How To Delay Ejaculation – Tips To Slowing Down In Point Of No Return! (Don’t Cum Just Yet!)

Men and sex! It’s an inseparable need for men for some good sex in their life!

Most men consider delaying ejaculation during sex as a sign of sexual power and dominance. Well, why not?

We all desire to enhance pleasure as this provides a proof on how we truly love our partner.

So, prolonging ejaculation intensifies your orgasm, as well your girl! This show you can satisfy her!

However, while most guys desire to intensify the orgasms, but often don’t last long after penetrating their woman’s pussy.

They don’t know that they can delay the ejaculation.

Well, there are some techniques out there and you may not just be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques to help you last longer in bed.

Delaying Ejaculation

Delaying EjaculationIs delaying ejaculation possible? A study involving 600 pairs found about the average time for ejaculation. It was around 6 minutes after starting the sex activity.

This time could be longer for men who have sex with PE. International studies define delayed ejaculation as somehow ejaculating within the first minute of penetrating your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s vagina, anal, or oral sex.

However, it’s up to you to decide if you’re happy with how long it takes you to cum. If ejaculation times causes you distress, then it’s an issue that you should get treatment.

Types of premature ejaculation are primary and secondary.

Primary premature ejaculation, where you were born with the trouble. Secondary premature ejaculation, on the other hand, is acquired premature ejaculation, where you develop the problem.

The primary premature ejaculation causes often fall as psychological, such as a traumatic sex experience at a younger age.

Secondary premature ejaculation can be caused by both psychological and even physical factors.

Physical causes include alcoholism, drug use, and prostatitis, an inflammation of your prostate gland.

How To Delay Ejaculation

How To Delay Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation happens when you cum during sex sooner than your girl would like. Premature ejaculation is where you unload too fast during sex. It’s a common problem in couples.

Some medical professionals also prefer to use the term “rapid ejaculation“.

Can your premature ejaculation be controlled? If your PE comes from a physical trouble, treatment of the condition can help. Your doctor can suggest other treatment options.

Solving premature ejaculation from psychological issues can be tougher. However, most guys go with the treatment until the problem resolves.

There are also self-help techniques (as mentioned in the article) that you can try before asking your doctor’s help.

📌These can include masturbating before having sex, using thick condoms, taking deep breaths, girl on top, taking breaks during sex, and even distracting yourself by thinking of other things.

If you’re in a stable long-term relationship, you’ll also benefit from going to couples therapy.

You’ll be encouraged to talk about issues that affect your relationship. Also, you’ll be given advice on how to resolve the common problems.

You’ll also know some techniques to help you “unlearn” premature ejaculation habits.

The criteria for diagnosing of PE condition include that you always ejaculate within the first minute or you almost can’t delay ejaculation.

For most guys, the average time is around 5-7 minutes.

Premature ejaculation affects a lot of guys around the world. Often, it can lead to some embarrassment and frustration.

Some people even avoid sex and intimacy because of the malady.

How To End Premature Ejaculation

PE is treatable through counseling and also using sexual techniques to help you delay ejaculation.

You can also use medications. By addressing the problems head-on, both of you can enjoy sex.

Doctors often recommend counseling or talk therapy to treat premature ejaculation.

These may include psychotherapy while learning ways to speak with your partner about the sexual dysfunction.

Another good strategy is to work with your girl. You can also work and practice through masturbation, so you train your body to the delay ejaculation.

📌You should also get to the point when you ejaculate, you stop and think about something else, so you cool down. Think about Algebra, Physics, Sports, Recipes, etc.

This helps you train your body and eventually master the sex response when you’re with your girl.

Other medical treatment options can be used for premature ejaculation and this includes medications used in the treatment of depression.

Another alternative is for you to use the numbing creams like lidocaine or prilocaine. Apply them directly to your penis to help control PE.

These therapies should be used together with different combinations to treat rapid ejaculation. In turn, you should improve your self-esteem as well as your sex life.

Stop Instant Ejaculation

So, how do you stop your instant quickie unloading of your semen?

The best way I can think of is the squeeze method and then think about something else. Try to think of something to distract you from the label of a bedsheet or something boring like the wallpaper design. Listen to some annoying sounds like the traffic sounds.

You can also take some deep breaths a couple of seconds ejaculation. This can actually delay you from orgasm as it slows your stimulation and arousal.

Also, do have some longer foreplay as it helps boost the satisfaction of your partner. The longer foreplay eventually improves your relationship more by limiting the dissatisfaction. You check the frustration and any performance-related anxiety.

Keep in mind that the more you feel pressured during sex, the more you’ll suffer from the ejaculation problem.

