How Does a Penis Pump Work?


No man desire to have a long penis, but not able to perform well in bed. It goes hand in hand. Everyone anticipates optimal performance every time they go to bed with their spouses.

A true man know how important it is to perform well and satisfy his woman. However, sometimes the size of your penis may prevent you from attaining your desired performance.

Erectile Dysfunction Troubles

Erectile Dysfunction adds as another nightmare that may block your way to optimal bliss in bed. Lately, so many ED remedies brought forth. All proclaiming to remedy your worry. However, some of these methods may not work as you expected.

Besides, some of these treatments do come with adverse side effects. Some a bit horrific and may even scare you from using.

Penis Size

What about the average penis size a man ought to have? Ideally, the average size of an erect dick usually falls around 5.5 inches long.

Mostly, genetic issues and hormone problems takes the blame for small penis sizesnthat men may have.

For many decades, most men who find themselves victims of this situation. Sometimes, they resort to penis pump use. Often claimed as the best remedy to men with erectile dysfunction as well as small penises, perhaps you can give it a shot.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

The procedure of using a penis pump brings simplicity, with not much complication. An internal pump for erectile dysfunction often consists of an acrylic cylinder together with an attached pump. You insert this up to the far end of your penis. Pumps come in different types, some manually operated, while other pumps working with the use of batteries.

The cylinder attached to the pump works as it sucks out the air. The cylinder and pump, therefore; create a vacuum that aids in drawing more extra blood into the penis from the body.

The lubricant aids you draw the band down to the other lower end of your penis. This helps in maintaining or keeping your penis erect all through the sexual process. For successful performance, leave the pump for 30 minutes.

After releasing the pump, the vacuum gets released as well. Most of the penis pumps do come with their prescription and their proper way of use.

Solutions to Erectile Dysfunction

Studies show that erectile dysfunction usually occurs among men. Notably, it happen to those who undergone prostate surgery.

Some of the commonly used treatment options for this includes best over the counter ed medications. Some of the brands in this category include vardenafil, tadafil, sildenafil, and avanafil.

does penis pump work

Using Penis Pumps to Aid Erectile Dysfunction

However, when these methods cause side effects, it can be used to alleviate the undesired body occurences.

According to studies carried out at the Mayo Clinic, experts prefer penis pump for treating erectile dysfunction for a number of reasons.

Compared to other methods, they provide higher effectiveness, but overall lower cost.

Besides, pumps does not appear as an invasive method to improve erection. Instead, the technology based it on the science behind the treatment of some diabetics, for them to regain normal sexual functionality.

How Effective Are Penis Pumps on ED?

The report from the American Urology Association shows that the penis pump helps in ED. It affects the penis growth in some cases, where drugs like PDE5-inhibitors do not work.

Clinical tests carried out on penis pumps also show some men with greater satisfaction. The subjects used the penis pumps to enhance their sexual performance.

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More so, penile rehabilitation studies carried out on penis pump use also show it can remedy temporary impotence resulting from nerve damage.

Scientifically, you may feel some spontaneous erection. However, this occur since the lack of penile tissue lead to erection dysfunction. Therefore, it turns out that the penis pumps use aids to stave out the problem.

Penis Pump and Risks

However, some of the brands that do not come with prescription appears risky. Some reviews reported about the quick release mechanism may cause damages or cause injuries to the penis.

The best penises pumps do release vacuum on demand.Though, do not release them abruptly or slowly than expected.

At any rate, when shopping for a penis pump, shop for brands with a proper medical prescription.

More Facts About Penis Pump

Some reviews claimed on how penis pump satisfy up to 80% of the men who tried it. It works naturally to enhance your sexual performance. Let’s learn other facts on penis pumps, so you maximize its use.

No side effects

Users say there’s minimal or lack of any side effects, compared to other supplementary methods.

Works effectively

Penis pump works effectively when you understand exactly the goal you want. When you buy a pump, set down your goal. Whether you after more girth, length or erectile issues, the penis pump that you buy should serve its purpose.

Megavac Electrical Penis PumpRight cylinder size

Considerably, look into the cylinder size as another factor to whenever you buy a penis pump. In case you find out that you fit into the tube, then just consider going for a larger pump.

Regular use

Remember, routine penis pump use often leads to achieve permanent results.

Not for everyone

Penis pumps, however, should not be used by people with congenital bleeding disorders. Such people may experience a detrimental condition called priapism. This condition characterizes pain that results from prolonged erection.

For ED problems, as well as growth

Basically, the penis pump meant to remedy the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, continuous use may also increase penis length and girth. Upon this discovery, experts eventually recommend penis pumps to increase length and enlarge small penis size.

Male impotence remedy

Penis pumps can also be used as a temporary remedy to issues of impotence in men. It does not actually cure the condition, but helps in reducing its effects.

Ideally, the pump keeps blood from flowing back to the body and gives this reason: it offers long lasting erection performance.


Peyronie’s Disease treatment

Nonetheless, penis pump has been used to treat a condition called Peyronie’s disease, a disease that normally occurs in men.

This condition is characterized by unusual curvature and shortening of the penis. Studies show that use of the pump aids in not only improving the length of the penis but also improves the penis angle of curvature.

Surgery or penile devices?

Compared to penis enlargement surgery, the use of penis enlargement device to enhance your erection and penis enlargement is far much better. Aside from vacuum pump, other devices that can grow the penis include size master pro extender.

Would You Use a Penis Pump?

Penile devices like electric penis pump has been professionally designed to work for you. At any rate, it provides reliable results. Also, it offers modest approach to help you achieve penis erectile dysfunction success.

However, keep in mind that it also depends on your commitment.
You control the device use, depending on your goals. As always, we also recommend that you consult your doctor. Seek professional help before you start using the device. In that way, you optimize the use of the pump.

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