14 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters: Food and Herbal for Higher Testerone Levels

Have you always wondered if there are ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels? We’ve gathered the best food and herbals that you can easily get in supermarkets and herbal stalls.

These herbals and foods can naturally boost your testosterone. Check them out after the jump.

8 Food Testosterone Booster

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If you have issues with a low testosterone level and you want to raise your testosterone level naturally, try out testosterone boosting foods. Check out our list below.


A steroid hormone essential for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell, beans contains important nutrients like Vitamin D. Also, it aids in maintaining semen quality, sperm count and increases your level of testosterone. Consume vitamin D and zinc rich beans like white, kidney and black beans. In addition, these plant-based protein rich foods protect your heart’s health.


Oysters contain zinc, making it one of the most popular aphrodisiacs and testosterone booster on the market.


If you love crabs and lobsters, good for you. These foods also contain zinc, which increases your testosterone level. For instance, the Alaskan king crab has 43 percent of your daily value of zinc in just a three-ounce serving.

Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad. You should also include healthy fats in your diet. One study learned that a diet with less than 40% of energy as fat leads to a decline in testosterone level. Your body requires saturated fat from animal and vegetable sources for optimal functioning.

Consume healthy fats from olive and olive oil, coconuts and coconut oil, butter from raw grass-fed organic milk, raw nuts like almonds or pecans, organic pastured egg yolks, avocados, grass-fed meats, palm oil and unheated organic nut oils.


Rich in vitamin D and protein, a serving of tuna already fulfill your daily vitamin D needs, whether you choose canned or fresh. Eat fish for a natural way of boosting your testosterone. If you don’t love tuna, go for salmon or sardines. These fishes also provide vitamin D.


Overconsumption of red meat may come with health concerns. However, certain beef cuts help boost your testosterone level. For instance, beef liver provides vitamin D, while ground beef and chuck roast contain zinc. Take note, that you have to keep animal fats in check. Stick only on lean cuts.

Low-fat milk with Vitamin D

Milk brings you protein and calcium that keeps your bones strong. More so, its vitamin D content also helps you keep your testosterone level in check. However, when choosing milk, look for those fortified with vitamin D. Choose those low-fat or skim versions. Essentially, they have the same nutrients as whole milk, but without all the saturated fat.

Egg yolks

Another great source of vitamin D, some people tagged egg yolks as bad cholesterol. However, it has more nutrients than egg whites and it may even help you boost your testosterone level.

 6 Herbal Testosterone Boosters

IMG Source: anabolicmen.com
IMG Source: anabolicmen.com

Using herbs in your recipe and food naturally, boost your testosterone. So, if you want to level up your testosterone level, consider these herbs for higher testosterone.


This contains the compound allicin, a popular compound that reduces the stress hormones called cortisol. Likewise, stress is considered as a huge factor in the decrease of your testosterone level.

Goat Weed

A popular herbal testosterone booster, goat weed has been used in Chinese medicine to address impotence and low testosterone level. This herb contains the active ingredient icariin, a flavonoid similar to a testosterone booster. Also, it increases the nitrous oxide levels in your body. In addition, it increases the blood flow to your sexual organs in the process.

Black Beans

Rich in zinc and a great source of vitamin D, some experts also consider black beans as a natural testosterone booster ingredient. In addition, beans contain good quality plant-based protein important for muscle growth and repair.


A natural source of Vitamin D, essential in boosting testosterone, mushrooms also address the natural testosterone need of the body. In fact, vitamin D deficiency associates with low testosterone levels.


Indian and Mediterranean recipes often uses fenugreek leaves as an herb, with the seeds ground as a spice. Fenugreek contains active compounds that increase the activity of certain enzymes. More so, it helps convert your cholesterol into testosterone and boost its level in the process.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds also contain zinc, an essential mineral in every testosterone booster. In fact, one study learned that a low testosterone level traces to a person’s zinc deficiency.

If you’re wondering how to natural increase your testosterone, you can just look for testosterone boosters in your nearby supermarket, organic store, or herbal shop.

Have you decided on what to get to naturally increase testosterone levels? If you have questions, suggestions, or other insights, please don’t hesitate to share them in our comment section below.


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