Erectile Dysfunction – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Cures of Impotence


As much as you think you’re sexually potent, you would need to face the ultimate truth as you grow old: your tool will cease to stand. No more hard erections. No more orgasm. It is the sad fact of erectile problems. So, you have to be prepared.

Do you have issues in achieving an erection? Are you feeling the signs of impotence, but afraid to face the facts?

We’ve dedicated this page to help you understand erectile dysfunction, to help you spot the signs and provide potential solutions to your sexual condition.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re starting to have problems getting a firm erection so you can have sex, you’re experiencing a condition called Erectile Dysfunction.

Known in the medical field as the ED condition, it describes men who can’t keep an erection long enough to finish having sex with their partners. This condition can occur at any age but is more common in men older than 75 years of age. Some people interchange ED with the male impotence.

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According to NHS, erectile dysfunction is a common condition among men. The estimated number of men suffering an erectile dysfunction is at 57 percent for men with ages 41 to 60.  The older age group are the most common to suffer from ED to some degree.

Actually, erection problems from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. However, we understand that this can be a cause of stress to some men, especially if ED affects their life, primarily their self-confidence and relationship.

Mayo Clinic states that a guy’s problem in achieving or maintaining an erection can also be a sign of underlying health condition that needs treatment. In addition, it can be a risk factor for heart disease. If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction issues, don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor.

There are direct treatments for erectile dysfunction. Also, you might need to take medication for your underlying condition. So, never hesitate to ask for medical help.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

We know that some men, after learning the facts of erection disorder, starts wondering about the different factors that lead to a guy’s sexual dysfunction. Family Doctor and Disabled World ED provides the following causes:

Physical Illnesses

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  • Diabetes (high blood sugar) – Between 30% to 50% of men
  • Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) – Accounts for 50% to 60% of ED cases in men older 60 years of age and older
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Alcoholism
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Prescription medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Painkillers
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Fatigue
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal-cord injuries
  • Hypogonadism – Not enough testosterone
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Overweight
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Radiation therapy to the testicles
  • Stroke
  • Prostate problems
  • Bladder surgery

Mental Condition

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However, there are cases where the doctor tells you that you’re fit, with no health problems; still, you can’t get a good erection for sex. The problem may lie in some internal belief or mental condition you’ve developed such as:

  • Nervousness – Feeling nervous about sex, perhaps because of a bad experience or because of a previous episode of impotence.
  • Stressed – Most stressed men, notably from work or family situations.
  • Worried – Being troubled by problems in your relationship with your sex partner.
  • Depressed – If you feel down, this also affects your sexual potency.
  • Self-conscious – Your own limiting belief that you can’t enjoy sex.
  • Anxiety – Thinking that your partner is reacting negatively to you.

Why Illnesses Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

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Health problems lead to a drop in your physical energy and sex drive. You would not have that sexual prowess and stamina if your body is sick. Most of the time, old men with illnesses suffer impotence since the organs in their bodies start to fail.

Remember that blood travels down to your genitals for a solid erection. If you have blocked arteries, tired blood, or urinary problems – then say goodbye to sex.

Also, a negative outlook could lead to ED. Unhealthy thoughts that make you feel bad is a potential problem that can force your genitals to remain flaccid.

Erection Dysfunction Symptoms

If you are worried and you remain unsettled if what you are going through is already an erectile dysfunction or not, here are ED symptoms to look out for:

  • Struggles in achieving an erection.
  • Struggles in maintaining an erection.
  • Reduced sexual desire.

How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

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To diagnose whether you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or not, you should see a doctor. We recommend that you visit the doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • If you have concerns about your erection
  • You are experiencing sexual problems like ejaculatory dysfunction like premature or delayed ejaculation
  • If you have diabetes, heart disease or other known health condition linked to ED
  • You are experiencing other symptoms along with ED

Your doctor might need to ask you some question and do a physical exam to check your condition. The GP might also ask for a sample of your blood and urine to test for erectile dysfunction. Other tests may also be needed. Your doctors will determine the tests

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are a number ways to treat ED, which likely includes vacuum pump devices, surgery, or over the counter male enhancement pills, which can be available in Walmart or even online. Aside from these, there are natural herbs and remedies to treat erectile dysfunction. Check the different approaches below and see what will work best for you.

