Orgasm Control – Tips, Techniques, Strategies to Control Ejaculation


Would you like to control your orgasm? Or would you rather let your body naturally decide when to release your semen? You can take best male enhancement pills at gnc so you can perform better in bed, most men would argue that’s it’s quite impossible to learn orgasm control.

In many cases, rapid climax manifest before the actual sex intercourse. Then it becomes a serious problem if your ejaculation becomes premature even before body contact, which leads to the disdain of your sex partner.

Jim’s Orgasm Control Problem In American Pie

If you’ve seen the comedy film American Pie, the clip where Jim (Jason Biggs), prematurely ejaculates twice before he get’s to score on Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) was a pretty funny scene – but quite awful to watch.

Learning To Control

Mastering the male orgasm may very well be an art than science. It’s something you can learn to control, much to the surprise of many people.

Most guys don’t want to admit to their friends that they have trouble with ejaculatory control – but hey, you’re not alone. You don’t have to sulk in despair on such dilemma that you found yourself into.

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However, it may start to be embarrassing to your partner, so you started searching for solutions on the Internet. Most guys look for the best premature ejaculation treatments and techniques to help them get through the PE barrier.

Would you be able to control your ejaculation? The good news is that finding answers to male climax problems is not like finding a new life form in the universe. There are many strategies that you will discover to help you control your unflattering erectile condition.

Understanding Men’s Orgasm

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You need to understand first that you may think you reach your climax prematurely, but you’re perfectly normal just like a million other sexually active men. It could be a subjective preconception you have if you started timing your endurance in bed.

Just take note that the average ejaculation time for men ranges from 5 to 15 minutes at the moment you thrust into the vagina. As it is, you may have different ejaculation time from your other sessions, perhaps depending on your mood, stamina, and drive.

If your goal is to control climax, so you can take your woman to helluva ride of extreme bliss, there could be some problems with your thinking.

Getting To Know Women’s Orgasm

Don’t make assumptions that if you last as longer as her, she will reach her final climax as you thrust your penis. Women do last longer, but as known sex therapist Beverly Whipple Ph.D. would say, “There’s more to the thrust”.

Women don’t just have one orgasm since they can also achieve climax even if they are alone. Ladies can also have orgasms even without the penetration in their vagina. They don’t necessarily need intercourse to get their orgasm.

Most men may be puzzled and asking if it’s possible for women to achieve orgasm without the intercourse. Well, the answer: by just stimulating their clitoris.

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Where Do You Start?

Forget about lofty goals that you need to prolong your climax, go intercourse for an hour, last longer than your partner, etc. Don’t assume that if you can take control of your orgasm as long as your woman, then you’ve controlled her orgasm as well. That is not the case.

According to Whipple, you shouldn’t focus entirely on your endurance and stamina during intercourse, because you’re actually missing a lot of other great ways to help your woman reach her sexual bliss.

Understanding Your Body

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You may not be aware of it, but releasing your sperm quickly may have some genetic strains from historic early males. It could have been based on some evolutionary need of early male humans to ejaculate fast. Based on studies today, men on average last 10 minutes, while women can go as long as an hour.

Perhaps, the ‘quickie’ can be attributed to this male trait, since men need to provide for the woman in early times. At any rate, according to Drogo Montague MD, from the Cleveland Clinic, your ability to prolong the sexual intercourse can eventually be a learned response.

Be Aware Of Your Sexual Response

If the intercourse is a learned response, then you should have no problem recognizing the moment you’re about to cum. Experts suggest that a man’s goal to achieve orgasm control can be slowly learned by immediately slowing down the stimulation, as well as abruptly stopping on the intimate act.

Practice Makes Perfect

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Repeated actions of slowing down and stopping just before the cum threshold can be practiced. You let the arousal subside then you make love again, until you and your partner decide to simultaneously reach orgasmic bliss. A guy can have all the time in the world to train for the slow/stop method while he masturbates.

If you have trouble getting back a boner, you can use the best vacuum erection device available to help you get back in the game fast.

Of course, you can relay these practice to your partner and you can help each other out.

Protecting Your Penis

Most guys don’t like using a condom when they have sex. They sometimes say they lose the drive. Even if using a condom can be unnatural, the thin rubber layer lowers the hypersensitivity of your manhood. Methods can be tried and tested, so try using a condom to see how your penis react. If it lasts longer, then good. Try using a condom in your next three sexual sessions, then don’t wear one on the fourth encounter. Observe the sensitivity of your penis and see if using a condom help.

Sexual Psychotherapy

Most men’s attitude towards sex comes from home, school, media, and the Internet. Your discovery of sex can be a combination of different factors. Your mind, behavior and body then make necessary reactions towards sex as you reach teen years when you discover masturbation.

