​Can You Get Pregnant If Sperm Drips Down – Myths & Tips About Getting Pregnant

A bit of education on pregnancy and how it occurs is extremely important for people of all ages.

While a bit of sexual education is taught in school in biology, the truth is there are many other things that people learn about as they start their sex lives – pregnancy, how to get pregnant or how to avoid it, for instance.

There are many myths about pregnancy and misconceptions regarding the most effective contraceptive methods out there.

For example, can you get pregnant if sperm drips out? How about anal sex? How about vaginal sex or unprotected anal sex? Oral sex? Here is everything you need to know.

Can You Get Pregnant If Sperm Drips Out?

To conceive, a couple will need more than just unprotected sex. They need to have sex around the ovulation time of the month. Birth control is obviously out of the discussion, and believe it or not, it takes most couples more than a year to conceive.

When trying to conceive, certain tips and tricks increase their chances. Sperm naturally drips out – it is perfectly normal. However, the fact that it comes out does not mean pregnancy risks are totally eliminated.

In fact, out of millions of sperm, one of them might have gone through. Sure, a woman could not get pregnant from anal sex or anal intercourse, but there is a decent chance for pregnancy if the partner comes inside the vagina.

In other words, a female can get pregnant even if sperm drips out. This is a normal phenomenon caused by gravity.

Just because most of the sperm is out, it does not mean that the risk is fully eliminated. Therefore, this is not a good contraceptive method and will not prevent pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant If He Comes In Your Bum?

It may sound surprising to some, but anal sex may lead to a pregnancy. The pull out method is less likely to work.

Furthermore, those who prefer anal sex should also know that sexually transmitted infections are still possible. There is a higher chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases anally.

Vaginal intercourse is the only way to end up pregnant. The sexual partner is supposed to finish inside the vagina. However, to prevent pregnancy, some couples choose anal sex – with male sex toys like love dolls and masturbators  also be included.

The anus is not connected to the reproductive system. In theory, there are no risks whatsoever. However, semen can still get inside the vagina during anal sex. For instance, if the guy ejaculates close to the anus or inside it and it leaks out into the vagina, it can cause pregnancy.

A bit of semen may also come out before the actual orgasm and may drip into the vagina in certain sex positions.

In other words, there are no direct health risks during anal sexual activity, but indirect risks. Plus, swapping from anal sex to vaginal sex and vice versa can cause pregnancy if sex is unprotected.

Can You Get Pregnant From A Precum?

Pre cum is a fluid coming out of the penis before the ejaculation. It is common in all men – both sexually active and inactive. It has nothing to do with the sperm count.

According to peer-reviewed studies, it is mostly a lubricant and prepares the penis for the actual orgasm.

The precum starts leaking during sexual intercourse – or at least sexual stimulation. It is not voluntary, and men cannot control it – it is different from the actual ejaculation, which men can feel. When the precum gets into the vaginal opening, this pre-ejaculatory fluid is almost never noticed.

In many men, precum has small quantities of sperm. At the same time, it can get into the fallopian tube and may cause pregnancy. The same rule applies to men having sex soon after coming. If they are up for a second round, precum may push old sperm remains into the vagina.

The sperm will get into fallopian tubes and can cause pregnancy. The good news is that most men do not have sperm in precum, but about 20% of them do, so it is not worth the risk. Other than that, there are no health risks or issues with various health conditions associated with precum.

According to wellness professionals, precum from reproductive organs is more likely to cause pregnancy if the female is around the time of ovulation and not using a proper birth control method. The lack of education may also cause couples to use a reliable form of birth control incorrectly.

Precum may also occur during foreplay. One sperm is more than enough to cause pregnancy.

How To Increase The Chances To Get Pregnant

Women might have heard this one before – once the penis ejaculates, they must get their feet in the air. It is only a myth.

The truth is a woman needs to stay in bed for about 15 minutes after intercourse. According to medically reviewed studies, the cervix will not move anyway if they keep their feet in the air.

After 15 minutes, sperm that needs to get in there will make it, so they can resume activities. Women should avoid going to the toilet during this time as well – about 15 minutes.

Having sex around ovulation is also highly recommended. For most women, ovulation is about 12 to 16 days before the period begins.

Obviously, as a general rule of thumb, having sex more often will increase the chances of getting pregnant. It only takes one egg to be fertilized, and there are millions of sperm.

Lifestyle and dietary changes will also help. Both partners must avoid harmful substances – drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, maintain an active lifestyle and exercise at least 30 minutes a day if you can.

If his sperm count is too low and natural solutions do not help, there is also in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination. Other methods may also help – ensure you see a doctor with relevant experience.

How To Prevent An Unwanted Pregnancy

Every single body has unique characteristics, and every person is different. Some women may have unprotected sex and avoid pregnancy for years with the pull-out method. Some others may get pregnant from the first time they have unprotected sex.

Unprotected sex may also cause an infection if the relationship is not serious.

The condom is by far the most common option – both in male and female versions, easy to carry around and with no hormonal supplementation. Condoms will also protect against more sexually transmitted diseases – the risk is extremely low. However, a condom can tear easily if used incorrectly. So keep that in mind.

The oral contraceptive pill is extremely common in women and can prevent family growth. It is like a treatment and should be taken after discussing different options with a doctor. Intrauterine devices are common too, yet there are many reports of internal damage from such devices.

Contraceptive implants, contraceptive injections, the morning after pill, diaphragms, and contraceptive rings can also be used. Keep in mind that the pull-out method is unsafe because the precum is likely to contain sperm too.

FAQs Can You Get Pregnant If Semen Drips

Still not sure about one thing or another? Here are the common questions on if you can get pregnant if ever sperm drips out.

What Contraception Method Is Permanent?

Sterilization is the only contraceptive method with permanent results. Both men and women can ask for sterilization.

Most people get this operation after they have already established families. If you think about doing it early, make sure you are 100% sure about it – perhaps give yourself more time to think about it.

How Likely Is It To Get Pregnant With A Condom?

Condoms are rated to be 98% safe. But since nothing is perfect and people buy the wrong size, face accidents like tearing condoms or using them incorrectly, condoms are actually about 85% safe. In other words, 15% of all people who rely only on condoms are likely to end a pregnancy.

Why Do Condoms Fail?

The most common issue associated with condom failure is that the condom may slip off the penis if the size is too large. If the size is too small, the condom may tear. A backup contraceptive method should be used.


Bottom line, can you get pregnant if sperm drips down? Absolutely. How about precum?

Yes, women can get pregnant from precum too. Even anal sex could pose an indirect risk.

The bad news is there are many misconceptions regarding these things, and most couples fail to educate themselves accordingly.​