Peineili Review – Peineili Delay Spray for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Peineili Spray Review
  • Premature Ejaculation Treatment
  • Delays Ejaculation
  • Strengthens Erection
  • Last Longer in Sex
  • Safe and Natural


Peineili spray is specially formulated using the most effective and safest ingredients to help you control your climax and last longer in bed. It works as a mild anesthetic that works to desensitize and numb oversensitive areas in the penis. The Peineili Delay Spray works effectively to treat premature ejaculation and other erection problems.

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When the room starts to heat up and I am so turn on, I can’t help myself, I ejaculate in no time even before I k now it. Do you experience the same?

Premature ejaculation is a known problem among men. Thanks to delaying sprays and creams we can now extend our performance on bed.

One of the delaying spray I tested is the PEINEILI Male Delay Spray. As it name suggests, this is designed to answer our premature ejaculation issues by helping us last longer in bed.

What is Peineili Spray?

This product is for men who wish to last longer in bed. you’re probably on this page to find a cream or spray that will help you suspend your big-O. If you do, then this will be very helpful to you.

Peineili spray is something that we will spray on our penis before we engage in sexual intercourse to help us last longer in bed. This material is intended to delay our orgasm so we can pleasure our woman with more rounds.

This product is specially formulated using the latest technology to help us control our climax. It uses a mild anesthetic that works quickly.

It comes in a discreet pocket size spray that we can easily take wherever we go to enhance our lovemaking sessions. Furthermore, it’s easy to use. You just have to press the nozzle for 3 to 4 times on the glans.


  • SKU – SE775HBDM22KANMY-4917238
  • Size – (L x W x H) 9x2x2
  • Weight – 0.15
  • Warranty type – No Warranty

Peineili Does It Work?

I understand that one of your biggest concerns when it comes to products like this is its safety and efficiency. These are also the factors that I always examine whenever I have to try a new product.

Good news because Peineili Delay Spray is safe and reliable. By this, you won’t feel any numbness or irritation.

In addition to that if our partner goes down for a blowjob there is no clue that we are using a delay spray because this product is tasteless, colorless and colorless.

Also, if you want to wash it, there is no problem as this still works even after washing. Now, when it comes to how effective Peineili Spray is, I must say it works. When I first use this, I was actually hesitant because it’s like water.

However, I immediately feel its wonders when I feel an increase in my erection. Yes, aside from prolonging our cock, it can also help us achieve harder erections.

But, of course, let us be reminded that this product is originally designed to lengthen our ability to intercourse.

The product prolongs my erection and I must say, I was impressed. My partner was happy because premature ejaculation is a huge problem for me.

In most cases before, when we make out and wind down in bed I easily cum even before my girl is turned on. For several times, I can see the disappointment on her face and I understand her.

That is why I was desperate to try out delaying creams and delay spray. Of course, I don’t want to sacrifice my relationship because of my inability to control my big-O. So, you can just imagine the relief and joy when I found Peineili Spray.

📍This product helps me last longer in bed for about 30 to 45 minutes. Before using this I can hardly last 10 minutes. This product is like a magic. It revs up and totally improves my sex life.

Peineili Spray application should be applied 30 minutes before we engage in a fiery lovemaking session. However, it can take effect after a few minutes after the application which for me is not too long. Sometimes, I also use apply tension rings with mens vacuum pump to stay in the game.

Peineili Vs Other Brands

A number of delays sprays are already available on the market and all of them promise to deliver us extra minutes on the bed. The question is, which is better.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been desperate in finding the best delay spray and cream. So, I’ve tried a number of other brands before finally finding Peineili Men Spray.

Among the things I tried are Tauro, Promescent, Stud 100, Super Dragon, Viga 50000, Shibari Triton and Adam and Eve. I must say that these products work and I love them but there are just minor issues that I think is not present in Peineili.

Among my favorites are Tauro, Promescent and Adam and Eve. Both of these sprays are like Peineili in performance and efficiency. Unfortunately, these other brands are too expensive.

Promescent is priced at around $90, Adam and Eve at around $60 and Tauro at $75 while Peineili is only available at around $10.

Meanwhile, the rest of the items are also at the affordable range it’s just that they make you feel numb while Peineili does the job without this. Of course, I still want to enjoy the pleasure.

In addition to this, Shibari Triton is not safe for oral sex. On the other hand, Super Dragon and Viga 50000 are as effective and give result in 5 to minutes but it takes a few tries to get the perfect dose else you’ll find it too strong. Super Dragon is not recommended for oral sex. Meanwhile, Viga has a faint smell.

It’s really surprising how Peineili is able to deliver such a great product at such a low price. However, might say that the results may vary among men.

Just like most products, the results may not be the same for everyone. However, on my end, I can guarantee that it works. Also, it offers a number of benefits that you’ll surely enjoy too.

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  • Tasteless, colorless and odorless
  • No numbness
  • No irritation or burning feeling
  • No side effect
  • Safe, natural and reliable
  • Still effective after washing
  • Strengthen erections
  • Great premature ejaculation remedy
  • Effectively delays ejaculation
  • Prolongs erection
  • Enhances libido and sex drive
  • Increases healthy sperm count
  • Discrete delivery and concealed packaging
  • Results may vary among users

Additional Feedback & Info

Aside from Peineili’s safety and efficiency, another thing I love about this product is the convenience of applying it. This spray is so easy to use. For the application, you just have to do the following:

1. Shake the container well.
2. Hold the bottle about 3 inches away from the penis
3. Press the nozzle and spray 2 – 5 times
4. Apply it all over the penis from the base to the head
5. Massage the area with your other hand
6. Wait for 5 minutes for full absorption
7. Enjoy longer time and multiple rounds!

These are all the steps and you’re good to go.

📍Tips For Best Use

Although you can just spray it all over your member there are ways to maximize its results. Here are some tips and tricks to get that maximum erection at its best.

1. Shave to ensure that the spray will directly land on your penis’ skin.
2. Wash your penis.
3. Dry the whole area
4. Apply the Peineili Spray
5. Increase dosage.

You may also want to take natural erection supplements gnc to further boost your erection and stamina.


Although this product is highly effective. I recommend that you check with your physician before using this especially if you have an allergy to ingredients.


Say goodbye to premature ejaculation and poor erection with Peineili Spray. We don’t have to suffer from these issues all our life and finding a solution should not rip our budget.

This particular product is impressive when it comes to performance and price. It also offers tons of benefits that will help us address different sexual issues like low sperm counts and poor libido to name a few.

Peineili works and if you’re doubtful, there’s nothing much to risk considering its price. As for me, I am very happy and satisfied with the result and I would highly recommend this spray.

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