Treatments For Male Impotence – Medication, Drugs, Natural Remedies And Cures


Men naturally desire to pursue women for one thing: sex. It’s an essential part of humans or any living matter. However, there comes a time men experience trouble with their sexual potency. Known as male impotence, this sickness can affect men of all ages.

Are you having a problem with your erection that it affects your sexual desires and performances? Don’t take it lightly. Here are several factors to know about male impotence.

Male Impotence Treatments

This sex problem is one of the most alarming illnesses of men. It is the inability to sustain an erection during a sexual intercourse. Male impotence may also be known as erectile dysfunction disorder.

Medical Treatments

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Studies show that two out of ten males could experience impotency. There are several factors that cause erectile problems. Stress, anxiety, problematic relationship, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, injuries and health issues could lead to ED.

As much you want to keep a blind eye with this ailment, time might come when your sexual performance may decrease and affect you, your partner and your whole life. It is best to stay on top of the problem before it worsens.

Over-The-Counter Drugs

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There are many medications that could improve blood flow to the male sexual organ. Viagra is the most prominent medication that you can buy to treat erectile dysfunction. There are several male pills that you can buy over the counter, without prescription.

Another OTC drugs are Cialis, Levitra, and Uprima. These drug treatments may be a good cure but it has certain side effects like a headache, upset stomach, and nasal congestion. Always consult your physician before taking medications. Ask about the correct dosage.

Transurethral Therapy (Muse)

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Unlike other OTC medications, you directly insert the Muse pill into the urethra. The drug immerses fast into the erectile tissue of the organ. The Muse suppository known as prostaglandin (PGE-1), induces the penile erection. It relaxes the penis muscles as well as widening the blood vessels.

Muse allows the blood flow to increase in the penis, helping you have a hard erection. As soon as the alprostadil effect wears off, the penis blood flow returns to normal, while the erection disappears. Do not use Muse if you have an allergy, urinary problems, penis information, or your sex partner is pregnant.

Penile Prosthesis

A penile implant is another way to treat ED. The two types of penile prosthesis are semi-rigid penis implant and hydraulic penis implant. This kind of treatment is only done after a doctor’s advice because the treatment itself is a complex one.

Blood Vessel Surgery

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There are numerous surgical treatments to aid the abnormalities of the blood flow in your penis. Upon the recommendation of a doctor, you can undergo a blood vessel surgery. Doctors operate the leaking blood vessel that caused the impotency.

Vacuum Pump

For a non-drug option, use an ED vacuum pump to improve male dysfunction. Before intercourse, you insert the pump your male genital to improve the penis blood circulation. However, this method may cause bruising and inflammation.


A hormone produced by the adrenal glands called DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone can be transformed into estrogen and testosterone. Since men with ED have lower levels of DHEA, studies show that DHEA is a natural solution for impotence.


Researchers showed that men who took L-arginine a day improved their erectile problems and increased their sexual functions. L-arginine, an amino acid present in the body, helps produce nitric oxide which controls the relaxation of vessels and effective erection.

Healthy Lifestyle

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Living a healthy and hearty lifestyle is a great way to combat ED. Start by choosing the right foods to eat and conducting a regular exercise. Physical activities can boost your stamina and maintain your sexual performance.

Healthy men have lower chances of having erectile dysfunction. Maintaining a healthy life is also maintaining your sexual ability. Quit smoking and keep a lower intake of alcohol.

Natural Solution – Red Ginseng

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Based on studies by researchers, ‘Red Ginseng’ or also known as ‘Herbal Viagra’ proved effectiveness in treating male sexual problems. Red ginseng is taken from the roots that have been steamed and dried.

Another natural solution is ‘Rhodiola Rosea’, a traditional herb with varied benefits, including promotion of sexual function. Two of the common types of Ginseng: Asian Ginseng and American Ginseng. Both provides sexual energy and stamina. The herb also helps lower cholesterol levels and lower the blood sugar. It is one of the main herbals to cure male sexual dysfunction.

Watermelon Juice

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Watermelon is a great thirst quencher. It satisfies you natural thirst on the kitchen and on the bedroom. The amino acids found in watermelons are a great aid to improve sexual performance. Include watermelon juice in your daily food diet to treat male impotence.

Creating watermelon juice is easy. Remove the seeds and cut the watermelon into cubes. Put the fruit in the blender and add honey (for sweetened taste). Add water to the watermelon juice as needed to thin the consistency. Serve chilled on a glass with ice.


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Many studies proved acupuncture is a great method to recover from ED. Acupuncture is a process that involves pricking of skin using needles.

It helps in the improvement of blood circulation and relieves you from back pain and depression. Apart from that, it has now become a good treatment for men suffering ED.


Studies show psychological disorder causes ED. You receive the best remedy to treat your dysfunction through counseling. There are times when an ED is just a precondition of an underlying disease.

Thus, it is advisable to consult your doctor to have the right prescription or procedure.

The Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction may not be a common condition, but it could be treated with proper medication and consultation. Men tend to judge their personal capacity based on their sexual performance. Anyone could be a target of erectile dysfunction and it is something you should not take for granted. This ailment affects personal life and relationships of men in every status in society.

There are natural remedies to help you cope up with ED. However, not all self-medications could work and it might even worsen the situation. If you have tried all the natural treatments and nothing worked, never hesitate to visit a doctor. Medical professionals are the best individuals to consult when it comes to erectile dysfunction and they can suggest the right treatment without compromising your health.

Don’t let the illness take control of your life. Sometimes, it is a matter of having a positive mindset to overcome the ailment. Erectile dysfunction is just a part of the dark phase of your life and you can always choose to look at the bright side.

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