Coital Alignment Technique: How To Do CAT Position, Tips To Make It Right

Are you familiar with the CAT sex position? Do you want to know how to perform it right?

Have you watched Netflix’s Sex/Life? There was a scene in the series when Billie (Sarah Shahi) instructed her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) to do the “coital alignment technique,” a.k.a CAT.

However, just like most men, he had no idea how to do it right. So, both of them endured an awkward sexual encounter that ended in frustration instead of orgasmic bliss.

For those who aren’t aware of the CAT sex position and want to learn it, you are on the right page. Keep reading because I’ll be explaining why CAT makes a good addition to your next performance and, more importantly, how to do it right.

What Is Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) Sex Position?

The coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a sex position that focuses on clitoral stimulation. It’s a twist from the classic missionary position.

It shifts the focus from vaginal penetration to stimulating the clitoris with the penis or toy to achieve the female orgasmic response.

Yes, this position is focused on stimulating the clitoris instead of deep vaginal penetration. Several women do not achieve their Big-O with penis to vagina penetration alone, which could be a solution.

A 2016 study, from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, examined 52,500 adults in the U.S., including lesbian, gay and bisexual. The majority of men, about 95%said they orgasmed during sex, but only 65% of heterosexual women enjoyed a female orgasm.

“The number-one reason for the orgasm gap — and it’s not the only one — is our cultural ignorance of the clitoris,” said University of Florida professor Laurie Mintz, author of the book “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It.”

According to her, most women need direct clitoral stimulation such as oral sex and touching to orgasm. Another study in 2015 published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy received responses from over 1,000 U.S. women.

Thirty-six women admitted that clitoral stimulation helped them orgasm during the intercourse and only slightly more than 18% said they orgasmed from intercourse.

“Most sex positions fail to provide clitoral stimulation given the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal entrance,” said Ian Kerner, Ph.D., LMFT, sex therapist and author of “She Comes First,” Men’s Health reported.

CAT is a great solution because it stimulates the external portion of the clitoris during the penis in vagina sex. But, again, it focuses more on grinding than thrusting.

That is the reason CAT is also called “grinding the corn.” It may sound strange, but the name is coined due to the movements of the partners. Both rub or grind up against each other’s bodies to create fiction against the vulva.

“You aren’t grinding corn kernels down into cornmeal, per se, but you are putting a substantial amount of pressure on the clitoris,” Healthline reported.

“Psychotherapist Edward Eichel developed the technique in the 1980s in an effort to close the orgasm gap,” Kerner said.

According to Eichel, CAT helps people achieve more orgasms beyond penetration. It requires the penis holder to move higher up on the vagina-holder until an erection points down and presses against the nerves closer to the clitoris, AASECT-certified sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus, LCSW, MPH, Ph.D. explained.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of CAT Technique

For those who aren’t convinced if this position is worth it, here are some reasons per MBG relationships why it is highly recommended, especially to those still exploring how to heat up their performance in the bedroom.

Stimulates clitoris

The clitoris is the women’s pleasure button and is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. CAT hits it on the right spot because it involves grinding and rocking.

Makes partners feel extra close

CAT is similar to the missionary because one partner lies on the floor and the other person is on top of the other. So, the two partners are facing each other.

However, it paves way for a closer encounter because both partners end up rubbing and grinding up against each other. Also, the heightened closeness of the two bodies increases the pleasure, making the act more intimate.

The bottom partner’s legs can be wrapped around the top partner while the latter makes a rocking motion.

Offers more variety but less hassle

If you are in the mood to explore, CAT is one position that offers multiple ways to spice up your sex life without much hassle. It’s fun and easy once you get the groove.

Beneficial for those with sexual dysfunction

Since the technique is not penetrative, it helps men struggling with premature ejaculation to last longer.

Again, the position is more about grinding and not thrusting, which delays penile ejaculation and enables both partners to enjoy their intimate moment together.

Also, according to an 8-week sexual enrichment workshop, women who practice the CAT tend to achieve their big-O. The workshop involved 36 women who could not reach their orgasm through missionary sex or penetrative sex positions with their respective partners.

They were divided into two groups — 17 were encouraged to masturbate to be more comfortable with their sexual responses. The other 19 were taught CAT. Both groups kept sexual diaries for a 21-day period.

The comparative study revealed that the group who performed directed masturbation reported a 27% increase in orgasm during missionary positions. However, the CAT group reported twice the increase, 56%.

One should note that there is a major drawback about this position — it can be challenging to perform, especially for those who have no idea how to do it. The challenge is to get the perfect alignment between you and your partner.

Yes, the two partners have to figure out the right angle and position that work best for them because penises come in different sizes and shapes, and vaginas are often tilted in a different direction. Plus, the clitoris may have different distances. So, it needs constant practice to perfect the position.

“There’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all to intercourse success,” Marcus explained. “The angle you need to achieve for this whole endeavor is questionable and can possibly even cause pain, or in the worst situations, damage to the penis.”

How Does CAT Sex Position Looks Like

For the coital alignment technique position, the woman should lie on her back with her legs open wide, just like in a missionary position. The legs can also be wrapped around their partner’s.

The person who will do the penetrating will be on top, raise themselves on their arms with shoulders high and back arched. Kerner likened the position to an upward-facing dog position in yoga.

