55 Cowgirl Sex Positions – Sizzling Woman On Top Sex Techniques You Should Be Doing

Most men think about the Cowgirl position or your woman on top sex position as a way for men to give in and be submissive to their girl.

To have your girl on top, doing the work to give you pleasure, is a wonderful feeling for any man.

Just watching her body moving up and down your dick, slowly seducing you, looking at you wildly in every move, makes you appreciate how she’s taking the lead in making love.

How does it feel getting that relentless grip from her pussy?

For a lot of women, the cowgirl position is their favorite.

It’s a great sexual style for most girls, as it allows them to take charge and be on top. Of course, the best sexual position for lovers can also be a personal preference.

Still, some men find the sexual method exciting as it provides a change of roles. It would be interesting to note how the cowgirl can provide different sensations while making it a restful and relaxing experience for men.

However, don’t forget that you can further intensify the experience with the great number of variations of woman on top sex positions.

The sex techniques that your girl perform as she rides you on top can keep you on the edge of orgasm. For men, the sexual tension may almost be unbearable, as you caress her thighs, butt, and breasts. Still, take note that it’s a position that allows you to last longer.

But make no mistake about it, cowgirl is sexually satisfying!

And for a girl, the stance has some significant advantages.

She most likely controls the pace of lovemaking. She can get a sense of her sexual dominance. While she sees the pleasure, she gives you, and she gladly takes the dominant role in that position.

How To Enjoy Woman on Top Position?

Lovemaking with your sweetheart on top in highly enjoyable in many ways. It’s not as complicated regarding the basic stance. The guy just lies on his back with a full erection and then let her woman straddle. If you’re having trouble having an erection, you can use ed pump therapy as vacuum therapy can help men get a boner.

Whether she faces towards you, or turn her back, just feel how she inserts your hot rod into her vagina.

Some men find their dick bend uncomfortably, if their girl face or move in various direction – but, that’s fun part as it allows you to experience different sensations of various angles.

Benefits of Woman On Top Sex

Having your girl on top has a lot of advantages like the following:

  • You’re a heavy man
  • You’re a tall guy
  • Comfortable for the man
  • Girl controls pressure in her clit
  • Freely feel of your penis
  • Not tiring for guys
  • Allows you to last longer

Variations on Girl on Top Sex Position

The variations on the girl on top takes into account several factors namely the following:

  • Direction your woman’s facing
  • Positions of girl’s leg and feet
  • Positions of man’s leg and feet
  • Angle of her body
  • Angle of your penis on the pussy
  • Degrees of pressure on penis and vagina

And since your girl’s body is not restricted by your muscular body, just like in man on top, your darling has the freedom in moving into various positions that she likes, while finding the greatest pleasure possible.

There are many other possible stance and variations of girl on top which you can try.

1. Amazon

Not for the conservative, the Amazon sex position is one of the hardest sex technique. This is not the easiest position, but it provides your girl, a sense of control and power.

To move into this position, your woman squats over, resting on the back of your legs. The legs are stretched towards your chest to expose them at a unique angle.

If your girl is comfortable with your balance, both of you can reach behind and under to give you some additional stimulation. This stance looks like your dick gets bent and your balls smashed.

2. Kneeling Amazon

Easier to perform than the Amazon sex position. This version provides your girl on top with extra leverage and support. So, both of you’re on your knees, rather than in a hard squat.

📌Thus, the sex position allows an added positional control and even endurance. Your girl still gets a workout! Either of you carefully bends your penis back for your girl to climb. You can enjoy a unique angle of penetration, with a great view from that vantage point.

Kneeling Amazon gives a sense of power and virility for your girl. Not to mention for the deep penetration and her G-spot stimulation!

The view of the girl above, moving up and down on your dick cock is arousing. The sensation of her vagina gripping your cock and then grinding would be exquisite.

3. Amazon Kneeling Reverse

The Amazon Kneeling Reverse sex position isn’t intimate nor is it passionate. However, your girl is in total control! In this ‘captive-eating’ woman-on-top position, she controls every move, while you can do nothing but complies… and enjoy!

she’ll assume the Amazon Reverse sex position, while you’re lying on your back with legs moved as far up to your chest.

