35 Missionary Sex Position Variations – Different Man On Top Positions To Try

If you’re already sexually experienced, then you most likely know how the man on top sex position works. It has many variations.

But make no mistake about it. Missionary’s one of the favorite sex positions of the majority of men.

It represents one of the simplest and basic ways to provide your girl a climax. It can satisfy her emotionally and physiologically. The fact is, with the man on the top sex, actually you can easily pleasure yourself and experience orgasm to its fullest.

Why is that?

Because everybody loves the man on top. Missionary sex position is quite intimate. You’ll experience a lot of body contact, where you thrust deeply into her vagina, while she continuously feels satisfied.

Just think for a second how missionary position works.

You position yourself on top of your girl. You feel her tits on your chest, while you feel her inner thighs in your legs and hips.

In a variety of ways, you look at her beautiful face, kiss her lips, and suck her neck – while your penis penetrates her pussy repeatedly.

📌 More often, she reciprocates by embracing you tight. Just the feeling of this position is too intense that it’s often the preferred way for quickie sex, but the fastest way to ejaculate.

If she moves her legs outside (farther) from your body, her vagina will not be as tight as it might be if her legs are drawn together. But she’ll add significantly towards the enjoyment of sex if she moves her hips to meet your body’s thrust movements.

How To Make Missionary Pleasurable?

You can further provide a more pleasurable experience for her if you can press into her clitoris. The way to do that is rock both of your body against one another in a way that her clitoris is lightly pressed against your body.

To avoid premature ejaculation, don’t make violent thrusting. Instead, while you’re on top, move your entire body upwards, so the base of your penis connects with her clitoris. She should then rock in a coordinated way, where each time you rises, she moves lower.

Why is Missionary An Awesome Sex Position?

The classic missionary or man on top is a great sex position for a lot of reasons.

  • You maximize the skin contact
  • There’s a lot of eye contact
  • Best position for stimulating the clit
  • Hits the G-spot
  • Its hot and naughty
  • Allows you to dominate your girl

Tips To Make Man On Top More Hot and Exciting

There are several tips and strategies to boost your pleasure with the man on top sex position.

  • Foreplay before missionary
  • Oral sex before man on top
  • Go on top and penetrate her, but lie still
  • Maximize skin contact and more rubbing
  • Rock your hips back and forth
  • Moving your hips in circles
  • Move your hips in rhythmic wave-like movement
  • Caress her boobs, legs, face, arms
  • Move your hands to caress her pussy
  • Use a cock ring for longer erection
  • Use dildo for more excitement
  • Talk dirty to her
  • Kiss her lips and body
  • Take men’s stamina pills to last longer
  • Get rough, hardcore, and full of sweat

Man On Top Sex Position Variations

Man on top has different variations often depending on the position of her legs, your knees, your body, and your thrust movements. Most ‘sex experts‘ provide various names, but you shouldn’t be lost in the ‘name game’ of the positions.

Instead, just get the overall idea of the movement, position, and form. That way you can successfully execute the missionary variations for your enjoyment.


The Missionary position is a classic and the sex position where everyone would lose your virginity. It is probably the most common first position people try, which is probably related to its simplicity, purity, and the high level of intimacy experienced.

To get into the missionary sex position, your woman just lies down on her back while you go on top face-down. Although aiming can be a little tricky at first, it doesn’t take long to master this form.


The Victory sex position is similar to Missionary position, but your girl’s legs extend out and straight – forming a v-shape towards the ceiling. To move into the position, she only lies down on her back while you go on top of her. She then extends her legs to form a V-letter.

The position can make women feel naughty cause she’s spread wide open. You will love it since you’re in total control on top. Very exciting to hold a girl’s legs wide by her ankles and then drive your dick deep as she watches and moans in ecstasy. Take erection booster supplements if you must to have your stiffy last longer than her orgasms.

Deck Chair

For the Deck Chair position, your girl lays on her back, pivots her hips, so her legs are in the air. She bends her knees, where it mostly touches your armpits.

