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The natural ingredients used in Nugenix formulation will help your body bring back the high levels of free testosterone that you once enjoyed.

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For men out there who are suffering from low testosterone, we understand your struggles in keeping it up. If you have worked out but still failed to build muscle mass or have been eating a healthy diet but you are still suffering from the pangs of low testosterone. Perhaps it is time that you try the best testosterone booster on the market. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest that you check out Nugenix.

What is Nugenix

Nugenix is a male testosterone boosting supplement that is specially formulated to help you boost your free testosterone levels with its natural ingredients that are safe and effective, and have passed the clinical tests. Its ingredients include zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and a testosterone booster complex that combines the power of several herbal extracts.

Nugenix is for men in their 40s or older and have started to experience the symptoms of low testosterone level like low sex drive, low sperm count, poor erection, fatigue, hair loss, increased belly fat and mood swings. Your testosterone level normally drops as you ages, so it is essential that you take natural male enhancement supplements to keep it up and Nugenix is here to aid you.

Nugenix Formulation: How Does Nugenix Work?

Organic and natural Nugenix will help your entire body revitalize your testosterone levels without compromising your health or causing any adverse side effects. Here are the powerful ingredients behind Nugenix’s efficiency.

Testofen – is a fenugreek supplement. Fenugreek is a popular testosterone booster. Testofen can enhance your free testosterone levels by over 98 percent, making it the leading ingredient for this supplement.

Zinc– is an essential mineral that offers a number of health benefits. In fact, this has been used in a variety of supplement. Nugenix uses zinc to help with cell repair and aid in DNA production.

L-Citruline Malate – is another versatile and natural ingredient that has been used in a number of health supplements. Nugenix uses this to help enhance your blood flow so you can achieve hard and long lasting erections.

Vitamin B6, B12 – Vitamins are packed with immense health benefits, especially vitamin B. Nugenix uses these vitamins to optimize your nervous system and stimulate red blood cell production.

Benefits of Nugenix

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  • It is made of all natural ingredients
  • It has no side-effects because it is made of safe, natural and clinically tested ingredients
  • The key ingredients in its formulation are listed
  • It offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • It has a 14-day free sample offer that users can take advantage to test the efficiency of the supplement

Drawbacks of Nugenix

  • Not all ingredient quantities are listed
  • Given the price range, Nugenix is expensive compared to other brands

Nugenix Reviews

Customers who bought Nugenix were very happy and satisfied with their purchase. They were very satisfied with the changes they experience after using the supplement. Read some of the reviews below.

Tony Ardis, a professional fighter in Illinois is very happy with the extra strength and energy he gets from Nugenix.

Here’s his Nugenix review: “I have tried several testosterone boosters and I can tell you nothing works as well as Nugenix. I am a professional firefighter in Illinois and the extra energy I have felt using your product has been a tremendous benefit. My workouts are better than they have been for ten years.”

Ardis has tried other testosterone boosters but it didn’t work. He almost loses hope until he found Nugenix. Ardis recommends Nugenix to his friends and anyone he knows who want to experience the same benefits he enjoys.

“I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical when I purchased this, however, a little desperate at the time. My life has CHANGED! I can’t believe the difference,” Steven from New York wrote about his Nugenix experience. “I have an extra hop in my step every day! Nugenix has reignited my once dwindling sex drive drastically. I’ve even seen some added benefit at the gym. Highly recommended for all men!”

Although Nugenix has a limited review on its website, it has received great feedback from its customers. According to the users, Nugenix improved their energy, strength and sex drive.


For aging men who want to regain their strength and energy but did not achieve this through exercise and diet, it is high time that you try testosterone boosters. These supplements are formulated to address your low testosterone issues.

Try Nugenix to alleviate your condition and enjoy the virility you once enjoyed  in your youth. Get your Nugenix today, purchase it here.