📌She’ll sit down on her newly formed seat, you. Your girl can brace herself by reaching on your hands behind, putting them on the back of your thighs. Your chick will then make the up and down movement as both of you like Lap Dance – Kneeling.

This is a great sex position if you have incredible stamina. She can also start rubbing your balls and fingering your ass.

4. Arm Chair

One of the more creative sex positions, the Armchair provides hours of fun once you can achieve the right rhythm. For the position, she sits up with your legs straight. Your girl sits on top of you, with her legs on your shoulders and arms used for support.

However, it takes some strength from your girl to perform the Armchair position, so you may need to train her before both of you can enjoy all of the glory.

5. Cowgirl

For the popular Cowgirl sex position, your girl kneels astride on you. She leans forward on your arms; while you just relax laid back. Your girl has more control over the depth and even the angle of penetration, which is a must-have for stimulating her G-spot.

Cowgirl position should be a staple to your positions repertoire! The Cowgirl is one of the most favorite positions of women, and which you’ll often see in porn.

After foreplay and cozying, she’ll proactively be on top of you, inserting and then going in back and forth movements. You can then caress your sweetheart’s boobs and hips.

She would start increasing the pace and establish some rhythm before she’ll eventually squirt. She may pause for a couple of seconds, but she can grind again before you feel her next squirt.

As much as possible, do not disturb her movements up and down when she rides you on top, except when you caress her boobs, legs, and hips.

6. Asian Cowgirl

The Asian Cowgirl position is a similar sex position to the regular Cowgirl, but your girl sets her feet instead of her knees.

Even if not a big deal for young, nimble girls, this sex position can be tough and tiring for many guys. So she should offer support using your hands whenever needed. A trendy twist to the regular Cowgirl position, a must try as much as possible!

7. Asian Cowgirl Reverse

The Reverse Asian Cowgirl position is a variation of Asian Cowgirl. It’s the same position as the regular Cowgirl. However, your girl is facing away from you. She also sets her feet instead of kneeling.

She just moves up and down or even rides you hard till you moan with pleasure. Asian Cowgirl position also allows you to rub her nipples and watch you loving the sensation and even grow wild with the orgasmic spasms!

8. Crab

There’s no better position for a lively way to stimulate her G-spot than the Crab position. For this style, the harder she goes, the deeper that would feel for her.

The best way to move into the Crab sex method is to warm with the Arm Chair. You’ll discover that Crab is easier and not tiring, you’ll eventually adapt to it.

Since you’re on the bottom, you should be sitting with your legs outstretched in front. Your girl goes on top, sitting down in your lap, facing you.

Allow them just to lie back, so your girl can complete the final form, while you position your legs on her either side, before placing your hands in her butt.

9. Fusion

A significant modification of the Armchair position. The Fusion allows larger penetration mobility for, while also increasing the pleasure.

To get into the Fusion position, you sit in a straight-legged stance while your girl sits on top while leaning back. Even if it tends to feel tiring in her arms, the Fusion can be a blast since your muscles stay fresh for longer erection. You can use stay hard longer pills if you really wish last longer through the night and impress your partner.

10. Lunges

The Asian Cowgirl variation, the Lunges position has your girl’s front foot planted. Her rear leg is then extended behind but between your legs. You’re simply laying on your back with your legs slightly open.

Even if not overly complicated for the nimble and young individuals, the position can also be tough and tiring, so there should be some support using the hands whenever possible.

11. Riding Astride

The motion you perform is similar to Side Rider; but the Riding Astride requires less physical exertion on your part. This leads to longer sex and playtime – not to mention continuous stimulation for both of you!

To do this, just lay back on a couch or even a low bed while your girl, face away. You should situate both of your bodies perpendicular and squat down on them.

Another variation is for you to place your hands behind; this way, your hips, and even your abs would do the work. Both versions change the penetration angle and provide the legs some rest.

