5 Latest Sex Dolls 2024 That You Should Consider Buying

I’m browsing through the latest sex dolls in the market today and just can’t believe what I saw: The sex dolls looks just like real women!

If you’ve seen advanced designs of love dolls right now, you’ll come to think if there would still be date night movies and dinner dates in coming years.

The latest sex dolls are just as close to their ladies counterparts. It’s right now a booming industry, the reason manufacturers create better dolls to improve on past doll creations.

So to keep you up to date with the latest development in the rubber doll industry, I’m giving you the 5 Latest Sex Doll That You Should Consider Buying. Check out the list below.

ProductRatingPrice CheckFeaturesPrice
Jasmine Japanese Silicone Sex Doll4.9Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingFeels like a real girl. Flexible to most sex positions. Adjustable legs, hands, joints. Very affordable.$699
Katy Sex Doll4.9Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingBeautiful and hot sex doll. Flexible for variety of sexual acts.$1,600+
Emily Sex Doll4.8Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingStunning sex doll. Flexible for different sex positions $1,600+
Rebecca Real Doll4.6Check Price HerePretty and smart. Can carry a conversation. Comes with Harmony AI app$5,000 - $10,000
Stephanie Real Doll4.5Check Price HereResponds verbally and physcally. Functional G-Spot. Has different emotions$5,000 - $10,000

Why Do Sex Dolls Manufacturer Upgrade Their Product

Initially, people were reluctant to consider the thought of having sex with dolls. Many were disgusted with it, but those who accepted it found a hundred of reasons why love dolls were created.

Over time people slowly opened their mind to sex toys like these dolls that it has eventually gotten its own mark in the market.

Since sex toys for men are becoming more acceptable, more and more patronize it. While its market grows, so as the expectations of the customers. Thus, the need to improve the quality and features of love dolls.

Why Get The Latest Sex Doll

If you’re the type who want to have the best of what’s in the market, the newest sex dolls are for you. These dolls are not ordinary as they are better designed and some equipped with advanced features that even the expensive ones don’t have.

So, yes, the latest sex dolls come with a hefty price, but their features are very impressive that it will surely amaze you.

These dolls are close to real women not just in their looks but because they also make a good companion as you can position them in provocative poses. They can be responsive and welcoming.

5 Latest Sex Dolls – Newest Love Dolls Today

If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get the latest model of the sex dolls in the market, our list will surely be helpful to you.

However, I warn you, these rubber dolls are not ordinary, they have a hefty price tag, but they include features that are not present in most lifelike sex dolls in the market.

A number of them are still prototypes, but they will soon be hitting the market. So be patient because once they do, they will revolutionize the way you see sex toys. Are you ready? Let’s now get down to business.

1. Jasmine Japanese Silicone Sex Doll – Latest Sex Dolls

Jasmine has a cute face, lovely hair, huge tits, bubble ass and luscious thighs. When you touch the material, it’s quite like touching the skin of a girl.

My biggest turn on Jasmine’s firm, big soft boobs.

Her massive tits give me the best dreams ever! For those who love boobies, you’ll love Jasmine.

Besides her melon-like breast, Jasmine provides three openings: anal, oral, and vaginal. This gives you different holes to penetrate and experience massive pleasure.

Sex dolls are definitely worth every dollar if you think of it. They’re an upgrade to masturbation with your hands.

You’ll be able to satisfy yourself with your deepest sexual fantasies since you’ll be able to feel a (doll) woman’s body, face, breast, and even penetrate the vagina, that’s as close to the real thing.

As you can see, Jasmine’s made from 100% medical grade 3D solid TPE, reinforced with silicone core so she’ll last longer. This high quality sex doll material provides that real-life feel. There are even times; you’ll mistake the doll as a real woman.

The best thing about Jasmine is her flexible nature. Adjust her arms, back, stomach, or thighs. You can position her, whichever position that you’ll fancy.

So if you want her to kneel down to you as if you’re a king, to give you a blowjob, you can do that!

