Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penises?

Every man has probably felt a bit concerned about their height in their life.

Most men would like to be able to fill out 6′ 4″ in their Tinder profile, since it’s so blatantly obvious that women love taller men. But does that mean… more?

You’ve often seen those massive guys, towering over everyone else and seemingly taller than clouds themselves.

You find your mind wondering: does he have a bigger penis, ’cause he’s tall? Does his several extra inches up top mean a few more down there?

Do Men’s Height Correlate With Penis Size?

Figures show that the nation with the tallest men on earth is the Netherlands, with the average male height being 6 foot. Coming in close second are Estonia and then Bosnia, at 5 foot 9 inches.

So in order for height to have an influence on penis size, then we would see the males packing the bigger penises to also come from these countries.

The country with the largest penises (flaccid and erect) is Ecuador, with the Netherlands coming in 8th position – 11 percent shorter than Ecuador.

That is just one country however. So, what actually determines penis size then?

What Determines Penis Length?

Penis size varies greatly between countries, race, age, health level, and many other attributes.

When looking at the evolutionary timeline, a bigger penis meant a greater attraction for a female mate. Our ancestors did not wear pants, and so your big penis was a great selling point.

This is of course just a hypothesis and in actuality females didn’t really choose based on sexual satisfaction.

Current women have a greater variety of options, so having one of those larger penises could get you a better chance with a lady.

An study published in 2001 found that the average flaccid length was 3.5 inches and that anything lower than 3.5 inches can be classified as below average. The average erection is about 5.1 – 5.5 inches in length.

The biggest determining factor that researchers know of is actually genetics. The genetics you inherit from your parents, and your ancestors are largely responsible for the inches you carry. Another correlation has been made with general health and having a larger penis.

Carrying less body fat means that the human body is smaller, meaning the penis does look bigger.

Findings also show that men who shave their pubic hair also report that their penises are bigger, gaining up to 1.5 inches

Relationship Between Human Size and Penis Size

Thinking that a larger human aught to have a bigger penis is not so far fetched in reality. Animals such as the Blue Whale and the Elephant do have quite a few inches down there, and with smaller animals reported to have a tiny penis.

A study published in early 2021 found a small correlation in penis length and the height of the man; flaccid and erect.

The researchers at the University of Catania concluded that the man’s height is positively related to penis length and girth. They also found that in the group of men, smokers tend to have a shorter penis than average.

The research also concluded that having a larger BMI (carrying more body fat) may also be linked to a smaller than average penis. These findings are indicative that living healthy could improve your small penis problem; more than you think.

Do Women Prefer Larger Penises?

Every man has been anxious sliding into the bed with the new lady, not only if his sexual abilities will be good compared to her previous lovers, but also if his penis size will be big enough.

Various studies have shown that women do prefer taller men as taller men are indicative of wealth, success, sexual charisma, and some report that women believe that taller men have an extra inch or two down there.

A study published in 2013 found that women were equally impressed by male height and a larger penis.

More research shows that women do prefer a more impressive size of penis, especially in short term partners. It seems like the idea of taming such a big penis is a great rush.

Researchers also found substantial evidence to support the idea that a bigger penis size is more tempting for a short term relationship, because compared to long term relationships, they are not as satisfactory.

Women also reported that they prefer having an above average penis for long term sex as well.

Larger penises have a greater chance to stimulate the deep structures, causing greater pleasure. Studies also indicate that women who are more prone to vaginal orgasms prefer larger penises.

Can I Increase My Penis Size?

A trending idea among modern men is to alter their small penis to gain an extra 3 inches or more. To increase the size of your penis there are various options available, with varying success.

One option is by using penile extension devices. You attach an all day stretcher to your penis for a period of time to stretch it. The penile traction device works in essence because of traction, where small tears in the tissues open up, with body’s natural repair process fills the tear with new cells.

Methods like Jelqing have been shown to give a slight increase in size, however it can be dangerous in some situations. Figures show that Jelqing can increase the length and circumference of the penis, by up to an inch if worn 40 percent of the day.

Another option is by using a vacuum pump for penile growth, where it works as vacuum penile therapy, creating air inside the sealed cylinder, thus helping you get a much larger erection. The principle is called vacuum penile elongation, where in regular use, the device create microtears, forcing the body’s natural healing to create new cells in the swollen tissue, in the process increasing your dick size.

At home methods to make your penis bigger are less successful than operations, but many think paying over $15 000 for such an operation is a too large sum of money.

Some men have the opinion that common sense says the only way to increase the size is by having an operation – operations have great success rate with 80 percent of men being happy with the results.

How To Tell How Big He Is?

Years ago, people used to say that a bigger hand may be indicative of a greater penis size. Researchers in Korea conducted a study and the findings actually support the myth – sort of.

Researchers found that males who have a lower ratio of index finger length to ring finger, posted a longer penis!

This was most likely due to testosterone exposure in the womb, and though it indicates penis length, it also may also indicate sperm count, risk of heart disease, and facial masculinity.

Sorry Short Guys…

Yes, taller men do on average have a large penis – scientific figures don’t lie. There is however only one study that claims a man’s overall size is connected to their penis.

Scientist theorize, that before males and females wore clothes, a female would see a bigger penis and had the thought that it may be indicative of stronger offspring.

A bigger penis could also scoop the semen out of a fertile female, and give a better chance of his own offspring surviving.

In the modern world, it is pretty straight forward that other factors such as wealth, charisma, and overall aesthetics are diving forces in attraction. It is far less likely that the size of a man’s penis will be the determining role in attraction.


The determining factors on man having bigger penis size varies and does not depend on height alone. If in any case, you’re not as well endowed, there are many ways to help you at least get into the average size crowd.

As mentioned, surgery could get it done, but it’s not the most popular as it’s costly and risky. Some men used penile devices and jelqing, but can be quite uncomfortable and with varied results.

Other options available are men enlarging essential oil, where you massage it to  to the penis. It’s practical, as you just apply the male enhancement oil and allow the natural ingredients help increase your penis size.


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