In addition, you may have conditioned yourself to release your cum quickly, which later in your middle age develop into premature ejaculation. Don’t be surprised if you hear a sexual therapist advice you to get a psychotherapy to relieve sexual anxiety, fear, or guilt you developed throughout the years.

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Numbing The Penis

If you have experienced having anesthetic before, either from the dentist or doctor, you know it numbs the pain. This has recently become a new method for men suffering from rapid ejaculation. No, it doesn’t use anesthetic injections. Instead, you desensitize your shaft with topical medicines to lessen the stimulation and sensation. Some of the popular products are desensitizing sprays and delay creams.

Orgasm Control Pills For Men

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Delay pills and premature ejaculation pills are also popular for guys who want to control their orgasm. This can either be prescription medicines, natural supplements, or specially formulated sex pills. Some medical professionals can prescribe medicines like Prozac to delay your climax. Other popular PE pills are Prematurex, ProSoluion Plus, and Prolong Plus.

Solve Early Ejection of Semen – Health Tips to Hold Sperm Longer

Perhaps, the worst part of a guy’s sexual intercourse is to release his sperm as early as the first minute. There’s nothing more embarrassing than cum prematurely, without you even breaking a sweat.

If you’re looking to keep up with the sex pleasure of your mate, extend sexual activity in bed for hour or more – you need to prepare and find ways to control your orgasm.

Some guys would actually feel depressed, thinking of their suffering. The good news is, there are thousands of men with PE, so don’t add more misery to your sexual malady. There are solutions to control a dude’s orgasm, but it needs dedication and commitment to healthy living.

Cardio Health

If you have trouble or difficulty climbing stairs or even walking a few blocks, you may have to take care of your heart health. You should strive to be fit. A healthy heart gives you stamina when you grind it in bed. That quick climax you’re having may be triggered by cardio problems.

Physical Exercise for sex
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On some account, several minutes, around 30 minutes to an hour of sex can be translated into a cardio workout. If your heart can’t pump blood smoothly, you will have trouble getting erections for long.

You can take herbal erection pills to help you get that hard boner to satisfy your woman, but supplements can only do much if you’re not generally healthy.

Try to get fit with some cardio programs, such as swimming, walking or cycling to exercise your heart.

Get Rid Of Stress

If you like to have full control of your sperm so it doesn’t eject quite early, then relieve yourself from stress. Sickness and a weak immune system can be attributed to stress, that if you like to have a healthy sex life – you should be free from any tension in your body. If you’re stressed out, your blood pressure shoots up, which is quite bad in all aspects of body health.

Everything is affected if your body is pressured. Your sex drive, libido, performance, and erection becomes wobbly – which causes you to ejaculate fast. Make sure you’re relaxed as soon as you enter the bedroom for a more scintillating sex engagement.

Quit Unhealthy Habits

Do you want to stay in the driver’s seat when you get an erection? Start kicking bad habits such as alcohol, and smoking. You should know yourself better if you drink heavily, or blow smoke like an exhaust pipe. These habits can affect good circulation. It can block and narrow your blood vessels, which is not good for lengthy erections.

More so, it can lead to impotence and sexual malfunction. If you can’t quit immediately, you should cut down slowly, until you completely limit them and quit for good. Try to replace bad unhealthy habits with good healthy habits, such as workout, exercise, and sports.

Soak In The Sun

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Most of the workaholic folks are too busy, they have no time to step out and get some sun. Did you know sunlight helps in the minimal production of melatonin?

Also, sunlight helps produce good hormones to help you sleep well while calming your sexual urges.

Lesser production of melatonin makes it possible for a higher sexual drive. Try to get outside, notably in the morning, to let the sunlight get into your skin as it helps awaken your sex drive. During winter the body produces more melatonin, which makes you sluggish, and with no energy.

Good Food

Good food brings good health to your body. A reverse phrasing of the previous line tells you that bad food brings you bad health. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a junk foods dude, who likes chips or someone who enjoy fast food menus like burgers and fries – these could soon lead to bad effects in your body. Sooner or later, your erections and orgasm would be out of whack.

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As much as possible eat healthy foods such fruits, vegetables, grains, and other healthy organic foods. Some of the best foods for orgasm control includes bananas, garlic, onions, avocados, tuna, nuts, salmon, olive oil, mackerel, and eggs. Try to achieve a balanced diet and not over do certain foods, to help you stay on the middle road of good health.


As you notice, for you to achieve orgasm control, you also need to take care of your body. A good body gives you a clear mind, which in turn help you become more relax and in control of your orgasm.

We hope the above article helped you learn something about orgasm control. We have other resources to help solve your premature ejaculation problems. Feel free to browse our other articles and pages.

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