Penis Implants

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Penile prosthesis or penile implant is another option for treating erectile dysfunction. The procedure involves a malleable or inflatable device.

The simplest type of prosthesis is made of a pair of malleable rods that are surgically implanted within the erection of the penis. This treatment gives you a semi-rigid erection all the time, that you don’t need to lift or adjust your penis to initiate sex. This ED treatment is recommended for men with spinal cord injuries or men with limited hand strength.

With the advancement in technology, men can now choose hydraulic and inflatable prosthesis that is more natural. It provides an erection when you choose to and is easier to conceal.

A penile implant is great when there is a clear medical cause for ED and when the issue is unlikely to be resolved or improved naturally without medical intervention. Sometimes, the penis prosthetics are implanted during a surgery to reconstruct the penis when scarring caused the erection to curve.

This procedure only takes 45 minutes to an hour and this can be carried out in an outpatient center. If you take a penile implant surgery, you can resume you sexual activities after 6 weeks.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

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ED surgery or vascular reconstructive surgery for ED involves a surgeon transferring an artery from a muscle in the belly to one in the penis. This creates a path for blood to flow and move around the problematic area. Typically, the goal of ED surgery is to bypass the blocked arteries that cause the erection problems.

However, this procedure is not for every man. The operation is best for younger men affected with ED due to an injury to the penis and the area around it.

Also, getting a surgery doesn’t guarantee a lifetime solution to erectile dysfunction. In fact, one study learned that only 1 out of 20 men improved after the treatment. The success rate is higher for younger men with a single damaged blood vessel from a pelvic or genital injury.

This ED surgery is rarely recommended by doctors because it is technically difficult, expensive and doesn’t guarantee to work. It is recommended that you discuss with your physician if you are considering this treatment.

Penile Injection Therapy

This ED treatment involves the injection of Caverject or Edex (Alprostadil) directly into the side of the penis to produce an erection. This medication dilates the arteries of the penis to engorged your penis with blood to achieve an erection. The erection will occur from 5 to 15 minutes after injection.

Penile injection therapy is the first FDA-approved medication for ED. Eighty percent of men in clinical trials experienced firm erections after the injection. This ED treatment works for men with a broad range of medical conditions and provides a safe and predictable erection.

Food for Erectile Dysfunction

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Your diet matters to your health, especially to your sexual life. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are foods that you can consume to alleviate your condition. These food include coconut water, watermelon, vitamin E rich food, and papaya to name a few. Learn more about the different food for erectile dysfunction.

Herbal Remedies for Impotence

Some men suffering from erectile dysfunction fear surgery and the side effects of pharmaceutical medication that is why they opt for herbal remedies. The common herbs for treating erectile dysfunction includes garlic, Panax Ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea to name a few. Learn more about best natural ed products here.

Pills and Medications to Cure Erectile Problem

There are different types of erectile dysfunction drugs over the counter that’s available in the market. For instance, there are oral medication, injectable or suppository drugs, medical devices like pumps and penile implants.

Among the most popular prescription medications for ED are Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Levitra and Staxyn (vardenafil).

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Lifestyle Remedies for Erection Disorder

Aside from the herbs, pills, and food, treating erectile dysfunction entails lifestyle therapies and holistic change. Yes, you have to quit smoking, control your alcohol intake, exercise and lose weight if necessary. Alleviating erectile dysfunction needs a huge effort that you have to work on it in almost all areas of your life.

Erection Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum treatment for ED also known as vacuum penile pumps or vacuum constriction pumps are a popular solution to ED. These devices are effective, affordable and easy to use. It is a one-time investment. It has no side-effects and presents lesser risks compared to other methods.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Among the most natural remedy for erection dysfunction is exercise. There is a particular set of exercises for erectile dysfunction that will alleviate your condition.

For instance, Kegel Exercises and aerobic exercises are proven effective in improving impotence. If you don’t want to spend money for pumps, surgeries or other ED methods, this solution will only ask for your time and dedication. Try this and see how it would change your overall sexual experience.

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Erection impotence is something that you should consider carefully as it could suggest a serious health condition. However, you should not feel helpless as there are tons of potential treatment that you could do to alleviate your condition and help yourself.

Also, you should also take note that struggling to achieve an erection doesn’t mean that you have ED already. However, it is recommended that you talk with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about erectile dysfunctions.