Kava-Kava For Sex, Premature Ejaculation, Testosterone Level And Erectile Dysfunction

Kava-Kava For SexKava kava eases your stress and anxiety to increase your libido, boost your testosterone, delay your ejaculation and solve erectile dysfunction.

However, this root does not work the same for every man. Keep reading to see if Kava Kava is for you…

Have you read Kava or kava-kava as one of the ingredients in your male enhancement supplements? Have you wondered what it is for?

Kava is a very interesting plant especially when it comes to its abilities to help you ease your anxiety and boost your sexual health.

A number of those who have taken these were surprised at how it turns their sex life around. According to them, Kava works and is effective in helping them get intimate with their partner.

What is Kava Kava?

kava kava plantKava also known as kava kava is a root found on South Pacific islands. This has been used as medicine in ceremonies for centuries.

Kava has a calming effect. It changes one’s brain waves the way calming medicines such as diazepam works. It can also prevent convulsions and relaxes the muscles.

This plant is not addictive, but its efficiency may reduce over time when use.

Traditionally, this plant is prepared as a drink, in particular, as a tea. However, at the time, it is already available in dietary supplement in powder and tincture.

Kava is popular for its sedative, anesthetic, euphoriant and entheogenic properties. Due to its calming effects, it is used to relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, stress-related symptoms (ex. muscle tension or spasm). This is also effective in mitigating pain.

📌 When kava is taken for anxiety or stress it does not interfere with mental sharpness. When taken for sleep problems, it promotes deep sleep without affecting your restful REM sleep.

For those taking anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants, kava may be used instead. However, you should not take this with prescription drugs. Also, when taking kava, you should avoid alcohol.

Kava For Sex: Helps You Relax And Reduces Tension And Anxiety To Keep You In The Mood

kava kava for sexAccording to Ben Levine, kava is a potent empathogen. Empathogens or entactogens are a class of psychoactive drugs that gives you emotional communion, oneness, relatedness, emotional openness – that is empathy or sympathy.

Levine and his wife initially prepared a kava drink to relax after an exhausting day. When they sipped the bitter brew they immediately noticed how it lifted their anxiety. Surprisingly, it also left them more energized to be fully engaged with each other.

They experienced a pleasant state that materialized their organic sexual energy.

According to Kalm with Kava, this crop doesn’t immediately put you in the mood but has a similar effect to an aphrodisiac. Probably because this makes you calm and level.

📌 Kava root releases kavalactones into the brain that fights against the main part of your brain that handles worry and anxiety. Due to its calming effects, it can boost your libido.

Kava also has the same effect as alcohol, but it has no hangover and it relaxes you.

In addition to this, kava is known to help users relax. It gives them a good night sleep and keeps them clear-headed the following day. It is given that sleep is essential for one’s sexual health.

According to Marc Bonnard in his book “The Viagra Alternative: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction Naturally,” there is a study that confirms kava’s effectiveness like otc ed meds. It’s known in reducing stress and anxiety and even relieving the bladder and sleep disorders. Thus, this root can be used to resolve sexual difficulties and low-libido caused by overwork, anxiousness and tension.

One Kava mythoglogy also suggests that this plant is imbued with sexual pleasure.

According to the legend of kava, there are two sisters on the shore washing their newly harvested yams. As they squat on the beach, a wild kava sprout behind a rock and penetrates one of the girls. She felt it tickling within her and it gave her so much pleasure. They were surprised and elated that they took it and planted it in their garden. They cultivate it to share the pleasure it brings.

Kava makes one feel good and in the mood for sexual pleasure. In short, it can increase one’s libido.

Kava For Premature Ejaculation: Its Numbing Effects Can Help You Delay Your Ejaculations

kava kava Delaying Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one the most common problems among couples. A number of men tend to struggle in controlling their excitement during sexual intercourse, so they ejaculate immediately leaving their ladies unsatisfied.

If you are suffering from the same problem, kava or kava kava is a potential solution. This inexpensive herb has numbing effects that are effective in helping you lasts longer in bed.

In addition, kava kava helps you relax when you are too excited. Excitement is one of the factors that makes you blow earlier when your lady still wants to play with you. In fact, a certain Kava Kava Ecstasy is used as an alternative treatment in removing children’s excitement.

Another factor that affects premature ejaculation is your mood. According to DrEd.com, PE can be caused by stress, performance anxiety and relationship issues. In some cases, hypersensitivity of the skin.

📌Kava can ease your anxiety and has numbing effects, in case, your penis skin is sensitive. So, yes, this root works well in easing your PE problems.

Kava For Testosterone: Eases Your Stress To Boost Your Testosterone Level

kava kava testosteroneStress can affect your testosterone level, multiple animal studies prove this.

Chronic stress, stress-related depression, psychological stressors and long-term stressors (surgical stress, noise stress, immobilization stress, oxidative stress) can significantly reduce your testosterone level.