Sometimes, communication can also help overcome any issues and discrepancies in your urges and what your partner feels.

Premature Ejaculation Tips

Accordingly, it can take some months before you totally overcome Premature Ejaculation with the techniques we’ve mentioned. Most men with extreme cases have use them on a regular basis.

On average, around 50 to 90% of guys applying the sexual techniques manage to overcome sex problem eventually.

However, there’s a risk of relapse if there would be important changes in your life. This includes having a new partner, experiencing stress, or feeling more anxious because of some failed goals.

In general, the faster you learn and master the techniques, the better for your sex life.

Men that are over-sensitive and excessively anxious, may have some problems using the behavioural methods. The reason is that they suffer some deep root causes of PE.
The better solution is to eventually improve control over ejaculation.

While you can also take some long-term solutions, instead of quick fix the underlying causes of PE. Seek professional help as always.

How To Stop Quick Ejaculation

Try to focus on other body pleasures as this can help minimize your anxiety. It can help you get better control on your ejaculation.

In most cases, going to therapy for premature ejaculation as well as taking small steps help.

This includes masturbating 3-4 hours before intercourse, as it diminishes excitement a bit and delays ejaculation during actual sex.

Your doctor also can recommend that you focus on sexual foreplay more, so that pressure gets removed from your sexual performance.

Practice some relaxation techniques may also help you delay ejaculation. For example, you should learn to notice and control your body sensations that always lead you to ejaculation fast. As always, communicate with your girl on how to slow or pause any stimulation you get.

For detailed tips and techniques to delay ejaculation, use the following:

Squeeze Technique

The squeeze routine controls your ejaculation by squeezing your cock. Do it in the spot between your shaft and penile glans for 40 seconds right before you blow your jizz.

This can actually hold your ejaculation though you may see changes in your erection quality. Squeeze at least until you feel you need to be sexually stimulated again.

You then go back to the method five more times or until you choose to ejaculate.

This method can further efficiently be used after you practice it for couple months, though this requires exceptional patience from your part.

The purpose behind the squeezing manner is you recognize the “reference point” so you’ll be able to delay ejaculations better.

This technique may be difficult as it can interrupt the heated sexual action.

📌Developed by Masters and Johnson, as immediate ejaculation nears, you withdraw your penis, and then you squeeze the penis head until you feel the ejaculation subsides, after that, you resume your sexual fornication.

Although useful, it requires sexual interruption, is cumbersome and demands a very cooperative partner.

Your physician might ask you to use the method by practicing when you masturbate.

Begin sexual arousal as usual, including caressing your penis, until you feel near to ejaculation heaven.Do this many times before you try in actual sex.

When you have sex, have your girl press the glans of your penis or slightly below it as it joins the shaft. Maintain the squeeze for some seconds, until the urge to cum goes away. Do it and have your woman repeat the squeeze process.

Here are some tips on squeeze technique:

  • Let your girl squeeze during foreplay
  • Ask her to squeeze 15 seconds before you ejaculate
  • Do the initial act, then guide her hand for the hold
  • Let her squeeze for 15-25 seconds
  • After the releasing squeeze, wait 30 seconds
  • Let her caress your entire genital area
  • Guide her on your testicles, glans, shaft, perineum up to the rim of your anus.

After some practices, you’ll feel that delayed ejaculation can be a habit until you no longer need to squeeze.

Start-Stop Technique

The Start & Stop Technique is quite a popular method to delay your ejaculation.

The procedure needs you to arouse your dick and then to stop just before you’re about to ejaculate.

Just stop the stimulation for a half minute or so. Then start once more as soon as you feel you’ve established some control.

Repeat the process five more times, with stopping and then resting every time you feel that you’re about to have an orgasm.

Eventually, let the ejaculation happen so that you can classify the point where you’ll blow your cum.

Several couples and spouses complain, though, about the difficulty of this method.

Decide to include it regularly into sex and then take hold of the stops to concentrate on other sexual pleasures other than your penis.

Like driving with your one foot on the gas, while your one foot on the breaks, the start-and-stop method comes down to some pumping and humping until you’ll be close to ejaculating, and letting it out.

You can hit the pause by merely ceasing movement, pulling out solely, or even pressing your penis base. Of course, you can do this yourself, or ask your partner to lend you a hand to decrease your erection slightly.

After some seconds of recovering time, you can slide back into coitus and possibly prolong sex more.

In some way, it’s helpful to do these techniques during your masturbation, so you learn where your reference point.

Over time this would help you focus and then regain your control of your climax.