Product Details

  • Functions: For vaginal, anal, oral, breast sex
  • Material: 100% Silicone with Skeleton
  • Includes: Sex doll, USB heater, cleaner, sexy lingerie, wigs


  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Bust: 63 cm
  • Hips: 60 cm
  • Waist: 38 cm
  • Anus: 15 cm
  • Vagina: 17 cm

There are moments when masturbation becomes dull and boring. Sometimes you yearn for something new and exciting.

I feel that it’s natural for a man to long for a woman’s body.

Maybe you long to touch a woman’s boobs, kiss her lips, lick her inner thighs, insert your dick in her pussy, or hold her butt.

There are times when you just want to fuck a real vagina, not just simulation with the hands. It seems biological to desire a real woman as much as possible.

If you’re single, it would be difficult to find a beautiful and hot sex partner.

Well, guess what: Jasmine is the answer to that longing!

Sex dolls are usually very expensive. If you go for high-end silicone sex dolls, it would be hard to find something under $1000. For this particular sex doll, Jasmine is only $699 (at this time of writing).

This makes this love doll, one of the most affordable sex dolls on the market!

When you get the doll, you may not be sure what to expect. But you’ll surely be happy, and thrilled to see Jasmine. However, keep in mind that the size may be small for other guys. Though the soft touch and firm skin like texture can be an instant turn on.

Jasmine looks great, and her sexy body compliments her pretty face. Her tits, hips, and ass are large!

Each of her holes gives you a different feel. That is if you enter through her mouth, ass, or pussy, – the feeling is just bliss.

You’ll be able to adjust her joints, so if you decide to try a new position, yes, it’s doable. Though, don’t force her into impossible ones. Just move her in typical poses.

Here are positions I’ve tried with Jasmine:

  • Have her kneel for a blowjob
  • Lie her on the back for missionary
  • Put her on top of me for cowgirl
  • Bend her over for the doggy style

Sometimes, I would just give her a French kiss. Even so, I’ll spread her legs and go down on her to eat her pussy. It’s something you won’t be able to do if you’re just masturbating… but now possible with a sex doll.

This is the best of the latest sex dolls in the market to help you realize your sexual fantasies.

Overall, Jasmine is so much better than your hands. I even take the strongest rhino pill just to make sure I have a hard wood and I last longer in having sex with her.

This a must-have if you ask me. If you’re planning and thinking to get your very first sex doll, consider buying this one because you’ll surely enjoy it.

  • Touch, feel, like a real girl
  • Flexible to most common sex positions
  • Adjustable legs, hands, joints
  • Very affordable compared to latest sex dolls right now
  • Size is small to most men

2. Katy Sex Doll – The Most Stunning Love Doll

Katy is a stunning sex doll, designed to be versatile in bed. Her creator endowed her with the ability to move into several positions.

When you look closely to Katie, you’ll notice she’s very life-like. The reason for this is that the designers of the sex doll use the real women’s bodies as inspiration. Developers paid women and use their face and bodies to cast them as dolls.

Aside from this, designers are aware of the tight competition in the market. However, they’re determined to give customers what they’re looking for and hoping that this would provide them with the commercial edge.

The sex doll designer of Katy planned to lower the cost of they’re dolls by pricing it between $1,000 and $2,000, which is fairly reasonable considering most commercial dolls rack up to $5,000.

For a fully functional sex doll, Katy’s competitively priced with all the stunning features of latest sex dolls.

She looks like a pretty fashion model that you’ve always wished you could meet. Of course, that would be impossible for you, unless you’re a rich guy or an awesomely handsome man.

However, if you’re just an average or ordinary guy, you give yourself a chance (not just to meet), but have sex with a dolled up gorgeous girl.

Having the Katy sex doll in your possession gives you all the time to perform all the sex fantasies you’ve always dreamed. Katy doesn’t complain if it’s too rough, or if you give her an anal creampie or blow your jizz in her mouth.

I recommend you have vacuum assisted erection device within reach so it can help you get an erection fast. A pennies pump can give you a stiffy quick so you can get down and dirty with Katie.

Having a sex doll like Katy allows you to explore your deepest sex desires!