You enter her from a kneeling position while supporting some of your weight on your woman’s legs.

A favorite of many boys because of the sense of power that comes from holding your partner. When you lean on her legs, it improves the penetration angle, so you get to target her g-spot.


The Cowboy is not an ordinary and natural sex position, but something you would love as soon as you both get a rhythm. Your woman lies on her back, facing up, with her legs closed. You would have to sit astride her thighs, facing her head. The appearance here would be like how a Western cowboy rides a horse.

For this position, your girl simply lies down on her back while you sit atop of her. The first time you insert your cock can be difficult at first. But you’ll love the tightness of her pussy. This is a great position if she’s a bit chubby.


The Drill position is close to Missionary. This is one of the favorites of a lot of couples as its a coital alignment technique. Your girl lies on her back, while you go on top of her just like the basic missionary style. Your woman then wraps her legs and lock them around your back, around your glutes.

Her raised legs make a significant change in the penetration angle as well as this makes too intimate. You can ask her to shift to this position while on missionary technique.

Folded Deck Chair

For the Folded Deck Chair sex position, your girl lays on her back. She then pivots her hips so that her legs are on your shoulders, while you enter from a kneeling position. You lean towards her and support your weight on her legs and inner thighs, with your hands pressing on the bed.

This position requires flexibility on the girl as she needs to raise her legs up in the air. This a favorite of many men because of the sense of control and angle of penetration. It also allows you to target the g-spot of your girl.

Viennese Oyster

In Viennese Oyster position, your girl lays on her back with her lower back and legs raised all the way up. The legs should be way up, so her ankles are just behind her head (near her ears).

The position is not for everyone as she needs to be flexible like a gymnast. The sex position exposes the groin area, where you lay atop, holding her ankles. You need to support your body weight so as not to crush her.


Butterfly position is a great sex position you have to perform at the edge bed or couch. Your girl needs to lie on her bed’s edge, where she can set her feet on the floor.

You kneel and position between her legs to penetrate her. This position is quite comfortable for both of you, though you can place a pillow under your knees.

Deep Stick

In the Deep Stick sex position, your woman lies on her back with her legs resting on your shoulders, while you enter her in a kneeling position. It is a similar position to Folded Deck Chair, but you don’t lean towards her.

You have to allow your body stay upright, quite perpendicular to her body. Your hands hold her upper thighs or knees, while you make the thrust movements. This can be difficult if there’s huge height difference, though it can be done easily using some pillows.

Jockey Inverted

The Jockey Inverted position is a Cowboy variation. Go on top of your girl, where she sits facing up and her legs together. You should lean forward over her. Inverted cowboy may not be a natural sex position, as her legs and hips need to be close or even crossed. You have to sit astride on her thighs. The appearance would be similar to jockeys in horse racing.

To get into inverted cowboy position, she lies down on her back while you sit atop of her, and then you lean forward on her arms. Although inserting your penis can be a little tricky at first, but the tightness of the vagina can be rewarding.

Deep Impact

The Deep Impact position combines several forms of other sex positions. You need to have your girl lie down on the edge of the bed. You kneel towards her vagina, then place her legs on your shoulders.

Your body should be perpendicular to her body. As she lies on her back. With her legs resting on your shoulders, you enter and make pumping movements from a kneeling position.


The Downstroke is another variation from other sex positions. Your woman lies on her back on the edge of a couch or bed.

📌Her legs should rest on your shoulders. You position your penis in her vagina and then enter from a standing position. You make the thrust movements while holding her knees or upper thighs.

The position works best for couples with similar height. It would not be as intimate as it can be uncomfortable to your woman’s back and neck.

Leg Glider

This is considered quite difficult as it requires some flexibility from your girl. She lies on her side, with one of her legs pointed towards the ceiling, usually resting on your shoulder.