12. Rodeo – Reverse Cowgirl

If you have struggled with the trouble of penis slipping out in Cowgirl position, then switch to Rodeo. The position reduces the slippage and the irritation of her clitoral stimulation.

So, the Rodeo position is simply the Cowgirl, but with your girl facing the opposite direction. Even if your girl no longer give you direct access to her tits, don’t hesitate to reach for it. Also, run your hands on her butt and thighs.

13. See-Saw

This is an unusual position, but the See-Saw brings both of you closer. To get into the position, you should sit up, with legs straight. Your partner should sit on top of you, with the legs set on either side.

The movement may be limited, but provides new sensations. You can even do it in a secluded wooded area. Just sit against a tree that is hidden, and let her straddle you and grind you. You will love the position!

14. Side Rider

The side-rider position is also a variation of Asian Cowgirl. Your girl face sideways from you and set her feet instead of just kneeling.

Even if it looks it should be for the young and nimble, Side Rider position can be challenging too. It can be tiring for her, so your girl should have some support using your hands whenever needed.

15. Sybian

This is another version of the original Cowgirl. For a background info, Sybian is actually a machine used by women for their own erotic stimulations. There can be detachable dildos on the machine.

Well, you’ll now be the substitutes and wonderfully lie around for the Sybian! Yoy should lie back on some couch or ottoman, high enough for you to be ridden, that’s not too deep for her to squat.

You may need a sexual positional aid like Liberator’s Wedge Ramp Combo to perform the sex technique.

Because of the girl’s superior position, both of you have the control to bounce comfortably, or even rock, slide, or rotate. Your girl can just hover over you, while you can move slightly to thrust upward. Also, you can provide support by holding their thighs or ass.

16. Reverse Sybian

As the name implies, this is the Sybian, but the reverse! You should be at the bottom straddled by your girl but facing away. Also, lay back on an ottoman or any similar couch.

Ideally, your girl can comfortably maneuver by putting the weight on the feet. You can simply sit back and move your hips. Placed your hands in front or on the thighs to maintain balance. Your girl should vary the depth of penetration by leaning back. Try placing your hands behind her.

17. Worm

The Worm Sex Position is the Missionary position with your girl on top but facing your’s feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual.

You lie back on the bed and command your girl to sit on top of your dick. The position will put the cock at an angle from your body. Your penis points downwards. Your girl should insert while seated, like in reverse Asian position. She can then carefully lay forward while, sliding her legs back.

Proper care should be taken not to strain you penis than it can comfortably flex. You still need your penis in more action.

18. Libra

You sit down with legs spread apart. Your woman sits on your hands splitting legs apart her body is turned sideways, with legs as much as possible to the sides as in twine.

With one hand, your woman hugs your neck, and you put your hands on her buttocks and waist. During sex, you can kiss her naked tits, shoulders, and her lips.

19. Torch

You sit on your legs, which are spread apart slightly. Your woman sits facing you on your arms, she throws her legs on your shoulders. With her arms, she hugs your back and the moves her head away.

Hold your lady with your hands behind her, so it goes with the movements with her body, while sticking her your penis with increasing rhythm.

20. Elephant

You stand on your knees and lean back slightly. Your woman gets on your hands with face towards you. She wraps your hips with her legs, so your body is now between her legs, with her arms hugging you neck.

She slightly leans back, while you hug her with your arms around her waist too. In the Elephant sex position, you should not linger with your mojth and lips, so move them to fondle her breast.

21. Cradle

You kneel down, clutching your legs tightly. The girl is on top of your penis, squeezing your torso with her legs, bent on the sides. With one hand, she’s leaning on the floor, and with the second hand, she’s hugging your neck.

She seems to be on a free fall; but you’re watching, gazing and enjoying at the same time. You’re on an excellent position, which delights your eye and then allow your woman to show her true beauty.

22. Crucifixion

The Crucifixion is an explicit position which lovers will love. You’ll have to twist and turn to find the most comfortable position, and then everything will be awesome.

You sit down on your feet, move backward and rests upon your hands apart. Your woman sits on your penis with her back to you. But, she half sits on your legs, and keeps up on her toes.