It’s a p in v sex position where the penetrating partner grinds their penis up against the vulva owner’s clitoris during penile-vaginal intercourse to help your woman reach orgasm.

So, the penetrating partner has to shift forward, so the penis or dildo is pressed against the bottom partner’s pelvis, pointing down rather than up to rub the clitoris on its way to the vagina.

“The clitoris is being stimulated by the top (dorsal side) of the penis and benefiting from the pressure and friction of the vertical movement,” Kernel explained. “A lot of the time, the male partner isn’t inserting much more than the head of his penis.”

CAT Sex Position vs. Traditional Missionary Position

Although both positions have the bottom partner lying on her back, there is a huge difference between the two.

According to Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., sexologist and expert for sexual wellness brand and retailer Lovers, the main difference is the position of the man’s cock.

In CAT, the penis is pointing downward in the vagina, not upward because it focuses on the clitoris. But in the first look, it’s just like the usual missionary position because the woman is lying on her back and her partner is on top of her facing her.

“With CAT sex, the partner on top—the one using their penis or dildo—focuses on stimulating the clitoris while penetrating the vagina,” Stewart explained.

Meanwhile, with missionary, on the other hand, “The person on top may not use their weight to put pressure on the clitoris or may use their fingers to stimulate manually.”

How to Do CAT Sex Position

For those wondering how to do the CAT position, here are some instructions to pull it off.

Once you do it right, you can confidently tell yourself that you have another skill in the bedroom that you can be proud of.

1. Do the missionary with a twist — focus on grinding

Do the missionary position, but the penetrating partner on the top should grind his penis against the clitoris until it penetrates.

The bottom partner has to position their pelvis upward or elevate their hips to allow deeper and more intense penetration.

Thus, the partner on tops has to angle their hips correctly to align the penis and vagina so that the base of the penis can create pleasurable friction against the vulva and clitoris. The penis has to be angled downward to hit the tee wall of the vagina.

2. Enjoy the moment — take it slow

The coital alignment technique is sensual and erotic because it is slow-paced. Yes, partners can have the same pace in missionary, but the latter also gives way to deep and aggressive thrusting and into rough sex. But CAT is more on stimulating the clitoris and the best way to do it, is to do it slowly.

3. Go down — give your partner an oral-genital stimulation

The CAT position could involve heavy grinding and rubbing, so it’s best if the woman is well-lubricated. Stewart suggested starting with oral sex to engage in the activity. It will prepare both partners in the mood and increase lubrication.

4. Use sex pillows

Yes, using sex pillows have a purpose. Stewart recommends “using an elevated  pillow to angle the vagina and vulva upward to gain better access.” Placing a pillow underneath the woman’s tailbone will help tilt her hips at the right angle.

Sex pillows are a great choice because they come with a supportive wedge and easily slide beneath the lower back and making it easier for both partners to try new angles and positions.

5. Make it more fun — use sex toys for clitoral stimulation

CAT sex is versatile, and if you and your partner want to take it to the next level, you may do so by incorporating sex toys.

Get creative, and you will surely be surprised how this position can blow you away.

Here are some sex toys that you can use.

Vibrating penis rings
• External vibrators
• Dildos
• Butt plugs
• Nipple clamps
• Handcuffs

Note: If you don’t have any toys, don’t worry, you can make it more fun by being more flirty.

Tease your partner’s erogenous zone, nibble their ear, moan into it, whisper sweet nothings, trace their skin with your tongue, lick and suck. Just get creative and you’ll both enjoy it.

Tips and Tricks to Make CAT More Fun

Again, this sex position is not easy to do because it’s not as intuitive as a basic missionary, but once you find the groove, then you and your partner will surely enjoy it. So, here are some tips to make it right.

1. Angle it

The bottom partner should tip their hips and thighs up at an angle no higher than 45 degrees for better positioning without inhibiting pelvic movement.

2. Use a cushion

Place a pillow underneath the base of the bottom’s partner’s tailbone to help them find a comfortable angle, and adding a cushion will take away the discomfort when they need to lift their hips for a certain angle.

3. Move in alternate directions

One person should move downward and the other upward. You can also try to switch the movements in different directions to stimulate the clitoris even more.

4. Stick with slow movement

You need the right pacing to make the activity more fun and enjoyable. In a basic missionary position, you can get as fast as you want. However, CAT works best with a slow and controlled pace.

What Is Reverse Coital Alignment Technique?

If you wonder if CAT can be reversed, the answer is Yes! To do so, the person receiving the penetration is on top and will shift their body higher than their partner’s.

The top partner should shift their body a few inches lower to allow the penis or dildo to better stimulate the clitoris.

Again, this position is less about in and out thrusting but more about slight vaginal penetration and clitoris stimulation.

Wrap Up

The coital alignment technique position is not as popular as the missionary position, but the two are close.

Only that CAT is more challenging to do and there is a huge difference in angling the position of the penis.

CAT sex position is highly recommended for those who want to improve their sex life, especially those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. However, it needs practice because unlike other positions, it is not easy to do.

But since it focuses more on stimulation than vaginal penetration, more women achieved their big-O through it. It’s a win-win for both partners because it results in great sex and simultaneous orgasm.

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