Any herb that can lower your stress can help you improve testosterone levels. Herbalist Hut recommends the use of kava kava for a T-boost. Kava has a calming effect that helps you relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness other stress-related symptoms.

Kava For Erectile Dysfunction: A Potential Solution To Psychological ED

kava kava Delay Ejaculation

Initially, erectile dysfunction was believed to be caused by psychological problems. While this is true in some cases, physical issues related to the blood supply in the penis is another cause.

Kava kava, which sometimes included as ingredients in sexual stamina supplements, has properties to relax and calm one’s anxiety, stress and depression make it a good solution for psychological erectile dysfunction. This condition is easy to spot on.

For instance, if you are comfortable, relaxed and have a normal erection during your solo session or masturbation but struggles to get an erection with a partner that is likely a psychological ED.

”The mind is a very powerful tool for improving health, but it can also be a factor in our own self-induced sexual dysfunctions if we let it. While Kava can help sexual dysfunction caused by self-induced mental issues, it will not show much, if any improvement, over an actual diagnosed case of erectile dysfunction,” said Eric. J. Leech.

So, kava may work for psychological ED, but not on those conditions that are due to physical illness. You may want to consider using vacuum pump for ed treatment for the physical factors in your erection issue.

Now that you are already aware how kava can help you solve your sexual problems, let’s examine if it is safe.

Is Kava Safe?

A number of articles you will find on Google suggest that kava is not safe for liver and that it is toxic. However, those claims were questionable.

According to this report, Swiss and German health officials Interkantonale Kontrollstelle (IKS) & Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM) have since overturned its 12-year ban on kava and kava-based products. It was learned that the ban of the traditional herb “had no scientific evidence, no quality control measures.”

There was actually nothing to assess the risk of Kava at that time and it cost hundreds of millions of dollars to the South Pacific kava growers who lose the German market overnight.

Kava is safe if it is used properly, cultivated with the right properties and processed in a reasonable way. In fact, this has been drunk for millennia in the South Pacific and there were no sights of liver toxicity.

Unlike the previous reports, according to this blog, a number of studies have shown that kava is safe to use. One study (by Sarris et al, 2013) showed that there was no difference in liver functioning between the subjects who received kava and the subjects who did not.

In addition, there were no symptoms of withdrawal or addiction between the two groups. But there was a significant reduction in anxiety in the group taking kava.

Another study ( by Clouatre, 204) reported that compared to other anti-anxiety drugs, the risk-to-benefit ratio of kava use was very good.

Also, a number of professionals are coming out to support kava. Dr. Hyla Cass and Jerry Cott, former Chief of t he Psychopharmacology Research Program at the National Institute of Mental Health reported experiencing liver toxicity is much higher in taking acetaminophen than from taking kava. Anti-anxiety and anti-depressants medication have a higher risk of liver toxicity compared to kava.

The World Health Organization also stated that it is unlikely for hepatic adverse reactions to occur from the use of kava. Dr. Andrew Thomas Weil, founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona said that kava is safe for use. But he recommended not using it for more than four weeks at a time.

Although Kava is safe to take, you should still take precaution. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

📌It should not be combined with alcohol or psychotropic medicines. Psychotropic medicines are used to treat psychiatric disorders or illnesses and include antidepressant and mood stabilizers. Alcohol exaggerates kava’s sedating effect. So avoid alcohol.

Short term use may result with the following:

  • Can affect the speed of your response, unsafe to drive or use with heavy machinery.
  • May gradually be less powerful as you use it.
  • May cause temporary yellowing of skin, hair and nail.
  • Can cause an allergic skin reaction in rare cases.

Long-term kava use may result in the following:

  • Liver problems (nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, itching, dark urine, clay-colored stools or jaundice)
  • Shortness of breath (reversible)
  • Scaly rash (reversible)
  • Facial puffiness or swelling (reversible)

Kava Kava Reviews

Just like 5-HTP, a number of users have different experiences using this root. Some observed positive changes while others did not like the results. Check out some of the reviews from actual users below to know what to expect from this herb.

Positive Reviews: Kava Kava a Natural Aphrodisiac
Negative Reviews: Reduce Libido and Testosterone
Neutral Reviews: Didn’t see any changes

Where to Buy Kava Kava?

Kava is efficient in relaxing and calming you, which is a big factor in boosting your libido and testosterone levels, delaying your ejaculation and addressing psychological erectile dysfunction. You can buy Kava Kava below!


Users have mixed opinion especially when it comes to its effect on libido and testosterone level. Some experience an increase, while others suffer from reduced sex drive. This is also not advisable to be taken for a longer period. So, it’s best to discuss with your doctor if it’s safe for you to try this.

Have you used kava kava to solve a sexual dysfunction? Did it help or make your condition worse? Feel free to share your experience with kava to help other readers who are interested in using this too.


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