How To Last Longer in Bed | Simple Tricks, Easy Exercises and Efficient Pills

How to last more in bed
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Do you struggle to last longer in bed?

If you do, we understand your insecurities. But do you know that one in every three men experience the same? This might come as a surprise to you but, yes, many men are just like you, they also struggle to keep their partner satisfy because they come short when it matters most.

If you’ve been asking yourself “how to last longer in bed?” then you are just on the right page. We have a number of lasting longer tips to help you improve your performance. So you can go on for a more pleasurable sex with your partner.

7 Tips To Last Longer In Bed: Before Sex

Just like any other activities, you can improve your stamina and duration during a sexual intercourse by preparing for it beforehand. So, if you have a low self-esteem when it comes to making love with your partner due to your premature ejaculation issues, these tricks will surely be helpful to you.

Practice With Yourself

Masturbation for better sex
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According to studies, masturbation can also help improve your sexual performance. During your teenage years, you start to be sexually active and often practice on your own. Due to fears and embarrassment of being caught in action, you tend to come as quickly as possible. This bad habit is wired into your brain that results into premature ejaculation.

If a short and quick masturbation practice leads you to being a minute or two-minute man. By practicing on your own, you will be able to learn more about your body’s reaction. In this way, you will know when you should slow down or change position lower your peak state.

Wear a Condom

Condom for longer lasting sex
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Several men complain that wearing a condom reduces the pleasure and sensitivity they experience during sex. If you are trying to not cum so soon, then perhaps, this is what you need. Aside from making you last longer, wearing a condom keeps you safe from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Isn’t that great?

Cut Down Unhealthy Habits

Improve Sex by Quitting these bad habbits
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If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life, you should learn to cut down on your bad habits including alcohol, smoke, and drugs. According to Prematurex, hormones are the key to feeling good during sex and naturally your brain knows when to trigger your penis to ejaculate. Ejaculation should occur when you want it but the nicotine from tobacco confuses your brain. It makes you harder to concentrate and could lead to misinterpretation that could result in premature ejaculations . This effect is similar to what one experiences when taking drugs and alcohol.

Use Topical Medication

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There are desensitizing sprays and creams that are used to make men perform longer. At the time there is a new class of topical sprays with absorption technology that enables a mild anesthetic to penetrate the outer layer of penile skin to the nerves below the control ejaculation to give you superior control and good sensation. You can also use numbing agents like Promescent which is designed to make love longer. You can purchase, some of this penis spray online.

Use Pills

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Aside from topical medications like creams or gel that you apply to your member to prolong the love making. There are max performer tablets designed for the same purpose. Some pills can only be purchased with a prescription but there are other brands that you can purchase over the counter. You can find some of the delay ejaculation pills in the next section.

Exercise Your Penis’ Muscles

Jelqing - Penis Exercies
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Just like any other part of your body, you also need to exercise the muscle of your penis. Penis exercises such a jelqing. This will give you an increased control and a better mind-body connection. This will also build a row sensitivity to help you feel more in tune and in control of your penis’ activities.

Eat the Right Foods to Boost Testosterone

Best foods for testosterone boost
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There are particular foods that can help you achieve longer performance in bed. For instance, according to Last Longer Org, you have to modify your diet to address your premature ejaculation issues and eat the right foods. In short, develop a diet that will help you accomplish your goal.

Among the foods that you should eat are bananas, watermelon, avocados, pumpkin seeds, Goji berries, kava, asparagus root, and aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs include chocolates, basil, ginger, nutmeg, garlic, lady’s finger, Gingko Biloba, and Ginseng.

10 Tips For Lasting Longer: During Sex

Here are some tips to last longer that you should know and learn to help yourself survive a longer round with your partner. If you are determined to take your sexual life into another level after suffering from embarrassment and shame due to being a one or two-minute man, it is high time to learn the tricks on how to last longer in bed for men naturally.

Be Pleasure Sensitive

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Be sensitive to what you are feeling and realize when you are close to orgasm. In this way, you can take corrective actions to slow down and thus, lengthen your duration in bed. When you are already in this stage, you can change positions or pull and give your partner an oral sex to maintain the pleasure while you charge yourself.

Don’t Skip Foreplay

Sexual Foreplay Moves
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Oftentimes, too much excitement urges you to skip foreplay. However, some studies suggest that those who indulge in foreplay experience lengthy sex. So, instead of getting into the business right away, take the time to cuddle, kiss, or touch one another. The more time you spend for foreplay, the longer you will be in bed together.

Change Positions Often

Best Sex Positions
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Trying different sexual positions allow you and your partner to explore what soothes you together well. In this way, you can explore what satisfies you both. It also adds fun and excitement in your intimate bonding. But aside from this, changing sexual positions can shift your attention to her and make you delay ejaculation.