Even, in some guys, this method could cause some anxiety. So, limit your start-stop process to your masturbation until you get the hang of it.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Start having sex
  • Thrust slowly until you feel you’ll get to that edge.
  • Take some break by changing sex positions slowly
  • Try to caressing your girl
  • Focus on your lady during the break while you take deep breaths
  • When you notice the arousal has lowered continue having sex
  • Repeat as long as you wish

Pelvic Kegel Exercises

Practice to contract and then release your pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles are the ones you use ‘when stopping your urine in midstream or when you stop passing gas (when you fart)’.

You can do the pelvic exercise anytime and anywhere.As soon as you get some control of your pelvic floor muscles, you should be able to contract these same muscles before you reach ejaculation.

Pelvic exercises can prevent you from reaching orgasm so you can continue making love as long as you desire.

The pelvic muscles actually support and even help control your dick. In short, you can ‘cut’ the possibility of premature ejaculation before it becomes actively engaged and you blow your wad.

For most men, these pelvic muscles get weaker as they age, which leads to premature ejaculation.

There were some studies that discovered how pelvic muscle exercises just as effective as medications to delay ejaculation.

The exercises work by strengthening the PC or pubococcygeus muscle. This actually helps control your ejaculation, according to Christopher Asandra, M.D., from NuMale Medical Centers.

You can even do the pelvic exercises in any stance, though you’ll find it easier doing lying down first.

Asandra recommends doing 4 sets of 8 reps a day. It requires you to be consistent to experience the results, in the same way, you workout at the gym.

Some tips on pelvic exercises:

  • Lie down facing up
  • Tighten your pelvic muscles
  • Hold this contraction for 3 seconds
  • Go and relax for 3 more seconds.
  • Do it 6-8 times in a row.

As soon as you feel your muscles get stronger, do the exercises while standing, sitting, or walking.

Stay focused on the tightening, of ‘only your pelvic muscles‘. Do not flex your abs, butt, thighs, legs or any other muscles. Just focus on the pelvic muscles.

Also, don’t hold your breath, but breathe freely and normally during the exercises.

Repeat the pelvic exercise 3-4 times per day. Try to increases the repetitions and sets as you go along.

Wear Special Condoms

Another suggestion to delay ejaculation is to use condoms to reduce the sensations to the penis.

Use unique types of condoms or numbing condoms. This should add 10-15 minutes of extra lash time to your lashing session.

It also makes you safer from unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

It may minimize sexual pleasure though, but it’s worthwhile for you to last your dick in her pussy.

Brands like original Rough Ryder, Durex Performax, and Trojan Extended will do just that.

📌They are made of thicker latex, and a numbing cream is used as the lubricant. Using a condom during sex reduces hypersensitivity and sensation, all responsible for your cum release.

This may sound too simple for most men; however, this works so efficiently also!

Specialists say that condoms can reduce stimulation for almost men, and help them prolong the time before ejaculation.

Some of the condoms are coated inside with a slight numbing gel. This gel may help men put off their ejaculation for longer without causing the numbness to their partner.

Some people complain that making love just doesn’t feel close with a condom.

But if you really suffer from PE, any complaint you have should work to find some advantage to pull you through

By dampening down the hyper sensations, the condoms eventually help you last longer in sex.

If regular condoms don’t work for you, you may want to try a “climax control” condoms, mostly available in stores and online.

These special condoms include numbing factors like lidocaine or benzocaine. These are also made of thick latex to help you delay ejaculation.

Some brands of ‘climax control condoms’ include Trojan Extended, Durex Performax Intense and Lifestyles Everlast Intense.

Many condoms from Durex and Trojan even sell types with benzocaine, a thematic numbing agent that decrease your penile sensitivity.

If you wear these, your woman should pay attention to any moment of decline in pleasure.

While inside the condom contains a desensitizer, the climax control condoms sometimes decrease girl’s sensitivity.

Thick condoms have an impenetrable wall that limits the sensitivity of your penis.

We all know about safe sex and why we should use a condom.
However, one thing that most men do not realize is that condom reduces the sensation during sexual intercourse.

This means that you take longer to reach an orgasm and end up going on and on for much more time than you usually would.

Avoid using condoms that are designed to increase your stimulation.


You probably did this trick during high school, but guess what, this still works.

However, it’s necessary to recognize that the older you become, the more problematic your post-orgasm refractory. This is the down and out period.

That suggests you’ll more time between sex performances than you made back in your younger years.

Forget that critical fact that you could end up ending your premature ejaculation then move on to another trouble like erectile dysfunction.

To determine how much ease you need to recover, try exploring with encore solo time.

Masturbating a several hours before sexual intercourse should help you last longer in sex.

When you ejaculate during masturbation, the penis sensitivity tends to fade.