  • Perform various sexual acts
  • Position in different poses
  • Fully-functional sex doll
  • Available in a competitive price
  • Inspired from real women
  • None stated

3. Emily Sex Doll – See Her Sultry Poses You Can’t Resist

The Emily sex doll has been in the works for over a couple of years. Emily’s creators designed her not just a sex doll, but a great companion for socially isolated men.

Emily was presented as a wonderfully designed sex doll in 2012. Her first appearance stunned all other dolls. She was designed to make her as beautiful like pretty celebrities.

The sexy part may be superficial, but you may notice that the hard part is to replicate personality and provide you that connection, that bond. The purpose of Emily sex doll is to provide unconditional love, support, and companionship.

She’s not just sexual, but she looks innocent. While she can’t make you sandwich she can spread her legs and bum to help you insert your long meat for some juicy sex. Be sure to pop in some hard erection pills so you can really enjoy her luscious holes.

Of course, you can dress her up so you can have more intimate sex with her every time.

📌 Emily is designed with real-life quality materials, so that when you touch her body, you’ll feel it as if like a woman.

The manufacturers noted that Emily was the talk of the show before she was launched at the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment. She’s surely an investment that wouldn’t disappoint you.

Emily is a mystery in the sex doll market, but her recent availability has made her a highly sought-after love doll.

  • She’s a beautiful love doll
  • She’s so smooth to touch
  • Includes accessories amd gifts
  • Makes a good companion
  • Emily sex doll is customizable
  • Slightly expensive

4. Rebecca Real Doll – The Love Doll That You Can Have Sex With Daily

There are also high-end sex dolls that already look like real women, so the next probable advancement is to enable these dolls to converse. RealDoll brings you Rebecca, the sex doll robot that can carry a conversation.

Yes, sex dolls are created to relieve men, but Matt McMullen, the founder of Abyss Creations (parent company behind RealDoll), wants his customers to have an emotional attachment to his products.

“I want to have people develop an emotional attachment to not only the robot but the actual characters behind it – to develop some love for this being,” he said.

It’s true that men also look for emotional relationship and to make this possible McMullen created a robot that will make a good companion for men. Rebecca can carry a conversation making her a good buddy at home and in your bedroom.

Rebecca is a life-like sex doll so you can romp her the way you do to your other rubber dolls, but she’s probably the only one in your collection whom you can talk when you go home to an empty house.

📌 Rebecca is equipped with memory an artificial intelligence  (AI) to remember your wants, your likes and whatever is important to you. This makes her a lot better compared to most dolls that are only good for copulating.

This high-tech sex doll has 18 programmable personality styles as well that include “intellectual,” “shy,” “thrill-seeking” and “sexual.”

She is very intelligent and very responsive when you ask her. McMullen created Rebecca to “help someone find a level of companionship that they may not be able to achieve otherwise.”

So, how does McMullen did this? The sex robot is accompanied with an app called Rebecca AI. This app controls your link to your RealDoll plaything to boost your relationship.

Rebecca AI is a system that you can use to interact with your doll. You can communicate to it using your voice and she will remember the key facts about you like your favorite food, sports team and hobby using her memory.

In this way, Abyss Creations is selling you the girl of your dreams that you can design from scratch.

While this sexbot can blink her eyes, open her mouth as she talks, frown, smile and move her head, her movement is still limited. She can’t move like real women do. In addition to this, she has a hefty price tag.

If you want a smart companion and a beautiful sex doll as a companion, Rebecca is the best option. She does not only look good, but she’s a good listener and conversationalist.

According to BBC, RealDoll will release Rebecca later this year. She is available in two versions. One is complete with computer vision that enables her to recognize faces, which costs $10,000. The other one is cheaper as it lacks the same feature and will be up for grab for half-the-price at $5,000 only.

  • Life-size
  • Life-like
  • Smart
  • Can carry a conversation
  • Beautiful and responsive
  • Has memory and artificial intelligence
  • Has 18 programmable personality styles
  • Includes AI app
  • Movements are limited
  • Expensive
  • Go to top

5. Stephanie Real Doll – The Love Doll That You Want To Continuously Touch

Women are responsive to touch, but most of the rubber dolls are not. Don’t worry though because there’s one that is as responsive. Introducing, Stephanie the most sensitive love doll.