Do a Deep Thrust

IMG Source: sex-techniques-and-positions
IMG Source: sex-techniques-and-positions

The end of your penis is the most sensitive part of your member. So, you can delay your orgasm by reducing the simulation in the glans and you can carry this out by doing a deep thrust and staying deep. In this way, you can keep your penis away from the entrance of her vagina. When you are in deep, just rock your pelvic against her clitoris as this will give her pleasure. She won’t notice that you are only doing this to recover.

Practice Deep Relaxation

How to last longer in Sex
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When you are tense and stressed it puts pressure and adds sensitivity into the tip of your penis that could speed up your ejaculation. So, you have to relax the muscles of our pelvis consciously to allow the sexual energy in and up through your body to make the sensation more manageable. According to Cleveland Clinic, ejaculation is a reflex action controlled by the central nervous system. When your sexual excitement reaches a critical level, it triggers ejaculation. So, if you want to keep up with your partner just relax.

Breathe Correctly

Breathing Properly During Sexual Intercourse
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Your breathing pattern matter because it influences your relaxation. The more you breathe, the more you distribute the sensation throughout your body. As a result, it also gives you a full body orgasm experience that will keep you going on because it makes you feel good. When you start to breathe fast and heavily, you will be in the quick mode. To address this, you can do slow and deep breathing. Tension encourages orgasm and by deep breathing you can lessen your tension and delay your orgasm. To help you breathe properly we listed the different breathing techniques or exercises that you can try to improve your performance in bed. You can find it in the next section.

Make Noise

Make noise for better sex
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This is one of the most effective strategies prolong performance but is underused by men. Between men and women, the latter is noisier in the bedroom and this is one of the reasons that they are orgasmic and can last longer during a sexual intercourse. Layla Martin a sex expert, suggests that you should learn to sound your sexual sensation. Aside from helping you last longer, this will turn your woman on because she feels and hears that you are enjoying what you are both doing. Sounding your sexual sensation also allows you to move your sexual energy rapidly through your body that delays your ejaculation.

Let Her Take Control

Woman in control for great sex
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The person who is in charge is usually the one who experiences more pleasure. So, if you want to last longer in bed with your partner, let her be in control. Give your woman her time to be in charge so she can enjoy the act, this will also lessen the sensitivity and pleasure in your end, so it will likely delay your ejaculation.

Change Speed

Changing Speed during sex
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Catherine Toyooka, a human sexuality expert advises that you change speed when you are close to the edge. Toyooka advised that you tease your woman by taking your penis out and rubbing the glans between her labia. The vagina has lots of nerve endings in the lower portion of the vaginal canal so even if you are slowing down, you will still be giving her a pleasurable experience.

Aim for Slow and Steady Sexy

Slow better sex
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I understand that some men, prefers a fast and pounding sex. Unfortunately, no matter how you love this pace, if you want to last longer you have to maintain slow and steady moves when being intimate with your woman. Remember, slowing down means prolong performance in bed.

Best Tricks On How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

I understand that suffering from premature ejaculation is exasperating and disappointing. You wish you could last longer but your penis can’t keep up with your thoughts. If you have tried a number of gels, creams, and oil but it didn’t work, maybe it is time to try the natural ways.

For those who are don’t want to take male enhancement pills or apply any creams on their member but want to control ejaculation, the following last longer in bed without pills tips are also for you. Check it out.

Control Your Mindset

What to think during sex
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One of the things that you need to be aware of are the thoughts running through your mind. I understand that seeing a woman’s naked body, staring at her beautiful breasts or gazing at the precious jewel between her legs is a huge turn on but these thoughts will ruin your sex life. When you get too excited to hit the land of joy and penetrate, you will not last long. Going directly to penetration will cause your arousal to peak. Your penis will be very sensitive and any contact you make will take you to the point of no return. You will reach your orgasm in no time, even before you stimulate your partner. Thus, failing to satisfy her.

If this happens every time you make love, your relationship might not work. She might realize that you’re not compatible sexually. Any woman will think the same so before you get into this point, master your thoughts and control your mindset.

Distract Yourself

According to Layla Martin, take control, think about the things that don’t turn you on. In short, you have to distract yourself by thinking about some other things to keep your mind occupied and away from the pleasure. You can think of baseball, ashtrays and other similar things that will draw your attention to something else. You can also stroke the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Some find this weird but according to them, it worked because it is another way of transferring energy away from your penis. When you are not focused on the pleasure that you are feeling, you will last longer.

10 Sex Positions to Lasting Longer

Aside from controlling your mind and distracting yourself, you should choose the right sexual position that will help you prolong your performance in bed. I will not keep you guessing, here’s a list of the sexual positions that you should explore with your partner.