So, take longer times for an orgasm and eventually go and ejaculate again.

📌The only disadvantage here is for some men, masturbating before they have sex can remove their desire for intercourse or even cause some problems in getting a firm erection.

Masturbate at least 3 hours before having sex. Anything closer will surely dampen your erections.

It’s true that masturbation can be good or even a bad thing, but it doesn’t matter that much since you just want to release the sex tension.

However, practice some controlled masturbation. If you haven’t had sex for a while, you’ll cum faster.

So, spend some time in control. Still, pleasure yourself but aim in controlling when you unload your jizz.

Focus on curbing down the speed and getting it at a reasonable rate. Try to alternate between slow and fast. Stay that way till you get to that limit when you know that once you reach, you won’t respond to the stimulus, then delay.

Try to get your mind off any porn and think of other things. Take deep breaths for the body sensation to lower and then start again. Slowly.

The purpose in controlled masturbation is to get yourself habitual to your ‘points of no return, ’ and you avoid going over it too soon.

It’s better to risk it on while you masturbate, so you know which works best for you before the ‘main sex.’

Topical Anesthetics Medications

Use pharmacologic treatment for rapid ejaculation making use of sprays which reduces susceptibility so a person can perform for prolonged.

An excellent thing about this that it’s unlike a variety of desensitizing lotion as the obtain only the needed dosage and it’s absorbed into your skin layer.

Hence it won’t impact the partner’s discomfort. It’s offered in over-the-counter. Consider topical anesthetics as these drugs are available by prescription or as over the counter as aerosols or products.

You put them on your penile before sexual activity, and they decrease the sensations you feel, helping to hold off the climax.

Some males from time to time have reported a short-term loss of sensitivity level and lowered pleasure.

There are premature ejaculation creams and delay sprays that include numbing agent, like benzocaine, lidocaine or even prilocaine. These are sometimes applied to treat rapid ejaculation.

These items numb your penis ten or fifteen minutes just before sex, lessening the sensation and helping postpone ejaculation.

📌A lidocaine-prilocaine skin cream is available by prescription. Lidocaine sprays for premature climax are available over the counter. Although topical cream anesthetic substances are effective and well-tolerated, they may have potential adverse effects.

For example, some men document temporary lack of sensitivity and decreased sex pleasure. Often, girls also have experience decrease in satisfaction.

These desensitizing creams can just be used before sex for prolonging your lovemaking. The only drawback of these creams is the fact since these are desensitizing, they do reduce the feeling that you feel on your cock, sex might become significantly less pleasurable.

Additionally, the desensitizing effect can indeed be transmitted to the women if you penetrate her, making her take a more extended period to reach an orgasm at the same time.

For maximum results, it’s vital to apply Desensitizing creams before the intercourse and wipe them off the next sensation continues to be dulled ample to hold off your ejaculation.

The timing is essential here! Why wipe them off? Since if you do not do so, then this cream can transfer to the significant other and interfere with their pleasure.

A desensitizing agent from the female vaginal canal can only make sex much more uncomfortable on her.

Oral medications

Speak with your physician about other medications that delay ejaculation. These drugs haven’t been authorized by the FDA for use for rapid orgasm but known to delay your cum. Your physician may prescribe them that you should take when needed or daily.

There are premature ejaculation pills that can delay orgasm. Although most of the medicines are particularly authorized by the FDA to deal with early ejaculation, while some can be used for this purpose, including analgesics, antidepressants, and phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.

These medications may be prescribed for either on-demand or daily use and can be advised alone or in conjunction with anything else.

Ask your physician concerning the off-label utilization of SSRI antidepressants, which delay ejaculation by raising amounts of serotonin. It’s a brain chemical that controls your sexual excitement.

A 2007 study by Dutch researchers determined that daily utilization of Paxil was almost two times competitive with the PE drugs.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can be found when the self-help techniques we mentioned don’t work. SSRIs mostly are accustomed to treating depression, only one of the adverse effects in delaying ejaculation.

Dapoxetine is a SSRI mainly made to treat early ejaculation. Dapoxetine may be used “when needed.”

Other SSRIs prescribed for early ejaculation include paroxetine, sertraline or fluoxetine.

You’ll usually have to take these kinds of SSRIs for one or two weeks before gaining a complete detox.

An unwanted effect of certain antidepressants delays orgasm.

These medications usually take five to ten days to start working.

But it could take 2 to 3 days of treatment before you will see the entire effect. If SSRIs don’t enhance the timing of your ejaculation, your physician might prescribe the tricyclic antidepressant.