Your girl’s head is slightly backward holding your elbows. Continuous sexual intercourse in this sex position may be difficult, but you’ll soon enjoy it.

23. Leopard

You sit down at your feet and lean back a little. You prop himself up with your hand.

Your woman sits on your penis and leans forward, her legs spread apart and the feet next to your legs. She puts her hands in front of her and uses them for support. She bends slightly, while you put your free hand on her buttocks and moves them to the rhythm of your fucking movements.

24. Airplane

This sex position looks intricate at first glance, but the main thing is for her to have good flexibility. Of course the desire to have sex with your girl should be there, then you’ll enjoy it.

You sit down with legs forward. Your woman sits with her back to you, her legs straight and widely spread to the sides for your legs, just like on dancer’s split move.

You put your hands on your lady’s waist, and she straddles your penis thus making the movements. With one hand she caresses your testicles, and with her second hand her clit.

25. Bridge

You sit down with legs bent at the knees, while you put your hands back, your woman sits with face towards you and then throws her legs over your shoulders while hugging your neck.

After that, you begin to rise gradually, you must hold your girl on your body, leaning on your feet and hands. With that your lady moves too, so it may be difficult for you to keep your balance, but you should hold on for a wild sex ride.

26. Liana

You squat and rises on your tiptoes. Your woman sits on your hips, skewing herself on your penis from the top, she touches the floor with her feet leaning on them. You hug your lady putting the hands behind her back; your woman embraces your neck, you can also throw the hands a little lower.

Both of you seems to coil round with each other, your woman sets the rhythm of penetrations, and the most amazing thing is that both of you can be kissing until both of you get fainted.

27. Ice Cream

You sit on your legs, and your back is straight. Your woman sits on the partner as on a chair; her legs are bent and opened apart so that the man’s knees are between them.

She holds hands around your hips, offers you the neck with head leaned back a little, in your turn, you put your hands on her breast, caresses her and kisses her neck gently.

28. Spider

You sit down, your legs are bent at the knees and are wide apart, your hands lay back; you raise your body, keeping it on feet and hands.

Your woman sits on top of you in the same position, only with her face to you, her back is on your knees leaning on the outstretched hands and feet. You exercise movements; this position is not for long sex.

29. Aries

You sit stretching your legs in front of you, without compressing them. Your woman is back to you, sits on your penis and slightly moves forward, half lies, so that her breast is on the level of man’s knees.

She bends her legs at the knees as if embraces your back; your woman supports herself by the hands that are placed on both sides of your legs

30. Arch

You stand like an arch. You make support on your feet and hands. Your woman sits on top of your penis for your body to be between her legs, but she does not sit completely, leaning on toes of her feet.

Your girl’s hands lie on your belly. Of course, that is she who moves, duration of sex in this position depends on your endurance.

31. Sledge

You sit and straightens your legs opening your knees. Your woman sits on you with her back and leans entirely on you to position her breast between your knees, and her hands, as well as her legs, are opened on sides.

You may not say exactly who will be led in this sex position, but you should caress the buttocks of your lady with your hands and move them setting the non-stop rhythm. The main thing here is confidence and liberation; this position is good for those who need changes in pace.

32. Starfish

You lie on your back with your head thrown back. Legs are slightly bent in knees and spread apart. Your woman sits under your buttocks, arms are retracted, both of you are straight, and she’s pressing on her hands.

Legs of your girl, which she puts on your body, you take in your hands over the ankles. For the most part, it’s your woman who is moving, lifting her body in your arms.

33. Lap Dance

You sit down on your legs, putting them together under your buttocks. Your woman is on top of you with her back and throws back her head on your shoulder and spreads her legs on both sides of your knees. This is an excellent and very sensual position; it’s perfect for your woman who loves foreplay.

The partner’s hands are not only free; you get your woman’s breast, as well as her most charming places allowing you to play with her body and to inflame her passion even more. It’s from this position that you can pass from foreplay to sex.