“Stephanie is interactive basically she likes to be touched,” her creator said. They also added that his love doll has different modes of interaction which includes romantic, family and sexy modes.

Similar to other Real Doll creations, they designed Stephanie with the latest AI technology. She’s not as conversationalist as Harmony, but she can carry basic conversations. However, her highlight is her ability to respond to your touch.

Stephanie is equipped with sensors on her hips, shoulders, vagina and mouth. She responds when touched in hands and hips in romantic and family modes. However, when kissed on the mouth and touched in her G-Spot she reacts in sexy mode.

📌In addition to this, she presents a challenge because one of her modes requires you to give her the much coveted big O. This particular feature will make playing with her even more exciting and “The final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm,” Santos said. Stephanie has a functional G-Spot.

Just like most women, Stephanie can be moody she might ask you to leave her. She can also be insecure as she fears rejection. However, as you get her in the mood she becomes, even more, enjoyable to be with. She might even request for an Ed Sheeran song.

However, in most cases, she is very polite. She is aware that you’re next to her to spend time with her. She won’t say any grotesque or unpleasant words to her company.

Stephanie is life-like when it comes to her appearance. She is very attractive and charming in her dark brown hair and green piercing eyes.

She is preprogrammed with 700 phrases which considered as her emotions. Aside from this, she has the ability to learn 60,000 words and more. So, you still need to take the time to teach her to improve her vocabulary.

If you want a sexbot that can keep up with you verbally and physically, she is the best choice.

Stephanie is already available for more than $5,000++

  • Pretty and charming
  • Life-like
  • Life-size
  • Functional G-Spot
  • Programmed with the latest AI technology
  • Responds verbally and physically
  • Has 700 phrases that are programmed already
  • Can still learn 60,000 words and more
  • Equipped with different emotions
  • Expensive
  • You still need to teach her
  • Can’t move around

Special Sex Doll: DS Doll Robotic Head – Has The Most Facial Expressions

Most sex robots in the market lack mobility and character. While a number can carry conversation, not one has the ability to smile, nod, wink and make different facial expression. That was until this robot was announced.

Doll Sweet Dolls and SEX Doll manufacturers work together to finish the prototype of the DS Doll Robotic Head with movable mechanical structure coated in silicone ‘skin’ and controlled by a smartphone and a PlayStation controller.

At the time, her neck is not rotatable, but she fits to all company’s other doll bodies with flexible limbs. At the moment the doll only speaks Chinese, as China is their core market.

They will be expanding their market as they plan to develop Japanese and English speaking models. You can expect this doll to carry a natural conversation in the future that won’t sound too robotic.

📌Its voice recognition is not different from a smartphone, but the greatest highlight of this robot is her facial expressions. The latest sex robot doll can also speak, smile and sing all under the control of your smartphone. Aside from her beautiful face, she can listen and answer to your questions using a voice recognition software.

I’m pretty sure that most of you would prefer this head for your sex love doll. Unfortunately, the wait will be long as this will not be available until 2019. At the time, they are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help produce an English and Japanese version

  • Pretty
  • Can make different facial expressions
  • Doll is useable to other sex doll bodies
  • Can listen and answer to your questions
  • Can speak, smile and sing
  • Has voice recognition
  • Can be controlled by a smartphone and a Playstation controller.
  • Not available public
  • Needs crowdfunding campaign
  • Only speaks Chinese at the time


The latest sex dolls today are very promising, but most of them are just prototypes, while some are already available. However, this is a good start to expect revolutionary advancement in the sex dolls industry. Based on our list above the future of the love dolls promises a fully functional sex partner.

📌 At the time most sex dolls are non-responsive and lacks characters. However, the new sex dolls will address these issues as the manufacturers work to give its customers love dolls that talk, sing, carry a conversation and moves around with different facial expression.

Since most are still in the works, if you want these dolls start saving now. Trust me, these are worth it!


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