How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally – Causes, Symptoms, Tips & Tricks

Two things can affect fertility in men. One of them is the sperm quality – which inevitably includes the sperm count too.

The other one is sperm motility. Basically, even if you have great sperm quality, you need it to move quickly and reach the destination.

Motility is rarely the main issue – most men have to bother with the sperm count. Like any other organ in the human body, the reproductive one will require some nutrients for top-notch functionality.

Learning how to increase sperm count naturally will give you excellent results, yet the process demands patience.

What Is Male Infertility?

Male fertility is the ability to reproduce naturally – no external factors and no medical assistance of any kind.

Both sperm count and motility affect this capability, yet sperm health is the most common cause of concern in men.

When sperm counts are low, a man has a relatively low chance of making a female pregnant. The sperm production could be high as well, male infertility may still occur if the quality is not good enough. There is still a chance to impregnate a female, but it is normally low.

The necessity to increase sperm count can be linked to particular sexual affections. But then, there are also times when it occurs naturally – basically, lifestyle changes lead to a lower sperm count. An increased sperm count is easy when you identify and treat these causes.

For example, low libido or sex drive may also lead to a low sperm count. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is also a cause for poor sperm quality – the inability to obtain or maintain an erection throughout sexual activity.

Testosterone levels may also lower or boost sperm count. Basically, infertility can have numerous causes, and they all depend on specific medical affections, diet, fitness levels, genetics, or general health. Modern low sperm counts are often the result of poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles.

The good news is you can improve sperm health.

What Causes Low Sperm Count?

Healthy and qualitative sperm depends on many factors. Many times, causes can be reversed with a few lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet, for example, can change everything. The point is you can increase semen quality if you identify the causes and eliminate them.

Sperm Issues

Sperm issues are the most common causes. Sperm may not be fully grown, or it could be oddly shaped sperm; shape is quite relevant. It could move the wrong way or perhaps be produced in small quantities. In some cases, sperm is not produced at all.

Some issues are based on genetics, but others are based on lifestyle changes.


Varicoceles are basically some veins located in the scrotum. They swell and affect about 16% of all men and sperm health. Eliminating this issue that keeps testicles too warm for sperm will also improve sperm count.

Dry Ejaculation

Dry or retrograde ejaculation means the semen goes back into the body, rather than traveling outside. It happens when muscles around the bladder do not close during an orgasm. Since the sperm release is almost null, the issue will clearly affect fertility.

Immunologic Infertility

You can increase sperm count naturally if you overcome immunologic infertility – a condition that forces the body to make antibodies to attack sperm. They are normally made during infections or to fight wounds. However, this issue can also kill the sperm – not a very common cause, though.

Other issues that affect sperm count include:

  • Obstruction in the tubes where sperm travels
  • Hormonal issues affecting the pituitary gland
  • Chromosomes missing parts
  • Medication for issues like arthritis, depression, anxiety, or cancer, among others

Signs Of Low Sperm Count

What are the signs of low semen count? One obvious sign is that you do not have a normal sperm count – the impossibility of conceiving a child.

Obviously, the issue could be on either side – the man or the female. The sign is not crystal clear, but it tells you that something is wrong – most likely, an issue affecting male fertility.

Sexual Dysfunction

Specific issues with sexual function can lead to poor sperm health. Lower sperm counts can be caused by low libido, for example. Erectile dysfunction could also be a problem. You find yourself unable to get an erection.

Even if you do have it, the stress and anxiety – as well as the irregular sexual activity – may affect the sperm quality. Quit smoking if you do. Quit the alcohol consumption and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sperm count refers to the amount of sperm, but the quality will also be affected.

Painful Sensations

Painful sensations could also be a sign that you suffer from an issue – such as reduced sperm health. The human semen characteristics vary from one man to another, but small imperfections are irrelevant. However, if things get painful, you have a problem.

For example, you may experience painful sensations in the testicles or around them. Swelling is also a sign, so pay attention to any abnormalities. You may need to contact a specialist if you can see or feel a lump in the area.

Hormonal Abnormalities

Sometimes, antioxidant-rich foods and a healthy lifestyle are not the only ways to increase sperm. In some cases, the problem is related to your genetics. Chromosome or hormonal abnormalities are quite common these days, and they may affect men differently.

If you have very little facial hair or your body hair seems to be lower than normal, chances are you suffer from an abnormality. These things are not caused by your lifestyle choices but your genetics only, so they cannot be healed with slight changes.

Bottom line, eliminating these causes will most likely eliminate the problem as well. Some of these issues can be treated naturally – for example, try to maintain a healthy weight. Some other fertility issues or decreased sperm production will require medical advice.

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Your body will limit sperm production based on how it works. Toxic chemicals from junk food or low testosterone levels will affect your sexual function. At times, you may have to discuss this issue with a fertility specialist.

Luckily, you can do some natural things to avoid impairing semen quality too.

Eat More Antioxidants

Increasing sperm count starts with your diet – more antioxidants will lead to higher sperm quality. You might have heard it already – antioxidants boost the immune system and fight a series of potential infections or medical issues. However, they also boost the quality – apart from other lifestyle factors.

To increase male fertility, simply add more vitamin C, folic acid, lycopene, selenium, vitamin E, and zinc to your diet. In other words, eat more beef liver, leafy veggies, tomatoes, apricots, most other fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, oysters, crab, red meat, and poultry. Get a balanced diet, and things will improve.

Reduce Stress

Stress will interfere with everything in your life, including natural sperm production. Stress will also affect disease control because many modern affections are caused or related to high stress levels – whether at work or home. Furthermore, stress makes sex less fun – if you manage to have some.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Exercise as well – a bit of physical activity on a daily basis will work wonders. Excessive exercise is just as harmful, so avoid marathons or intense workouts. They can lower testosterone and reproductive hormone levels. Improving sperm count is sometimes about relaxation.

Quit Alcohol And Tobacco

A reduced sperm count is also caused by too much alcohol. If you hope to have a baby, this might be the best time to stop consuming alcoholic beverages. Increase sperm quality and production by lowering the levels of alcohol. However, moderate drinks will not really affect you too much – a glass or two.

You can also improve sperm counts if you quit smoking. Smoking affects the semen quality, as well as pretty much every aspect of your body – from your breathing system to your heart. Smoking is just as harmful if you go through fertility treatment, as it will negatively interfere with it.

Secondhand smoke will also affect the partner’s fertility.

Have More Sex

Have sex a few times a year, and you will naturally reduce sperm quality. Have sex more often, and you will retrain your prostate into producing more semen.

The more sexually active you are, the more successful you will be in bed. Frequent sex will improve sperm mobility as well.

It pays off having sex around the ovulation time too. Small periods of not having sex will, indeed, add to the quality of your sperm, but keep them short. Long periods of abstinence will decrease the quality of sperm.

Keep It Cool

Testicles produce more and higher quality sperm if they are cool. If they get too warm or hot, your sperm production will be dramatically reduced. Unprotected sex can become productive if you have healthier sperm. Your sperm parameters will go higher – no issues at all.

For instance, you can avoid hot tubs. Avoid long hot baths as well, since they will affect the scrotum temperature. Avoid such things if you are trying to get a baby. Move around as well – prolonged sitting will never improve male infertility – you can boost fertility with a bit of movement.

Car seat heaters? Avoid them. Laptop on your lap all the time? Highly contraindicated. Your reproductive health will skyrocket with a few simple changes. Other than that, opt for breathable underwear. Avoid super tight underwear.

Watch Your Weight

Keep an eye on your weight and body mass index to improve fertility. All medically reviewed programs recommend a healthy weight based on your height. Studies suggest that being both underweight and overweight will lower your sperm count, but also affect sperm movement and semen volume.

A healthy weight does not imply starving yourself but avoid junk food and toxic fats. Instead, opt for maca root powder, fruits, veggies, amino acid-rich foods, omega 3 fatty acids, and other similar stuff. Pay attention to the vitamin D deficiency – common in those trying to lose weight.

Get Some Healthy Supplements

Healthy sperm motility supplements should be given based on a deep semen analysis. Healthy adult men should have no major deficiencies, yet unexpected situations arise when least expected. From vitamin D and the B complex to vitamin C and other vitamins, supplementation will never go wrong if you do not exaggerate.

Avoid anabolic steroids – not actual supplements – and control serum hormone levels. Take supplements based on bananas, spinach, maca roots, asparagus, zinc, or fenugreek, not to mention Indian ginseng – also known as ashwagandha – or various antioxidant-rich foods.

Foods To Increase Sperm Count

Quitting smoking or alcohol can and will help – you will see improved fertility immediately.

But then, apart from lifestyle changes, you can also make some major dietary changes.

Here are some foods that will help you increase sperm count without too much hassle.


Eggs are rich in protein and will bring a wide variety of benefits over the body – the same rule applies to improving sperm count and sperm quality. Including more eggs into your diet will bring in even more benefits in the long run.

Eggs also boost sperm motility, not to mention protecting sperm against free radicals.

All the nutrients in an egg promote stronger sperm and boost fertility in men.


Apart from numerous other nutrients, spinach is also rich in folic acid, which is mandatory for healthy and strong sperm. Folic acid boosts the natural production of sperm. You can find it in a bunch of leafy veggies, yet spinach has more folic acid than most other foods.

Higher levels of folic acid will also reduce the incidence of abnormal sperm.

In other words, impregnating your partner is much easier.


Bananas have numerous nutrients, but more importantly, they are rich in vitamins A, B1, and C. These vitamins boost the production of strong and healthy sperm. The sperm count solely depends on these vitamins in your diet.

Furthermore, bananas are rich in bromelain, an enzyme that improves both sperm count and quality.


Asparagus is rich in more antioxidants, but some of them stand out in the crowd – vitamin C, more precisely. Vitamin C has numerous benefits over sperm – it protects sperm against free radicals and keeps cells in your testicles safe.

Bottom line, asparagus improves sperm motility, count, and quality.


Walnuts are generally recommended for the amount of protein and healthy fats. Healthy fats are mandatory in the production of membranes for sperm cells. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts will also boost the circulation in the penile area – higher sperm volume and firmer erections.

Moreover, walnuts are rich in arginine, which adds to the sperm count and eliminates toxins.

Dark Chocolate

If you like desserts but you want to lose a bit of weight, dark chocolate is your best choice. It is rich in L-arginine, which increases sperm volume and count. Stick to limited amounts of it, as it is still a dessert that can add to your weight.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have high amounts of phytosterol, which boosts natural testosterone levels. More testosterone will help fertility by improving sperm count. Moreover, pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega three fatty acids.

Zinc Rich Foods

Zinc is critical for the healthy production of sperm. It is common in a bunch of different foods – beans, red meat, and barley, among many others. A deficiency will reduce not only the quality of your sperm, but also the motility.

Maca Root

Maca roots are scientifically proven to increase fertility by working on the sperm count. You are more likely to find this herb as a supplement. Results will not appear overnight, but a few weeks of consistent supplementation will bring extraordinary results.

Tips To Increase Sperm Count

You can do certain things to improve sperm quality, count, and motility.

You should also avoid a few things at all costs – tobacco or alcohol, for example.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to help you regain your fertility:

  • Treat all the medical conditions you suffer from
  • Limit the soy intake
  • Avoid toxic chemicals in your diet or at work
  • Eat lots of greens
  • Never skip dental cleanings
  • Get loads of sleep every night
  • Master a few stress management techniques
  • Practice a good gynecological hygiene

FAQs How To Increase Your Sperm

Still unsure how to increase sperm count naturally, here are the most common questions and amswers

Can Sexually Transmitted Infections Cause Infertility?

Yes, they can. Sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility both directly and indirectly. Infections can go up the reproductive system if left untreated, so they need to be handled as soon as you feel like something is wrong. Depending on the issue, they may affect the reproductive system in different ways.

What Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can Lower Sperm Count?

Most STDs can cause infertility in one way or another, but two of them stand out in the crowd – gonorrhea, and chlamydia. These two affections are the leading causes of preventable infertility worldwide, so they must be treated as soon as possible. Treatments are widely accessible – consult a specialist.

Is Infertility Permanent In Men?

In most cases, infertility can be treated. It is a reversible issue – identify the causes and annihilate them. Infertility will slowly fade away, whether caused by low sperm motility or count. In some cases, infertility can be permanent, yet it takes a long time to diagnose it. There are still a few solutions out there.


Learning how to increase sperm count naturally is not difficult. There are, indeed, different ways to change your lifestyle and come up with some healthy updates – your whole body will benefit from such changes, especially the reproductive system.

In some cases, you may need medical treatment, but most specialist doctors will recommend the natural approach before moving on to drugs and medications. The good news is a low sperm count is less likely to be permanent.