How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Life – Impotence Problems Changes Men’s Lives

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Erectile dysfunction is a life-changing disease. It can make or break a man. Most of the time, guys are privy about the extent of their erection abnormality. After all, why would you discuss your impotence with your partner? By any means, ED does not only affect you but your partner as well.

One out of ten males could be a victim of erectile dysfunction, whatever your status or perspective in life. It is an intimidating illness that affects your personal life and relationship. ED dysfunction protocol is a sexual problem affecting men in different ages. However, it is more prominent with men aged 40 years old and above.

The truth about ED has been revealed over the years, but men with such disease tend to disregard treatment and end up losing the curable battle. To make you fully understand about erectile dysfunction and how it affects your life, here are some significant points you need to take into account.

Performance Anxiety

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The early period of male impotence starts when you feel anxious about not getting a fast erection. Even so, you feel anxious when you get one. However, it does not seem to last enough to satisfy your sexual desire. At this stage, your sexual performance is affected.

You might try to deal with ED naturally such as over the counter ed meds and even herbals.

However, remember that when erectile dysfunction occurs frequently, you will experience performance anxiety every time you get near your partner for sexual intercourse. With the series of unsatisfactory erections, performance anxiety becomes the primary effect of ED.

Changes In Behavior

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When a man cannot fully complete a sexual intercourse, he may feel devastated; so as his partner. The sexual devastation could start to take a toll on your personal capacity as a man. Having an erection is part of being a man and when you could no longer do it, you feel insignificant. You tend to question yourself and your worth as a partner.

Consequently, there will be negative changes in your behavior. And since a lot of men aren’t comfortable in admitting such sexual incompetency, it will be much difficult for them to escape from the disease.

Disappointments And Doubts

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Men suffering from ED can be difficult to handle because of low self-esteem. They voluntarily withdraw from engaging in any sexual activities to avoid future frustrations.

And for partners who measure their self-esteem by the satisfaction of the other party, they are more vulnerable to disappointments. Partners may think of unworthiness or even betrayal and are more inclined of owning up the fault.

A lot of questions could cloud the relationship and self-esteem could have a great nosedive. The series of events can eventually drive the couple apart, with misconceptions about infidelity or impotency.


With the rejection of sexual intimacy, couple tends to open up other problems in their relationship. ED could be an underlying factor of a more complicated relationship with your partner.

You will disagree in several matters and disregard personal feelings. There will be lower empathy for both of you, which could be a very destructive factor to a couple. Erectile dysfunction seriously affects relationships.

Failed Relationships

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The erectile abnormality is rather a difficult condition to handle. It can vastly affect a relationship in terms of trust and intimacy. As soon as the man personally rejects an intercourse because of fear of failure, the partner starts to believe that the man is losing interest in her.

In addition, after the pain of rejection, the couple starts to lose attention and interest in the relationship and diverts their attention to other matters. Sexual intimacy is a great aspect in a relationship, especially marriage. When such aspect is slowly fading, they end up with a failed relationship.

Threatening Disease

With all the rejections and failures, a man with erectile dysfunction becomes a more serious illness. The once curable disease could now be life-threatening. At first, they might just take male extra tablets to see if it can improve their sexual performance.

However, there will soon be a severe sense of insecurity which might affect your disposition in life. It will be difficult to enter into a new relationship. Also, even if you have a new partner, you will still be scared to get intimate.

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Dealing With ED

On the first signs of erectile dysfunction, it is best to open up with your partner to avoid bigger problems in the long run. It may be embarrassing, but being able to freely talk about your situation could actually help you deal with the problem. There will be no inhibitions within the relationship, which is very helpful to fully recover with your normal life.

Understanding the symptoms and the possible effects of the disease is really important. Open lines of communication because most men are hesitant to deal with this kind of problem. On the other side, women can ultimately help their partner with love and support. Many women can play a vital role in the treatment and recovery of their partner.

Bottomline – Don’t Hide!

Before the disease controls your life, stay on top of it. There are several treatments such as diet, exercises, and men’s erectile dysfunction vacuum pump that are available which you can try. However, you can always seek a professional for a better scope of diagnosis and actions.

Don’t let the disease take over your life. Admit the problem, instead of hiding and sulking in despair. Your life and relationship are more valuable than erectile dysfunction. There are solutions and cures to ED– get them, with no hesitation.