Undesirable adverse effects of antidepressants may include nausea, perspiration, sleepiness and decreased libido.

Counselling Psychotherapy

Behavioral Therapy should be the first step to reduce the performance pressure on the man. To achieve a favorable result, your girl should be fully involved in the counseling session as well.

The counseling gathering involves visiting a sex therapist, or even a psychiatrist who will explore the psychological issues and develop behavioral procedures or some sex therapy means to combat the premature ejaculation problem.

Talk to a doctor since premature ejaculation can have psychological roots, talking to a sex therapist can be a great approach

Counseling approach involves talking with a mental health professional about your relationships, past, and experiences. Therapy sessions can help you subdue performance anxiety as you find better means of coping with stress.

With premature ejaculation, you might think you lose your closeness you shared with your girl. You might feel outraged, confused and unsettled, and even turn away from your girl. Your girl also might be bothered with the change in sexual intimacy.

Premature ejaculation can cause girls to feel less connected or hurt. Talking about your predicament is an essential step, with relationship counseling or even sex therapy can be helpful.

Some psychologists consider that if early sex experiences included feeling sinful with fear of being caught, you might have learned to ejaculate very fast.

If both of you have problems in your relationship, this may also be a contributing factor.

This could be even if the problem is still new and did not happen in other relationships. In this case, couples counseling help.

Talk Therapy, as stated by Mayo Clinic says that talking to your medical professionals about past experiences can be fruitful.

It might be possible that one wrong act in the past is influencing your current sexual execution.

Known as talk counseling, these therapy sessions help you tackle sex performance-related anxiety and even overcome the stress while you make love to your girl.

Sex Positions

Change the sex position you’ve usually have sex. If you’re usually on the top, consider switching towards the bottom or altering to some position that allows your girl to maneuver from you if you’re going to ejaculate. Then resume sex when the urge to ejaculate has transpired.

If you wish to keep going longer during sexual intercourse, dump the standard missionary sex position and allow your girl to come on the top. The positioning enables you to relax and keep your excitement in check and lets you to traverses usual.

Are you aware some sexual intercourse positions can put less pressure around the glans? The glans is easily the most sensitive a part of men’s penis.

Here’s what you ought to do. You can test “passive” positions, for example, woman on top sex positions or try standing sex positions or spooning position.

You can also try rear-entry doggystyle and missionary positions, but slow down the movement to lessem friction and stimulation around the glans.

Diet and Food

The diet for those who experience from premature ejaculation should consist of vitamins and minerals found in eggs, blueberries, cereal, and nuts.

Eggs contain the vitamins and minerals such as selenium, calcium, zinc, and iron.

Eggs also provide the body with good cholesterol which helps in providing the sex hormones.

Cereals comprise folic acid which heightens blood flow and prevents artery blockage.

When you have a healthy blood to the penis, getting and keeping an erection becomes easier.

Blueberries also promote blood circulation to the genital region. However, they ate in moderation as extreme amounts can result in diarrhea.

To heal premature ejaculation, your body needs some essential minerals like zinc and phosphorus.

Potassium is the important component of body and cell fluids. It regulates blood pressure and heart rate. Iron is required for promoting red blood cells and many body enzymes.

To have a happy sex life, your body needs to have normal blood pressure and to sustain this; you need to avoid consuming excess sodium.

Since almonds are naturally low in sodium, trying this remedy is a huge plus. Almonds have chemicals which can improve memory and neurological function. The dietary fiber present in almonds assists in digestion and release of energy.

There are also natural ingredients found on male enhancement supplements that helps treat PE like tongkat ali, panax ginseng, ginko biloba, saw palmetto and kava kava.

More Sex!

We saved the best tip for last.

Yes, more sex!

Just do it!

Men who suffer from PE, eventually need some practice and even more practice according to Larry P. Gassner, M.D., a MDVIP internal medicine physician.

The sex performance anxiety looks to be the usual cause, as well as the psychosocial troubles with PE can be addressed by boosting your familiarity and your comfort with your girl, in the same way she is with you.

So, this seems to be an inexpensive “remedy” for your premature ejaculation.

The reason why more sex is on our list is it’s the most basic and simplest thing you can do.

As mentioned, you struggle with delaying your ejaculation, as you probably don’t even feel comfortable in having sex.

The most important thing to do is for you to practice.

Go have more sex bro!


A combination of the techniques we discussed along with professional sexual counseling as well as taking medication is often recommended.

📌While premature ejaculation is not at all a life-threatening condition, the consequences can be serious and can break a relationship. So do your best to overcome it.

Have you enjoyed reading our article on how to delay ejaculation, then share it with your friends. Also, let us know of your comments and suggestions.


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