  • Spooning – This position could help you go on longer in bed because it creates shallow penetration, so your penis will not be over-stimulated. It also forces you to move slowly or else you will fall out. Thus, cutting short your excitement and delaying your orgasm.
    Spooning sex position
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  • Side by side – This is a shallow penetration position that doesn’t allow you for much thrusting. So, it is effective in slowing down your penetration.
    Sex Side to Side position
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  • Doggy-Style – This position gives you the excitement of a rear entry but keeps you from intense stimulation. This is also a great position to hit your woman’s G-spot to help her reach her orgasm sooner while keeping you under control.
    Dog Style Position During Sex
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  • Woman on Top – The sight of this position might appear intense but this is among the positions that will help you stay in control in bed. In addition, your woman is in control so she will feel the pleasure and stimulation more than you do. Thus, making you last longer.
    Woman top sex position
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  • Sitting – This is a very sweet and sensual position. You can go slow and take plenty of breaks in this position. Sitting position gives you a deep penetration but no intense thrusting. Thus, adding more minutes in your bed performance.
    Sex position while sitting
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  • Sitting in a Chair – This position is a great alternative to doggy style, where you will get the rear entry. In addition, your woman is in charge for the pace and depth, so you are far from getting carried away than doing the act yourself.
    Sitting in chair sex
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  • The Cross or Perpendicular Position – This position is an outercourse position. It has a limited range of motion but a little deeper than Spooning and Side by Side. However, this position keeps the most sensitive areas of your penis from stimulation. Since your woman is on your side, you can’t put your full weight into her and your limited range of motion will delay your excitement and penetration.
    Cross Sex Position
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  • Thrust-in-Time – In this position, you will alter between shallow and deep thrusts. The shallow strokes create a less friction that will keep you from overstimulation. Thereby, delaying your orgasm and adding more minutes in your performance in bed.
    Best sex position for better sex
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  • Eat Pussy Position – If you are close to orgasm and you know that your woman is still too far away from her peak, ask her to caress her pussy. You can kiss her flower in any position you like, depending on your creativity. This position continues to stimulate your mind and your woman but keeps a direct stimulation to your penis. So, this is a perfect time to recharge yourself without taking away the pleasure from your partner.
    Eating pussy
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  • Lotus Flower Position – This position is very sweet and intimate but is very efficient in helping you control sensitivity. It has less room for intense thrusting, so it will take time before you penetrate and reach your peak.

Exercises You Can Do

Aside from the tips above, there are particular exercises or activities that you can do to prolong sex. If you are desperate to improve your performance time, you will definitely get it if you are determined enough to push yourself to your limits. Try these and feel a difference.

Do physical exercises

Physical Exercise for sex
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Doing regular physical exercises like push-ups, crunches, leg lunges, plank, and skipping are also efficient in making you perform better sex. Remember, obesity can reduce the pleasure of your sex life and these activities will help you lose weight and be fit. Being fit means better performance in bed. So, start doing your exercises today.

Yoga asanas

Yoga positions
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Aside from strength training, yoga is a great exercise to improve your posture and flexibility. It also helps you beat stress and achieve mental peace which is very helpful in delaying your ejaculation. The more in control you are of your mind, the more you will be able to manage your ejaculation.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises
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Proper breathing can help you control the urge to cum. So you have to learn the different breathing techniques that will help you deliver longer and better performance when you engage in a sexual intercourse with your partner. Check out the two breathing techniques below:

  • Triangular breathing – This is one of the most popular breathing methods to help men delay ejacuation. To do this, just breathe slowly for 3 seconds. Hold your breath for 3 seconds and breath out for another 3 seconds. Repeat this breathing pattern until you feel yourself in control.
  • Synchronize your breathing with your thrusting movements – When the excitement is too much for you to take and you know that your partner is still too far from achieving her orgasm, slow down and synchronize your breathing pattern with your thrusting movement. To do this, just exhale as you penetrate and inhale when you withdraw your penis.

Kegel or Pelvic exercises

Kegel exercise
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This exercise is popular in giving men stronger and longer erections. Kegel exercises directly work with the muscles that are involved during sex and ejaculation. For instance, when you are in control with your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscles), you can tighten it up when you are close to orgasm until the sensation is over. Kegel exercises are simple to execute, once you learn the proper way to do it.

According to Asandra, Kegel exercises help men as much as it helps women. However, it needs a consistent commitment to making it work. The whole process works by strengthening the PC muscles.

So basically, to do a Kegel exercise, you just have to flex the same muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. Clench the muscle for 10 seconds and release. Aim to do at least three sets of 10 reps each day.

Here are four types of Kegel exercises that you should consider to last longer in beds naturally and without taking pills. Check it out.