34. Italian Chandelier

You lie comfortably on your back and opens your legs on sides. Your woman is situated above the upper part of your body with her back to you, leaning on her hands from both sides of the man’s head, and her legs bent at the knees on your thighs.

Your girl is levitating, you hold her waist with your one hand, and with another hand, you caress her breast and her most piquant place, dosing, in turn, your touches will be making her feel ecstatic.

35. Chair

Just sit on a flat surface, bringing your legs outstretched in floor, with your hands placed on her as support. Your woman is on top of you, leaning close to your body, the legs are compressed but slightly apart from the knees.

She holds your hips by her arms, with her head thrown back a little. Precisely your woman moves, and your bodies join together.

36. Libido

You lie on your back, legs are straight, slightly spread apart. Your woman sits, back to you, her legs are slightly bent in knees and pushed apart so that the lover’s feet are close to each other.

The lady holds her hands straight, spread them apart and is pressing on her hands, head and body are slightly pulled back. Man’s hands are caressing your female partner’s crotch during sex.

37. Watering Can

This position allows dissolve in both of you, while she inhale the scent of your body, feel your desire, savor the pleasure of sex and feel the delight by every cell.

You lie on your back slightly bending the legs and lifting them on a couch. Your woman lies on you facing your face, she sits on your penis, opens her legs on your sides and bent at the knees, she supports her hands on floor.

You can place your hands on the back of your lady or her buttocks. Nothing prevents you from kissing during sex.

38. Bench

Comfortable sex in warm conditions while can go on watch your favorite TV show, while having sex. That would be fun!

You position yourself comfortably on the bed, armchair, or any other surface where you’ll sit, hang down and open your legs. Lean back and lean on your hands open. Your woman sits on you up like on a bench.

Her legs are forced together and hold with her hands your thighs and lifting her buttocks she leads them both to the peak of joy. The position is fantastic, especially, if you’re whiling to watch a football match.

39. Cradle Inverted

You’re unlikely to fall asleep in this position, to get an orgasm is possible, but to fall asleep – never, you’ll have no time to sleep, do not even try.

📌You sit with your legs bent at the knees and spread apart and feet together. Your woman straddles your penis, with her back towards you, you take her with one hand under her knees, and with the second one, you lift her.

With one hand, your girl holds your hip, and with another one, she caresses her body, breast, her head is thrown back, and you can be kissing your lady’ neck in the movement.

40. Rose

Here is a comfortable and practical position, your woman undoubtedly will like it, experiment with pleasure. Your woman controls the whole movement.

You should just lie on your back, open your legs to the side, slightly lift the knees and close the feet forming a “petal.”

Your woman sits on your penis with her back to you, as if she sits on a chair with hands bearing against your hips, and you helps her, holding your lady under the breast, who you can easily feel or just watch the body of your desirable woman twist over you.

41. Case

Your woman lies on her back, bends her knees, hips and pressed and shins are spread apart. You lie on your back, too, so that your woman is between your legs, and her feet are in the man’s hands.

The lady bends her arms in elbows, making the support of them, with her hands she takes your shins and slightly raises the upper part of her body. Man’s hands are on your hips.

42. Tiara

You lie on your back, and legs are slightly bent in knees and spread apart. Your woman sits between your legs, with her back to you, her legs are straight, pressed together.

The head is thrown back, arms and back are also straight, and with her hands, she takes the man’s hips under the knees. You should put your hands on her waist, while sits on your penis with each movement.

43. Precipice

You lie on your back and bends the knees. Your woman horses your penis in a position facing you, bends her legs and spreads her hands; her back relies on your legs, and she throws her head back.

This position not only offers a superb view to you but also allows you to stroke the breast and butt of your lady and enhance the delight.

44. Aphrodite

You sit down comfortably stretching your legs. Your woman is situated in your arms horizontally, for her breast to contact with your chest. You caress your lady with one arm, and with your second arm you lift her thighs and pulls her on your penis making one movement after another.

You can kiss the breast or lips of your girl, and her turn, she has access to your face, neck, hair moving more sensitive.

45. Nun

You lie on your back on a pillow, the upper part of your body goes elevated, while the legs are straight and apart.

