Lifestyle Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction – Natural Cures For Men’s Erection Abnormality

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Most men suffering from impotence causes, do not know that the natural remedy for their erection malady starts in their lifestyle. Your pattern of living could alleviate or worsen your sex problem.

If you are determined to improve your sexual condition, start the change from within. Here are some of the things that you can do to solve your ED condition.

Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

According to Medical Daily, a number of studies found out that ED problems are associated with cardiovascular health problems. Your penis erects through a complex system of blood vessels and spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa, where the blood is trapped, causing an erection.

When a problem within the system arises, whether it’s due to brain or blood vessels problems, getting an erection becomes challenging or impossible.

That is why cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are beneficial for your sexual health. If you want to improve your condition, is an exercise for erectile dysfunction.

We have another page that is dedicated for this, check it out here. If you are overweight or obese, this is another issue for ED, moving more will help you lose weight. Thus, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is best for your overall health.

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Sleep Schedule

For workaholic men who feel that 24 hours is still not enough to get things done, they often sacrifice their sleep. If you are one of them, you should now learn to develop a healthy sleeping habit because sleep deprivation can kill your sex life.

A number of studies show a strong correlation between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. According to one study, 70 percent of the sample who admitted to having sleep disorder suffered and affected from erectile dysfunction.

When their sleeping disorder was treated, they were amazed because it improved their erectile dysfunction and overall sex lives. It is recommended that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

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Quit Smoking

If you struggle to quit smoking, you will reconsider it again after reading this. According to Everyday Health, smoking is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction among men under 40 years old.

To achieve an erection, your body needs a healthy blood supply but the nicotine you get from smoking causes your blood vessels to contract, which causes the penis to shrink and makes it harder for you to achieve an erection. The longer you stick to smoking, the more difficult it is to treat erectile dysfunction. To help you quit smoking, check out these quit-smoking tips for you.

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Limit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in excess is unhealthy. Boozing is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Aside from this, alcohol is a depressant and consuming too much can dampen your mood, decrease your sexual desire and make it more difficult for you to achieve an erection.

In general, you can still take alcohol in moderation. You do not have to shun from alcohol 100% just take it in moderation. The next time you have a drinking session with your friends always consider this fact before you drink the next shot: consuming too much alcohol can wreck havoc in your sex life. It can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction and even long-term impotence.

Alcohol can cause dehydration which can affect your energy, which makes you feel physically drained. If you can’t avoid alcohol, be sure to limit your intake, then drink lots of water if you’re going to have sex at some point in the day.


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Acupuncture is a medical practice that involves penetrating the needle to the skin to penetrate the skin, alleviate the pain or treat different health conditions. A 1999 study found out that this activity improved the quality of erections and restored sexual activity in 39 percent of participants.

Another study published in 2003 supported and confirmed the first study. According to the results, 21 percent of patients with ED who received acupuncture had improved their erection. So, if you haven’t tried this yet, maybe you should reconsider.

Eat a balance Diet

Just like smoking and drinking, the food you take can affect erectile dysfunction. According to Firouz Daneshgari, MD, the relevance of food on ED could be due to a vascular connection.

Erectile dysfunction is due to lack of blood supply to the penis. So, food that is good for your vascular system will likely help you prevent ED or if you already have the condition, alleviate it. When you eat consider these six nutrients that fight ED.


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These are vasodilators, which mean they open up or widen the blood vessels to increase blood flow. A number of studies had been published citing the benefits of nitrates for ED.

A number of ED drugs and herbal erection supplements are based on the relaxing effects of nitrates on the blood vessels that supply the penis. You can find nitrates in leafy greens like spinach, celery or kale.


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One study learned that the flavonoids present in dark chocolates can improve blood circulation, which is beneficial for your erection problems. This nutrient is an occurring anti-oxidants that protect the plants from toxins and repair cell damage.

A number of studies learned that flavonoids have the same effects to humans. It also helps lower your blood pressure and decrease cholesterol, which are factors to erectile dysfunctions. So, the next time you reach out for a chocolate, get a dark chocolate.


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One study found out that men with ED who consumed pistachio nuts every day for three weeks experienced a significant improvement in their sexual problems like ED. It also enhanced their sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction.

Pistachios contain the protein called arginine. If you look for “arginine erectile dysfunction,” you will learn that arginine also helps to relax your blood vessels for a good blood circulation, which is what you need for a good erection.


This mineral plays an important role in the production of the male hormone testosterone. Low level of testosterone is another possible reason for ED. Oyster, in particular, is rich in zinc, which makes it a great food choice for men with ED. Other food with high levels of zinc will have a positive impact on your sexual health.


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The antioxidants like phytonutrients work similar to a Viagra. It relaxes the blood vessels to engorge your penis with blood and help you achieve an erection.


This is also a type of antioxidants under phytonutrients. It gives you a good circulation to help you address sexual issues. Tomatoes and pink grapefruit are rich in lycopene so don’t hesitate to consume more of these fruits. Overall, when choosing a food, opt for a healthy diet that is good for your heart and circulation.

Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for your overall health. Being overweight can cause or worsen your erectile dysfunction. So, if you already have an ED and you are overweight you need to lose weight. Losing weight will not only make you fit and healthy, this time, it will also help you perform under the sheets better.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, the popular celebrity doctor who is popularly known as Dr. Oz, obese men have a 30% greater risk of ED compared to men at their ideal weight. So, if you want to prevent ED or improve your condition, strive to maintain a healthy weight. Experts recommend overweight or obese individuals to lose weight.

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Reduce Stress

If you want to improve your sexual life, you should avoid stress and anxiety. These two conditions are closely connected to erectile dysfunction. Stress and anxiety increase one’s blood pressure and cholesterol, which also increases a man’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

So, for men who want to improve their erectile dysfunction condition, learn to deal with the events in your life without being stressed. Face the day with confidence, peace of mind and joy. To help you reduce the amount of stress in your life here’s a short list of tips to be stress-free. Here are other practical tips to manage stress that will surely be helpful to you.


These natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are proven efficient in improving your condition. These methods are safe and practical but require dedication and discipline. Take your chance now and see how these ED solutions work for you.

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