  • Kegel Routine 1: Flutter Technique –This Kegel exercise requires clenching and unclenching of your PC muscle rapidly. If you are a beginner, we understand that keeping up for many repetitions could be challenging, so don’t be disappointed with yourself if you can hardly make it. This technique requires rapid clenching and unclenching. You can start with a set of 10 repetitions and have a 10-second break before starting your next set. Remember that you have to take a rest to avoid your PC muscle from overworking.
  • Kegel Routine 2: Squeeze and Hold – This technique is more challenging than the first exercise. Start by squeezing your PC muscle tightly and hold it. This will test your willpower and strengthen your PC muscle. After squeezing, let it clenched for a certain count of times and then release it. With more practice and exercise, your period of holding will increase over time. This exercise could be tiring , so you can do 3 repetitions per set with adequate breaks in between. You need not do this exercise daily, just aim to do this 3 to 4 times per week.
  • Kegel Routine 3: Combination Method – This technique used the two previous routines above. You have to do the flutter routine with five rapid flexes then squeeze tightly at the last one and hold. You can also use this rhythm: do five flutters followed by five seconds hold. Take a breath and do another set. This is the exercise that will give you the power to control your ejaculation and pulsating contractions during orgasm.
  • Kegel Routine 4: Random Flexing Style – This is the ultimate test to check your mastery over your ejaculatory muscles. You can perform this technique by doing 10 flutters, then a powerful squeezing and holding. For beginners, this is really difficult but over time as you gain more control on your PC muscle, this will be easier for you.

Combine Kegel Exercise with vacuum erection system to further enhance your sexual wellbeing.

Best Pills to Last Longer in Bed

If you want to take medication to improve your duration while making love with your partner, don’t worry because there is a pill designed to help control ejaculation. You can try these pills to improve your stamina and delay your peak. Find some of the pills below.

However, per Amazon AWS some of these are only available by prescription so you might need to work with a physician to acquire one. Check it out and enjoy! I hope you will find one that will be helpful to you.

priligy-30mgDapoxetine – This is a popular oral drug for premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine is also known as Priligy, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI. This pill works within your brain to help you better control your ejaculation. In general, the more serotonin in the brain, the longer the sex is and the more your ejaculation will be delayed.

Dapoxetine also offers immediate results, which makes it a great solution for men suffering from premature ejaculation. Just take it for four days consistently to reach the maximum concentration in your blood stream. Other SSRIs can take up to 22 months for a steady concentration. Thus, this is faster.

sildenafilPhosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5) Inhibitors – These are pills like Viagra and Cialis. Although it has the same purpose as Dapoxetine, it works differently because it works within your penis. PDE-5 is an enzyme that breaks down cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP and decreases the effect of the nitric oxide, which leads to premature ejaculation.

Among the PDE-5 inhibitors on the market are sildenafil or Viagra, tadalafil or Cialis, vardenafil or Levitra and avanafil or Stendra. This pill is designed to treat premature ejaculation and should only be taken as needed and not more than once a day. This pill is efficient when taken between 30 minutes to four hours before engaging in a sexual activity. It could last up to five hours after taken.

Prosolution PlusProsolution Plus – If you want natural pills, then no worries, this brand is for you. Prosolution Plus is made of a powerful blend of herbals, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to increase your virility. This daily supplement improves premature ejaculation by 64%, erectile quality by 67%, overall sexual function by 48%, and sexual satisfaction by 78%. In general, clients are delighted with this product because it delivers what it promises.

Prosolution Plus is clinically tested, doctor-approved and has over a decade of experience. It also comes with hundreds of thousands of happy and satisfied customers who enjoy a
more healthy and enjoyable sexual life after taking this male enhancement pill.
Dapovar –
This is the first over the counter stamina pills that actually works in delaying your orgasm. Dapovar capsules are filled with SSRI that modulates the serotonin level in your body.

After a month of using this, you will notice a significant increase in your performance time.

climatrolClimatrol – This male enhancement pill uses the same science as Dapoxetine. It extends your stamina and duration in bed by increasing the serotonin level with the use of natural herbal products like Graffonia that mimic the effects of SSRI’s without any side effects.

The only downsize with Climatrol is that it takes time to work. You have to take the pills for about a month to experience results. The good thing though is that this male enhancement pill works once you pass the 30 days.

Remember that pushing yourself to last longer in the bed while you make love with your partner is not a solo struggle. Many men are facing the same issues as you but some of them have already found a solution by applying the tips to last longer in bed as listed above. So, end the shame and embarrassment by doing the tricks you have just read. You could also search for “how to last longer in bed video” in YouTube to find short clips about the topic. We understand that some prefer to watch clips than read.

Remember, when you find the right exercise, pills or natural solution to make you last longer in bed, the experience will be life-changing for you. So, try it now, don’t delay the bliss and joy that is meant for you.