How Sex Dolls Are Made – Facts You Should Know About Love Dolls

Life sized sex dolls are very popular among men who want to explore and enjoy their solo session. Of course, who doesn’t want these love dolls? They are beautiful and capable of giving us the pleasure we desire, not to mention they look and feel like a real woman.

If you are new to sex dolls, pretty sure, you are wondering how manufacturers create these rubber dolls. The process is creepy, a bit scary and kind of weird. Nevertheless, the output is very impressive. For those who are interested, this is how sex dolls are made.

How Are Sex Dolls Made – The Process

Great high-end sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy accessory to any boner.

The production of sex dolls starts with a mixture of powder and chemicals. The blend will then be poured into a mold to shape the doll. Depending on the manufacturer, in most cases, the doll is assembled. Its trunk, hands, feet and face have different molds.

RealDoll don’t put the entire doll in one mold. However, iDoll in Milan, Italy do. Before they do, the sculptors create a cast of the doll’s detail hands and genitals.

The skeleton is being prepared by hand. This is made of PVC with steel joints some manufacturers use lightweight metal. This part is designed to be strong and flexible. Thanks to this, you can adjust the posture of your doll and allow her to sit, stand and position in any way you desire.

When the liquid cools down, the hardened substance will be removed from the mold and the next processes are done by hand. The doll has to be cleaned. Some uses high-temperature treatment to make dolls looks smooth and shiny.

In addition to this, they check every inch of the doll and remove the rough edges using a small sharp scissor to ensure that the rubber doll will have a smooth surface. Then they carefully wash the doll.

At this point, depending on the manufacturers’ design the doll could be complete with genitals or is already formed with holes, but still lack nipples, mouth, anus, and vagina.

For those assembled dolls, the creators will then add her hands and feet to the body. They will color her fingernails and toenails with the color the customers specified on his order.

Her orifices (vagina, anus and mouth) are removable or permanent. They are designed to be tight and usually come with different textures, some are ribbed to give you the pleasure you deserve. At first look, they all look the same, but the pattern inside differs.

The manufacturers will add pubic hair if you want your sex doll to have a bush down there. In most cases, sex dolls are shaved.

Thus, you will likely pay for this feature if you request for it. The good thing is that they offer different pubic hair options. For colors, you can opt for black, blond, brunette or red. For style, you can have it natural, trimmed or full.

On the other hand, the throat & mouth is also developed separately from the molded body and head. It is designed with teeth made from silicone to make oral sex possible. Some dolls are capable of giving you your favorite deep throat.

The advantage of a removable orifice is that it is easier to clean. You don’t have to take the whole doll to clean her mouth, anus or vagina. Just remove the orifice and wash it separately.

Meanwhile, the breasts are also manufactured in different processes using a silicone. They tend to be softer and firmer and comes in different sizes. In most cases, the breasts are customizable. You can choose its size, nipple color, nipple size and more.

On the other hand, the face is very laborious to do. They will use another mold for it. Most dolls use magnetic face with three big holes for the eyes and mouth. This makes the face more realistic and the doll expensive.

They will then apply makeup on the modular head. They will add eyebrows, eye shadow and eye liner. To make her look more adorable, they will also add lipstick, eye lashes and blush on. They will then insert the eyeballs and the oral orifice in the holes of the magnetic face that is already attached to the body and cover it with the modular head.

To make her look real, she will wear a wig. They will also dress her in a lingerie or underwear. Some send their dolls without any dress, but most manufacturers clothe them.

These sex dolls are highly customizable. You can request for elf ears, fangs or a transgender one if you desire. You can also ask them to add freckles, piercings, pubic hair and more. The process can be expensive, but at least, it is worth it because you can have the exact rubber doll of your dreams.

After the production, they will place the finished product in a discreet box. The doll is positioned well to keep her from being damaged. This will then be shipped to the clients.

Materials: Silicone Sex Doll Vs TPE Sex Doll

The most popular materials for sex dolls are TPE and silicone. Initially, manufacturers use vinyl, latex, plush and fabric. Unfortunately, it did not provide realistic look and texture.

Manufacturers started to produce sex dolls using silicone. Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturers began experimenting with TPE and they learned that this was a good high-quality alternative for the expensive silicone.

I included this section to give you an overview of the materials used in your favorite plaything and how you should choose which doll to go: the silicone rubber doll or the cheaper but as quality doll using TPE.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

This material is made from mixing thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomer (rubber). Due to its nature, this material tends to be flexible, slip-resistant, shock absorbent, soft and firm.

TPE has been used in a number of items like cosmetic cases, handle/grips, shoe soles, cushions and more. It addition to this it is affordable and recyclable. Here are the pros and cons of using this material in your love doll.

  • Good value for money
  • Significantly cheaper than silicone
  • Lifelike and realistic output
  • Squeezable
  • Can retain warmth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odorless
  • Compatible with water-based and silicone lubricants
  • Porous material (has holes like pores that may trap fluid inside)
  • Cannot be sterilized
  • Quality depends on the blend.
  • News and some technique are not refined


This is a polymer man-made material that is rubber like and heat-resistant. It is used in lubricants, medicine, glue, cooking utensils and more. Silicone comes in many forms, but in this particular product, they use silicone rubber.

Silicone properties are very useful, so you can see them in implants, remote controls, food storage, undergarments, sportswear and a variety of unseen applications. Unfortunately, its hefty price is its main drawback.

  • Realistic appearance
  • Realistic soft texture
  • Tried and tested material
  • Can Retain Warmth
  • Non-porous
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expensive
  • Harder and more rigid
  • Less durable

How Long Does It Take To Create A Sex Doll?

Lifelike sex dolls are created laboriously. There is no mass production as the manufacturer had to work on each doll separately. They colored her fingernails and toenails and do the makeup. They customize each doll according to the buyer’s request.

Working on a real-life sex doll may undergo 80 production stages and over hundreds of hours to finish. Creators dedicate their time and skills to come up with your dream doll.

Future Of Sex Dolls

At the time, majority of sex dolls look like women, but they can’t move on their own and are non-responsive. However, as the sex doll industry boom, these rubber playthings are also expected to improve. Developers are planning to add artificial intelligence (AI) in their future sexbots.

For instance, McMullen’s company RealDoll already developed the first talking sex doll named Harmony. She can blink her eyes and move her head and mouth as she speaks.

This doll is not just designed to give men pleasure, but to be a great companion as well. She has a memory and the user has the opportunity to develop her artificial intelligence. For instance, you can tell her that you are hungry and she will suggest your favorite food.

On the other hand, Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos also made his own progress in creating responsive sex dolls.

“She has different modes of interaction ― she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes,” he said about her rubber doll. “She also responds to the hands.” He added that his doll, Samantha needs to be seduced.. For the sexual mode the final objective is to give her an orgasm.

McMullen is now concentrating on developing convincing AI with robotic head. He is also working on integrating other emerging technologies like a mobile app and virtual reality headsets that one can use separately or in tandem with the doll.


Sex dolls are difficult and time-consuming to make because creators concentrate on every small detail to make it look and feel as lifelike as possible. They also spend plenty of hours to make it perfect. So, for them, these dolls are not just sexual objects.

📣 Sex doll manufacturers also understand that a number of individuals are not active socially, they can’t open themselves easily to others. Some prefer to live alone. These dolls are designed to be a perfect companion for them that is why McMullen is eager in improving the artificial intelligence of his works.


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