You enter her in a kneeling position. The body position of your girl maybe uncomfortable. However, the angle of entry can provide some new excitement.

Mirror of Pleasure

The Mirror of Pleasure sex position is similar to others in Missionary technique. Your girl lies on her back, but both of her legs should be placed on one of your shoulders. You then enter her in a kneeling position.


Launchpad sex position is a variation of the Deep Stick. Your girl needs to lie down on her back.

She then lifts her hips, with her feet resting on your chest. You then kneel to penetrate her.

Once you enter her and starts thrusting, your girl’s hips rise and fall with your every thrust.

You would need a pillow for her neck and perhaps another pillow to support raising her hips.

Pirate’s Bounty

For the Pirate’s Bounty position, your girl lies on her back. One of her legs should rest on your shoulder, while her other foot rests or wrap on your thigh. You then enter your lady from a kneeling position.


The Scissors sex position need your legs, and your girl’s legs scissored or inter-crossed. Both of our bodies need to lie close to the bed. The form is quite similar to the Figure 4 Leg Lock in WWE.

This position allows you to enter in a unique penetration angle, though it may be uncomfortable for some couples, as the position of the legs may cause some foot irritation or pain. Still, you can find it thrilling and feel a different sensation because of the angle of thrust movement.

Scissor’s Seated

The Scissor’s Seated is taken from Scissors and may have been picked up from a submission move in UFC. It requires an inter-crossing of both of your legs, but you enter her while seated. The angle of penetration is an excellent way to massage around her G-spot.

This may be easier to perform than Scissors as you have more leverage in the movement since you’re in an upright seated position. Moreover, she leans slightly forward over your other leg, to facilitate more comfort, movement, and pleasure!


The Screw is just like the Butterfly position. You need to have her lie on the edge of the bed. However, she lifts her legs together, then twists them over on one side.

You kneel and enter your girl while pressing her legs towards the bed. This sex position provides a freedom of movement and features a rotated angle penetration. This is one of hottest sex positions around and also one of the commonly used styles you’ll notice in porn.

Sitting Bull

In Sitting Bull position, your girl lies on her back with her legs over your shoulders. You sit in front of her vagina, hold her upper thighs and then enter her for your thrust movements.

Spider Web

Spider’s Web can be an exciting position, but you need your back to be flexible enough. Your girl just lies on her back just like in the primary Missionary. You sat to penetrate her, with your legs straight and outstretched on your woman’s side. Your woman’s legs need to be on your upper thighs.

The Lunge

The Lunge is a dominant sex position since you can penetrate your girl deeply. She can enjoy the feeling of exposure which she has from opening her legs and exposing her vulva, wide open to your gaze as you enter her.

📌 In your penetration, you should lean forward, so your whole body pressed her chest. This gives her a sense of containment, while the pressure she feels would be exciting.

If you position yourself correctly, your body presses her clitoris, where she would enjoy a powerful orgasm.


The Scorpion is an unusual sex position which provides new and rather unique sensations in the body. Your girl lies on her back, with her legs apart. You would then penetrate her, while you face the opposite direction.

📌 She would then positions her legs on your back, while you support on the forearms. Thrusting may be hard, so you should instead make circular movements of your pelvis. You can then grip your penis in your hand and move that around to stimulate your girl while that is in her vagina.

Perhaps an exciting part is that both of you can’t see each other. You can do this for a new dimension to sex. She then surprises you with caresses on your testicles.

Side Screw

The great benefit of side screw is your girl’s tight vagina. This adds to more sexual pleasure, while you even move her legs in the direction that you choose. This allows more control on the sensations.

You can let the passion to take over as you thrust vigorously into her pussy. She can then play with her clit, thereby ensuring she has more ways to experience orgasm.


For this position, you should be in a good physical shape, because the process is almost entirely dependent on you, but if your girl is as hot as JLo, you should work hard.

Your girl lies on her back, bend her left leg and then hold that by her left hand. Her right leg should be straight. You go on top of her, though not fully pressed.

