How Does a Man’s Sperm Affect a Woman Body? Everything You Need to Know

Some women go eww when it comes to sperm. Some others appreciate it for its effects and nutrients, not to mention the sexual aspect associated with it.

But then, how does a man’s sperm affect a woman body? Obviously, pregnancy is the first thing you can think of, but the list is longer than that.

The female body will also be affected by sexual contact and human semen, not to mention female fertility. At the same time, sperm may also cause some negative effects – such as carrying viruses from an infected person.

You do not need to be a clinical researcher to figure out the effects – this article will tell you everything you should know.

Does Sperm Cause A Woman To Gain Weight?

Researchers claim that sperm has all sorts of nutrients. Numerous enzymes exist in its composition, not to mention sugar, protein, and zinc.

There is also plenty of sperm in the actual semen. Furthermore, it has a watery content, meaning it is mostly water-based.

Now, all these nutrients have a caloric value.

Many species are similar, and their sperm has different nutrients. There are all sorts of top stories out there, but research studies are pretty straightforward.

Semen will not make the body gain weight. Despite the few calories, there are not enough to add weight.

The only way semen can make a woman gain weight is through pregnancy, but that is common sense and is not a direct consequence of semen. In fact, most women are worried about gaining weight if they swallow it, rather than if it goes into the vagina for a pregnancy.

Is Sperm Good For Depression?

There are not too many studies performed on humans.

However, university researchers have found evidence that semen can act as an antidepressant.

Indeed, it is not an actual treatment against depression, and doctors will not use it, but swallowing sperm has its advantages and can actually help.

Now, the female body will benefit from sperm as an antidepressant in several ways. First of all, women who have unprotected sex with males will have semen ejaculated inside them.

Benefits are just as high, but caution is mandatory. Second, swallowing sperm is just as useful.

Sperm inside the body can cause a pregnancy. On the same note, unprotected sex can lead to a sexually transmitted infection. A virus infection can also occur through sexual transmission. Plus, disease transmitted sexually can affect other parts of the body too.

Back to the actual depression, studies are not conclusive enough, but semen can be an antidepressant.

Is Sperm Good For Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand, and sperm can act as a treatment for both of them. While clinical health studies are limited, many studies performed by scientist Alex Salam claim great benefits for women suffering from anxiety.

Indeed, many studies are performed on animals and not necessarily on females. However, every new study shows that women tend to fight anxiety more effectively if they are exposed to semen – whether orally or vaginally.

How does sperm work? It contains cortisol, prolactin, oxyrtocin, estrone, melatonin and serotonin.

What Are The Benefits Of Swallowing Man Sperm?

Eating sperm or swallowing semen is generally considered healthy and less likely to cause side effects or issues.

Even men suffering from infertility can provide a high amount of nutrients in sperm, so fertility is irrelevant.

Energy And Happiness

A new report shows that sperm is not just a natural antidepressant, but it also improves the energy in those who swallow it. It has cognitive effects and can improve memory and other aspects related to the brain.

Lots Of Nutrients

Sperm eating is a nutritious habit because it is rich in lactic acid, protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium – essential minerals and nutrients. Obviously, doses are not too high, but the benefits are still worth some consideration.

Eating sperm is also healthy for the relationship. It is an intimate gesture that underlines love.

Relatively Healthy

Bottom line, eating sperm is not bad for health. Unlike many myths and misconceptions, it will not cause cancer or go into the bloodstream. From all species out there, humans are the only ones who swallow as an intimate gesture.

Potential Risks And Extras

It is worth noting that sperm can transmit virus infections. Sure, the female partner is less likely to end up with lassa fever or cancer. Still, sexually transmitted infections can go through sperm – such as gonorrhea, the Epstein Barr virus, or even syphilis.

While not fully concluded, a new report shows that sperm may also benefit the skin and hair. Sperm has been used for decades as a beauty supplement – a common myth among women of all ages, despite the lack of too much evidence.

Is Sperm Good For The Skin And Hair?

Every website will spread news and give you a different opinion, so it pays off sticking to official studies from scientists that give you access to all the details you need.

Unless a woman tries to get pregnant, sperm can go somewhere else as well – and believe it or not, it actually helps the hair and skin.

According to every doctor, sperm is rich in a compound called spermine. Spermine is an antioxidant that works well against wrinkles. At the same time, spermine will also prevent and treat acne and spots, not to mention smoothing the skin.

Furthermore, the doctor agrees that unless a woman wants her egg fertilized, she can use the sperm for other purposes. All the nutrients mentioned above can also go on the skin and help it, despite their small amounts – in other words, the effects will not be too visible.

For such effects to work, the sperm should go directly on the face – whether or not it is mixed with saliva.

At the same time, even if a woman has to spit it from her mouth, sperm can still work well on the hair as well. Spermidine can also stimulate the hair growth because the protein in sperm conditions the hair. Of course, sperm must be healthy. Otherwise, it may also contain viruses.

Unhealthy sperm is similar to bad blood and can cause all sorts of symptoms – such as allergies.

Bottom line, based on age, sperm analysis, and semen fluid health, scientists discovered that sperm could help hair and skin to a certain extent. It can also increase hair and skin immunity, but it may be harmful as well – for example, it can lead to the HPV diagnosis, among others.

FAQs How Men’s Sperm Affect Women

So, how does a man’s sperm affect a woman body?

Is Sperm Good For Women’s Body?

Sperm exposure brings in the possibility to grab some positive effects. It has some nutrients, and while it does not have as many vitamins and minerals as food, it can lead to multiple benefits.

Of course, health issues may also occur, and sperm can also lead to adverse reactions, yet they are not extremely severe.

What Does Healthy Sperm Smell Like?

Despite its benefits, sperm is not healthy enough to help in the survival of hair or skin. It is, however, richer in nutrients than urine. Healthy sperm should taste like bleach, ammonia, or other alkaline substances.

Is Sperm Safe To Ingest?

The more you search, the more confused you will be. Unless the sperm was unhealthy and carried viruses, there should be no risks for the female.


How does a man’s sperm affect a woman body? While sperm does contain healthy nutrients, it is not a supplement.

Sure, a small amount of it will, indeed, provide some nutrients, but the quantity is too small to provide any significant effects overtime.