Manscaping 101: The Art of Man Grooming


The practice of trimming and shaving the pubic hair appears to be gaining popularity. I think it’s cool to do a little manscaping, but shaving seems to be a bit difficult in the area.

The surface ain’t exactly smooth like a face. So in order to stay safe from cuts and after-shave itchiness, most men preferred trimming their pubes. But why in the first place men shave their balls?

Age of Shaving


According to the mainstream culture, we’re in the age of shaving; at least for women. The more hair you have on your body, the more people see you as some sort of jungle creature.

You will be seen as someone who failed to understand the basic rules of civilization. Porn magazines are full of shaved women, while “going natural” has been turned into a fetish.

And slowly but surely this fashion is spreading to the men. Shaved pubes can give a man a ‘porn-look’ which most women, if not all, love.

To be sure, men are still the hairy part of the human race and hairy chests. They’re full beards and still seen as the mark of a virile man that can fulfill a woman’s most intimate dreams, but the trend appears changing.

Shaving Pubic Hair

More and more common among men today as a sort of step up on the personal hygiene ladder. It’s true that a full bush looks more imposing.

However, women nowadays seem to be more interested in having a clean man. They like those with a nice smell about him than a guy with questionable hygiene habits who uses a lot of deodorants.

Shaving for Penis Enlargement


Moreover, shaving appears as a good option for any man who desire penis enlargement. First of all, shaving the bush puts the penis on display better than before and, second, there’s no more annoying hair to get in the way of performing enlargement exercises.

Think about it: just get rid of some hair and suddenly getting a firm grip on the penis shaft feels much easier. And there’s no more risk of pulling hairs, which hurts quite a bit.

Shaving Method

The debate around which method for shaving is the best is still far from over. Razors are still the best way to go and they are right to a certain extent.

The razor lets the man have full control over how much hair goes and which parts are left untouched. On the other hand, using a razor requires quite a lot of dexterity or the help of a third party, which is not always easy to come by.

Try Trimming

If you’re interested in getting rid of some hair, but the whole idea leaves you a bit queasy, then you might wish to try a trim first. It will look better and at the same time it will let you avoid getting the blade close to the sensitive skin.

Be sure to use some aftershave or soothing cream afterward in order to prevent the post-shave itchiness and the pimples that might form.

Clean Shave, More Desirable

Having short or no pubic hair can have its advantages during partner sex. First, your partner may prefer it and find it sexually stimulating.

As a result, they find you more desirable. The trimming and shaving of the pubic hair are just one way of enhancing sex, solo and with a partner. And speaking of being desirable in the eyes of women, nothing can still beat a healthy and biggie package.