You place your straight right leg next to her right foot, while your left leg, bends and goes over your girl’s left leg, just beside her left hip. Support your weight near her shoulder while you gaze into her eyes.

London Bridge

Your girl lies on the floor. She then bends her knees and stretches her arms over her head.

📌 You stand on your knees above her, while leaning slightly forward. You should lean with one of your hand close to her body for support. While your other hand hugs and lift her waist as if she’s doing a hip thrust.

Your girl’s breast should be next to your lips, so you can suck her tits and play with her nipples.


This position is stimulating, and you’ll want to repeat this for sure. Your girl lies on her back with her feet shoulder-width apart.

You stand on your knees in front of her with one of your hand straight down to support. Your girl hugs your neck closing her hands in a lock. She throws her legs and locks her foot for a close embrace. You hold her back with your other hand, and she clings to your body on a tight embrace.


Your girl lies on her side, while she supports the upper part of her body on her elbow and her one leg. You then sit between her legs.

So, her lifted leg is positioned on your side towards your armpit. You prop yourself up with your arms. If you wish, you should caress your girl’s breast with your one hand, while even go down to stimulate her clit.


Your girl lies on her back and then slightly turns her pelvis to one side. Her right leg is straight, while her left leg is bent. You go on your knees on her vagina, in a way that you’re in between her straight right leg.

You then take your girl’s bent left leg by one hand, and the other hand lays on her buttocks. She then puts her arms just above your knees. This is a new sex position, which should help refresh your intimate relationship.


This sex position provides more intimacy. Your girl lies on her back, bends her knees, and pulls the leg as it presses to her tits. You go on top of her, your face down, where you’re positioned over her in a horizontal position.

Your arms can support your body. If you’re taller, you can use your knees for support. Your girl can put her hands on your buttocks and even stroke and caress your back.


Your girl lies on her back, while you keep your hands on her. Your girl throws her right leg on your shoulder, while left foot is on your glute, half-embracing your waist.

This looks like as if you penetrate her from the side. A huge benefit of this sex position is your face to face. You can kiss and caress each other’s body.


Thanks to this sexual stance, you’ll experience the full depth penetration of man on top. This is a variation another position where she lifts her legs over your shoulders.

Your girl lies on her back, then pulls her legs up to her breast, while holding the hips by hands. You then go on top her while your arms in support and placed next to her shoulders. Your girl puts her legs on your neck, while wrap and locking them around your neck.


This sex position should combine the sensual and irrestrainable sex you always wanted. You should be able to speed up, say vulgarities, and caress each other while kissing passionately.

Your girl lies on her back, while her pelvis turns on the side. You get on top of her, on your knees, on her butt. Your arms are straight, hands straight on the surface near your girl’s shoulder, just close to her breast for support. Your girl then embraces your neck with one of her arms.


Your darling lies on her back, with her arms and legs spread sideways. You should lie on top of her, face down, slightly across. Go under one of her legs.

You support the upper part of your body with both of your arms straight. You then penetrate her sideways for a more exciting angle thrust movements.


Your girl lies on her back, where she uses her elbows to lift the upper part of her body. Her legs should be straight, but wide apart.

You then go on top of her, while you support your upper body with your outstretched arms. Your legs should be together, while you’re on top between her legs. You seem to be hanging on your lady, while you suck her neck, and French kiss her lips.

Wrap Up

As you can see, man on top doesn’t have to be limited to the classic missionary sex position. There are several strategies you can play with, as you have a lot more variations to explore. If you like to have multiple rounds with your partner so you get the best of the night, you can use vacuum erection therapy to get multiple erections.

Remember, you should add more pleasure to your sex life should and you can do that by trying something new. You can integrate the new techniques slowly, while you get the right form and check in with your girl about what she likes best.

Have you enjoyed reading our article on man on top sex position? Well, share them with your friends and your partner.

Also, let us know your thoughts and reactions in our comment section below.


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