Your girl kneels between your legs like a nun, so that her shins are under your hips. Her head down, the arms are straight and located close to her knees. Your hands are on Your girl’s buttocks; you move them intact with the jerks.

46. Crouching Tiger

You lie on your back; your arms are stretched along the body, palms down, legs are slightly bent in knees and spread apart. Your woman sits on your penis so that her one leg, bent at the knee, is placed near the partner side and the second one lies between the man’s side from the other side – like crouching tiger!

Your woman’s hand is on your neck, and with the second hand she massages your testicles, the torso is tilted forward.

47. Ecstasy

You lie down on your back horizontally; you bend your legs slightly but without lifting your feet.

Your woman sits down on you vertically to you; she throws herself sexily back leaning on her arms from one side from you. You support your girl with one arm on her back and your second arm can caress her breasts or crotch.

The main thing is that you should not lose the possibility to be watching your girl, it will warm her up for sure.

48. Ape

You lie down on your back, while you put up your right leg towards her. Your girl sits comfortably on your penis. She then leans with her back on the elevated leg and puts it on her shoulder.

49. Rider – Man Missionary

You simply lay on your back Then you’ve your legs slight bent in front of you. Your girl rides your penis, staying on her haunches. For greater balance, she puts hands on the man’s chest, making some support.

You hold your lady by the legs and butt, but you can also feel her heaving breast, stroking the ass or simply watch. You’ll receive satisfaction, not to a lesser extent – that’s for sure!

50. Sprout

You lie comfortably on your back. You bend your legs somewhat at the knees. Your lady sits down on you, with her back to the partner’s face, one arm leans on your chest and the second one leans on your leg.

Your girl sits sideward on your left legs, between her legs. This position will unconditionally interest those men who like watching the movement. As your woman sits down right on you, both of you are ensured with deep penetration.

51. Swing

You lie on your back and open your legs. Your woman sits on your penis, slightly leaning back, supports herself by the hands placed apart next to the man’s forearms.

She bends her knees and throws a leg over the other so that the right leg is in free fall. You take your lady by the buttocks and helps her move, at the same time you can watch the movement.

52. Squat Cradle

Here is a very sensible position. Your woman spread, but you control.

In this position, you lay down and straddles for your girl to lay down between your legs and cuddles tightly with her hips leaning on her arms to see her man and to be able to kiss you.

This position is very sensible; the bodies are cuddled up to each other, you can touch your woman, kiss her and move your hips in tune to make the penetration deeper.

53. Straddle

Your woman on top is a perfect for men who want to relax and have fun, so you should apparently note this position. Your sit on your back in sofa or couch.

Your girl sits on your penis so that her legs on hips, like straddling on a horse.

You just relax while she takes it up and down. Your woman moves in this position.

54. Mermaid

You lie on your back with legs slightly bent at the knees and throws them wide apart. Your woman lies on top of you; the legs are pressed and slightly bent at the knees, with her hands she holds her calves and lifts slightly her body to the legs, so she’s sitting on the floor. You put your hand on your female partner’s breast and caresses it during sex.

55. Shuttle

You lie on your back, your legs are slightly bent in knees and pulled on sides. Your woman is on top of you with the face to you so that one leg is between her legs.

One hand of the lady is straight and stands on the floor and support is on it, the second one is bent in the elbow, and is on your chest. You put your hands on Your girl’s buttocks, and you can control the rhythm.


You’ve probably heard a sexy saying that ladies can just lay back and enjoy having sex! Well, for you (and other guys), it’s time to just lay back. You can just relax, take a male endurance pills, have the longest pleasure possible and just enjoy your girl’s wild ride!

The main thing here is the chance on equality. So often we think of fucking as something a man ‘only do’ to a woman and that the girl’s orgasm is something that a man “gives to” her.

However, women should also be responsible for their own orgasms. These beautiful hot and sexy techniques are there for both of you to work on, which she can take the lead.

Have you enjoyed our article on Cowgirl Woman on Top Sex Position, you should share them to your friends and of course your lover!

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