports the efficiency and safety of this pill. According to him, Vimax improves sexual performance and boosts stamina and sex drive. Aside from the physical benefits, it also offers psychological advantages. It boosts one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Reasons Why Penis Pills Work

1. They contain compounds known as vasodilators that expand the penile arteries, allowing the increase of blood to enter the penis when flaccid and erect.

2. They increase the body’s production of the male sex hormone testosterone, which increases sex drive and promote frequent, firmer and longer-lasting erections.

3. Popular brands like VigRX Plus, Pro Solution Plus, and Male Extra also offers the best and positive results. Most products are FDA approved. One user admitted that using a male enhancement pill made his penis look 1/2 – 1 inch bigger in length and girth.

Check out some of the male enhancement before and after results in the next section.

Male Enhancement Pills Before and After

We understand that it’s difficult to convince you about the potency of male enlargement pills, given the different perspectives of men and professionals regarding the product. To convince you about the efficacy of this male enhancement product, check out this before and after photo of men using male the different male enhancement pills.


One Vimax review suggested that Vimax penis enlargement pills can deliver gains up to 3 to 4 inches and up to 25% in girth. Check out the results below.

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Male Extra

Meanwhile, Male Extra had a test involving 612 men who ordered a 6-month batch of its male enhancement pill. After six months 2% of the sample gained over 2 inches in length. Another 3% gained over 0.7 inches.

The best result was from someone who gained 2.2 inches in length and 0.8 inches in girth. Although most men want to experience the same growth, the results of this penis enhancement pill vary from person to person.

However, the Male Extra test also learned that the pill’s efficiency peaks at the fifth month and declines in the sixth month both for length and girth. The study concluded that after a 6-month cycle, Male Extra becomes less effective. Check out the chart below.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using Male Extra

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Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using Male Extra

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VigRx Plus

Another popular male enlargement pill is VigRx Plus and according to the reviews, this enhancement product also works well. One review reported that using this pill in a month improves erection firmness and increase in girth.

On the second month, there’s a noticeable difference in length and girth with impressive improvement in stamina. You will also experience a significant improvement in sensation and premature ejaculation.

On the third month, the erection has become firmer and firmer. Reports have it that the longer you use VigRx Plus, the more dramatic results you will see. Check out the photo below.

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Based on the testimonials from users of different male enlargement pills, these enhancement products work. So, if male enhancement pills work, your next concern is probably this: are the results permanent? Let’s check it in the next section.

Are the Results of Male Enhancement Pills Permanent?

Now that many men have reported the efficiency of male enhancement pills, your next concern is probably the duration. How long will you enjoy the results? Are the results permanent?

Just like the efficiency concern, experts and pills users have different opinions when it comes to the results. Some sources claim that while enhancement product can deliver bigger and harder erection, it can actually offer permanent size increase when used with a penile device like dr lee rocky super enlargement pump.

However, if you follow the top male enhancement pills, some of them claim to offer permanent results. For instance, Vimax asserts that their male enlargement pills offer permanent results that you can stop taking it if you already achieved your desired size.

Male Extra also claims to offer permanent results. On the other hand, one VigRx Plus review suggested that the pill offers long-term and permanent results. However, there’s a catch, you have to do some exercises to see permanent results.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we can say that male enlargement pills work. However, its results vary among men that is why some were impressed with these enhancement products, while others were disappointed.

As for its results, although most natural male enhancement pills claim permanent results, we can’t guarantee this. It’s best to not rely on pills alone for long-term and permanent penis growth. We agree that you should also engage in penile exercises that stretch your cock or use penis extender traction device for permanent growth.

Have you tried any male enhancement pills? How was your experience? Were the results permanent? Are there no side effects? Feel free to share your experience with us to inform other readers who are also interested in trying these male enhancement products. Write your answers, questions, and suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks!