How to Get a Bigger Penis: Best Methods For Larger Penis (All The Tips You Need!)

How to Get a Bigger Penis“I want to have bigger penis”

Deep inside, this has been your self-talk, isn’t it? In the pool, you see other guys in their speedo with the big bulge of their penis in front. Then you notice how women just can’t stop looking.

Somehow, you decided to find ways to enlarge your penis.

Give yourself a pat on the back for arriving at the right place. In this article, I’ll show you the best methods to grow your dick!

Penis Pump – Best Method for Penis Enlargement Girth Gains

Best Method for Penis Enlargement Girth GainsPenis or panis enlargement pump are suction powered penile devices widely available in the market right now. They produce a vacuum which pressures the penile vessels, which then leads to blood flow towards your pecker. This naturally engorges your dick and causes it to be larger.

Like other male enhancement products, you will find some issues using penile pumps. It could trigger vascular harm in the event you use it too much. The wrong usage according to research leads to no substantial changes within one’s cock.

Proper use though with two 10-min pump periods each day for 3 months can enhance your size.

Based on sex experts advice, to boost your penile dimension, you should attempt to use a penile pump when you’re in a particularly sexual relationship and have problems in ED or other sex issues.

In the event, you’re in a prostate treatment or even in radiation procedure, the penis pump can actually help you.

By doing this, a pump is extremely inexpensive and really efficient. It is way safe, and certainly one of the very best methods you can use.

Definitely, the very best method to boost penis girth is by using a penis pump. Penis extenders are great for length.

You will find occasional negative results in the event you use it extensively. Some user mentioned he experienced some bleeding from too much use.

Vacuum Penis Pumps

Vacuum Penis PumpsVacuum Penis Enlargement Pump is a type of penis pump that uses air vacuum pressure. Tо uѕе this реnіѕ device, just insert your cock іntо thе суlіndеr.

The аіr wіll then force the suction to allow blood to fіll your penis base. Thіѕ pressure prevents thе blооd frоm going tо оthеr areas in the body and stays and engorges your penis to reach its maximum size potential.

Water penis pump

Water penis pumps or hydro penis pumps is a great device to boost your size. It’s different from vacuum pumps, as it has a water chamber for a more hygienic, safe, and comfortable use.

After regular periods of use, your cock should stretch both in width and length. The water-based penis pumps let you use it s while you take a bath or shower.

📌The Penis water pumps also work on the principle of expansion. Insert your genitals into a cylinder and pump to have that water vacuum inside the pump. This vacuum causes the penile tissue to grow.

The expansion causes the penis to tear and receive nutrient-rich blood. This further causes the tunica tissue and the smooth muscle in your dick to expand.

Keep in mind: In the beginning of the use of penis pumps, your results will be temporary.

But you’re already on the right track. With regular routine, you can get bigger gains.

Penis pumps are a great way to boost the size of your penis. It can increase thе реnіѕ to a larger size, particularly the girth. Using penis pumps will аllоw you tо have ѕеx with women, where you have new larger penis size. Use the pump 20-30 minutes so women will notice your sudden gains.

Penis Extender Highly Recommended for Penis Length

Penis Extender Highly Recommended for Penis LengthA penile extender device is a medical grade penile device that retains your penis in a continuous condition of traction. This leads to tissue break down and expansion. However, this isn’t a fast process.

The penis extender needs to be used each day. You need to wear it for five to eight hrs a day. This routine should be done for a time period, a minimum of 6 months.

There was an article in Time which mentions this procedure with long term results. The men who use this method for a minimum of 6 months noted around 1 inch gain.

Increase Penis Length

Using penis extender is a non-intrusive way of penis lengthening. There are numerous reviews that measure the efficiency of this non-surgery method of penile lengthening.

Evidently, penile extenders show the science based method of penile elongation.

The device usually fastens around the base of your penis and around the penis head or glans. Then you place a fully adjustable traction device in between.

As you gradually increase the length force on the penis shaft, the genital’s natural reaction to the force is to tear the tissue. New cells then form to gradually expand the penis tissues.

In short, the penis slowly and naturally adds new tissue for a longer penis.

This is quite similar to penile stretching exercises, but you wear it down there. There are

Different penis extender products you can choose from.

Penis Enlargement Oils for Fast Absorption of Nutrients

There are cream to make your penis bigger and  they’re great topical medications you can apply in your dick.

📌So, before you use penis pumps, penis extenders, or work on penis exercises, you can massage your genitals to further absorb nutrients and allow you to achieve the best results. Apply it regularly and you will definitely see a lot of improvement.

Look for penis oils that include herbal extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. Natural oils should work best. Just massage the topical solutions into your penile shaft. This then can go into the penile tissues fast while you use pumps or extenders.

Penis Enlargement Pills for Full Erection Size

Penis Enlargement Pills for Full Erection SizeThere are top penis growth pills for every guy who wants to experience the very best of their sex life, they can achieve that gains, even if they have other sexual problems like impotence or erectile dysfunction.

A lot of men who feel uncertain about enlargement pills started using them. They see these nutritional supplements as something to help enhance their sexual functions and performance in sex.

A common observation on men with sex issues is that those with erection problems have a penis that seems to shrink since it does not reach it maximum erection size.

It’s important to remember that an important aspect of penis enlargement pills is how it can also treat erection problems caused by impotence or ED. These enlargement pills actually provide bigger and much stronger erections.

Just think of it.

If your dick is engorged with a lot of blood for longer periods … naturally, the muscle tissues expand gradually.

So, you should get a firm erection, as this can help you reach your peak penis length.

Most dick growth pills generally have their blend formulas based on herb extracts. These can vastly improve your blood flow to your genitals.

The best way to take penis enlargement pills is while you’re using penis pumps and penis extenders.

Wear ‘Special Briefs’ – Get Larger Penis Fast

📌If you happen to need to be in your underwear in some situation (like modeling) and you want your penis to appear bigger, you can wear ‘special briefs’ that provide a larger appearance for your dick.

There are briefs with some sort of larger cup that can show the out world that you’re well endowed. Check this Article for 5 Best Male Enhancement Briefs

Use Herbal for Complete Penis Enlargement

You can also use some herbs to improve the blood flow into your penis. By doing this, your restoration time period following performing the penis exercises will turn out to be quicker as well as your results far better.

Just concentrate on these natural herbal extracts to boost your results:

Ginkgo Biloba should be on top of your list. If you would like to grow your penile, you can’t neglect this root. Make sure to start including this potent nutrient since it can improve the flow of your blood flow.

The herb can also help you mentally. Ginkgo biloba can even enhance your sex functions if you’re struggling from depressant-triggered malfunctions. However, don’t take it if you meds on blood flow thinners.

Catuaba Bark extract is extremely effective in boosting sex performance, better rest, and improving your peripheral flow.

Korean Red Ginseng or Panax Ginseng stabilizes blood circulation and sexual functions. Keep in mind that this contraindicates with a number of medicines. Seek your doctor for proper doses of the herb.

Hawthorn Berry consists of blood flow vessel that works as fortifying agents referred as bioflavonoids

Deer Antler could rush much more blood flow for your dick which gives you larger erections

L-arginine is an amino that results in elevated blood circulation. Don’t take this in the event you’re on nitroglycerin.

Damiana extremely efficient in responding to prostate problems and male impotence in guys.

Maca Organic Natural Powder (aphrodisiac that encourages much better erectile performance and enhances sex power.

Most penile enlargement pills contain their very own formulation according to components from botanicals and natural herbs. Just bear in mind that these will only enhance your blood circulation. To achieve real penis size, you have to work on penis exercises or penis stretches.

Exercises for Penis Growth

Exercises for Penis GrowthPenis exercises are often compared with principles of building muscle mass. In some way, the principle is similar, but penis tissues are not the same as skeletal muscles in the biceps or legs.

Studies show that the penis is made up of a muscle tissue type: smooth muscles. In reality, the penis is made up of 50% smooth tissue muscles, the same ones you find in your abs!

You can find enough smooth muscle tissue in your penis. So, this penile tissue needs to be completely relaxed for your penis to enlarge and lengthen.

According to Journal of Urology, the normal smooth muscle function as needed for the initiation and the maintenance of your erection.

A theory for the effectiveness of penis exercise is that considering that penile exercising help erections to become harder, stronger, and long-lasting – it makes sense that penis exercises need more smooth muscle cells, so it causes the smooth muscle to grow.

There are several basic penis exercises you can try.

Jelqing is a popular penis exercise that can be done by gently massaging and elongating the smooth muscles and penile ligament tissues. Through this squeezing, micro tears are formed, which encourage new cell growth. This is often done during your erection.

📌Okay Sign at Head – A simple and effective jelqing exercise for your penis is for you to make an okay sign with your fingers. Place this underneath the penis head. Pull it away from the body. Hold your penis away for about 10 seconds, then release.

Okay Sign at Base – Another exercise for the penis is to create an okay sign with your hand, then put it around the base of your erect penis. The blood from the penis base would then be milked towards the penis head. An option is to apply lubricant.

Enlarge Your Penis With Foods

Enlarge Your Penis With FoodsSome foods are reportedly good to help you’re the enlargement of your penis. Next time you go to the supermarket, try to pick up nutrient packed foods to help in the growth process of your dick.

These penis enlargement foods can easily be found, so make them a regular part of your grocery lists.

Low Fat Yogurt – Most penile enlargement food products often consist of lean proteins. Low-fat yogurt belongs to this category.

Broccoli – Broccoli is a superb vegetable for strengthening your pelvic muscle tissues. Consider also other vegetables like spinach.

Bananas– This fruit is beneficial for your heart as well as your blood flow. Bananas are a highly recommended penis enlargement food.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate includes flavonol, a phytochemical that is helpful to increase blood flow to your penis.

Salmon – Eating salmon is good as it contains Omega 3 along with other beneficial fatty oils. Salmon help thin the blood, which helps you generate healthier balanced blood flow.

Onions – Research shows that onions (red and white) are good for giving you a healthy circulation of blood from the entire body towards your heart. Additionally, onion usage helps prevent blood vessels from clotting. Likewise, onions help with blood flow to the penis.

Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin seeds help enhance your penis size as it helps regulate the blood circulation. It rich in vitamin E and should be an essential part of your daily meal.

Watermelon – This fruit consists of amino acids known as citrulline. This turns into arginine which then leads to good blood vessels dilation.

Chicken Breast – Protein rich can also help in penis enlargement as it helps produce new penis tissues. Eat chicken breast especially if you use penis pump or penis extender.

Just remember that foods that help generate a good blood flow, can help you in your penis enlargement goals.

Penis Sleeve for Bigger Penis Fast

Penis Sleeve for Bigger Penis FastPenis extension sleeve is another alternative if you want to get a bigger penis fast. This are types of sex toys that can make sex more fun and enjoyable (at least to your partner)

You can grow your penis anytime, with additional sensations for your partner. It can readily provide you a longer and thicker cock to boost your sexual encounter with your partners. You just need to wear it and then you’re good for some great night of sex.


Keep in mind:

Penis sleeves are dildo condoms you wear on your dick. Though this can provide you with more girth and length – which your partner will definitely enjoy – it may not give you the same pleasure when you penetrate her. The sleeve may diminish the sensations and skin to skin contact of your penis with the vagina.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

📌Surgery is not a good choice because it involves going beneath the surgical blade. Clearly, you’ll be taking an enormous risk. The procedure is extremely high-priced and you might or might not appreciate the results.

The penile surgery procedure increases girth and length, but with astronomical prices. It may cost in a range of $10k to $50k (or even more). More so, be careful of cheap ones, as doctors may not be accredited professionally.

There are stories of negative effects including the decline of sexual functions, impotence, erectile dysfunction, curved penis, loss of libido, loss of sensation, numbness, or even torn tissues.

Phalloplasty has often been reported to be an effective procedure. However, the drawbacks are just too many.

For penis lengthening, the results may be permanent. However, there are documented cases where the ligament got reattached, with all gains actually lost.

For girth thickening, the results normally diminish throughout time. The girth gains vanish two to five years later on. This happens since the fat gradually soaks up into the body system.

The typical procedure involves slicing a certain ligament which shows the “hidden penis”. This is actually a 3rd of the penis that can not be seen without the procedure.

Essentially, in this kind of penis surgical procedure, the doctors basically cut a ligament to let your genitals slip through. Though, if this ligament gets severed, you lose your penile erection.

There are several operative treatments for penis growth, but most guys do not desire to proceed with surgical treatment after they were appropriately informed of the results and perils of complications.

In the event you do, you’ll be bed ridden for at least month or more. It could affect your work. You will also need the help of an individual to assist you every time you go to the toilet.

📌In worst cases, the surgical treatment didn’t go well, not only that you’ll have a hard time going to the bathroom, but you may cry in excruciating pain each time. This could put you under stress (mentally and physically) and you’ll almost get rid of your penis size and functions.

Other Methods and Tips to Enlarge Penis

Other Methods and Tips to Enlarge Penis

Lose Weight : –  Losing weight may not really increase your dick size, but it will surely make it appear like bigger, compared against the size of your body.

So, the less weight you have on your belly and thighs, the bigger your cock would appear.

Many overweight men have a puddle of fat surrounding the penis. This hides your dick making it look smaller.

Urological clinical professor, Dr. Harry Fisch, who works at Weill Cornell Medical College in reproductive medicine stated that “If you actually lose weight, you may gain up to 0.5 – 2.0 inches because the [pubic] fat would be gone.”

Shave Pubic Hair : – Another way to quickly add size to your penis is to shave your pubic hair or manscaping. In reality, this does not change the penis size.

However, by shaving the surrounding hair in your penis can make it appear larger than before. When you drop your shorts, your partner may see a larger version of your dick of it is shaved.

Some guys prefer to shave everything regularly, while other men just like trim the hair every now and then. Either way, this is worth to try, especially if you have an active sex life.

Using Weights (For information purposes, do not try!)

Using weights can also make your cock bigger. Though, this is an old penis enlargement practice. This exercise apparently has been used by the Ancient Egypt Pharaohs and African tribes around 2,000 years ago.

They usually attach weights to stretch the tunica albuginea. The stretched penile tissues then get more blood flow to the tear muscle tissues, which allow the penis to expand.

Important: This is not recommended as it can damage your genitals permanently. This is an old practice and has been replaced by modern methods that are safe and effective.You should just use penis pumps and penis extenders instead!

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting a Bigger Penis

Why Men Want Penis Enlargement?

Men usually want penis enlargement for many reasons. A guy with small penis usually feel inferior and have no self-confidence in asking women for sex. A bigger penis can provide more masculinity to a dude.

Also, a large penis usually commands admiration from women. If you walk with your shorts at the beach and you have this big bulge in front, you can be sure that women glance in your big package down there.

Importantly, a large dick can make women more satisfied. Though, there has been a long debate if size matters, ladies do put emphasis on men with a larger penis.

How Long Can I Achieve Penis Growth?

How Long Can I Achieve Penis Growth?After numerous research, noticeable growth may appear after around 6 months. This approximate is at least based on average period of use by guys providing their feedback in using a combination of the best penis enlargement methods (penis pumps, penis exercises, penis pills, and penis oils)

What’s The Most Effective Method For Penis Enlargement?
The most effective methods to increase the size of your penis are the following:

  • Penis Pumps – For gains in girth
  • Penis Extender – For gains in length
  • Penis Pills – For full erection size
  • Penis Oils – For easy absorption of nutrients in the penis

Are Penis Gains Permanent?

This depends on your use. If you use penis pumps, it can give you a larger size temporarily.

If you use it for two weeks or so, and then stop, obviously, you’ll return to your usual size.

Using penis extender for prescribed period of 6-8 months can give you your desired length gains for that period, though in a very slow process.

Ideally, you should regularly use penis pumps, penis extenders, penis pumps, and penis oils regularly to maintain that permanent size you’ve gained.


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