Penis Enlargement: The Answers to the Questions You’re Afraid to Ask


Most men have inquiries on several techniques, procedures, and products relative to penile growth. Often, they need background information before they avail of these penis procedures.

If you have questions about penis enlargement and male enhancement, get them here.

What is penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement procedures (or “male enhancement procedures”) are techniques designed to make the human penis larger. It means the penis increases in length and girth. It may also include enhanced overall sexual performance.

Does penis enlargement work?

Yes. Penile enlargement techniques have been around for thousand of years and present in many cultures. Many tribes still practice penis stretching and hanging. Thus, the principle is ancient, as talked about in the penis enlargement principle article.

A search on penis enlargement will reveal nearly 3,000,000 pages on this topic thus proving it’s a large industry which wouldn’t flourish at its current rate if it wouldn’t be legitimate, and testimonials can back that up.

What is the average penis size?

When the penis is erect, the average length is 5’6″ and the circumference is 4.0.

How many increase can I expect?

The average increment to the erect penis is up to 30% in length and girth.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, in nearly all cases.

Will my penis grow indefinitely?

Everyone has their own natural limit so it won’t grow indefinitely.

Will penis enlargement make the glans (penis head) and the shaft of my penis grow the same amount?

Natural penis enlargement results are uniform growth because the body sets its own rules. Pills made from artificial chemicals or surgery might not be so unintrusive. That’s why Penetric serves you the safest products you can acquire.

What is the best method for penis enlargement?

The best technique is the one which works for you! Everyone is different, and as such no method can prove a success for all people. Most sites which claim they have a method that will work for everyone, however, this is not true.

Do pills work?

Source: herbalmen

Yes, they work by stimulating the growth of the penile spongy tissue. And generally, they are completely safe, consisting most of the times of natural herbs.

Despite that fact, few negative factors have been reported like allergies, pesticide infested herbs, constant arousal or simply no enlargement at all.

Do patches work? How?

Yes, patches work too. They are transdermal patches meaning they work by releasing herbal nutrients through the skin and they can serve as alternatives to pills. But, again, as with pills, they may trigger allergies or irritations and might not work at all if your body rejects them.

Can simple hand exercises increase penis size?

Yes. We have a few on our exercise page. But they take time and like any other medicine, the effects may vary according to patient’s genes.

What if I use a combination of methods? Will that work better?

Definitely, yes. Such approach would maximize, provide faster results and increase the chances of success. A combination of an extender, pills, and exercises give optimum results.

The extender provides constant pressure. It tells the body what you want to gain. The exercises force blood into the penis, stimulating growth and expansion.

On the other hand, the pills provide the nutrients required for developing new penile tissue. However, do not strain your Penis too much. Too much of these combinations can result to permanent penile damage.

How big is too big?

Most women find a penis over 25 cm (~10 inches) to be painful during intercourse.

Is a big penis enough to have great sex?

No, sorry. It takes more than that to be a good lover.

How can I contact Penetric if I have further questions?

Send us an e-mail. We encourage you to do it because that’s why we are here and we enjoy sharing our expertise with our visitors!